EA's Pathetic Response To Insider Leaks Exposing Plans To Push Players Into FIFA Loot Boxes/Gambling

28. april. 2021
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  • "We don't push people to spend in our games." That's about as true as me saying FIFA 21 is my game of the year. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - skyrimfan14 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea18 dager siden
    • Bro , is there any chance that someone will ever call out illfonic? The predator hunting grounds game is a scam and 12 months after release, Sony gave me a refund its that broken

      Paulie.WalnutsPaulie.Walnuts13 dager siden
    • Please disappear forever

      xBrandon 22xBrandon 2214 dager siden
    • @Ferny Gamer EA is shit, but Nintendo has a plethora of sales all the time both physically and digitally on their games.

      Raven ArrowRaven Arrow14 dager siden
    • You need a class action lawsuit

      Don JandroDon Jandro14 dager siden
    • I know right

      Spike BebopSpike Bebop15 dager siden
  • Yong, i just wanna thank you for keeping up on this issue. Its clear you care about it. As someone with very addictive behavior (esp with spending.) i'm glad that theres folks like you out there watching out for folks that can fall into bad ways like this. Love ya, man.

    WantedtobetheguyWantedtobetheguyDag siden
  • 5% of players, hmmm. Ever think that if things were fairer and better structured, more people would want to participate in the monetary aspects?

    WatWatDag siden
  • You are 100% on point dude, great stuff!

    Bradley HurleyBradley HurleyDag siden
  • Mate, I just want to say. The work you do is much appreciated. Well Done!

    shaun1neoshaun1neoDag siden
  • Why the hell does anyone play these sports "games" anymore? They're literal con jobs now. Literal scams.

    Piece of Schmidt GamerPiece of Schmidt Gamer2 dager siden
  • Yong yea The king of the Anti loot box movement. Viva revolution ! ! !

    S KS K2 dager siden
  • EA Games: Pay for Everything

    potawatadingdongpotawatadingdong3 dager siden
  • They've been doing the same shit with Madden for even longer. SoftdrinkTV has made several vids on EA's greed that are worth checking out.

    TotinoThePizzaBoyTotinoThePizzaBoy3 dager siden
  • After witnessing a meeting with Blake Jorgensen this may in fact be a case of believing one’s own allies

    Michiel KudovaMichiel Kudova3 dager siden
  • How to solve Pay-to-Win In PvP EVERYTHING IS UNLICKED In PvE sell whatever you want. Simple You can still have something like agree to duels in PvE just don't give rewards/penalties if you win/lose

    Dragon's Off-Meta GamingDragon's Off-Meta Gaming3 dager siden
  • EA: "We have so much money that WE NEED MORE OF IT!"

    MiraqenMiraqen3 dager siden
  • For god's sake EA, take a leaf from konami's book and just make pachinko machines if you're that interested in gambling. At least it'd be more honest

    CompositeEmbryoCompositeEmbryo4 dager siden
  • 15:10 this was awfully smooth, nice one

    StormbladeStormblade4 dager siden
  • People that used to work for slavers: “we can’t really do anything about it because at the end of the day the company is trying to make money” You see how you can make that argument about anything? If you have morals and values you as a dev won’t work with these companies

    Alexander PérezAlexander Pérez5 dager siden
  • Electronic ‘Dark’ Arts...”It’s in the (rigged) game”🤣

    DamienDamien5 dager siden
  • As a canadian, yes CBC is completely canadian, and they do not usually lie. Unlike CTV... 👀 Manipulating the truth? Well, every news source does that. The fact is this: CBC cited their sources, not every news source does that either.

    Alice DuboisAlice Dubois5 dager siden
  • ...I have never met anyone in my life who plays sports games. It amazes me that people play Fifa. Just do it outside. I cannot (without repercussion) grab a gun and start shooting things or wield magic or fly through the air. That's why I play games. Fifa players seem dumb to me.

    bikehunter82bikehunter825 dager siden

    🐓🐓5 dager siden
  • How about EA make different versions of the game like they do already but $100 version has the gambling mechanics and packs and u can use real money and a regular $60 version don't have any options to use real money, you simply unlock by playing the game!! The rich people who they cater to gets to have a gambling version and if you don't want to use real money or gamble you get the $60 version, EA can easily do that but they won't do that either bc they want kids to steal their parents money to spend on packs and loot boxes!!

    Michael DarukeeMichael Darukee5 dager siden
  • Of course EA is doing or wanting to do that!! The high ups are aweful greedy people with no personalities, so they need millions of dollars so people will like them and even be around them. 👍

    Michael DarukeeMichael Darukee5 dager siden
  • Didn't they use the same excuse when the texts and emails came out showing the sale of premium players for a big sum of money, didn't they say it was out of context. If only that was a valid excuse, right?

    J HJ H5 dager siden
  • We seriously need another video game crash of 1983 and the good news is all this stuff rn with these sports games will end up leading to one.....after the next crash developers will be back to having new ideas and not being pocket liners with arms and feet

    clayton morrowclayton morrow5 dager siden
  • Remember the video of when EA reps met with UK politicians and even the EA rep almost appeared to struggle spit out the term "surprise mechanics"? EA needs to simply fuck off.

    Buck CakeBuck Cake6 dager siden
  • *I'd just like to point out that every gacha game depends on whales. But that's not the problem.* The difference between EA and the companies that don't abuse the playerbase is that the other companies make sure the game is F2P friendly in order to increase the playerbase, consequently increasing the number of whales and their revenue while keeping F2P players satisfied and happy with the game. *EA does the exact opposite.* They make the game *AS HARD ON F2P AS THEY CAN* to force their playerbase to whale. The only reason FIFA thrives, besides soccer being the most played sport in the world, is 1- the fact that they have no competition in the genre; 2- gacha done right is a very rare thing in the west; 3- most people don't even understand how scummy their exploitation is. In fact, another problem is NOtown. Something that's pretty common around eastern gacha games' global communities is promoting staying F2P and, in case you want to spend money, careful spending. For western games, you don't get that. All I ever see is people spending, not talking about how you should spend. And I'm pretty sure companies like EA would actually go out of their way to get influencers to not talk about that. The west is still waaaay too new and too uneducated on how to gacha. You need a strong mindset to play these games, and a good knowledge of how they should be in order to stay away from scummy gacha like FIFA.

    Rafael CalmonRafael Calmon6 dager siden
  • Hey, they can say whatever they want.... the morons will still pay 60 bucks every year for roster updates... or 70 bucks for the same exact game with higher resolution.

    trigger sony fanboystrigger sony fanboys6 dager siden
  • at this point, EA as a company just needs to die...I don't buy many EA games and what they have done to the sports franchises is an abomination, just like their business model.

    Gregory LaCombeGregory LaCombe6 dager siden
  • Not even Snoop Dog can get a good player in Madden Ultimate Team!

    Rai RaiRai Rai6 dager siden
  • Keep up the good fight

    The Collector Lee ChannelThe Collector Lee Channel6 dager siden
  • Blame de gamers for still buying this bullshit and paying for lootboxes

    SnWFuckUTubeSnWFuckUTube7 dager siden
  • Please don't forget that EA spends millions on lobbyist in Washington DC to pay politicians to vote a certain way or just to look the other way. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS. IT'S A CRAZY THING THAT 99% OF YOUR AUDIENCE DOESNT KNOW WHAT LOBBYIST DO. We can't win when the government won't even look at the problem. Because before they even think there may be a problem they have a company giving them money or trips even tires for there car to just vote a certain way or keep it off the speakers desk. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS I BEG YOU. IF YOU CARE ABOUT CHANGE. THEN LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY IS SPENT ON GAMING LOBBYIST.

    John AikenJohn Aiken7 dager siden
  • EA: we don't force ppl to spend money in the game! me: well, I don't "force" anyone to buy your games!

    Kenshin 811Kenshin 8117 dager siden
  • Anyone want to buy a kinder egg ?

    stuart reptonstuart repton7 dager siden
  • maybe its because sport games cater to a class of low educated people.

    Charles BallietCharles Balliet8 dager siden
  • Why do people still support this crap

    Bradley SpinksBradley Spinks8 dager siden
  • EA: "we don't call them lootboxes but surprise mechanics" me : "fine....Surprise mechanics are gambling" so we can call slot machines and casino crap surprise mechanics from now on then ;) time to rewrite the law and put these scummy CEO shitbags in their place! enough is enough and it is obvious those greedy asswipes aren't gonna stop since CEO's have no shame anyways

    Mark DrakeMark Drake8 dager siden
  • Who remembers Swos? Back when you played for fun and had a great time? These companies make me sick and have done for over a decade. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Bow LockBow Lock9 dager siden
  • CBC reports about MTX and Gambling correlation in EA's FIFA 21. EA's response: We disagree.

    Cold FalcoCold Falco9 dager siden
  • Ballin' Ballin' Cash Money Cash Money Buying Boats and Hoes

    Jose Salvador VillaJose Salvador Villa10 dager siden
  • Fuck me, we wouldn't be getting stuff like Burnout/NFS/Mass Effect Remasters without MTX without this endless revenue from FIFA... Do you really give a shit about FIFA and the fuckwits who spend that much on FUT... SHOOSH 🤣

    MrRhysReviewsMrRhysReviews10 dager siden
  • I mean it is true they don’t force you to pay that’s an individual thing. Yea they make games that have a lot of bad micro transactions but they aren’t physically forcing you to do anything so kinda with EA and others on this. If you spend money that’s on YOU.

    Robert BowserRobert Bowser10 dager siden
  • Disgusting

    JedimasterFoxJedimasterFox10 dager siden
  • lmfao it's nice to see all of this laid right out there on the table even though we knew it already, now somebody can probably use it as a reference in court

    Supercalifragil IstaphobicSupercalifragil Istaphobic10 dager siden
  • Well EA is right in their own right, if it's not against the law it's now illegal. The truth is that laws are indeed outdated and companies like them, spend a lot of money to keep things like that.

    Ivan NedelchevIvan Nedelchev10 dager siden
  • As much as I agree with yong, I think we should just let the people that enjoy this garbage to enjoy it. Ultimately no one will turn these players into anti micro$. No one will change this. I don't really know who this video is for. Everyone watching is already watching because we all agree this is getting mad. But in reality the enablers aren't the type of people to be watching this video at all. Just let it be man. I think karma works in mysterious ways.

    Corelonia's The Game DumpCorelonia's The Game Dump11 dager siden
  • Stop whining for regulation. Don’t buy the game. Regulation will open floodgates for a lot more issues in itself.

    NateNate11 dager siden
  • I wonder if EA still have the ability to make a worthwhile game without additional monetisation. Their statement is obviously intended for casual gamers and parents. Anyone with a little knowledge or common sense realise what EA are up to and this reveal is just preaching to the converted.

    Andrew WilkinsAndrew Wilkins11 dager siden
  • "5% represent 50% revenue" well we're fucked...

    PiMaC1985PiMaC198511 dager siden
  • la la la la, look how EA are atrocious just as epic games get the court date with apple

    Tamlin HodgkinsonTamlin Hodgkinson11 dager siden
  • I haven't bought fifa since '17. I just realised one day, it wasn't a very good gaming experience.. I never enjoyed FUT, but I don't gamble. I simply can't be bothered with it. However, I have a friend who does like to gamble (on a small level such as Accumulators), everyone is different. FUT could be very dangerous to those that do enjoy a gamble. I'm glad to see these videos and articles being brought to attention, it helps raise awareness.

    Daz590Daz59011 dager siden
  • I wonder when people will just stop playing and buying FIFA.. they aren't even good games. It's the same game every year, sometimes literally copy and pasted. People who buy FIFA every year are either smooth brained or addicted, or both.

    DannyDanny12 dager siden
  • Who wants to short sell EA?

    vodahmiin nonameherevodahmiin nonamehere12 dager siden
  • Either way, we are all going to still play the game😂🤷

    James MavineJames Mavine12 dager siden
  • Fucking up a game for 95% of players so that you can milk the everloving fuck out of the obscenely rich or otherwise mentally compromised 5%... Ethical!

    cosmosofinfinitycosmosofinfinity12 dager siden
  • Makes me happy that game publishers like Coffee Stain exist.

    I_BingeI_Binge12 dager siden
  • You can cash out. You build up a good team and sell the account. Dude I know pays his rent from selling Madden accounts from Ult Team.

    Darth RevanDarth Revan12 dager siden
  • The usual E.A bullshit of were not the bad guys

    hatred is powerhatred is power12 dager siden
  • E.A is a garbage sandwich of a company who knows exactly what they are doing with their gambling mechanic and will use any and all tactics to exploit everyone they can. All loot boxes should be banned and E.A should be put out of business

    hatred is powerhatred is power12 dager siden
  • "but we do just the opposite, we *pull* them into spending."

    kosmiquekosmique12 dager siden
  • yeah I get that its from the top, that make the decision to release this every year just with an updated roster, but its down to all the people who buy it every year, they are as bigger problem as the game. If there was no demand , there wouldn't be a yearly supply!. Saying that, I've never bought or played fifa, so wtf would I know. LoL!

    spectivspectiv12 dager siden
  • Well... if those gamer bros would quit buying this crap ... this wouldn't be a problem.

    Rene DRene D12 dager siden
  • nothing is going to change unless some more governments intervene or you chuds stop buying the game.

    Papa PumpAssPapa PumpAss12 dager siden
  • At least I’m playing Dead Space games. Instead of these garbage sports games even know I dislike EA

    Juan GJuan G12 dager siden
  • It's funny because free to play games are more free to play than most of everything EA puts out. Example: Enlisted. Warframe. TF2. Basically anything else.

    JoJo TooFor9EightJoJo TooFor9Eight12 dager siden
  • From the West there is EA, who make sweet little lies. From the East there is Square Enix, who broke promises.

    Meyers07Meyers0712 dager siden
  • personally i don't blame the makers of the game,i blame the leadership,just look what they did to the sims or even swtor where you had to buy a $10 pass to hide your helmet/paint your armour, i find it funny they claim "it's not counted as gambling in the US! but ignore many countries where it is,to me gambling is spending money for a chance at an rng reward. EA it's in the game! behind a giant paywall".

    ValkirthValkirth12 dager siden
  • Also most legislators don't give a shit about their constituents. They want money and capital and economic growth, not fair and healthy legislation.

    Miguel VilhenaMiguel Vilhena12 dager siden
  • If EA built and opened a water park, what would it be like?

    Josh BaconJosh Bacon12 dager siden
    • Can't use the slides, you have to pay for a lootbox You can get access to the slides from the lootbox, but there's a very low chance of getting it Alternatively, you can buy a slide access pass subscription The park is open to kids of all ages if they'll bring money or their parents We release a brand new water park every year which you have to pay a large one time fee to be able to access, and the old one gets closed, also the new one is exactly the same as the old one There's free slides which can be used for free, but they lead to a pool of shit instead, and if you go into that pool 10000 times you have a chance of getting limited slide access Water itself is paywalled

      SparkwaveSparkwave7 dager siden
  • EA is the result of America’s unregulated capitalism. Regulation is for the consumers, not the businesses.

    Lex LuxonLex Luxon12 dager siden
  • If EA wants to continue with their baseless Loot Box scams let em one day its gonna end up biting them in the ass once their games get Adults Only rating for real life gambling, and like we saw with Grand theft auto San Andreas after that Hot coffee scandal, no retail store hell not even gamestop won't sale AO rated games, and thats when EA will lose a lot of money, so their greed will be their downfall

    Creasedtech792Creasedtech79212 dager siden
  • @YongYea i don't know if you're gonna read this, but I got a Genshin Impact commercial during this video. I really like your perspective in this particular issue, but I find this a bit ironic. Did you have control over the adds that YT shows on your videos? (Honest question) Cheers

    PaellamanPaellaman13 dager siden
  • What the hell does "grinding" mean in fifa? You play the same game over and over again regardless if you have messi or akenfenwa

    Bruh MonumentsBruh Monuments13 dager siden
  • EA is Dead

    Ants PrismAnts Prism13 dager siden
  • Jim called it years ago

    joe nobodyjoe nobody13 dager siden
  • Literally the equivalent of a mass arsonist saying he'd never light a building on fire.

    HyperDimension BlissHyperDimension Bliss13 dager siden
  • FIFA is the game that should be F2P. It's no braineer. Also as second hand console buyers will be freed from all those people who bundle their console with 100 sport games only worth 1 buck per game.

    Burhan BudakBurhan Budak13 dager siden
  • what brain dead.. muppets.. still buy... EA's FIFA games.. now days.. let alone!!.. the card packs.. stop it!.. u dumb fools... -_-

    hodorhodor13 dager siden
  • Is anything being done about Loot boxes or has EA essentially bought and won this already? Activision and EA are growing cancers to gaming.

    HotLavaWingsHotLavaWings13 dager siden
  • EA need to be told they have to provide better evidence of choice/option. Whats the alternate a worse experience. Jigsaw gave options and choices. The horror of it all.

    anan silasanan silas13 dager siden
  • Turning children into gamblers is just evil. There really is no other word for it.

    Random CommentRandom Comment13 dager siden
  • this is exactly why i stopped playing NBA2K back in 2014. been left madden alone, never played FIFA.

    Rico411Rico41113 dager siden
  • If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: the only way to erase this plague for good is to let the AAA gaming industry crash again. Too many AAA studios have resorted to predatory tactics in order to cover their unsustainable business practices. The minute you outlaw predatory microtransactions, the entire industry goes belly-up. This is exactly why the only AAA games I play are those that are completely microtransaction-free.

    MisterVercettiMisterVercetti13 dager siden
  • just dont buy packs 4head

    Sbs SaiduSbs Saidu13 dager siden
  • I wish more people just decided to steer away from EA games. There would likely have to be competitor titles that are as good or better at what they set out to accomplish. I'm just glad I hate EA so much I wouldn't even buy their terrible games by accident

    ----13 dager siden
  • The f2p grind is so bad that, theoretically, the game becomes obsolete by the time a player obtains everything they want (which has been approximated to be between 1-3 years). If their players want to make a “meta” team, they absolutely, positively HAVE to spend money. And even then, it’s not guaranteed. Predatory consumerism at its finest, my dudes.

    Jack DanielJack Daniel13 dager siden
  • Comment for the algorithm

    Rahil JoganiRahil Jogani13 dager siden
  • Its not spending money its "expanded and enhanced gaming"

    yorteammate25yorteammate2513 dager siden
  • Gaming has gone down the shitter. Its got nothing but worse as gaming got more and more popular. Easier games, shorter games, ripping off people for profit, games no longer run good on release. Once companies go public its all over. Its no longer about the fans its about the money.

    FrostReaper5FrostReaper513 dager siden
  • Grown people can chose how to spend their money wtf

    evann payneevann payne13 dager siden
  • Holy shit ...not another loot box bad video ....this channel fucking sucks 😑😒😤😐

    evann payneevann payne13 dager siden
  • I want to p?aymadde. Superbowl sasol and Superbowl without having to pick and swap players because I have to play ascoach to play Superbowl so ea plse to off.

    Munchy 22Munchy 2213 dager siden
  • To be honest, I don't care about this issue as much as I probably should. Fifa is literal garbage, so much so that one years game can be like 20p a year or two later. So I don't really care that the people that choose to play it are seen as just walking wallets to EA. If they'd just keep this gambling element to Fifa, I'd be happier. Garbage feature for a garbage game.

    Steven FellowsSteven Fellows13 dager siden
  • If they don't spend money on surprise mechanics, they'll spend it on magic beans. You can't stop stupid.

    FarerynielFareryniel13 dager siden
  • Thank god i never cared about soccer, or any sport games

    Quick little snailQuick little snail13 dager siden
  • Its just crazy. I don't play video games to gamble. If I wanted that I'd just go to a casino. A place where that is the purpose. I can at least respect the places where they don't hide that is what they are after. More than something as shady as this. Designing this stuff around 'video games'. Making something that loosely defines what a 'video game' is.

    NoNameNoName13 dager siden
  • Thank you to all the FIFA dumbasses that continue to buy loot boxes. EA wouldn't be pulling this crap without you. 👏

    gustavo avalosgustavo avalos13 dager siden
  • Well it's kind of true, no one pushes You to buy an EA game, you've been warned 90 times till Tuesday they are the greediest evilest most manipulative backstabbing horrible developer destroying motherfuckers on the face of the planet But you'll still buy their games anyways.... Soo ya, EA doesn't force you to buy their loot boxes you do it on your own because your too stubborn to boycott the fucking company.. PERIOD, end of fucking discussion!

    HighmageDerinHighmageDerin14 dager siden
  • Loot boxes are trash but microtransactions are helping me actually, why spend weeks to farm an in game item when i can « farm » in real life and buy the item in a day...i work full time so not much time to farm warframe stuff but i buy platinum and packs, helps a lot to have an option to actually buy the thing you want with money

    KidnoobKidnoob14 dager siden
    • Yeah like if you enjoy what you're buying I don't see a problem especially with some games where progress is snail speed.

      Zeto KaibaZeto Kaiba13 dager siden
  • Rated EA for Everyone Also

    TheUrbanAdventurerTheUrbanAdventurer14 dager siden
  • i remember being addicted to my sims freeplay... "freeplay" huh?... they profited off of a 12 year old who used her mom's debit card :v)

    Sarah CSarah C14 dager siden