Another Amazon Game Ends In Failure, Lord of the Rings MMO Canceled After Dispute With Tencent

17. april. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea29 dager siden
    • So Amazon got burned by a CCP run corporation that is covered in blood. Oh how sad.

      Andrew PhillipsAndrew Phillips26 dager siden
    • about a LORD MMO there was already one

      TherealWinstonTherealWinston26 dager siden
    • Why do American companies continue to cater to commies? Good riddance.

      H GrimesH Grimes27 dager siden
    • yong yea: criticizes companies for lack of morals also yong yea: sells useless merch to dumb simps

      Heinrich KemmlerHeinrich Kemmler27 dager siden
    • They think it’s easy. But it’s the hardest art form. And now imagine being Sony which have multiple Goty nominees every year. Lol.

      Lord ChikageLord Chikage28 dager siden
  • LOTR deserves a single rpg the magnitude of Skyrim. Huge exploration, various races to play and hopefully not as many bugs

    Tlot PwistTlot Pwist21 time siden
  • that was the way of old now its what can i do to make more money greed so sadddddddd

    ran manran manDag siden
  • Thank fucking God, do we all look like we want Tencent of all cooperation to handle this game?! I would prefer Ubisoft’s greed over theirs.

    Heatwave619Heatwave6194 dager siden

    Eric VenneEric Venne4 dager siden
  • Wow, these people who are in charge of these companies are absolutely clueless.

    Eric VenneEric Venne4 dager siden
  • Lets just jump into the most competititive industry in the world!

    Eric VenneEric Venne4 dager siden
  • Tencent: because everything we make is ten cent quality

    Idiot SavantIdiot Savant4 dager siden
  • I think Amazon might one day put out a middling game that some people like, monetize the hell out of it and drive away all their players, then completely crash & burn.

    floppy280floppy2807 dager siden
  • Amazon: If we just threw money at it it will give us money right!?!?!

    WhitedragonkingWhitedragonking7 dager siden
  • They ask a Chinese videogame company?!?

    WhitedragonkingWhitedragonking7 dager siden
  • Disney and WB gaining massive amounts of influence through buying companies: *nobody bats an eye* Tencent doing the same: *is a major concern*

    Artemiy SolopovArtemiy Solopov10 dager siden
  • China: we don't like depictions of magic and fantasy Also China: here is a movie about a magic monkey god fighting heaven itself, using magic. Magic.

    David StephensDavid Stephens14 dager siden
  • Step one: Hire someone who knows what their doing. Step two: Listen to the people that know what their doing.

    Proxy5Proxy514 dager siden
  • OK, Amazon. I demand a 6-pages report why this project failed.

    tanjinpangtanjinpang16 dager siden
  • Firmly grasp yet another L, Amazon

    Tay KylesTay Kyles17 dager siden
  • Tencent probably wanted ludicrous levels of microtransactions or capitulate to changes to the ip that fit the guidelines the CCP has for entertainment developed outside of China.

    Apoc5kApoc5k18 dager siden
  • You know what good for Amazon dealing with Tencent is worse than getting cancer and aids.

    Mao SamaMao Sama18 dager siden
  • Oh no! Anyway...

    LegokidLegokid20 dager siden
  • Tencent: _you could argue their budget is in the name_

    DanFire FlareDanFire Flare20 dager siden
  • But you shit on google for shutting down there studios ????

    MatsukazeMatsukaze21 dag siden
  • Its so funny how google and amazon do one thing that is profitable. Amazon is online shopping and google is a search engine. They lose money on everything else they do

    Drew and CharlieDrew and Charlie21 dag siden
  • So basically, tencent bought that company to get into the project, a dick move.

    MazyadMazyad21 dag siden
  • Tencent, not Amazon? I put the blame solely on Amazon.

    Meyers07Meyers0722 dager siden
  • "make a good game?? who the fuck cares??? we only want to join in on the microtransactions bandwagon and grab a piece of that juicy gaming market pie!!" -Amazon CEO's cmon people...we all know big corporate CEO's are all the same...greedy shitbags

    Mark DrakeMark Drake22 dager siden
  • Amazon will ruin lotr mark my words

    Elim GarakElim Garak22 dager siden
  • Amazon’s no angel but Tencent is waaay worse

    Samuel NietoSamuel Nieto23 dager siden
  • 2021 Year of cancel fiesta

    Hassan OsmanHassan Osman23 dager siden
  • I disagree, there is a recipe for what makes fun games fun..... And Shigeru Miyamoto has it!

    GhostlyGhostly24 dager siden
  • I think they should stick to delivery shit they steal from others.

    Vainer CVainer C24 dager siden
  • How? How does Amazon have all that money, but make such poor decisions? Tencent takes ideas from everyone, and creates clones just to generate micro-transaction profits by the boat load. If Amazon wanted the profits from said transactions, I guarantee Tencent would have backed out of that deal. I have no proof that this was the case, but it makes sense. You can do this Amazon, make some good stuff, or hire someone worth their salt!

    lilblacksheep87lilblacksheep8724 dager siden
  • Anyone shitting on Amazon for scrapping this game once we learnt that Tencent was involved knows absolutely nothing about the gaming industry

    DeditionDedition24 dager siden
  • At this point it's safe to assume that Bezos is just like the owner of Google: they struck it lucky the first time, but every other effort they put into being an entrapreneur ends in disgrace. And not surely because of a difficult public, as they tend to say. More like they try their hand at something popular without knowing WTF they are doing. Successful incompetent entrapreneur. Didn't expect to come up to similar oxymorons, but seems like Silicon Valley is chock full of them.

    Fatal ExceptionFatal Exception24 dager siden
  • They had a game canceled in 2017. Have they really been trying to make a game since 2017!? First time I heared that they were making games was in like 2019.

    The_Greater-WarThe_Greater-War24 dager siden
  • Thank God it was canceled don't want a other trash live service

    AndreasGaming97AndreasGaming9724 dager siden
  • If they didn't like their engine then be glad the game got canceled because it would have been very bad.

    Chase SchleichChase Schleich25 dager siden
  • All this sounds like google stadia

    DJQCifyDJQCify25 dager siden
  • Bro culture? Are you serious? You sound like a massive white knight. Why not hand your youtube channel over to a woman, and let her use it to make a living instead of you? You know, because there is a bro culture and you are oppressing her by just existing. Men work harder than women period, that is why companies that do hard work are made up most of men, period.

    Owning Dishonest ShillsOwning Dishonest Shills25 dager siden
  • Tencent doesn't take over anything without requiring that they have complete control of the product. It's chinese law. Amazon, as I grudgingly admit this, was wise not to join forces with them on this as it would put a CCP official in the Amazon boardroom.

    Kainis80Kainis8025 dager siden
  • Isn’t there already a lotr online?

    Colonelnasty360Colonelnasty36025 dager siden
  • Tencent and Amazon, not a likely marriage at all.

    tlove21tlove2125 dager siden
  • Next is movie

    Midnight BlueMidnight Blue25 dager siden
  • Amazon should just forget about getting into gaming and stick to what they do best: helping sell garbage products and filling up landfills with packing materials.

    Bingle, bangle, bungle I'm so happy in the JungleBingle, bangle, bungle I'm so happy in the Jungle25 dager siden
  • oh look, evil A company is mad about evil B company being evil. imagine my shock.

    komo cakepskomo cakeps26 dager siden
  • That's what happens when you make games without giving a shit about games and only think about The Money.

    TurntapeoverTurntapeover26 dager siden
  • TENCENT is a tumour on the Gaming Industry. They will become worse than EA one day

    Ahmed AayAhmed Aay26 dager siden
  • Amazon's strategy for games feels like the rich kid in class saying "it doesn't look that hard" and then making every textbook newbie mistake. I mean, if they don't quit, eventually they'll pull something off. Whether it'll be good remains to be seen, but hey, stranger things have happened.

    Andrew SpencerAndrew Spencer26 dager siden
  • ofc its tencent. seriously fk them

    BooBooYupBooBooYup26 dager siden
  • I remember having a long back and forth with someone who thought Amazon and Google were Microsofts only real competition in gaming because Sony and Nintendo are smaller companies. LOL. Being right never gets old.

    Nathan LevesqueNathan Levesque26 dager siden
  • Amazon is trash. May they continue to fail. I don't want Bean Counters making games. Fuck all that.

    Christopher NealChristopher Neal26 dager siden
  • Dude I would LOVE another lord of the rings game. But as soon as I heard Amazon was making it I had a lot of doubts because they didn’t have anything else to show what they can do. But it’s cancelled now so we will never know. Seriously give the license to a real game studio.

    Idon'tevenknowIdon'tevenknow26 dager siden
  • To boss paetron “skyrim14” : fallouts better : )

    Legendary Beatz [Prod.]Legendary Beatz [Prod.]26 dager siden
    • Skyrimfan14*

      Legendary Beatz [Prod.]Legendary Beatz [Prod.]26 dager siden
  • For fuck sake

    KimJongWinsKimJongWins26 dager siden
  • Thank God. Based on the rumors about the Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV show, it is probably a good thing that this game died.

    DarthDaddy1701DarthDaddy170126 dager siden
  • Let's hope the reason they split was because Mike Frazzini was trying to steer the LOTR down the toilet, but tencent wouldn't dare risking it.

    EasyfluxEasyflux26 dager siden
  • There's already a Lord of the Rings MMO

    ElectricBarbarella27ElectricBarbarella2726 dager siden
  • Thank God, every component of this game was a bad idea

    BahamutKaiserBahamutKaiser26 dager siden
  • The game should of completely the series’s

    Brayden ShackelfordBrayden Shackelford26 dager siden
  • Glad I subscribed

    Brayden ShackelfordBrayden Shackelford26 dager siden
  • good this failed i dont want lotr even close to tencent

    vjollila96vjollila9626 dager siden
  • Honestly if tencent is involved then it's a mercy kill to me.

    Jukebox JimmyJukebox Jimmy26 dager siden
  • just play LOTRO online and youll be happily surprised

    LimoozeenLimoozeen26 dager siden
  • there is already a Lord of the Rings MMO

    TherealWinstonTherealWinston26 dager siden
  • I’ll take the opportunity to point out that Lord of the Rings Online is still in operation, and while it for sure looks and feels it’s age, it can really scratch that LotR itch.

    Kenny MasonKenny Mason26 dager siden
  • Look at that, it turned out that getting China involved was a bad idea, who could have seen that coming

    Nicholas MorganNicholas Morgan26 dager siden
  • Its this regimental and design process essay approach that ruins media production college course creativity.

    maggintonsmaggintons26 dager siden
  • I guess we won't be taking the Hobbits to Isenguard...

    CentreSwiftCentreSwift26 dager siden
  • Amazon has more than enough money to just hire some famous developers, let them burn that money on any outlandish idea they want, and not be significantly effected if the idea succeeds or fails. Amazon’s culture is far too risk averse to be in the creative industry. Ironically, the nature of capitalism itself is too risk averse to really succeed in creative fields. Investors like easy, reliable payouts. That’s why there’s 15 million marvel superhero movies. The interesting stuff happens in smaller circles with smaller budgets.

    Envy's ArtEnvy's Art26 dager siden
  • Amazon has a lot of deals with the US government. They damn well shouldn't discuss shit with Tencent.

    maggintonsmaggintons27 dager siden
  • lumberyard is forked off the CryEngine

    RedSkysAreOnFireRedSkysAreOnFire27 dager siden
  • there already is a mmo for lord of the rings, its just not available currently to consoles.

    RedSkysAreOnFireRedSkysAreOnFire27 dager siden
  • How is this Amazons fault, serious YY, this is low quality journalism.

    Ed GarEd Gar27 dager siden
  • This proves that corporations are bureaucracies.

    Blaze It KenBlaze It Ken27 dager siden
  • Lol china involved, you know it's doomed

    therooster333 beatontherooster333 beaton27 dager siden
  • wow, so hyped and just...

    Croissant LoverCroissant Lover27 dager siden
  • i assume tencent want xi jinping to be legolas

    Kamachi AkahitoKamachi Akahito27 dager siden
  • and americans still love these whitecollar moneymakers botching every release of promising developments with their corporate greed while not giving a fuck about gamers because they want to treat us all like customers who shall not complain

    Rubén E. Rodríguez GonzálezRubén E. Rodríguez González27 dager siden
  • "Game development cannot be so regimented so that it hampers flow" Welcome to the way China does business.

    Matt CoombesMatt Coombes27 dager siden
  • Nothing good EVER comes out of Tencents corporate hands.

    RoanRoan27 dager siden
  • I think it would have been a garbage, cash grab if not an trend chasing game with a lord of the rings skin on top of it. Not bothered at all by the failure of this game.

    雷神Raijin雷神Raijin27 dager siden
  • I watched this because I thought LOTRO was getting the axe. Honestly, I'm bewildered that this was ever even a thing. How the flying fuck did Amazon even get the rights to a LOTR MMO to begin with? I can only assume that the game would have been of very narrow scope, limited only to events of their series. How did they expect to compete with LOTRO, a game which is in it's 14th year, will be releasing yet another expansion in 2021, and has a ridiculous amount of content faithfully based on Tolkien's works? LOTRO was never the WoW-Killer MMO of myth and legend but it is one of only a handful of MMOs with the staying power to have lasted longer than a decade and is still strong enough to be releasing a new expansion in 2021. Did Amazon honestly think that slapping their logo on something that they have no experience with would make their MMO a LOTRO-Killer?

    Sokar RostauSokar Rostau27 dager siden
  • They should have hired me as a lead, If they are going to cancel it anyway at least I would cost less. And I would listen more to devs so In all likelihood a game would actually be made.

    OblithianOblithian27 dager siden
  • I recently read an article on Wall Street Journal where sellers/resellers stated how amazon behaves with them on their website and forces them to buy ads credits etc (in thousands or millions) or else they will suffer the consequences . So in this scenario with Tencent, Amazon got a taste of their own medicine. * Not a fan of Tencent, Amazon and any corporation with too much power

    K BK B27 dager siden
  • new world is trash. I do not care for action mmo's nor pvp. new is not always better to me.

    Patrick ErwinPatrick Erwin27 dager siden
  • I guess I'm just curious as to what decisions led them to cancel all these games. I can't imagine how disheartening that would be for the developers to work so long on one project and then not even release it. I've felt awful just deleting code that took me a week to do. Even if the game isn't a block buster (however they're quantifying that before it even releases), letting the developers finish before moving onto the next project is better for morale and wastes less money and effort.

    Jen D.Jen D.27 dager siden
  • We want a vast middle earth open world game

    Cloud StrifeCloud Strife27 dager siden
  • Amazon should just stick to packing boxes, treating it's employees like shit and not paying taxes...... It's good at doing that.

    BritishEchoBritishEcho27 dager siden
  • The game Defiance was created to work along with the TV show but we know how that ended.

    DreadfulParadoxDreadfulParadox27 dager siden
  • Why are they making a Lord of the Rings MMO... when there is already Lord of the Rings Online?

    MrAlternateTheoryMrAlternateTheory27 dager siden
  • >Tencent There's your problem. I will never forgive them for neutering Marvelous/Xseed.

    ZeroBeat1ZeroBeat127 dager siden
  • Amazon is trash and Tencent is just an arm of the PRC. Only fools trust anything coming out of PRC owned China!

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPaw27 dager siden
  • I can imagine Tencent being Gollum.

    Cody DeeCody Dee27 dager siden
  • EA kills Devs, Amazon kills games.

    EvilMadMonkEvilMadMonk27 dager siden
  • New World from what I seen is going to get killed pretty fast in my opinion since I play MMORPG. NW would be going against WoW, Final Fantasy, Guild of Wars franchise, etc. Being realistic I don't see this game succeeding.

    Alejandro O. RealAlejandro O. Real27 dager siden
  • Moral of the story? If you have a disagreement with will go down. Proof that China (or at least Tencent) has way too much control. No matter what country the devs and publishers are in, they HAVE to comply with Chinese Laws and Customs. They HAVE to do what Tencent wants.

    John Hanzely JrJohn Hanzely Jr27 dager siden
  • "I hope Amazon learns from their mistakes...", "Frazzini, you're fired. "Amazon manages to create a blockbuster title in 2023."

    Hakuna MatataHakuna Matata27 dager siden
  • "Amazon and Chinese Amazon couldnt play nice together"...shocker

    Kai YoteKai Yote27 dager siden
  • Remember these are the people that purchased warframe :/

    Crowsfeathers12Crowsfeathers1227 dager siden
  • It looks like Amazon needs to learn about 45 years of experience within a year before the higher ups shut it down

    Nerd LetterNerd Letter27 dager siden
  • We really gonna act like tencent is completely without fault here?

    Los DefinitelyLos Definitely27 dager siden