Dbrand Dares Sony To Sue Them After Selling Custom Black PS5 Plates

13. feb.. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea19 dager siden
    • Dbrand’s marketing is hilarious. They win karma points for me.

      brutalhonesty07brutalhonesty072 dager siden
    • a little of column a, a little of column b

      James BrooksJames Brooks7 dager siden
    • @joshua sartigamo O l

      Ignace VanderghoteIgnace Vanderghote16 dager siden
    • its a yolo fosho

      Stanley ChenStanley Chen17 dager siden
    • Somewhere in Japan katanas are being unsheathed as we speak...

      JohnnyYJohnnyY17 dager siden
  • Copyright a literal piece of plastic. Only in 'merica.

    Pan MajinPan Majin22 timer siden
  • As a real "f*ck you" to Sony, someone should make a custom shaped plates to make ot look like an Xbox.

    Mark VinewoodMark VinewoodDag siden
  • They really told Sony their address and said "pull up pussy"

    Questionable LogicQuestionable LogicDag siden
  • Not even surprised, there are legit patents on product shapes...

    D DD D2 dager siden
  • Imagine Sony caring more about companies making skins for their console than getting said console into customers' hands.

    ukpauliogazzioukpauliogazzio2 dager siden
  • 10:30 I'll let you get your hands on a pair of these... Nuts

    Riskninja YTRiskninja YT2 dager siden
  • Dbrands op is still more above than Pfizer and its vaccine.

    Ryan NewellRyan Newell2 dager siden
  • the other thing about patents, they need to be non-obvious. I would like to see Sony try to defend their patenting of what is essentially an electronics case while suing a company that's made electronics cases for a decade.

    Big EBig E2 dager siden
  • Threatening legal action is not legal action. When they get to the judge... Judge: "WTH is a darkplate or middleskin? Sony, I thought they made TVs?"

    S. SmithS. Smith3 dager siden
  • DBrand is a trolling again! *Grabs some popcorn*

    S. SmithS. Smith3 dager siden
  • Also in question is the ability of Sony to patent faceplates. They're not even close to the first game console with plates. I believe that's called prior art.

    ShadepariahShadepariah3 dager siden
  • They are going to regret doing that

    Ja'far, Chief of Sindria Trading CompanyJa'far, Chief of Sindria Trading Company3 dager siden
  • I love Dbrand lmao

    TaerTaer4 dager siden
  • How did these companies not see this coming?

    Mike sMike s4 dager siden
  • I support Sony

    Kaze ni fukareteKaze ni fukarete5 dager siden
  • Been fucked at least 100 times trying to buy a PS5.....which is ugly af. Literally no chance of even being able to buy custom plates for a console I can’t buy.

    Super HiroSuper Hiro5 dager siden
  • Just hope I get my darkplates before Sony punks dbrand.

    SocaljuSocalju5 dager siden
  • so basically, its the biggest F U to Sony right after the release. N I C E

    NormanNorman5 dager siden
  • Why PS5 gotta screw with customers like this?

    DiviousDiviaterDiviousDiviater6 dager siden
  • The fine road osmotically lie because great-grandfather phylogenitically snow round a lavish cappelletti. deserted, garrulous squirrel

    jelani bobcombejelani bobcombe6 dager siden
  • Aperture Labs has taken over Dbrand.

    Empress Of LightEmpress Of Light6 dager siden
  • Honestly, Dbrand is in the right and Sony would be fighting an uphill battle if they tried to take it to court. So long as they are not claiming to be making licensed PS5 plates (ie. for Sony as an external manufacturer), and only using them as accessories to the PS5, Sony don't really have a leg to stand on in court. Sony's intention may be to _eventually_ sell plates separately, but those would be _Sony branded plates_ and not Dbrand's plates. Since Dbrand is offering cosmetic designs Sony does not currently have available on the market, Dbrand honestly should be in the clear because you can't preventatively claim copyright to a product you don't offer (you lose the copyright over time if you don't defend it, and you can't defend something you don't produce). It's why skinning consoles or using 3rd party controllers has always worked out even though you are technically using Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo intellectual property as a basis for that work in the first place. It is an extension/in accessory of Sony's intellectual property, not the property itself.

    KyleCorbeauKyleCorbeau6 dager siden
  • I thought you take any product, customize it and resell it legally.

    BusyBasazBusyBasaz6 dager siden
  • Ya, still not sure why Sony went with white for the PS5. That black plate looks so much better.

    AxresAxres6 dager siden
  • Sony's egotripping. This is what happens when there's very little competition in the market. They decide what you should and should not get because they KNOW you have no one to turn to.

    Luise AtollLuise Atoll7 dager siden
  • DBrand gives no shits whatsoever

    Corrupted KnightCorrupted Knight7 dager siden
  • Sony is obviously going to sue them

    The Black SpartanThe Black Spartan7 dager siden
  • Kind of neat, but the whole Nobel Prize joke was cringy as all cluck.

    SlimwordSlimword7 dager siden
  • I'm sure Sony will just try to sue. But what I think should happen in a free market is Sony should just make a better product available. If dbrand makes nice faceplates for your console, then make even nicer ones. My fear would be that if Sony successfully takes them out of the market that they will then either not offer anything at all to fill the market gap, or they will offer a subpar alternative. And ultimately there will be crummy Chinese knockoffs available on eBay that Sony won't be able to police. At least dbrand seems to actually care about making a real product.

    J BJ B7 dager siden
  • This is shitty of Sony ok then why stop there why not stop people making skins for Xperia phones

    JEBEDIAH8DJEBEDIAH8D7 dager siden
  • if D-Brand can get away with selling Animal Crossing skins for the Nintendo Switch, they can get away with everything

    MelanchxlyMelanchxly7 dager siden
  • DBrand are crazy 😂

    Asta Is A Beast!Asta Is A Beast!8 dager siden
  • DBrands slogan: We have 1000 lawyers

    A true meme masterA true meme master8 dager siden
  • sony: you can customize your ps5! customer: ok, ill do it sony: wait why would you change anything, the ps5 design is perfect

    moon manmoon man8 dager siden
  • I refuse to buy a PS5 until someone makes it not hideously ugly. You're only hurting yourself Sony.

    FUCKgoogle+FUCKgoogle+8 dager siden
  • Sony could destroy the competitors in a split second. They could sell more varieties, faster, greater amounts with Sony being a huge mega corporation. But clearly they have issues when a simple black recolor is out of their reach. Also that black and yellow looking sleek AF.

    Richard KRichard K8 dager siden
  • It feels like Dbrand is related to Aperture Science

    Joshy HJoshy H8 dager siden
  • god i love dbrand XD

    fL.A.T.fL.A.T.9 dager siden
  • Not a wise move on Dbrand. It's not so much if they have a case, it's the fact that Sony will just bury them in court fees. They can afford to throw teams of lawyers at something and slow it all down to a near halt, chances are Dbrand can't.

    Shia Lebeouf: Life CoachShia Lebeouf: Life Coach9 dager siden
  • These guys sound a little too over confident.

    Matthew MartinezMatthew Martinez9 dager siden
  • If they want to go the intellectual property route, there is a way around it. A product is what you call it. I see some really nice book shelf decorations that just so happen to fit to PS5. Kind of know what Im talking about. I sell water cooled tobacco pipes and fine culinary herb grinders. If I sold bongs and other paraphernalia, well that would be illegal where Im at.

    Richard CletusRichard Cletus9 dager siden
  • How about one side is black and the other is white with a black and white matt sticker

  • Sony need to concentrate on fixing the controllers 1St hopefully we get a company that makes PS5 controllers that work 😂 Sony a joke man not even interested in PS5 no more I'm good with PlayStation Airlines

    Lucas L JLucas L J9 dager siden
  • Easy just let twitter know and all of twitter will call sony racist and cancel them why *Because sony hates black people according to the big brains at twitter*

    StreetKid V or something idk I'm not a punkStreetKid V or something idk I'm not a punk10 dager siden
  • Well Dbrand can always shape the plates to make them copy form of the console much more... The copy the homework but change it a little type of deal.

    JerziJerzi10 dager siden
  • the longer Sony continues to be as anti consumer as they possibly can the longer I will refrain from buying their products. If only people were smart enough to understand this, maybe they'd have a reason to stop fucking over consumers.

    ケツケツ10 dager siden
  • ps5 now with next gen dysfunctional controllers $69.99 and first party Sony™ PS Custom plates all for the low price of $119.99 for a thin plastic slab! The future of gaming is here alas!

    ケツケツ10 dager siden
  • I’m wondering how Sony would sue anyone over this. It sounds like if apple tried to sue people for making phone cases 😕

    JustanObserver the GamedogJustanObserver the Gamedog10 dager siden
  • its a joke and absolutely embarrassing that sony still has no ps5s

    Julian ReimerJulian Reimer10 dager siden
  • too slow sony, its your own fault

    Julian ReimerJulian Reimer10 dager siden
  • I want a black ps5 with demon's souls bundle, but cant even have a ps5

    Julian ReimerJulian Reimer10 dager siden
  • I would want plates that let the stupid thing sit on its side. Got no room anywhere for the stupid thing to stand.

    Dragonsrage012Dragonsrage01210 dager siden
  • With how hard it is to get the damn ps5 you would think that sony give as much of a fuck as they do about scalpers.

    Kaose TKaose T10 dager siden
  • If sony keep that sense then 3rd parties can't even sell a freaking custom plate

    Up Wave FlashUp Wave Flash11 dager siden
  • I’ve only seen one ps5 and it was being used to hold a tide detergent bottle, it was beautiful.

    Kenneth KemerlingKenneth Kemerling11 dager siden
  • I dare sony to actually sell to people and not bots

    SuperZombiepimpSuperZombiepimp11 dager siden
  • Think about cellphone cases. This is exactly the same thing so why Sony not like it? I bet they also want to do this in the first place but these companies are doing it first.

    Jay-R WeberJay-R Weber11 dager siden
  • It would be hard for sony to actually win a case with just a plate

    Motley GrantMotley Grant11 dager siden
  • D brand is a company known for putting stickers on products which is normally fine only this time they're trying to change the plates itself. The PS5 is an iconic product made by sony, why would they want people changing their plates? You're basically swapping out components of the console at this point and no manufacturer would want that to happen to their products which they've spent years designing only for some dumbass company to come in and try to encourage modifications

    qwerty :3qwerty :311 dager siden
  • If sony isn't offering any plates yet then why are they crying

    def0420def042011 dager siden
  • When did DBrand get Cave Johnson as their pitchman?

    Zachary ScottZachary Scott11 dager siden
  • The black plates look nice. but what I REALLY want is some plates that look like flour tortillas, matched with a middle vinyl wrap that looks like taco fillings. Could sell it in two varieties: Regular, and Supreme (with sour cream and tomatoes)

    Michael DoughertyMichael Dougherty12 dager siden
  • By Sony's logic, every single custom skin for every console ever should be a copyright infringement right? But they're keeping awfully silent about those so this was another gimmick for sony to be the sole provider of these plates(though chinese stuff will litter the market soon and sony will stay quiet about those). Also aren't those plates textured? If Dbrand makes untextured plates,they should be ok

    Joel ShajanJoel Shajan12 dager siden
  • Thanks to other instances it’s hard to tell whether Sony it’s self knows what their legal team is trying to do. Disney’s legal team tried to copyright The day of the dead, (I don’t know how to spell the Spanish words for it.) when they were making the movie Coco.

    Nazo- kageNazo- kage12 dager siden
  • The absence of competition is the death of creativity; and Sony (like MANY big companies) want to crush and snuff all competition. :/

    The GongoozlerThe Gongoozler12 dager siden
  • I think it's the same as other companies making those control freaks. Those things that go on your thumbsticks. That has always been allowed, so I can't see what legal ground sony has here.

    milan-hoimilan-hoi12 dager siden
  • This reminds me of the interchangeable face plates of the XBOX 360

    PlatinumTimbitPlatinumTimbit12 dager siden
  • It’s been a strange few months for gaming

    Evan IbersonEvan Iberson12 dager siden
  • Anybody remember when Xbox 360s had custom and switchable faceplates in 2005? I member...(highkey miss that shit. Had a Star Wars face plate that was the space battle in episode 6. Shit was lit)

    Jonathon LoredoJonathon Loredo12 dager siden
  • Dbrand wording it as if they're aperture laboratories

    Mission InquestibleMission Inquestible12 dager siden
  • They’re just plates!

    Barricaded PurifierBarricaded Purifier12 dager siden
  • Ppl playing on consoles in 2021 are playing on potatoes just build a PC

    Joekate121609Joekate12160912 dager siden
  • If I own a thing, I will alter it in any way I see fit. If I see fit to pay a third party to alter it for me, I will do so. If I see fit to make purchase of a part from a third party so that I can alter the thing I own myself, I will do so. I challenge you to explain to me why these courses of action are morally incorrect. Furthermore, I challenge you to stop me.

    No AnswerNo Answer12 dager siden
  • Wouldn't this technically fall under fair use?

    Hanro50Hanro5013 dager siden
  • "Mythical product called a ps5" lol

    Iceberg IcebergIceberg Iceberg13 dager siden
  • dude, just spray paint it matte black

    Aden BuhlAden Buhl13 dager siden
  • Sony: We will sue you Dbrand: Hold my fuckin Beer Robot

    Jamie HobsonJamie Hobson13 dager siden
  • That's a clever marketing move

  • I just got my covers, and the build quality sucks. Both the top and bottom plate has a silver-dollar sized circle that looks like it's been sanded - probably where they sanded down the plastic injection overflow. I reached out to dbrand, and they basically said that 'it's supposed to look like that'. Yeah, no it's not.

    jobcontactjobcontact13 dager siden
  • never seen a console launch so boring as this.

    Jason HamelinJason Hamelin13 dager siden
  • People with a 3d printer and a ps5 must be going crazy now

    AndrewAndrew13 dager siden
  • “People sell thousands of PS5s for jacked up prices” Sony: I sleep Someone sells a custom PS5 Sony: real shit?

    Gavin WynnGavin Wynn13 dager siden
  • Man, hope I can get these plates if I ever get a PS5, they look great.

    ViskaDrakeViskaDrake13 dager siden
  • A customer can have a PS5 painted any colour he wants, as long as it's white - Sony, probably.

    ViskaDrakeViskaDrake13 dager siden
  • There's already multiple colored plates on ebay being sold by sellers in China so....

    Elmox222Elmox22213 dager siden
  • Imagine paying $60 bucks for plastic

    CASCAS13 dager siden
  • Sony will bury them

    CASCAS13 dager siden
  • HP had a line of computers that had swappable colour plates, as they were trying to compete with Macintosh. They hoped to get continued revenue from people who had every changing tastes. When third party companies came up with their own plates for the computers, HP tried to strike back, but it didn't turn out as they thought. The next generation of HP went without this customization option.

    Bryan AbbottBryan Abbott13 dager siden
  • It definitely all revolves around the fact that they're selling it as a skin package. That middle skin strip is key to all of this legally lol.

    The3rdIDThe3rdID13 dager siden
  • Sony after releasing black ps5 Sony- I'm about to destroy this brand's whole career

    Sindhu SinghSindhu Singh13 dager siden
  • Sony never had any intention to allow customers the convenience of customisation with these plate designs. It was just to lower costs FOR THEM when they decide to release the 4th special edition Spiderman red console.

    Sechaba TheletsaneSechaba Theletsane14 dager siden
  • You can go to any auto parts store and buy direct fit 3rd party car parts......

    Richard EvansRichard Evans14 dager siden
  • Seems impossible that Sony would succeed here. It's a piece of plastic that fits into slots with a certain shape covering certain dimensions. It doesn't infringe on Sony's income. It's like custom gamecube controllers. Speaking of, hopefully Sony does sue, loses, and then we get custom gamecube controllers back and PERHAPS EVEN WORKING SWITCH CONTROLLERS WOW.

    JhinJhin14 dager siden
  • Chad Dbrand vs Virgin Sony

    CallMePlezCallMePlez14 dager siden
  • That's like a car company sueing a aftermarket parts company for selling car parts

    Jacob AndersonJacob Anderson14 dager siden
  • Idk why but here in my country theres no scalpers. Wth this kind of greedy people.

    Bored TvBored Tv14 dager siden
  • Chad move from Dbrand. Fuck this anti-consumer bullshitery from Sony.

    Rodolfo, o geriatraRodolfo, o geriatra14 dager siden
  • Honestly, Dbrand could stand to be knocked down a peg or two.

    Swift SuicuneSwift Suicune14 dager siden
  • My ps4 pro controller does this...

    Jacob ZinkgrafJacob Zinkgraf14 dager siden