Blizzard Lose Another Key Veteran Dev, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Leaves Activision Blizzard

20. april. 2021
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  • The old Blizzard is slowly but surely disappearing. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - WECKmaster329 - Zergling50 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea26 dager siden
    • Do you wear your own merch in public?

      CencilCencil23 dager siden
    • going going gone

      Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed24 dager siden
    • down hill for them. they aren't what they used to be.

      Media PoolMedia Pool25 dager siden
    • Activision strikes again in its mission to destroy all game companies it comes into contact with. Their bloated corpses stretch as far as the eye can see in a futile attempt to satiate Bobby Grotick's endless, fathomless greed.

      Phoenix ZappaPhoenix Zappa25 dager siden
    • Guys, it's really tough in this industry to stay at one company for that many years. 19 years is a lot. I'm around his age, and I'm also working in software development (games currently, but did other stuff as well). The longest I had was nearly 10 years at one company, which I loved, but in the last 2 it was a struggle. Higher you get, the more frustrated you become, and almost all the time there is burnout. It's hard. Sometimes you just need to change, sit down a bit and think about yourself.

      Miklos HajmaMiklos Hajma25 dager siden
  • I mean look what they did with Hearthstone after Ben Brode left. I fear same will be this time. Rip OW.

    NomikoNomiko6 dager siden
  • Activision..... fucking kills everything they touch, SOOOO much love for Mike.

    Henry RaveloHenry Ravelo7 dager siden
  • 2016 : hey papa Jeff 2021 : FUCK YOU DAD FOR LEAVING ME

    kitsune Studiokitsune Studio7 dager siden
  • There are so many great games out there. I hope the people with misplaced loyalty in (activision) blizzard realize that and move on.

    CreativeUsernameEhCreativeUsernameEh10 dager siden
  • Its the age of indie and JRPG.

    PuchimonExtremePuchimonExtreme10 dager siden
  • Cool, Cool... i still MOURN the departure of Chris Metzen... THE person that made Blizz games FUN

    Alexander GromAlexander Grom13 dager siden
  • *Jeff Kaplan has left the chat* *Bobby Kotick has entered the chat* Bobby: I am in the Blizzard house baby!!! Time to milk Blizzard to death!!!

    wktjan4286wktjan428613 dager siden

    wktjan4286wktjan428613 dager siden
  • You don't spend 19 years in a company creating dreams just to quit because, all of a sudden, you feel tired creating dreams.

    KnusperkeksKnusperkeks15 dager siden
  • no more seniority.

    Jeremy FisherJeremy Fisher16 dager siden
  • 🌚 feeling like somebody took Jeff out, plenty of em are dipping

    100 subs poofavor100 subs poofavor16 dager siden
  • People really need to start standing up against these leech companies like Activision and EA

    JojoTheGogo BayoyoJojoTheGogo Bayoyo16 dager siden
  • Good. Good. Let the rot they've become dissolve their festering corpse to dust. The only one who can kill blizzard, is blizzard

    Ben WBen W17 dager siden
  • My question is that why Blizzard isn't doing Bungie's and leave the company?

    Mr. BlamedMr. Blamed18 dager siden
  • I just saw this article called: “New Overwatch 2 director has plans to copy Warzone, Fortnite with ‘live service’ updates” Things are not looking good for overwatch 😒😡

    Limit BreakerLimit Breaker18 dager siden
  • Jeff Kaplan sux! Perhaps Blizzard will be much better without him

    thePR3TEND3RthePR3TEND3R19 dager siden
  • "Hi, this is Jeff from the Overwatch team"

    FuskFusk19 dager siden
  • Im now scared for OW 2

    Social GamingSocial Gaming19 dager siden
  • Damn Overwatch is doomed...

    RanzbertRanzbert19 dager siden
  • Activision done fucked up haha good for jeff!!

    MarvMarv19 dager siden
  • But Jeff *IS* Overwatch.

    Glen GillilandGlen Gilliland20 dager siden
  • Rip overwatch

    eric curtiseric curtis20 dager siden
  • This makes me VERY worried about Overwatch 2

    LegokidLegokid20 dager siden
  • Well shit, I honestly thought blizzard might pull a bungie and rebound but I can see that shit isn't happening. That ship is sinking and the hand full of individuals with any goodwill are jumping overboard.

    Count DookuCount Dooku21 dag siden

    antonio vedenbulantonio vedenbul21 dag siden
    • I image blizzard will be closed along with other Activision has close to many development studios or made them work on the call of duty franchise

      KevinGame3KevinGame319 dager siden
  • Bet you Mike poached him.

    VeralionVeralion21 dag siden
  • 7:30 Sorry, but even before the years of ATVI payment at Blizzard was among the lowest in the industry and they would basically abuse the passion of new employees for crunch and low payments.

    Nightstalker314Nightstalker31421 dag siden
  • rip daddy kaplan

    THATpower 11THATpower 1121 dag siden
  • Overwatch also introduced Lootboxes to Mainstream gaming, and then all the other Companies followed.

    wolverinewolverine22 dager siden
  • Why did he leave though, is the real question.

    Phoebe the BraixenPhoebe the Braixen22 dager siden
  • I remember Jeff "Keep it up for Harambe" Kaplan.

    beforeBanbeforeBan22 dager siden
  • Dreamhaven wouldn’t even exist if things were even halfway decent at Blizzard. But that isn’t the case Blizzard now days is Disney 2.0.

    Wolf HeartWolf Heart22 dager siden
  • Jeff Kaplan was trash and so is Overwatch.

    Double-EdgeDouble-Edge22 dager siden
  • Damn. Blizzard needs to be careful af. Blizzard has never been successful because of its IPs. Many of its core concepts where just unoriginal clones. It was the execution that made them stand out. They cannot afford a brain drain. If they aren't getting their shit together asap they might inevitably become irrelevant.

    Alioth AncalagonAlioth Ancalagon22 dager siden
  • I can hear the tf2 mercs laughing at blizzard right now

    Thunderwing DoomslayerThunderwing Doomslayer23 dager siden
  • Let see how Overwatch will become without Jeff. Just like Metal Gear Solid without Kojima

    kuaikukiakuaikukia23 dager siden
    • But given the arron Keller track record given he’s been in the overwatch team from the beginning so is it in the right hands?

      KevinGame3KevinGame322 dager siden
  • The game is currently not in a good condition. It's time for a change. Look positively into the future. Thank you Jeff Kaplan for your hard work and love. LEGEND

    SkylledSkylled23 dager siden
  • Just a suggestion, Yong...when preparing for videos and you see/read a word you don't know or never heard spoken out loud, just type it into an online dictionary resource real quick; they will typically have an audio file you can play so you can hear the correct pronunciation. While I enjoy your reporting style of video uploads, it takes some of the heft away when you say words incorrectly. This has happened more times than I can count, which does your (normally high quality) uploads a disservice.

    JenJoJenJo23 dager siden
  • Over watch is fun. Y’all should play it

    LucahzLucahz23 dager siden
  • Blizzard is basically the Ship of Theseus analogy of the gaming industry at this point

    Marksman230591Marksman23059123 dager siden
  • I don’t understand why people still support this lost company

    Stuart HallStuart Hall23 dager siden
  • Sad but does Activision give a fuck? No you'll still make them bills

    ATOMICATOMIC23 dager siden
  • This will be a day long remembered. So long Jeff, you will be missed.

    GiraffemanGiraffeman23 dager siden
  • holy shit, is this real? god damn Jeff was my main man for overwtach i cant even think to play it without Jeff >.

    AmonRaAmonRa23 dager siden
  • This really breaks my heart. I have many nostalgic memories of all the good overwatch times with papa jeff. Overwatch was dying and this puts the final nail on the coffin it seems. Such a shame. I will miss you jeff.

    D-Rabbit forD-Rabbit for23 dager siden
  • Overwatch continue to thrive? Where?

    ArmoredPonyArmoredPony23 dager siden
  • rip blizzard

    Philipp VoidPhilipp Void23 dager siden
  • overwatch without Jeff is the same as metal gear without Kojima. RIP overwatch.

    Captain MunchkinCaptain Munchkin23 dager siden
  • Can't believe that Overwatch is still relevant today

    captloki13captloki1323 dager siden
  • Mess with Jeff, we'll now he's left

    Lil Roach DoggLil Roach Dogg23 dager siden
  • Dude got fired. The recent trends of major Blizzard developers leaving is evident of this. Not to mention some of Jeff's last appearances shown no signs of distraught emotions or troubles with the his current position. His farewell letter is another evident sign which was hastily, and vertlazily, made via a text message with the ending phrase being "GG" as if Jeff was in an arguement and lost. Its weird for someone who is that happy and quit going "GG" as a farewell with no celebration with all the "friends" Jeff made over 19 years. Which is one year short of an average exec's retirement period.

    Remedy4theheartRemedy4theheart23 dager siden
  • So... are there anyone of the veterans even left in the company? Ship of Theseus does not even apply here, blizzard is only a shell of it’s former self, in the name only

    Danzan SandeevDanzan Sandeev24 dager siden
  • "Hello, this WAS Jeff from the Overwatch team"

    ShiftyShifty24 dager siden
  • Jeff Kaplan: Leaves Acti-Blizzard Dinoflask has left the chat.

    Never Too Old GamingNever Too Old Gaming24 dager siden
  • Bobby Kotick destroys everything he touches

    The GunMasterThe GunMaster24 dager siden
  • *sobs* im not crying you are Pepehands

    Hassan OsmanHassan Osman24 dager siden
  • F in the chat for Overwatch

    EVDESTROYEVDESTROY24 dager siden
  • I'm still looking forward to seeing what Dreamhaven comes up with. Blizzard is still festering in the toilet.

    Pro Gamer.Pro Gamer.24 dager siden
  • Hmm...yea I wonder "why" he left.

    Vainer CVainer C24 dager siden
  • I bet he left Activision Blizzard, like Stormtroopers defected from The Empire. At the very least, I'm glad that people like him have the experience, resources and contacts to make or join new studios that can *actually* produce good quality games again. *Corporate capitalism corrupts everything.*

    SeverinsenSeverinsen24 dager siden
  • Pronunciation note: degradate is not a word. Degrade is a word. Degradation is a word.

    Ellerbeetimes100Ellerbeetimes10024 dager siden
  • I thought you were going to say at the beginning "if you're no stranger to love" I got rick rolled too many times....

    Don MizhidorDon Mizhidor24 dager siden
  • Dang sucks to see him leave but at the same time, 19 years in a company is a long time to work there. Im not surprised though if he wanted to leave. Wonder how it will go now.

    CybermagusCybermagus24 dager siden
  • I guarantee he stepped down because he knows the coming backlash from OW2 is going to be legendary.

    RiverRiver24 dager siden
  • I don't pity Blizzard for their losses. I just pity the games and community that Blizzard has build over the years but has given up on now.

    张笑千张笑千24 dager siden
  • I like Morhaime's attitude. Respect the game and the player, do not worship at the altar of the dollar just because it will make you rich. I'll be watching Dreamhaven closely going forward. Because I've felt for a long time that triple-A games are empty, soul-less things barely able to call themselves games. Chris Metzen and Jeff Kaplan were the last things that made Blizzard interesting, and when Blizzard kicked Blitzchung out of the Hearthstone league for political reasons, I lost all respect and interest for Blizzard. They didn't deserve Kaplan.

    Ryan SRyan S24 dager siden
  • totally agree. .

    kensey76kensey7624 dager siden
  • I'v seen many devs making their own studios, and many of them failed, Dreamhaven will be no difference.

    Hassan GhanimHassan Ghanim24 dager siden
  • I thought team fortress 2 was the influential solidifier of the hero shooter? Since overwatch ripped it so hard

    2erenity2erenity24 dager siden
  • On the topic of Kaplan, a guildie very recently said, "When Blizzard hired Ion they thought they'd found the next Uncle Jeff, but instead, they'd found the next Afrasiabi." Which, yeah. Ion's tenure at the head of WoW's development has been nothing short of disastrous. Meanwhile, Kaplan headed up the game's most successful expansion, then moved on to Titan and took his lumps with Titan failing, only to turn the end result into a money-printing machine for Blizzard. If he ends up at Dreamhaven, I'd put money down that Dreamhaven/Moonshot are looking at making an MMORPG to see if they can't capture lightning in a bottle twice. Something that marries the best design lessons from Classic and retail WoW, taking lessons from both to take a best-of-both-worlds approach, with a fresh IP where the writers, environment artists, quest designers, and the rest of the team can stretch creative muscles that had been constrained by operating in 30-year-old IPs at Blizzard.

    ThageThage24 dager siden
  • finally he leaves, thank god.

    MurakumoMurakumo24 dager siden
  • all lower case aside from Blizzard Entertainment, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    DisembowellDisembowell24 dager siden
  • Drink every time he says Overwatch

    TjwaysTjways24 dager siden
  • Jeff Kaplan didn't want to shitty monetize OW2. Bobby Kotick wanted to shiity monetize it. OW1 wasn't as profitable as it could have been. And the OWL wasn't a success. Mark my words. OW2 is gonna have more F2P hooks in the vane of Fortnite.

    James DeRosaJames DeRosa24 dager siden
  • Well damn, I saw the video title and was like "wait what?!". This makes me sad. Jeff was like the soul of Overwatch, also rip the memes. Still I wish him good luck with his future endeavours.

    no2475no247524 dager siden
  • Blizzard must be in exponentially worse shape than anyone wants to admit. They fired 50 people last month (despite their CEO getting a massive bonus.) Michael Chu, the OW head writer, quit not that long ago after 19 years. Overwatch 2 isn't remotely close to being released and their franchise's game director quits? Yeah, this is all kinds of not good.

    James Deaux IVJames Deaux IV24 dager siden
  • Start raising the red flags time, it is NEVER a good sign when someone in charge leaves a project mid development, do NOT pre order overwatch 2 alerts

    ColeVecsionColeVecsion24 dager siden
  • Good NSFW stuff came from overwatch, not much else. Game was preety good in it's 1st year, then slowly faded away into obscurity, when Blizz struggled with balancing new characters. Hopefully mr. Kaplan finds a better place to master his craft.

    UsmValorUsmValor24 dager siden
  • Lol, was Overwatch thriving though? Its been in a boring slump for years now.

    Simon WestSimon West24 dager siden
  • Hmmm. I wonder if Jeff K could revive the Battleborn game from gearbox. They were competitors with Overwatch when the games first started.

    lostinseganetlostinseganet24 dager siden
  • He is the major reason why 2004-2009 wow was good. When he was taken away from wow it went downhill.

    Кирилл СолоненкоКирилл Солоненко24 dager siden
  • God damn it Yong it's "MOAR" "HIGH-M" not HAYM

    snozbucketsnozbucket24 dager siden
  • Lol I didn't even know people still play overwatch

    User 51User 5124 dager siden
  • Good for him, Blizzard died long ago.

    WolfvenWolfven25 dager siden
  • They all know it's a sinking ship everyone knew this was coming what his leaving blizzard means is that overwTch2 Is shit and Activision want them to release it because $

    Silas MarquezSilas Marquez25 dager siden
  • This world is going to hell, REAL fast

    Daxion The ZeraoraDaxion The Zeraora25 dager siden
  • blizzard? what blizzard? there is no more company by that name, there is only activishit-tencent

    Roma XRoma X25 dager siden
  • Activision ruined games.... That's why bungie jumped off that boat as well and said FUCK YOU ACTIVISION!!!! Great blockbuster games take years to make.... Look at minecraft..... Halo....skyrim....etc..

    Shawn McFaddenShawn McFadden25 dager siden
  • But mow for the most important question how will this impact the overwatch rule34

    Patrick WoodPatrick Wood25 dager siden
  • No MORE JEFF !!? ... MERCY is finally saved !!

    Debu NekoDebu Neko25 dager siden
  • Do you ever make any videos about anything positive? It's like watching television news.

    DeetsitmeisterDeetsitmeister25 dager siden
  • GG OW2. Dead before arrival.

    GlimpseeGlimpsee25 dager siden
  • Oof. Good luck trying to sell Overwatch 2, Blizzard.

    iLL-Tempered Demon HunteriLL-Tempered Demon Hunter25 dager siden
  • Man.

    tAsTe DiVinE fUrytAsTe DiVinE fUry25 dager siden
  • Who else thinks Jeff was "encouraged to leave"?

    Neia BarajaNeia Baraja25 dager siden
  • Jeff Kaplan: gg Overwatch community: ggez

    Schubert AloysiusSchubert Aloysius25 dager siden
  • Bungie announces development of a competitive shooter for 2025 Kaplan leaves overwatch Hmmmmmm

    MegaGaryxMegaGaryx25 dager siden
  • Blizzard is dead same as OW.

    AeitAeit25 dager siden
  • 0:00 ngl I thought he was gonna say "to love"

    iamElitistiamElitist25 dager siden