EA Will Decide This Week Whether To Kill Anthem Next Or Not

9. feb.. 2021
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  • Unless Anthem Next is leagues above the original, it honestly feels like it's time for Bioware and EA to cut their losses on this one. We'll see what happens. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea23 dager siden
    • Im hoping its enough of a full rework of the game to bring its support. Ive always thought it looked like it had potential, but its been an absolute dumpsterfire. From what Ive seen, I would be lying if I said I wasnt interested. This rework seems to be akin to making a human out of a skeleton.

      Justice BrownJustice Brown14 dager siden
    • And players who bought the game screwed

      Richard IkerdRichard Ikerd16 dager siden
    • Well on one hand, Final Fantasy XIV was once in same situation and thanks to new team and lots of effort it is now one of the best MMORPGs. On the other hand i doubt fucking EA would give developers enough time and resources even if there was still enough of talented people in the husk of Bioware to turn this around. I think its time to say final prayers to once great studio and start betting on how long until Codemasters meet same fate.

      SapphirSapphir20 dager siden
    • No, now is the time to deliver the product that was originally promised, and that customers paid for. Don’t encourage developers to continue to do shitty things because it’s going to cost THEM money to deliver to their customers what was promised.

      Adam SpimblyAdam Spimbly20 dager siden
    • @Norman Readdis Bioware has always been like that

      ScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLordScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLord21 dag siden
  • Let the modders have it as toy. I bet they could do a better job anyway.

    Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
  • Me from the future .....YOU WERE RIGHT

    Ethen HuntEthen Hunt5 dager siden
  • Daaaaaaaaang called this! Well done!

    Crypto ErokCrypto Erok6 dager siden
  • Good sources being 2 weeks early. Nerd Slayer was ahead by 2 months.

    Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed8 dager siden
  • Time to finish the campaign 😂

    Osvaldo TOsvaldo T8 dager siden
  • wait... anthem is alive?

    SHA AK47SHA AK478 dager siden
    • Nerd Slayer featured it on Death of a Game 2 months ago.

      Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed8 dager siden
  • And just like that anthem is dead

    Stepfon OkellyStepfon Okelly8 dager siden
  • Welp... :I

    MarielaMariela8 dager siden
  • Anthem is dead as of Feb. 24th, 2021.

    Blur4strikeBlur4strike8 dager siden
  • well... it's officially dead as of Feb 24, 2021 🤷‍♂️

    icepick314icepick3148 dager siden
  • Two weeks later it officially has been declared dead. F

    V XXIIIV XXIII8 dager siden
  • I’m here after it got cancelled

    Mag1KarpManMag1KarpMan8 dager siden
  • It happened. F.

    Kenny BlankenshipKenny Blankenship8 dager siden
  • Im hearing that anthem next got axed

    Accord 00Accord 008 dager siden
  • Well, news just in. Looks like Anthem Next became Anthem...... "Next!"

    akaimizu1akaimizu18 dager siden
    • Nice one 🏆

      Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed8 dager siden
  • Dont worry Halo Infinate wont fail on it "10 year plan". Its only a team making a open world they arent used to, unsure of how to continue the story, being delayed several times, looking to use microtransactions......shit

    Aging Casually Late GamerAging Casually Late Gamer8 dager siden
    • I have the MCC on PC and Halo already has a great modding community on the PC. If Infinite sucks like nearly all of 343 Industries Halo games I won't be surprised, but I'll be content with the state Halo is in.

      Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed8 dager siden
  • I really think the game could be good but it’s just not there right now. It lacks mission variety, satisfying loot grind, and interesting characters. It’s got good gameplay and all the classes play well together and encourage cooperation. But the problems with this game aren’t in the gameplay solely.

    2_Mani_Sauce _2_Mani_Sauce _8 dager siden
  • When in the Commune, do as the Communists! The ten year plan fails in misery, death (of a game) and the suffering of the innocent. Who would could have ever possibly forseen such SHOCKING developments EVER!

    Sophia StargazerSophia Stargazer8 dager siden
    • These "Live Services" are keeping Nerd Slayer's channel up and running. Before all his Death of a Game videos had to feature MMOs.

      Marked AshamedMarked Ashamed8 dager siden
  • I enjoyed the game and the idea... just not much to do. Went back to it yesterday after not playing since the first few week of launch. Still at max level...

    A3R GamingA3R Gaming8 dager siden
  • It's adorable that YongYea thinks Bioware is still somehow capable of even single player games 😂

    Joshua KernJoshua Kern8 dager siden
  • The game is dead and it’s been on life support for a long time. Move on and let the game die with whatever dignity it retains.

    Matthew MartinezMatthew Martinez9 dager siden
  • If anthem survives and comes back better than ever, cool, I'd like to see it become an amazing game in the future. When it doesn't, no one will miss it

    Dragon LordDragon Lord9 dager siden
  • The story of another minimally viable product...

    R HR H9 dager siden
  • Next week or this week? Lol

    Sir Daniel FortesqueSir Daniel Fortesque10 dager siden
  • don't forget that they're also working on Mass Effect Legendary Edition and working on the planning stages of the new Mass Effect game that they said they are working on as well as Dragon Age 4 so they are stretched very thin

    Corbenik GamingCorbenik Gaming10 dager siden
  • Sadly, we know these execs don't have the patience nor the sympathy for the devs to stick with it and make it good. If No Man's Sky could rise from the ashes, giving free updates to finally pay off big in not only sales but also PR, then I'm sure Anthem could too - but none of the right people have the power to make that happen. I'd love to be wrong though.

    Switchback ChannelSwitchback Channel10 dager siden
  • Naaaaaaaaaa anthem can't die i spend hours playing that game

    David joeDavid joe10 dager siden
  • Game is still garbage. Tried to play yesterday and it crashed after 20 minutes or so every time. Great potential does not make a game.

    ChiefInvictaChiefInvicta11 dager siden
  • A week later and there is only *silence* Yeah, they are about to pull the plug, but they don't want to scare away the "I believe in this dead game" movement. This way they can get the last little bits of drops of the cash cows milk. Don't be fooled. If they were really coming back, they would be hyping it with some "unofficial" announcements by now.

    Mister,Mister,11 dager siden
  • I stop playing when people ps4’s was getting destroyed

    tommy Hayestommy Hayes12 dager siden
  • Honestly I would give Anthem a 2nd chance over Avengers.😂

    Rami GilneasRami Gilneas12 dager siden
  • Sooo. A week later... What happened?

    Official3SixtyOfficial3Sixty12 dager siden
  • i doubt ea would kill it off i mean its a loot box money farm in the makes

    MrAnimefan231MrAnimefan23112 dager siden
  • bioware has been focused on mass effect remaster. they are not working on crapthem

    MrAnimefan231MrAnimefan23112 dager siden
    • Bioware has a team of 30 people working on anthem right now but I think they pulled the plug on it and we will probably never get an official announcement on pulling the plug

      David HinkleDavid Hinkle11 dager siden
  • Well this was came as a surprise, said no one.

    no1bandfanno1bandfan12 dager siden
  • "Ea may kill anthem next this week!" Nice thumbnail yong

    bongos mcDongosbongos mcDongos12 dager siden
    • Yeah, I thought I was having a stroke when I read it

      Ma BarMa Bar11 dager siden
  • I think this is for the best as they could now focus all their efforts on the next ME or Dragon Age game.

    Þórarinn SnorrasonÞórarinn Snorrason13 dager siden
  • If it's not fifa or madden EA will not continue..glad I didnt get it.

    Johnathan MalikJohnathan Malik14 dager siden
  • Its been a week whats going on?

    F0XH0UND6548F0XH0UND654814 dager siden
  • Why does your mouth look fake

    Audio BoysAudio Boys14 dager siden
    • @Audio Boys ironically your face looks fake I guess it takes fakes to know fakes

      David HinkleDavid Hinkle11 dager siden
    • @ingenious design AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      Audio BoysAudio Boys11 dager siden
    • Because it is

      ingenious designingenious design12 dager siden
  • They left 30 people on this project so they can collect their computers and clean the place up.

    G LightG Light14 dager siden
  • Its Dragonage 4's bad, this things getting canned 100%

    Justice BrownJustice Brown14 dager siden
  • so its been a week, did they do it??

    Ill KelskIll Kelsk15 dager siden
    • @Ash B maybe it was all a ruse and they dropped this fake story to see if anyone would come rushing back to play it in its last week lol

      Ill KelskIll Kelsk13 dager siden
    • wondering the same thing and i dont see any news on the topic atm

      Ash BAsh B14 dager siden
  • How can they kill something thats already dead

    Ryley WheelerRyley Wheeler15 dager siden
  • Played the other day. Game crashed near the end of a long @$$ mission and uninstalled

    WhatSuppWhatSupp15 dager siden
  • I believe in anthem

    Sophie AdamsSophie Adams15 dager siden
  • So it's a week later. Did we get an update?

    Bruce RothBruce Roth15 dager siden
  • A shame IMO. The game looked like it could have been AMAZING had any other publisher been in charge besides EA tbh

    Ink_AddictInk_Addict15 dager siden
  • EA killed Anthem, Anthem Next, Anthem 2.0, Anthem Nobody Cares, when they showed that they can no longer release a fully developed game.

    BusyBasazBusyBasaz15 dager siden
  • @YongYea any update? did they kill the project? I would be one of they few that actually enjoyed anthem.

    Graham GariepyGraham Gariepy15 dager siden
    • I also enjoyed playing with my friends

      ingenious designingenious design12 dager siden
  • Such a good potential game waste like it was nothing

    Metal HeadMetal Head15 dager siden
  • who would buy another anthem after what happened with the same developers

    Kebuin KebuinKebuin Kebuin15 dager siden
  • I’m really hoping this game get overhauled my girlfriend caught this game for me at my request as a gift. And unbeknownst to me this game wows t doing all that great so I hope they overhaul this. I’m just kinda hoping they do but if they don’t I’ll understand and be butthurt about it. Nothing I can do

    Deathranger 05Deathranger 0516 dager siden
  • I had such high hopes for this game but they totally killed it😐

    Syed Muhammad FarhatSyed Muhammad Farhat16 dager siden
  • what wait, didnt the EX-Gamedev Lead, say Anthem is in Good Hands and we dont need to worry?!

    ROIBRROIBR16 dager siden
  • Did they call it a day yet?

    jatekforditokjatekforditok16 dager siden
  • You know you're bored when you're watching a video about Anthem in 2021.

    P. H. IllipP. H. Illip16 dager siden
  • I feel that the last story that I enjoy from a BioWare game was Titanfall 2. Which I consider, the most underrated shooter of all times.

    DJ LeoxDJ Leox16 dager siden
    • @Amadeus Artorias oh yeah. Hahaha. I haven’t play it since 2018.

      DJ LeoxDJ Leox16 dager siden
    • Pretty sure that was respawn buddy.

      Amadeus ArtoriasAmadeus Artorias16 dager siden
  • So did it die or not?

    ShiftyShifty16 dager siden
  • Make it F2P

    PoTaTo QPoTaTo Q16 dager siden
  • Anthem had the roughest development process... EA pushed biowares hand on releasing it. However Anthem to me has the best combat system for looter shooters. If Anthem gets a massive overhaul people will return to the game but idk how many will stick around.

    WattShowWattShow17 dager siden
  • Anthem definitely feels like a laundry list of bad priorities... but I was pretty excited to see how it would turn out when I first learned of the concept. Having a single-player hub to play through story-driven moments, then venturing out into the overworld with other players to take on missions, seemed like a really cool idea. Despite the clear creativity that went into the game, however, it's a clear example of why a lot of people dislike Electronic Arts; they keep releasing titles no one was really asking for in hopes of squeezing a monetary sponge.

    TohabTohab17 dager siden
  • Bioware will be shut down in 5 years or less

    Denver BassheadDenver Basshead17 dager siden
  • The game was already dead. More people play left 4 dead 2 that this game

    sir gabiru TVsir gabiru TV17 dager siden
  • I honestly wish Anthem was a good game I was so pumped for it and I was so hyped but it was such a disappointment

    Ashley ZhengAshley Zheng17 dager siden
  • Gaming has been ruined TBH. I spend more time staring at my list of games than actually playing them. I think the last game I actually played and beat was RDR2. And if it counts..technomancer by spiders. lol

    Steve KennedySteve Kennedy17 dager siden
  • EA should decide to kill EA. That buffoon company stopped making games a long time ago. They're just making random crap,but they're definitely not games.

    horned fiendhorned fiend17 dager siden
  • wanna know something funny? I literally got anthem as a Christmas present in 2020 and started playing it on new years eve, even though I only played it for about two days. XD

    Eli GreerEli Greer17 dager siden
  • Kill fartnite too

    los R.olos R.o17 dager siden
  • Honestly, your mercy is disgusting to look at.

    Tyson JohnsonTyson Johnson17 dager siden
  • Laughing at all the idiots who bought the game.

    Ahmed _9Ahmed _917 dager siden
  • I hope they don’t cancel it, it had so much potential and I think it’s worth attempting a complete overhaul and relaunch

    benzookeybenzookey17 dager siden
  • Kill

    yung kaibayung kaiba17 dager siden
  • Is Anthem like a Destiny Jr?

    HaterfoodHaterfood18 dager siden
  • Lmao they killed Anthem a long time ago.

    Master MaxMaster Max18 dager siden
  • We are still waiting

    Marvin StonefourMarvin Stonefour18 dager siden
  • If EA can't squeeze a quarter out of a dime on this games, then you can kiss Anthem goodbye.

    P-MacP-Mac18 dager siden
  • When I saw "Anthem" in the title. I have to double-check the upload date of this video. Anthem in 2021. Huh, I thought this game has been buried already and decomposing.

    Julius BenterJulius Benter18 dager siden
  • I can't wait till Anthem 2.0 comes out so I can not get it.

    Legion ComedyLegion Comedy18 dager siden
  • "Do it."

    SparksyRGamingSparksyRGaming18 dager siden
  • At least, Anita Sarkeesian will never be invited again to Bioware studios.

    wargamesmasterwargamesmaster18 dager siden
  • Dude fuck EA and bioware why expect anything good from them? The upcoming dragon age is gonna be trash anyway

    Joseph WJoseph W18 dager siden
  • In the immortal words of a random Blizzard exec, "How do you kill that which has no life?" Anthem was DOA and EA, being the greedy asses that they are, know this and are 100% going to cut their losses and move on.

    Joshua GonzalezJoshua Gonzalez18 dager siden
  • Bioware shelved the Mass Effect series after a semi bad launch. Anthem sold worse than ME:A...I think we know where this is going.

    The Big KusaThe Big Kusa18 dager siden
  • 😔 I have sinnnnnned! I...I can't help it, I really like the gameplay. Convoluted story, intrusive online "features", but but but but the controls are SOOOOO responsive...

    naywahnnaywahn18 dager siden
  • Anthem 2077? Yeah, just let it die already.

    Jack BauerJack Bauer18 dager siden
  • It’s over and fuck DA4. If DA4 turns out to be good, I can wait a year or two. They took enough of my money

    bulock3bulock318 dager siden
  • I hope it gets one more chance the gameplay is good but the game is full of bugs, glitches and the story was too short and too fast and the farming felt to much forced they even went so far as to increase the points you needed for the item that was increased 10x more in price what you need for the item making it impossible as a casual player to get the rewards from the in-game store without using real money to get them items spending money already on a spend game is a no go for me and this is my sound overly hated to you but if they charge the day 1 players for the remake the game can die in my opinion and the company that made this game should be sued, I won't pay a second time for the promises that where made and got lied for wat was promised and I dit pay for the special edition which cost $ 79.99 on day 1 so i tink i have more then the right to demand a free charge for its remake as an day 1 Buyer of the game

    SparksSparks18 dager siden
  • Wheres my refund

    irish chancerirish chancer18 dager siden
  • ANTHEM Still exists ??!!! I used to be so syced about it

    Reserved ArtistReserved Artist18 dager siden
  • ea should just stop making games

    Tnl 35Tnl 3518 dager siden
  • Tbh, I want this game to be successful, if it still exists that is. I am done with Warframe, I do not play Destiny (nor ever will), Borderlands is not on my list, so Anthem might be a great option. The latest videos here and there reveal improvements and they look VERY nice. Idk, probably wishful thinking...

    Koded ArtKoded Art18 dager siden
  • I really wish people would stop saying "bioware can get back to what they do best". No, no they can't. People don't seem to understand MAJOR people in their company have left, people in lead positions, this has happened multiple times in the years. They cannot go back to being how they were because they are not the same company anymore. This is Bioware now, this is how it's going to be

    Sigoro LataSigoro Lata18 dager siden
  • Make it law, that if a game company says they will make life service its have to had a minimum years of service like 40 year or something

    Daniel DemongelDaniel Demongel18 dager siden
  • "Review process" they likely already made their decision long ago and right now they're just going through the motions to save face and also so they don't piss off people any more than they need to, but hopefully I'm wrong because I really did want to play it when it got announced

    Richard JoeRichard Joe18 dager siden
  • What EA should do doesn’t matter. They’ll never do it. All they Are interested in is MONEH

    Alex RyllAlex Ryll18 dager siden
  • Anthem was to be a great game then ea greed to hold rushed the game and destroyed any chance the game had to survive

    Vern HazzardVern Hazzard18 dager siden
  • EA does not need to kill Anthem. Anthem is already dead. EA will decide whether to revive Anthem.

    Andreaz-64Andreaz-6418 dager siden
  • Nah. Anthem is dead. Should've been buried a long time ago.

    L1mp1nB1zk1tL1mp1nB1zk1t19 dager siden