Epic Games Store Losing $330 Million From Exclusives & Free Games Amidst Struggle To Take On Steam

11. april. 2021
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  • I really don't think Epic can possibly hope to take on Steam until their store and launcher gets as good if not better, which it's still a far cry from being. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - WECKmaster329 - Zergling50 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • See yong? You contradicted yourself.

      yolo240yolo2409 dager siden
    • @joshua edley Shenmue 3 was proof that Epic Games wanted to make a Console war out of the PC Market. You can't do that. Either make things that run good, or GTFO.

      bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas20 dager siden
    • @bigbabyzubas I cant help but agree. I can only Tolerate exclusive to a point but when it come to epic. well They did not help their store when they poached nearly finished games to become exclusive when they first launch epic store. lets just say.

      joshua edleyjoshua edley20 dager siden
    • achievements would be something, and wallet gift cards

      SingingCoyote13SingingCoyote1320 dager siden
    • Really happy as clock_tech77 recovered. My banned account when I met him on Instagram. He's really a good man✅✅

      Kid BrownKid Brown22 dager siden
  • C'mon, Epic. You did shopping cart with Unreal asset store. Now just copy paste that over, is that hard?

    Joel Robert JustiawanJoel Robert Justiawan3 dager siden
  • Lol I hope it dissapears from the face of the earth. Chivalry 2 is an epic games exclusive, and that pisses me off because it means I won't get to play it for a year.

    Rogue JediRogue Jedi7 dager siden
  • I have made this point before, but... When Steam launched it was the best by default. Even at it's worst, it was still the best/only option out there. Epic Games has the money to get this done and get it done quick, so, why? That's the question for me, why aren't they throwing money at coders to make it comparable to Steam. I don't care which obscenely rich person that I buy games from, so, I don't really care which icon I click on, to start my game. Eipic's response to this was weird and confusing to me. Apple just proved how much money you are losing, your reply to this is that we sold 265 million in 3rd party games? What in the actual fu...? The argument that Steam wasn't the greatest doesn't hold any weight for me, it's a different monster altogether. . Have a great day everyone!

    nick knick k8 dager siden
  • Dead store as soon as Fortnite finally dries up.

    Jake EJake E9 dager siden
  • Good

    sinthalissinthalis9 dager siden
  • just went to epic for KH litearlly nothing else

    Shady KittyShady Kitty9 dager siden
  • The number of morons who love a monopoly that hurts developers in this comment section is disheartening.

    SolarVanitySolarVanity10 dager siden
  • Epic has been consistently making intelligent business moves and they know it. They're playing a longer game than apparently many people see. There's a reason developers are loving it and getting excited for it. And why sony invested 200 million into it. I think where the disparity is in a consumer mindset vs a developer mindset. In 10 years players will see the benefit of all of Epic's latest technology, and aquisitions, as well as it's investment in gaining market share. People assume they're trying to beat Steam within the first 5 years of launching despite the store being just one revenue stream and company focus. That's absolutely insane... Epic store may never reach the same as steam, and they don't have to be. There's a big difference between an investment and a loss. The short term mindset is what people are shitting themselves here for. It kinda boggles my mind.

    AmirMDEVAmirMDEV10 dager siden
  • I got like 80 free games so far from epic lol, a good 10 free AAA games

    BuyZaxbysBuyZaxbys10 dager siden
  • I wonder what EGS would look like if they spent hundreds of millions of dollars on improving their store instead of things that provide no value to the consumer?

    F. O.F. O.10 dager siden
  • Game Over

    Ярким Солнышком Сияю!Ярким Солнышком Сияю!10 dager siden
  • Ayyy you ain't losing nothing tho if no one was gonna buy it anyways lol

    ZachZach10 dager siden
  • Niiice

    EmanoNXDEmanoNXD10 dager siden
  • Socialism in a nutshell. Throw lots of resources/money at a problem and give out lots of free stuff to make people happy. Then they ask "Why did it fail?" A Capitalist will say "It's obvious my son. When society runs off profits, no one operates a business in a way that it isn't making profit, which equals less waste."

    KameradenKameraden10 dager siden
  • For some reason when a game is free i lose interest in it lol

    Alex DevaAlex Deva10 dager siden
  • Epic games Launcher=Free games Launcher

    Dawn EmeryDawn Emery11 dager siden
  • Turns out this was all propeganda for epic 😂😂 skills up leaks shows they spent about 11 mill total they litrally only sold the coffee machine.

    will Joestarwill Joestar12 dager siden
  • Thank you fortnite kids and fortnite parents who used their credit cards to pay for all this, supporting gaming community

    DirtyolPandaDirtyolPanda13 dager siden
  • I don’t have the epic launcher because I don’t want my information funneled to the Chinese government.

    ArmyRetGuyArmyRetGuy13 dager siden
  • Basically what GP is doing but MS has more money.

    Alpha 6 GamesAlpha 6 Games13 dager siden
  • Epic Games = eeasy to steal accounts

    kennet jakobsenkennet jakobsen13 dager siden
  • I hope its atleast profitable for them, I know it's not all there yet , but the developers and employees are trying hard and working with what they are given, and I dont want them to lose their jobs if it fails outright

    Jiggle MeatsJiggle Meats13 dager siden
  • Good that company can die. We don't need exclusive bs here. Launch on every platform and let the costumers decide. Epic will never touch my computer they couldn't pay me enough to install it. On top of epic not getting a dime form me all sell out companies get ignored on steam and will not get a dime from me ether. These companies don't give a damn about the fans they only care about their share holders. GoG did it better by doing something simple like DRM free to get people while also not doing exclusives besides the really old games that steam does not have but that was the point of GoG at the start which well sadly now is on the tail end of GoGs priorities. And GoG works with Steam with cross play and if you owned games on steam some of them would be added to gog free of charge. Steam and Gog are and will be the only platforms I use. Ill stick with where my investment of 1000+ games are on which is Steam

    FrostReaper5FrostReaper513 dager siden
  • Haha good. Eat your exclusives epic.

    100 subs poofavor100 subs poofavor13 dager siden
  • Steam:does nothing.. EA and XBOX joins Steam. Epic Games:spends hundreds of millions.. Everyone's library is full of free games 😅

    Alexandru MunteanuAlexandru Munteanu13 dager siden
  • They should just focus on making their software better.

    vogonp 42vogonp 4214 dager siden
  • So if I sign up to epic and do it all through phone, I just claim all the free games each month without actually having a pc? I might do that, and play them at my sisters lol

    TheDevils RainbowTheDevils Rainbow14 dager siden
  • My epic games store is 75% free games, 25% games that were disconnected to $10 (originally being $40+)

    Stellor LucasStellor Lucas14 dager siden
  • "Steam didn't have many features when it started either" the thing is, they were the first ones to actually do something like that. plus, we have to compare the present, not the past

    Face McShootyFace McShooty14 dager siden
  • I have more than a hundred of games on my steam backlog that I want to play because I chose them. Could sign EA Play, Game Pass at any minute if I want more backlog, and still have a lot of "free game" from PS Plus. This strategy of free games or store exclusivity is dumb. Sure it will make people create a account on your platform, but give actual little reason to migrate your gaming life there, start to buy new games there and and play there. This requires a good platform, with a minimum feature set. Origin failed to take Steam and Epic will probably fail too, if they keep on this path.

    Vitor Hugo Oliveira SousaVitor Hugo Oliveira Sousa15 dager siden
  • It sounds to me as if Epic is not all that concerned about individual performance of their revenue sources, so long as they all total up to be profitable. And you goaat remember that for every dev team that takes Epic's exclusivity deal, there are many more who do not. And Unral Engine 4 currently has not only a significantly increased number of titles, released and in production since the engine became free to work with, but it also has a lot of corporate-level applications not related to gaming that by their very nature must represent a significant top-end revenue stream. so in terms of their big picture, EGS may be just a small piece of the collective money pie. If they were not generating massive revenue in spite of what EGS costs them, they would not have raised the profit ceiling on UE-based gams from $3K to $1M, with UE5 slated for release in the not too distant future, which will bring with it technology that will revolutionize independent game development AND corporate game development alike. Have you looked at the MetaHuman 3D character creation tools? All of this amazing stuff in the hands of anyone with a desire to use it. No... They are not hurting.

    GrebjacGrebjac15 dager siden
  • While Epic stealing games from Steam does set them up as the bad guys, imo the real bad guys are Steam. They take 30% of revenue, they have many problems, old/slow features, etc. Epic is at least challenging the status quo and only taking a small cut of revenue. They're heavily favoring and supporting devs, especially indie devs, and that deserves some credit. If Epic really took the time and money to invest into all the features that makes Steam great, I could see myself and others switching to them just to support devs.

    Taehan StottTaehan Stott15 dager siden
  • i hope EGS is successful in the years to come. more competition in a given marketplace always results in a better outcome for the consumer. look at xbox and their game pass service, ps4 was dominating sales wise last gen and xbox responded to that with their gamepass service as well as other stuff.

    bwax687bwax68715 dager siden
  • Look nothing is inherently bad about epic games in my opinion, it is just that there is lack of social activity. It will be hopeless if it thinks it can take on steam. Steam has it's own in-built economy, trading and a lot more going on for years (Steam is also the most secure without a doubt). Epic should try a different approach instead of competing with steam, if it wants to survive.

    Gondala SatvarshGondala Satvarsh15 dager siden
  • Stadia, Epic Games, EA, none of the company running this crap know when to quit

    JoshtheOverlanderJoshtheOverlander15 dager siden
  • The free games aren't even enough to convince me to use the epic store front. I genuinely don't feel bad for this company at all lmal

    Dat BurdDat Burd16 dager siden
  • I do hope Epic can become an actual threat to Steam. It'd make both ends mind the quality of their services. Ideally.

    JPEG ArtifactJPEG Artifact16 dager siden
  • It will be very interesting to see what happens when Tencent demands their investments back.

    Ed GarEd Gar16 dager siden
  • If Epic games store didnt muscle their way in I might have given them a try. I never have and never will install that crap on my rig. The exclusivity buyouts is what pissed me off. Now Ubi is doing it again, so no more ubi games for me

    GlouGlou16 dager siden
  • lol

    Jeff SteelfleckJeff Steelfleck16 dager siden
  • Ah yes karma finally strikes back.

    adek183adek18317 dager siden
  • Serious Competitor: Doubt A competitor and good platform in its own right: Most likely

    Bad Mage ProductionsBad Mage Productions17 dager siden
  • It’s funny that epic sued apple for anti competitive action. While they committed anti competitive actions by buying exclusivity

    Patriotic PandaPatriotic Panda19 dager siden
  • Oh no! Anyways

    Crash HazzardCrash Hazzard19 dager siden
  • They were never going to beat steam lmao.

    AdeptAdept19 dager siden
  • Imagine being so bad you literally do nothing but give away free games for years and still no one likes you.

    Wanderer628Wanderer62820 dager siden
  • I refuse to use Epic. Yoinking exclusivity on multiple games that where SOLD as coming out on steam and getting those kickstarted games to break their promises to their backers burned any willingness to use EGS.

    TheSonsofSigmarTheSonsofSigmar20 dager siden
  • Good. Businesses only speak in money so hopefully our message has been sent across. I just hope it's not costing the employees anything.

    Mr TacticianMr Tactician20 dager siden
  • I'm all for competition and higher cuts for developers but the way the epic store went about it is so crap. Introducing exclusives to the PC platform and releasing their store without many features that gamers like and depend on.

    Mariusz EMariusz E21 dag siden
  • Thats good news just hope Epic store flops so I dont need 3000 online stores on my pc. I think they overestimated free games over familiarity.

    Doom GuyDoom Guy21 dag siden
  • Epic Games' exclusivity policies don't merely hurt their bottom line; they actually cause me not to do business with them. They're enabling anti-customer attitudes from creators by protecting them from having to actually deal with failing games, and enabling bad behavior from people like Randy Pitchford. They're pushing me to support games like Darq that refuse to become exclusives. In the name of competition, their exclusivity policies are trying to strong-arm the forces competition is supposed to exert on a competitive market. I know I'm just one person, but if they would cut it out, I *might* actually consider letting their crappy app on my computer.

    sterling7sterling721 dag siden
  • Unfortunately I'm stuck with a grudge against their exclusivity deals. Screwing me out of playing certain titles with my friends and my own personality of being...hostile with gun to my head situations. I can care less about their free games, but not by much. Most of those I either already have or have zero interest. Many angles came at me but most was just...meh arguments.

    jj21 dag siden
  • I have never bought, nor will I ever buy, anything on Epic's store. I waited for Control, I'm currently waiting for Hitman 3, and anything else that goes exclusive will get the same treatment.

    Inigo MontoyaInigo Montoya21 dag siden
  • 330 million ??? Holy fuck 😭

    Kevin LondonKevin London21 dag siden
  • They're acceptable losses anyway for Epic Games, which still makes money for those who insist not making their Unreal Engine powered games Epic Store exclusives. And acceptable losses for the developers as well as they start paying royalty if they cross a certain threshold (if it's not given publisher's umbrella)

    Meyers07Meyers0722 dager siden
  • "Oh, but Steam also launched bare-bones!" Yeah, 20 years ago. Technology, design and the market have moved on since then.

    MalidictusMalidictus22 dager siden
  • I was wondering how Epic was staying afloat and making money giving away all those free games...guess they weren’t...

    The Game GardenThe Game Garden22 dager siden
  • I still want to play Mortal Shell, Huntdown, Kingdom Hearts on PC. Not until it comes to Steam.

    RobahoRobaho22 dager siden
  • Thumbs down Yong. Just like CNN and other fake news, your title is false. Struggle? Not at all. there was no struggle at all. It's actually simple. You are showing your true colours now. I always thought you were one of the honest ones.

    Davor MackovicDavor Mackovic22 dager siden
  • Glad to see how hard it's backfiring on them. That whole exclusives BS was **wayyyyy** too aggressive too soon

    LukewarmBongLukewarmBong22 dager siden
  • I only buy my games on steam or other platforms apart from epic if they are not available on steam. My epic games library is only free games they gave away

    Shark VaderShark Vader23 dager siden
  • I see this as an absolute win. Epic is inferior to Steam, subservient to Tencent(I don't trust a single word of Tim Sweeney how they would never stoop as low as Blizzard... that guy is a serial bullshitter), and started anti-consumer tactic of digital platform exclusivity on PC. They deserve to bleed money. Now, Steam isn't perfect, there are reports of some uncalled for censorship of both Japanese and western anime-stylized games(And unfortunately apparently even GOG recently censored HuniePop 2)... and some other less important things, but still far superior to Epic.

    RazoriusRazorius23 dager siden
  • I doubt they will I use steam and GOG over epic game store havent touched the platform

    Blackcatgamer lp/podcastBlackcatgamer lp/podcast23 dager siden
  • EGS is like a shitty parent that only buys their kids stuff instead of parenting. No amount of shiny toys will make them like you for more than a few minutes if you're fundamentally a bad parent.

    Tay KylesTay Kyles23 dager siden
  • It's really a fucking shame that your research is so terrible even after all this time.

    WarAmourWarAmour24 dager siden
  • What's their long term gain by sticking to this strategy? They'll have no incentive to improve their services once they dominate the market, and considering they have no interest in improving their platform even now... yeah, no thank you EPIC.

    Kinako MochiniKinako Mochini24 dager siden
  • Wow so first impressions do matter, who would'a known?? oh wait, literally everyone

    magpies in spacemagpies in space24 dager siden
  • I thought I'd never buy anything on Epic Store. Although Epic had a sale where they gave $10 off on every game purchase. And those games were already discounted. Steam has never done anything like that. If Epic does regular sales like that it will be hard to justify paying more for the same game on Steam.

    Coddiwomple :Coddiwomple :24 dager siden
  • I literally only use epic for free games id never really purchase anything on it ngl

    Finalph_KUNFinalph_KUN25 dager siden
  • you know what is so funny? Epic could have invested those 300 million into improving their platform instead of trying to force customers to their store via exclusives

    TheCommentGuyTheCommentGuy25 dager siden
  • mean while steam doesnt even need to lift a finger

    TheCommentGuyTheCommentGuy25 dager siden
  • tbh i only use steam to play dota and nothing else, and im too lazy and barely have time to download and play new games also how do u play those shiny new games when u cant even build a pc right now with all those overpriced cards

    razrafzrazrafz25 dager siden
  • I honestly just don't like Epic's practices in general. Even if they were equally good on the features with Steam (which they very much aren't) Valve has done less shitty things comparatively so I'd just stay with them. I did experiment with GoG, but I am not a big fan of the platform's looks/style and there's features missing there still that I quite like on Steam. So honestly, Steam without a doubt is at the top for now and will stay there. The only way other companies "compete" is exclusivity, which is by a strategy specifically to AVOID competition.

    David BodorDavid Bodor26 dager siden
  • makes me think of how Game Pass is going

    Bruno BedeschiBruno Bedeschi26 dager siden
  • I guess it never occurred to them that if you shell out ridiculous amounts of money to steal games previously announced for steam so they can be exclusive to their shitty storefront instead of improving the experience itself that it would turn people away.

    ClevelandSteamer420ClevelandSteamer42026 dager siden
  • i hope Epic will go down. i dont like steam, BUT they dont try to destroy the market. look at music. a CD was around 8€-20€ now musicians earn nothing with copies because stuff is free on youtube. if you understand what Darwin said, you will understand what epic, google, apple, amazon, facebook etc are doing. boycot them ffs.

    TriVos AhrenTriVos Ahren26 dager siden
  • they dont have Epic Games Wallet Gift Cards anywhere in my country (holland) i dont have access to a credit card or online pay service so i cannot buy any of their games even if i wanted to. (dont even know if Epic Games Wallet Cards exist, tho they have Steam Wallet Gift Cards in my country at some stores)

    SingingCoyote13SingingCoyote1326 dager siden
    • @name crisis it is quite ludicrous because when i go into the grocery store to buy food during lockdown since months now, what do i see - roblox gift cards, lol cards, wow cards, nintendo, xbox, sony gift cards, even things like nike gift cards or gifts cards from google, amazon, spotify anything .. except epic games store wallet code/gift card(s). oh and steam cards. the steam cards are only being sold at the electronics megastore (mediamarkt) we have here and that store has been closed since beginning of the lockdown for over 4 months now. :-(

      SingingCoyote13SingingCoyote1320 dager siden
    • Given enough time, Epic may as well consider Gift Card like Steam

      name crisisname crisis25 dager siden
  • Why is it a big deal they make that in a couple weeks on fortnite.

    PahJammerPahJammer27 dager siden
  • There's also that spy-err anti-cheating feature.

    Vitaliy JuterbogVitaliy Juterbog27 dager siden
  • thats what happen when you get in bed with communist

    ArchAngel121996ArchAngel12199627 dager siden
  • I won't even get an Epic Game account because of their crappy practices, which ticks me off that Square and Disney chose them to have the Kingdom Hearts series only on Epic Games instead of Steam. They lost out on getting money from me. When Steam gets to have KH then I'll buy, until then, nope.

    kirara2516kirara251627 dager siden
  • Seems kinda click baity, in 2019 they were valued around 5bil, july 2020 they were valued around 18bil, and have, as of this month, topped out at 30bil, so 300mil seems an investment, not a loss....

    Tomas ColoradoTomas Colorado27 dager siden
  • the only time i log into epic games is for the free games and then they tend to not interest me for very long and im back on steam. Their excuse for lack of features is pathetic. they will crash and burn if they dont think hard about features

    Alex Van SantAlex Van Sant27 dager siden
  • Epic Exclusive Devs: "We like money!!!" Also them: "Why isn't anyone playing our games?!?"

    Lemur ChanLemur Chan27 dager siden
    • Unfortunately people still sort of play their games and they still earn money because of Unreal Engine.

      Khoa DoKhoa Do4 dager siden
  • The only 2 games ive played where free, EAs SWBF2 and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam... and i only have the second one installed

    Franco PesceFranco Pesce28 dager siden
  • Its about market share not profits and they need a better store front to be able to compete with steam

    Rattus PuerRattus Puer28 dager siden
  • This is what happens when you rely _only_ on money to strongarm a billion dollar company like Steam and trying to remove games from all platforms except your own instead of making a good platform. This is the only good news I've seen since 2019. 👍🏻 The fact Epic knows they are losing loads of money trying to undermine Valve and continue to do it shows what kind of man Sweeny Toad is. Let's keep in mind what reaction people had when Epic Fail tried to make Epic the only place you can buy Shenmue 3. People hated Epic for plotting it, and Yu Suzuki for even considering it (as they should).

    ShioriShiori28 dager siden
  • How is the Epic Store STILL so barebones? Didn't they set out to *compete* with Steam a long while ago? I get the idea behind starting with a minimum-viable product to simply have presence in the market - but why is Epic Store still just a minimum viable product? There are far more inviting features on key-seller sites like IndieGala and Fanatical and Humble Bundle than on Epic's store.

    kriskris28 dager siden
  • typical chinese business mentality... flooding with //cut-throat// low price hoping to kick out the market leader and/or competitor... and yielding profit afterward with dominance...

    FuNgFuNg28 dager siden
  • Steam is doing fine for me. Why would I change? I've got a backlog that will last me decades at the rate I'm playing my games. I can wait a year or two for games that EGS holds away for a while no problem. You can't force your way into a market if the market is satisfied. Also there is Tencent. Tencent bad.

    LiwenDiamondLiwenDiamond28 dager siden
  • Gee I wonder if Instead of paying money for exclusives and free deals, they spent that money on making their platform have more features like Steam, people may have actually used Epic Games Launcher. Just goes to show you can't buy your way to the top and ruin games for other players with your exclusivity deals. If you show you actually care about gamers then maybe they'd use your platform.

    BackupBackup28 dager siden
  • steam has all the diferent coins worldwide,epic only dolarinos,you know dolarinos its not cheap en mi country

    LuciFER THE GODLuciFER THE GOD28 dager siden
  • what i dont understand is how is this connected to apple opening their eco system. it just says - oh youre not making money? you cant go here to sell.

    Mr.P-FoxMr.P-Fox28 dager siden
  • Good. Epic's actions and rhetoric torpedoed their supposed reason for existence. They are right that competition is needed for the market and Steam has issues. But Epic has used the worst of practices and outright lies in an attempt to shut Steam down. Not compete. To shut down. And they went after Apple to boot. But they never looked into improving themselves or developing a better service instead. Steam and even GOG have a better service. Hells, ETSY has a better service. Epic dug this hole. Let them sit in it.

    SignoftheMagiSignoftheMagi28 dager siden
  • and the launcher still sucks

    sapphire glaceonsapphire glaceon29 dager siden
  • I don't even have Epic Games launcher on my computer. I can handle to wait for exclusive games be able to release on Steam like Hitman 3.

    SevSev29 dager siden
  • Why is this a story? Apple went years w/o making a dime. So did Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon, IBM, Samsung. The list goes on and on.

    Jamal PeoplesJamal Peoples29 dager siden
  • i wonder how much money epic will loose in the legal battle with apple. I mean apple has $195.57 billion in cash LOL

    dreamcode dreamcodedreamcode dreamcode29 dager siden
  • I dont use epic yet i still get the games. However i see nothing wrong with giving free games, for whenever IF their platform becomes desirable having so many free games perfectly available its a gerat bonus.

    FreeBirbFreeBirb29 dager siden