Analyst Reports 10 to 15% of PS5's Were Scalped In US, UK MP's Wants To Criminalize Scalping

14. feb.. 2021
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  • This is even worse than I expected, and the scalping situation already looked pretty bad. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea18 dager siden
    • Analyst LIES. The ratio of consoles scalped is much much higher, because THE PUBLISHERS are THE SCALPERS. 70% TO 80% OF The Next Console supply has been gobbled up by Scalpers aka THE PUBLISHERS,

      Maicaiah JonahMaicaiah Jonah11 dager siden
    • Making that kind of money shouldn't they be getting hit in taxes.

      Ace MaxAce Max14 dager siden
    • Yong: "OMG This is disgusting!" Also Yong: *uploads video and proceeds to play on his PlayStation 5*

      MicHaeL MonStaRMicHaeL MonStaR15 dager siden
    • But cyberpunk was what you expected right ?

      Jim JonesJim Jones16 dager siden
    • Scalping should have been illegal a long time ago.

      one big clustertruckone big clustertruck18 dager siden
  • Free market... If there was no money to be made by doing that, they wouldn't do it. That means that idiots are paying more for no good reason. These people deserve what they get. Just wait until the manufacturing can catchup and that's it

    Francois Ste-MarieFrancois Ste-Marie13 timer siden
  • Major retailers should sell them only in store so scalpers cannot use bots

    MrPurple FukdisLyfeMrPurple FukdisLyfe4 dager siden
  • I think it's fine that the price increases. It should incentivize more companies into making their own, increasing competition.

    GnidelGnidel5 dager siden
  • Why won’t they just ship to store at this point. Online obviously isn’t gonna work.

    Jason SmithJason Smith5 dager siden
  • There are ways that retailers can stop automated shopping bots. Just put the price at 2000 for ps5 and x box series x then when you get to check out use audio and picture tests that bots cannot work around. When you have completed certain tasks that only humans could do the price reduces to the rrp. The fact is Sony and retailers dont care about stopping scalpers because they will make so much money from them first. Then everyone else who actually wanted a console to play (instead of buying it to sell on for a ridiculously over priced sum) will still buy one. The scalpers have 50+ per household. Most of us just want one maybe 2 if like me your son wants one. Sony must be loving this fact.

    Col. TaylorCol. Taylor6 dager siden
  • Even if I was a millionaire, I still would not buy a console for twice it’s worth. I can wait for it to go on sale.

    Alyssa BennettAlyssa Bennett7 dager siden
  • Yea, that's x to doubt on it only being 15%. I'd bet anything it's closer to 40%, when most stories you heard was about PS5 selling out in seconds, and most people aren't even being able to purchase.

    AustinFan4LifeAustinFan4Life7 dager siden
  • "Xbox Siri Sex"

    UndefinedUndefined7 dager siden
  • Disgraceful. These scalpers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    first lastfirst last8 dager siden
  • How is it only that little of a percent????

    DoomguyDoomguy8 dager siden
  • 10-16% is not a significant amount. 10% is often seen as the margin of error.. 1.8 million units total made. 10% would be 180,000 units. 15% would be 288,000 units. This is only the USA BTW. The figures you are using are the usa and the uk combined. Now we come to the important part. This is a free market we have here. It is not illegal to buy products you speculate will have a high demand. This is 100% legal to do in the usa. It’s done on the stock market every day. The real fraud is retailers taking reservations with no intent of actually holding your reserved product. This is real fraud guys.

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks8 dager siden
  • Oh yes, of course the Communists want to directly regulate the amount of profit that average people or even businesses are legally allowed to take. Ostensibly, it starts with quote scalpers and this law gets interpreted a million different ways to penalize anybody who buys anything and sells it for a profit that is deemed "too much". Do people have the brain power to think more than a couple of weeks into the future? Time will tell.

    Robert RamseyRobert Ramsey9 dager siden
  • at this rate the ps6 is gonna come out first before ps5’s become common

    RX- 008RX- 0089 dager siden
  • Scalping shouldn't be illegal. the way to combat it is limit the number a person can buy at one time.

    d walkd walk9 dager siden
  • Thank you scalpers, for motivating me to buy a pc.

    hassan khanhassan khan10 dager siden
    • Bitcoin miners buying all the graphics cards tho

      velour fogvelour fog9 dager siden
  • What I would do if I had the technical knowhow is tag accounts that are able to navigate the site at inhuman speeds secretly and once they are finished with the process, tell them that their transactions are denied and can get a refund in a week or 2. I think that can help. Also adding 2 factor authentication.

    Absolute-XeroAbsolute-Xero10 dager siden
  • Curious on how they are scalping ps5s and Xboxs but not graphic cards. Atleast not to the same extent. Big hmmm

    BAMFZone95BAMFZone9510 dager siden
  • Libertarians: "Free market is the best! Government, stay out of economics, the market can handle all by itself!" Scalpers: "Wow, such a nice opportunity. I'll take all of these, thank you. Yeah, free market rules!" Libertarians: *surprise pikachu face*

    Gregory SmithGregory Smith10 dager siden
  • Nintendo says they purposefully limit the amount of manufacture to keep demand high.

    Stupid Penguin SoundsStupid Penguin Sounds11 dager siden
  • Let em get that bag 💼

    AllEnvyAllEnvy12 dager siden
  • Getting the government to meddle in consumer business... Not ideal. I really stand divided here, NOBODY was forced to pay scalpers for a PS5. But, its not right whatsoever that bots can entirely rob stock leaving none for people who actually want to own one.

    underwaterdickunderwaterdick12 dager siden
  • if u bought a scalped console you are the problem.

    Red PurpsRed Purps12 dager siden
  • Fuck scalpers

    DarkNauticusDarkNauticus12 dager siden
  • EBay just reaping in the seller fee's, cowards

    Phucklord3000Phucklord300012 dager siden
  • Why is the ps4 price increasing? O.o

    OregonLamm10OregonLamm1012 dager siden
  • Name and shame scalpers. Deport them and reposses their assets.

    Abos 4lifeAbos 4life12 dager siden
  • As a programmer, I don't understand why counteracting bots seems to be so difficult. I can't see any reason why it should be. And if so, why the hell Sony does not only sell to retailers that implement those measures?

    Stefano LacchinStefano Lacchin13 dager siden
  • I lost interest will purchase in a year or so tho.

    Norse koNorse ko13 dager siden
  • The scalpers are not likely to announce their profits for tax purposes which already makes them guilty of tax evasion

    Alex HilshireAlex Hilshire13 dager siden
  • I don't understand why people buy stuff like this from scalpers. It is a material object that is not necessary for survival and PlayStation will continue to make more. If people didn't pay then the prices wouldn't be so high. Just play the PS4 until the PS5 is readily available.

    Jeni ZookJeni Zook13 dager siden
  • By the time I get a Xbox, Microsoft will be releasing the "Pro" version of the console.

    TuckerTucker13 dager siden
  • Why is it always other countries that are the first to do something, but the US lawmakers could care less?

    Darko PecanacDarko Pecanac13 dager siden
  • Hope he does another percentage when it updates

    bill rowebill rowe13 dager siden
  • My wife got me a series x for xmas. She's really good with tech and beat the scalpers through target. These scalpers are absolute scumbags

    Daniel CucklerDaniel Cuckler13 dager siden
  • I love to pay more money for thingd

    Mathew HexMathew Hex13 dager siden
  • *I'm glad scalpers are doing this. Sometimes the mass only learns the hard way.*

    Auran CrashAuran Crash13 dager siden
  • I have an idea how about we all msg the scalpers on Ebay for the next month day after day till we annoy the shit out of them lol can you imagine or we can do it till they stop scalping ps5s I'm down to just bombard them with all kinds of msgs

    HRODHROD14 dager siden
  • I wonder if the people buying these scalped consoles are the same ones that think that getting an equivalent PC is too expensive. Could have built 2 or 3 decent gaming rigs with the money they're spending on scapled consoles.

    TimeFreakTimeFreak14 dager siden
  • Loooool.... wanna criminalize scalping first hold your governments responsible.

    Mr SmiffMr Smiff14 dager siden
  • I do not mind scalpers, but in today's world, digital technology took over the physical hustling of collecting the merchandise, as well as selling it. The only thing scalpers need to do is just pay for shipping on selling the, at best. However, the trade off is that you have to sell them ASAP, otherwise the consumers will buy it directly from the manufacturer in other means and ways from the future waves of supply & demand.

    DoctorGames101DoctorGames10114 dager siden
  • The only reason scalping works is because ordering online is no different then going to a store. They are selling at the moment physical stock. Rather then accepting production requests. By having a limited value and the LARGE chunks of stimulus money being handed out you're literally giving people a free way to "steal" from others. It is literally the equivalent of us trying to cure cancer by drinking soup. We are more advanced then that... yet we don't grow. Online should have some physical stock, but also be open to producing more as orders come in. As is most people would've ordered their PS5 online, everyone wins and the company doesn't risk over production. They still have to meet store requests but given we are in a pandemic physically buying a PS5 is a health risk and frankly shouldn't be done. Scalpers just end up paying for their consoles... and realize "We fucked up." so literally everyone but them won and won MORE.

    Dragoonsoul7878Dragoonsoul787814 dager siden
  • As much as I want to criminalize scalping... this will likely impact ANYONE selling ANYTHING they bought. Rare Pokemon cards? You bought it to sell to someone else for more money then it is at base worth. Comic books that you've read and are done with? Sorry, you can't resell that.

    Dragoonsoul7878Dragoonsoul787814 dager siden
  • Everytime the governmetn gets involved, they make the problem worse. how about stop giving a fuck about a console, and actually focus on shit you need to spend your money on. Like your bills.

    FoAmY99FoAmY9914 dager siden
  • There really need to be a movement to criminalize scalping in the US

    Liam O'NeillLiam O'Neill14 dager siden
  • People complain about corporations yet those same people participate in scalping, it’s the same fucking thing lol

    JamesJames14 dager siden
  • What I don't understand is morons are going to spend $700 to over thousand when you spend that much why not just spend it on a PC to play games good gaming PC's are just better then a game console that has a hard time keeping up to a 60 frame rate. To be honest why are they even $500 dollars that is still overpriced as in price gouging with such low tech you can tell by the shitty comparison next to the graphics of a decent gaming PC not even the best just a good one is better then next gen consoles.

    DavidDavid14 dager siden
  • This is a dishonest argument retailers also scalp all the goods you buy with marking up all the things you pay for at the stores everything is marked up. If you didn't have people willing to pay for those items at a much higher rate you wouldn't have scalpers so really it's more of the consumers fault then the scalpers if you use your brain to think about it for even a min.

    DavidDavid14 dager siden
  • It way more than 15% stock x and eBay have over 250,000 systems alone and tweeter poll per shop say 80-90% customers unable to buy

    Nick whiteNick white14 dager siden
  • I wanted a ps5 but i bought a Supra instead.

    Sailing a HobieSailing a Hobie14 dager siden
  • I'm not surprised honestly because Microsoft the Sony keeps producing more consoles and they're basically feeling a bottomless pit, so they still haven't learned anything from the beginning. Haven't heard anybody from the company and said, you know would be a great idea if we quit producing consoles so we get the situation resolved, just saying and on top of that sony quits producing the PS4 pro,listen I don't know when companies are going to start thinking for themselves because honestly you're asking a lot right now lol.

    rubenrar1rubenrar114 dager siden
  • 15%? More like 50%

    G ShepardG Shepard14 dager siden
  • So I'm wondering...if they can't stop the bots, can't stores look at repeating cards/account purchases. I'm not fully sure how these bots work. But they can't have a huge amonts of accounts with the amount of bots they use right? Like one card/account per bot. So the stores should target that and limit 1 console per account to start, then cards, then payment accounts...Just my idea.

    RSGC ProductionsRSGC Productions14 dager siden
  • I hate scalping because it takes supply as hostage for a profit - basically unleveling the field giving those with enough capital a way to ensure they get the consoles before other customers. Not to mention that the manufacturer carefully balance the msrp price to compliment both reach and profit. Scalpers disturb that careful balancing for grifting a low supply stock. Imagine if a manufacturer sold new football shoes to a football field but a third party came in setup up shop by the field and sold the same shoes for triple price and hold the retailers at gunpoint to get the stock firsthand. ... except botting isn't actually illegal

    Silver BladeSilver Blade14 dager siden
  • I feel bad for people trying to get the PS5 right now. I always wait a couple of years before I get a new console.

    Randy SmithRandy Smith14 dager siden
  • 15% are they serious?!?! Did they not bother to look at Ebay or Craigslist? Every retailer is sold out and hundreds of listing on resell sights, but only 15% guys don't worry🤮

    No More BS PleaseNo More BS Please14 dager siden
  • Corporations don't care about scalpers all they care about is selling their product and making their money on their end. Money POWER GREED the true world order.

    Ace MaxAce Max14 dager siden
  • Good. Maybe you nerds would maybe take it up to the government and ask em to stop regulating prices

    Weaboo JonesWeaboo Jones14 dager siden
  • I cant even buy ps5 couse mafia in my country hold most of ps5 and scalper make it worst

    Vito AdiVito Adi14 dager siden
  • I once heard Sony hardly makes a buck on konsoles, it's all in the games and since scalpers don't hoard games ... Sony should be a bit miffed despite konsole sales figures.

    Blade RunnerBlade Runner14 dager siden
    • @TimeFreak Again, for the intellectual challenged like you: As an example PS4 sales - From launch to April it sold 10 million units - that's half a year. So the 5 million estimate is roughly half of it. What you oh genius ignore is, IF those PS5 units would be sold to end consumers these would buy at least ONE game. Those that would see no games they want wouldn't buy a PS5 in the first place and those would be available to people who WOULD buy that one game and even if the number in stores all around the world would sum up to be one million, still using my numbers, the additional game sales would stille be *2 millions* higher than they are right now.

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner13 dager siden
    • @TimeFreak And you have a simple intelligence problem.

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner13 dager siden
    • @Blade Runner And you have an attitude and concept problem. Sony won't notice anything in game sales until they have more games to sell on their console. No one buys a console if there isn't any games they want on it. And 3 million unsold scalped consoles does not equal 3 million people without consoles. Scalpers are buying up the market and driving up the demand. There's no way of knowing if those 3 million consoles would have sold within the same amount of time to actual customers. You're drawing a false equivalency.

      TimeFreakTimeFreak13 dager siden
    • @TimeFreak Yup, you obviously have a math problem. 1+1 = 2 2+1 = 3 3+1 = 4 You still following or already too advanced for you?

      Blade RunnerBlade Runner13 dager siden
    • @Blade Runner And remind me how many games are currently out for the newest consoles? They aren't really losing much at this point in time because there isn't much for people to buy. If they had more next generation games, then things might be different.

      TimeFreakTimeFreak13 dager siden
  • Well when you constantly prioritize money and material wealth over everything else, this is what you get. Capitalism at its finest. You have no right to complain.

    ShadowedladyShadowedlady14 dager siden
  • Scalpers don't buy games. Sony should've do more to prevent scalpers. I give up buying PS5 and switch to PC gaming for now.

    Ditto NarapratamaDitto Narapratama15 dager siden
  • So far I haven’t heard of anyone I know that owns a ps5 .

    Wonder LandWonder Land15 dager siden
  • I was wondering a few days ago about how many consoles were being scalped.

    ComicstoneComicstone15 dager siden
  • Welp..i guess MP's grand son didnt get his PS5....

    wholeplatterwholeplatter15 dager siden
  • Just playing my ps4 games until I can get a physical copy in the store. Did it with all my other consoles, not gonna stop now. :3

    Donkey with a ScarfDonkey with a Scarf15 dager siden
  • If you buy from scalpers you support their work and things can only get worse. If they get more and more profits, they 'll scalp more and more new products.

    George KokalasGeorge Kokalas15 dager siden
  • Wait... 15%? It feels like 90% out there... I want to think that the other 75% are scalpers that haven't been able to sell... Otherwise is not the scalpers fault or is it?

    CargoCargo15 dager siden
  • 10-15% my foot. I know 2 people with these things. 2. I know 50 people who would have been day one buyers had they been available. I know 50 people who would have waited in line or waited on preorder status. 98% of these are in scalpers hands, and 2% in gamers hands.

    Pete JohnsonPete Johnson15 dager siden
  • Why is my governments response to everything these days is to ban it? And btw scalpers are usually called investment bankers so can we ban them?

    JasonJason15 dager siden
  • Sony should be concerned about this, every dollar that player has to invest in getting a console is money that won't be used to buy games

    climidclimid15 dager siden
  • They admit they are the middle middle man, so they need to pay the taxes businesses pay...IRS, CRA and other revenue agencies should be notified, report those on eBay, Amazon marketplace and etc to them they’ve fucked with the wrong people.

    ChrisMr666ChrisMr66615 dager siden
  • People please stop buying from Scalpers, its the only way

    pegetapegeta15 dager siden
  • How about regular customers also using bots?... I'm sure someone out there must've used it just to get their ONE piece for their own use and not resale.

    MicHaeL MonStaRMicHaeL MonStaR15 dager siden
  • Yong: *uploads video and proceeds to play on his PlayStation 5*

    MicHaeL MonStaRMicHaeL MonStaR15 dager siden
  • Hahaha enough seriesex. I can be so childish sometimes

    Ian RobertsIan Roberts15 dager siden
  • I'll probably get a ps5 when ff16 comes out, right now there aren't really any games out for the consol right now.

    Bensvideos124Bensvideos12415 dager siden
  • WHO CARES... there was no good games for the last generation why would I purchase a newer poverty box ?

    MitriMitri15 dager siden
  • Who cares

    waxdoodwaxdood15 dager siden
  • the real villains aren't the scalpers, it's the buyers

    Imperial KnightImperial Knight15 dager siden
  • No! We don't want the government to figure everything out for us. We want them to give responsibility back to us in stead of giving them controle of everything. I personally don't think scalpers are assholes but just business people like any other business. If you want this problem to solve itself, the fixes need to be a responsibility of the retailers.

    GlobalGlobal15 dager siden
    • Scalping is a problem the individual can't solve.

      Rappa KaljaRappa Kalja15 dager siden
  • SONY is stupid for letting scalpers make all the money off ps5 and they didn’t get hardly shit off of them

    Streetfighter racingStreetfighter racing15 dager siden
  • > products high in demand but low in supply .. housing?

    Kiara GrouwstraKiara Grouwstra16 dager siden
  • Uk mps failed FYI

    ZEEDZEED16 dager siden
  • I am not going to buy from these scum bags . These guys are being rewarded for this scum bag behavior. Not only are they making money but they are getting publicity for being bad so why would they stop .

    ryan derksenryan derksen16 dager siden
  • God bless them from stoping retarded consooomers buying shit products

    Dan RaiderDan Raider16 dager siden
  • I wonder if there'll be more available and less stapling in July, cause that's likely the next time I'll be able to afford even a retail one lol

    AyZeDAyZeD16 dager siden
  • I refuse to pay one dollar over the 500 which the ps5 cost...IDK why people are paying 1000 and up for a system thats not really that much better then the ps4 pro...if you have the ps4 pro WAIT it out because the ps5 ain't that much better .

    AsReal AsItGetsAsReal AsItGets16 dager siden
  • It should be illegal

    Teabag AnyoneTeabag Anyone16 dager siden
  • it is a criminal act!

    EonbreeEonbree16 dager siden
  • I worry that laws built to combat scalpers will be made too broad-strokes and end up just...banning resale entirely.

    BlitzkriegOmegaBlitzkriegOmega16 dager siden
  • I just went PC this gen, maybe I will get the PS5 slim

    The R. EightyOneThe R. EightyOne16 dager siden
  • I'm so p**** at this point, that I am either going to wait until 2024 and get the PS5 Pro or wait until the PS6 gets released and then buy the PS5 Pro system, all peripherals, and all games I wanted, at a highly discounted price, because they are just trying to unload stock and not make a profit at that point. Then if the PS6 has these same issues at launch, I will never buy anything new from Sony ever again. I will buy, literally, everything used and refurbished so that Sony does not get any money from me. I am only one person, but I have heard other people say similar things about buying nothing new from them again because they have put such a bad taste in their mouth. Meaning that this seed has started to be planted in the minds of people and it may grow even. Before you start saying that I am not a fan, know that I still own the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 and they are all hooked up. If you think its weird that a gaming fan would try and kill the provider of one of their pastimes; your right and that should give you and indication of just how irritated I am.

    Paine010Paine01016 dager siden
  • I've given up. The money I would have used to buy either of them went to other; actually attainable things and they're too expensive now for me to bother keeping up this pointless hunt.

    SomethingFyshieSomethingFyshie16 dager siden
  • I wish people who purchased from scalpers could go in jail, they are the only responsible

    Sho aREzSho aREz16 dager siden
  • I’m down with it being illegal, it’s a shitty thing to do and it’s a pathetic way to make money

    QolynQolyn16 dager siden
  • It isn't that only 15% of all consoles sold were scalped, it's that 15% were resold. There is a chance that this number is much larger, but that the scalpers haven't been able to secure the resale YET. By the end of this, scalpers may have acquired 30%-50% of all manufactured PS5s, but are left with a ton of stock if all of us refuse to buy from resalers.

    Weston BrooksWeston Brooks16 dager siden
  • Scalpers deserves to be treated as a high class criminal groups, get the SWAT, CIA and FBI to all arrest them. And locked away in the highest security prison where the worst of the worst go to.

    MrXemroxMrXemrox16 dager siden
  • 10 to 15 percent? More like 40-45 percent. Those analysts need better eyes. I am honestly curious what the playerbase is for Demons remake. It has to be dangerously low.

    CaptToiletCaptToilet16 dager siden
  • This could be easily stopped if companies implement a software system that detect multiple purchases with the same credit card / username. So as bad as scalpers are, Sony and their vendors could have prevented this but chose not to as they made there money.

    James WixomJames Wixom16 dager siden