Ex Days Gone Dev Faces Backlash, Says "Buy Games At Full Price Or Don't Complain At Lack of Sequel"

18. april. 2021
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SOURCE 1: www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-09/sony-s-obsession-with-blockbusters-is-stirring-unrest-within-playstation-empire
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  • Instead of throwing shade at people who made reasonable purchase decisions with their hard earned money, how about some gratitude for the people who did support the game, even those who bought the game on sale? Customers didn't reject a Days Gone sequel, Sony did. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - WECKmaster329 - Zergling50 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea28 dager siden
    • You can say that about every game but even you shit on games the same way lol expect Sony

      TACKO FALLTACKO FALL4 dager siden
    • shut the fuck up yong

      Chris AlvarezChris Alvarez16 dager siden
    • @I Troll As A Hobby Whatever. I don't know what stupid game you're playing, but congratulations on accomplishing whatever it is you tried to accomplish. 👏 Now go away.

      AnimationeerAnimationeer17 dager siden
    • @Animationeer Looked like it worked

      I Troll As A HobbyI Troll As A Hobby17 dager siden
    • @I Troll As A Hobby Ok, and why? Is there a reason why you think nobody read my comment? Yours is the only one after mine, so it's not like there's a way to know how many people read it. Not to mention, I don't care who read it or who didn't so why are you telling me this? You have a problem with me or my comments or something? Why try to belittle me on this comment thread, like you know something I don't? Honestly, I don't care if you didn't bother to read the while thing. It might've been a tl;dr comment, but it doesn't matter anyway what you think or what anyone else thinks about it. I don't even care if you read through this whole reply, you probably won't, so whatever. Whatever you were trying to do, you failed! 🤷‍♂️

      AnimationeerAnimationeer17 dager siden
  • I have no problem with paying full price. What I do have a problem with is paying full price for a half finished product that's full of micro transactions.

    EclipseMediaEclipseMedia6 timer siden
  • Lol the poison Sony injecting their developers tells you all you need to know. If sales equal sequels, then why is TLOU 3 in development. That game had a 70% disapproval rating from gamers who bought it.

    Alfonso MendozaAlfonso Mendoza13 timer siden
  • Lol I bought days gone for 10 bucks on a cyber Monday sale.

    Citizen BiasCitizen Bias19 timer siden
  • What happened to every game having a demo

    Logan BuchananLogan BuchananDag siden
  • it's your fault u didn't get a part 2 you should've bought the game at full price don't complaint to me about it u shoud buy game at full price u people dont understand nothing u should be grateful u got a game so complaint to sombody else not me

    ran manran manDag siden
  • My thoughts on this are if as consumers, We weren't conditioned over the last 16 or so years to see the initial release as an incomplete product, we as the consumer wouldn't HAVE to be do damn cautious of every game purchase we make. It also doesn't help that the GameStop economy killed game trade-ins and the overall value of our product, while only raising prices, so if you want to blame someone other than yourself, there you go.

    Ja BaconJa BaconDag siden
  • Why does this sounds so familiar *flash back to EA dev saying if you don't like the game don't buy* oh yeah

    The gay idiotThe gay idiot2 dager siden
  • Sony is most interested in games that make the most money and generate the most interest... shocking... 🤔 more interestingly, what would you expect? They’re not running an art platform, they’re there to make products and sell units for profit Ps: quit launching broken games, we don’t buy games at launch full price cuz it takes 6 months for you to fix it and by then everyone knows it’s broken and are only gonna be interested in it when it’s in the bargain bin... (looking at you cyber punk)

    John WestleyJohn Westley2 dager siden
  • That mentality is bullshit, cause many games have gotten a second lease on life when they've been discounted or ported to other platforms at a value price. In this day and age of digital distribution and word-of-mouth being more effective than any amount of advertising, many games come onto their own months or even years after release. For example, Dragon's Dogma was not a hit when it came out, being unfairly and inaccurately called a Dark Souls clone, but when it was later released on Steam and PS4, the game got a MASSIVE boost in sales and acclaim, actually becoming Capcom's best-selling Steam release for a time, and if the Capcom upcoming releases leak is legit, the sequel is in development.

    DVAcmeDVAcme2 dager siden
  • This dev dude is just a douche. Days Gone wasn't even that good. It was generic and mediocre. Noah Caldwell Gervais's review pointed that out pretty dang clearly. Sucks that this studio is fucked by Sony but c'mon, there isn't much of a fanbase and it didn't make much money, so what did the guy expect? They made the most generic thing they could possibly make. Not even the Exceptional acting of Sam Witwer could elevate that game enough to be noteworthy. Besides, they should have just rebooted Syphon Filter or remade the first three games in that series. That would have sold way more than another random zombie game. Especially now that MGS and Splinter Cell is dead they don't have to worry about competition in the espionage action genre.

    Atomic FlashAtomic Flash2 dager siden
  • What he should be mad about is devs giving less and less in AAA game’s making people less willing to buy at launch. It’s devs fault that customers are being selective about what games they buy at launch.

    SithraxSithrax3 dager siden
  • Ride to hell 2 when?

    Leo AltivezLeo Altivez3 dager siden
  • Why is it that so often when an anticipated game is badly made, rather than mistakes or budget, it is so often just a couple of rude, highly immature people who are clearly out of their depth who ruin their game with their lazy and unimaginative creative direction or terrible marketing? It isn't 'unfortunate' that games are half baked or don't work at all. These people just have no idea how to do their job properly the the time of all their coworkers and employees is wasted

    364Leinad364Leinad3 dager siden
  • But I don't want this garbage game with shit male protagonist! Sexist developers

    Luigi PollenLuigi Pollen3 dager siden
  • Makes shitty game, complains nobody buys it at full price. What a fucking clown...

    Steven DeamonSteven Deamon3 dager siden
  • So sony doesn't pay for the games they give out for free?

    Citizen NozmedaCitizen Nozmeda4 dager siden
  • People wonder why we don't pay full price ? Have you seen what happens to those who preorder their games? And I don't know about you but was cyber punk worth full price? Or Street fighter 5? Or skyrim for the 7th time?

    Jake BobJake Bob4 dager siden
  • If i bought triple A games on full price, i can buy a damn 250cc motorcycle and still have money to spare

    Muhamad Aswin SubarkahMuhamad Aswin Subarkah5 dager siden
  • Here's an idea; make a better game, don't launch broken and half finished, if upper management doesn't let the developers do their job, instead of passing the blame and saying there was nothing you can do, quit and go to a company that'll actually release a finished product. We voted against their shitty game with our wallets and it killed the chances for a sequel, but if the game itself was decent at all, we would've again voted with our wallets.

    Caffeinated DaVinciCaffeinated DaVinci5 dager siden
  • Don't you just hate these developers. They are SO up on themselves and their abilities they honestly can't understand why their creation, their effort, is not worshipped by the consumers. Since they are SOOO damn perfect it must be the consumers fault the product does not sell well. Fracking idiots. The most BASIC rule of selling products is the customer will pay what the product is worth to them. If the product is priced more that the value they think they will get from the product they will not buy it. Period. So if you have a game that sells for say $80 .. then the consumer has to believe they will get at least $80 in value for the game. Simple. And if the game is not selling at that price, well, the game provides less value than you thought. And what is even worse is if you advertise the game to sell it, and people buy it at that $80 price expecting a great value based on the ads, and then they do not get the value ... well the reviews become mediocre or poor and that then convinces others it has a lower value. So it's not Trolls and it's not bad Consumers .. it's simply developers with delusions of being so great pushing mid tier value games and high prices and not delivering on the value that price calls for. Or in other words, incompetent developers.

    Walter EnglerWalter Engler6 dager siden
  • This is the same game industry that revels in the eventual "game of the year" complete versions of games that make buying them on launch a lesser and more expensive experience, right?

    RagRag6 dager siden
  • If it's done by this ass, I don't actually want a sequel. But maybe I'll pirate it just to piss him off...oh wait, it's not worth the time.

    CrowMercuryCrowMercury7 dager siden
  • He is not wrong..... people just don't like to hear these things. Maybe he was blunt with his delivery, and at the end of it all im not a rich guy and scrape any game deal i can, but basic economics back up his opinion.

    TheCyanideSmokerTheCyanideSmoker7 dager siden
  • wel i mean if it AINT getting a sequel i aint gonna shell out money for a cliff hanger ending that goes nowhere.

    Chromatic TurtleChromatic Turtle7 dager siden
  • 70.00$ dollars for games are scams

    piggy nesspiggy ness7 dager siden
  • At this point I wait months before buying a game full price because trailer are lies 76% of the time

    Max/rose Fox animeMax/rose Fox anime7 dager siden
  • It always the people who buy it who at fault never the dev/company fault Is bs

    piggy nesspiggy ness7 dager siden
  • Microsoft should buy days gone

    piggy nesspiggy ness7 dager siden
  • If the games coming out are consistently trash and take so long to get to a decent state that they are already on sale, or even worse the price of the game has dropped by the time it has been cleaned up to what it should have been at launch, then why would we ever buy games at full price? Let alone at launch. I have a backlog of games that I'm waiting to buy till after they are in a good state, assuming they even get there.

    Hyde472Hyde4727 dager siden
  • I hate to admit it but at this point i torrent any game before i get it just to make sure its in a playable state before i spend six hours of my labor to buy something

    PhlyinHighPhlyinHigh7 dager siden
  • What a crybaby argument. I do get it, though. There are a lot of people just demanding stuff who aren’t even real fans. I however bought bundles and preordered I don’t have that problem days gone included.

    Chyleen LopezChyleen Lopez7 dager siden
  • Oh thank god there won't be a sequel

    MilisMilis7 dager siden
    • Let's think logically If you love a game you should buy it at full price Nobody buys the game at full price Nobody likes the game

      MilisMilis7 dager siden
    • Let's think logically If you love a game you should buy it at full price Nobody buys the game at full price Nobody likes the game

      MilisMilis7 dager siden
  • There was a game called Homefront that if you purchased used you would have to purchase a code to play multiplayer. Guess what the used price plus the multiplayer code cost.

    ChrisChris8 dager siden
  • Maybe if these companies made games worth 60.00 we'd buy them at that price but until then I'll be getting them used or in the bargain bin 9 times out of 10. Days Gone could have been a really great game with some more effort just like Rage could have been another Fallout if that studio had done things right.

    wesrwesr8 dager siden
  • Well I would until you tell your customers to do something like that. I don’t fund greed and I’m a lower income individual, so what do think will happen?

    G HG H8 dager siden
  • He's correct about the piracy issue. It killed the PSP and any chance of Sony doing a handheld again. I think the guy just felt really burned after putting 5 years into making a game. Imagine if you worked on videos for 5 years, and then you get people using ad blocker, get your content for free and then gripe about the content and say "well I wouldve let you get ad revenue if your content was any good". I kind of side with the dev here, but I think he could've said it in a way that showed gratitude for those who DID support his game at launch.

    Trent KaniugaTrent Kaniuga11 dager siden
  • Suuuuper 3-head take on almost everything that he said. This guy seems like he doesn't understand the industry that he works in. I literally cried in laughter when he compared God of War and that Dev Team to Days Gone. What a joke, man. Devs like him are the type that I actually avoid trying to buy games from. At least he let me know that he is not worth my time or money in the future. So thanks for that. And thank you too Yong for covering this.

    WolfCat ComboWolfCat Combo11 dager siden
  • Buy full price or don't complain... Me not buying anything Sony anymore, game, TV, phone, stereo anything Sony is bared

    Kaloian MitrevKaloian Mitrev11 dager siden
  • Hmm... Days Gone... Published directly by Sony of America... Who's CEO (Michael Lynton) got $11.1 million in 2017 alone. How's about they give the game away for free, and he pays for it personally? I think we've clearly already spent enough, for a single man to have such a surplus. In fact, I think it's quite justifiable that we start getting payed to play the games, concidering the amount of growth pretty much every AAA company sees solely from in-game microtransactions.

    Capybara CapybaraCapybara Capybara11 dager siden
  • Lmao Sony fans are literally signing petitions to get so they can actually get new games.... hilarious. Im shocked anyway Actually remembers days gone

    Billy BolesonBilly Boleson12 dager siden
  • Moral of the story, release good games in a good state and we’ll pay what the game is worth. Make a shit game and release it in a broken state, don’t get mad at the customers when we tell you to get stuffed

    Kyle CrawfordKyle Crawford12 dager siden
  • The 200,000 people who downloaded Syphonfilter on the PSP, would never ever fking buy that game. Thats why they downloaded it. Lets be honest, that game wasn't good either, thus people sure as hell not wasting money on it. Just because people download something from the bay or ripper sites, does not mean they would've bought said product if there was no pirated copies floating on the internet. Thats just dumb. If someone would never ever buy a product, but if it were given out for free, no sht they would take it, because its free!! If they had the only 1 option to get product, that is to buy it only, they would never purchase it.

    sparda9060sparda906013 dager siden
  • People have bills to pay, food to put on the table not everyone can afford full price

    kian Simpsonkian Simpson13 dager siden
  • I got days gone on ps plus free and if days gone 2 comes out I will buy it full price or at least on sale because now Ive done the story and want to see what happens next I want to buy it to see what happens next

    kian Simpsonkian Simpson13 dager siden
  • When it comes to piracy it's funny seeing americans and the like on their high horse talking about how bad piracy is because 90% of people who don't live in Canada, U.S., U.K, Europe, Japan and Oceania is more worried about food, clothing and survival than paying double the price first worlders pay for videogames.

    Gabriel87100Gabriel8710013 dager siden
  • Dude is making a lot of shocking assumptions, kinda alarming he's this ignorant of how things look from the outside. There's almost no point in getting them new now, launch would be a big deal if there weren't constant launches every year and most of them are for overhyped trash. I already stopped pre-ordering games because companies took that the wrong way. Now I try to wait a at least a week on anything because I can't trust that the game isn't half-finished and that some reviewers aren't in the publishers pocket. That's is, if I don't wait for a sale because I have rent, food costs, medical bills, etc.

    tekyuinajarfultekyuinajarful13 dager siden
  • Especially not now coz they are fucking $60

    Swapnajoy NathSwapnajoy Nath13 dager siden
  • I can tell you don’t know much about some classic game directors/creators. Jaffe made God of War and Twisted Metal. Garvin helped make Days Gone and Syphon Filter.

    Eddie CardwellEddie Cardwell14 dager siden
  • Got Days Gone from PSPlus. Haven't played it. Don't know who that guy is. Going back to play more Monster Hunter now, which I paid full price for.

    gazebothiefgazebothief14 dager siden
  • Someone needs to pop Garvins big ass head. Days Gone is good but not $60 good. More like $35 good.

    MiSTR JTMiSTR JT14 dager siden
  • As always, it’s like you’re speaking my mind.

    MiSTR JTMiSTR JT14 dager siden
  • His whole argument ignores the fact that developers have been crapping on consumers for a while now, releasing buggy, half finished games with the promise that they'll be made whole later through updates. Fallout 76 is a prime example. What the developers promised is not what they delivered. Even then, almost each update meant to patch one problem caused more problems. This behavior and attitude from the devs has become the rule rather than the exception at this point. Not to mention the monetization of every facet of every game. Why pay full price for a game where I'm going to have to shell out more to get the full experience. With the monetization of the games at the extent that it is, the question shouldn't be why don't people purchase at full value but rather why do the game companies keep putting them on the market at full retail price?

    Bart TBart T14 dager siden
  • Related to a fragment of the video: I don't think that piracy is a problem, why? Because those are "sales" that would never happend, therefore where wrongly accounted during market analisis. Usually there are 3 types of pirates: 1 The most common, the one that pirates because they don't have money to spend on X product. 2 The pirate that pirates because they don't wanna support the studio or some of the companies behind the project (usually comes down to those said companies having doubtful morals or internal politics like crunching etc) 3 Those that pirate because there is no other legal way to get the product in their region and importing is A to expensive or B stright up impossible. Yeah, i know there's people thate pirates "cuz its free", but i personally think that those are a minority, or unconciously are part of the before mentioned groups. Piracy now days isn't the problem. Saying that "we lost X millions to piracy" it's wrong, because that was based on the fact that everyone in the estimated sales prediction has the money to actually spend it on the product, when its 100% sure that not everyone will be able to buy the product. A, and there are the ones that pirate because the demo format is dead in many platforms like xbox or sony, and pirate the games to try them and see if they are actually worth it. And i am a good example of what i just said, i pirated Monster Hunter World, to test if my potato pc was able to run it, and then i bought it on the steam capcom weekend sale for 34€ because i literally don't have 70€ for a full game+ expansion, i usually only buy 3~4 max games per year because thats what i can afford, and i pick those that i can literally put thousands of hours in.

    unlimitedslashunlimitedslash14 dager siden
  • Don't charge 60 bucks, charge 40 or 45 and it will be a lot more enticing

    Chris TregennaChris Tregenna14 dager siden
  • I love what outriders did with there demo, should be used more often I think. Even their communication after the farming was happening was a pretty spot on way to do it "Feel free to do it, but your not gonna have as much fun"

    Scotty AndersonScotty Anderson14 dager siden
  • Ok, I wont. That was easy.

    sinthalissinthalis14 dager siden
  • I enjoyed Days Gone but the motorcycle and shooting mechanics were garbage.

    bohdilamabohdilama14 dager siden
  • Bro, this director should be thankful I'm even looking at this game. If Sam Witwer wasn't playing the main role, I would've even care about this games existence. Man gthoh. I'd rather spend my money on something else lol. Also, if u don't like ppl getting your game on sale or on PS plus, then guess what; DON'T PUT THE GAME ON SALE OR ON PS PLUS.

    The EmperorThe Emperor14 dager siden
  • Just make your games good and you won't have to worry about being broke :)

    Kami EastonKami Easton15 dager siden
  • How 'bout you make a game _worth_ full price, buddy.

    FalkenFalken15 dager siden
  • I'm agreed with that guy, gaymers don't care about devs, their hard work, not to mention pirates, those are the worst. All this people have families. On the other side, don't launch a game incomplete or full of bugs

    Dante NájeraDante Nájera15 dager siden
    • @Billy Boleson you've got it dude

      Dante NájeraDante Nájera11 dager siden
    • True unless it's EA or Activision lol

      Billy BolesonBilly Boleson12 dager siden
  • Make a good game or don't complain people don't buy it at full price.

    XarkoXarko15 dager siden
  • Easy solution timed session free demo you want people to buy your game give them the opportunity to see what they're getting into. Like how I tried the Nintendo switch monster hunter demo and I didn't like it so I didn't waste my money

    L.R. BushidoL.R. Bushido15 dager siden
  • Games nowadays are broken at launch. I've only preordered once (regretted it, so never again), and I never buy at launch. Maybe back in the day, pre 2010, I would have. But never nowadays.

    ObunniObunni15 dager siden
  • its interesing: his answer directs to the same problem everyone has: create and publish a game in a good state - not suport a game unfinished and rushed to launch.

    Raphael SindermannRaphael Sindermann15 dager siden
  • The game was an open worls repetitive busy work with a barebone story. I wouldve been pissed if i paid 80$ CAD for it.

    Zach AceZach Ace15 dager siden
  • Maybe if dev's released games that actually WORKED and maybe if consumers didn't have to worry about buying a game at release that is going to need 6 months to 1 year of patches to bring it to the level it should've been at release-Then consumers wouldn't have an issue paying full price for a game. A significant number of developers are out of touch with consumers.

    Kitsune LeeKitsune Lee15 dager siden
  • has John Garvin played his own game? lmao

    LebrylLebryl15 dager siden
  • Lolz wasn't this on the PS+ free games last month?

    John PelusoJohn Peluso15 dager siden
  • its sad he is attacking people that make use of sales and free PSN games...but NOT the people that decide the sales and PSN games

    cser2453cser245316 dager siden
  • I pay full price for fromsoft games because they are usually complete.

    spacekees102spacekees10216 dager siden
  • This game should come to game pass. Maybe then it'll do pretty well.

    Joe BJoe B16 dager siden
  • The only game for which I agree with this sentiment is _Crash Bandicoot 4._ The _N.Sane Trilogy_ was at the top of the UK sales charts for something like 4 months, but Crash 4 came out and *nobody* brought it. (admittedly, Activision is partly to blame for asking a preposterous £60 -- equivalent to about $75 US). The game was a masterpiece, and was complete and bug free at launch without patches. Now, the developers, _Toys for Bob_ have been transferred over to _Call of Duty_ support, and many staff have quit. All because the game didn't get the player support it deserved.

    Graeme VaugheyGraeme Vaughey16 dager siden
  • “Don’t buy our game, don’t expect a sequel” Customers: Don’t buy the game or support the game devs Devs seeing that they’ve got no sales: *shocked Pikachu face*

    Amazingly AwkwardAmazingly Awkward16 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: Do you remember Sony had this reality contest show called "The Tester", if you watched it you might recall Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson was on it; on episode 3 he was eliminated by a judge because "he didn't stay behind to help shoot the melons". Well, that's John Garvin, lol.

    Monsieur PaburuMonsieur Paburu16 dager siden
    • "He didn't stay behind to help shoot the melons." Meanwhile, looking at the obviously edited footage meant to make Arin look bad: "Wow. Arin did a lot of work in this episode, he brought his team a TON of melons!" The real reason they kicked him was that he wouldn't play along with the "sexually attracted to a teammate" bit that so many reality shows do. He straight up told them that he was happily married, so they could take his weak compliments, or just not have that interview segment at all.

      16BitGamer16BitGamer9 dager siden
    • I watched that lol

      NeocereusNeocereus14 dager siden
  • wanna see you wearing more shirts with you smiling, your smile is amazing

    FuskFusk17 dager siden
  • Why do idiots insist they're the smart ones? This guy clearly thinks we are idiots for buying at half price. Yet he's the fool hocking busted games at full and expecting us to be greatful.

    KalenKalen17 dager siden
  • It’s an amazing game!

    Brandon SimsBrandon Sims18 dager siden
  • “Saturated market” my ass we don’t have enough good zombie games my dude and the ones we do have that aren’t the few that are good like dying light and a couple others are garbage

    xTOXIcRainXxTOXIcRainX18 dager siden
    • This is every genre tho, most games in a genre suck lol

      Billy BolesonBilly Boleson12 dager siden
  • but sony gave it to us for free. 🤣

    JaymibJaymib18 dager siden
  • Parasite Eve needs to come back

    Revolver SamRevolver Sam18 dager siden
  • All those people probably never would have bought it if not for those sales lol. That’s the kind of attitude that would get no one to buy it.

    Kaltes BildKaltes Bild18 dager siden
  • When it launched I was intrigued but the early reviews said it was rough and so I waited. After that I kept seeing it when I'd visit Gamestop to pick something up and always said "Next time" as my intrigue wasn't massive from what I'd seen. Having finally played it via PS+ I enjoy the game but it's got some aspects that feel incomplete or rushed, primarily with the bike. The whole point is rebuilding an awesome bike but it just feels limited. It's an apocalypse but you can strip enemy bikes for parts or certain upgrades you'd think logical don't exist. Also the whole thing about Sarah's custom tank that Manny is "looking" for and doesn't actually exist in the game feels like cut content.

    Dipper GleefulDipper Gleeful18 dager siden
  • I actually agree with him, if a game don't make enough money why would they make a sequel. People need to understand its a business if yall stop buying trash games like call of duty and assassins creed that come out every year and bought exclusive games that have a new experience we will get more of those and less of the call of duty games also people buying into the micro transaction and complaining about it but if u are giving them money they will never stop until u stop giving them money. If yall didn't know no company cares about u they just want your money so whatever gets them your money they are going to do that. I only buy PS good exclusive games and the best 3rd party games at full price and I don't buy call of duty every year money grab games. And all the people buying shark cards on GTA is the reason GTA 6 is not coming any time soon smh

    jayshine27jayshine2718 dager siden
  • So if a game doesn't put millions of dollars into the pockets of people like Bobby Kotick, they wont make a sequel? I don't give a flying fuck xD

    woteva wotevawoteva woteva18 dager siden
  • Agree 100%. On point.

    Tha PumeTha Pume18 dager siden
  • Hmm what was coming out at the same time as Days Gone. Can't remember but I'm pretty sure it had some good competition.

    imraw17imraw1718 dager siden
  • I got days gone in ps plus. I really liked it! I found it was marketed in a way that was just so uninteresting and made it out to be a different game then it actually was.

    Jenna McClellanJenna McClellan18 dager siden
  • Honestly, it's not that people didn't buy it at full price, it's that it was exclusive. You're cutting the market in half by not allowing it to be released on Xbox, PC.

    TANK1xEMKTANK1xEMK18 dager siden
  • Thiss wouldn't be an issue if devs just released more fucking demos. The consumer really doesn't know what he's going to get you can't blame them for being careful. Over the past 10 years or so devs have been pulling some fucked up shit to put gamers on guard. A demo can help make a more informed choice. If they have nothing to fear and if they have faith in their product a short demo should be simple to release.

    outlaw0987654321outlaw098765432118 dager siden
  • Simple! Don't buy the game!

    Herpes SurvivorHerpes Survivor18 dager siden
  • Days Gone is still to this day a glitchy unplayable fucking mess. Fuck that dev

    Brandon BoudreauxBrandon Boudreaux19 dager siden
  • If you want a sequel to your game launch it finished instead of a broken mess.

    Start The BengineStart The Bengine19 dager siden
  • He just has an unpopular opinion. I buy Etrian Odyssey games at full price not because I care to support the developers, I do it because I love the series and know the game will deliver the experience I paid for. if I have high promises in a game, I'll consider preordering it. Most of the time I won't. I was heavily interested in anthem and decided to wait to see what it would become after launch, look at where it is now.

    Paradoxical NexusParadoxical Nexus19 dager siden
  • Don't release a game in a nearly unplayable state and people will buy it at full price. This piece of shit is trying to blame customers because the game was full of bugs at launch and sales didn't climb until it was fixed and hit the bargain bin. Lol

    Im_So_ZonedIm_So_Zoned19 dager siden
  • Screw these GREEDY heartless CEO's that treat us like CONSUMERS rather than customers.

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez19 dager siden
  • 2 big issues before even getting to the meat of the article. Games sequel is canned and after it gets "public" the ex developer CREATIVE design developer goes on a public rant... I'm sorry but this isn't a good look at all. As one can make the simple point and thats if a YOUR game underperforms and undersells. I think the customer IS SHOWING YOU THE VALUE OF YOUR GAME. I hate saying I do like Days Gone a lot but it most definitely LACKS any reason to replay it. And the zombie diversity is very "bland."

    Maxwell J. S.Maxwell J. S.19 dager siden
  • Yeah, so, the industry is kinda NOTORIOUS for it's obsession with preliminary/projected scores on review sites like Metascore. And this isn't new. It's been going on for years. Back in 2012, Square(P)Enix murdered a game in development called Dead Sun, which would have been a spiritual successor to the highly-acclaimed Legacy of Kain series of games- which hasn't seen a follow-on of any sort in basically 20 years (unless you count Nosgoth, and that was a game none of us really wanted and never made it out of Beta). Reportedly, Square did this because the projected metascore of the game came out to 80, rather than the 85 they'd have preferred. The Development studio making the game also got a pretty raw deal out of that- and of course, we never got a game. Square just stuffed a pillow over it's face and choked it out, because of five points on a projected metascore. Took the fandom years to figure out a game had even been in development- or that it was canceled, or why. So this ding-dong running around criticizing gamers for their purchasing practices as a reason for why good games don't get made is not only dead-freaking-rude, it's also highly inaccurate. Dead Sun never even released. We didn't have a game to pay full freaking price on, even.

    SkunkWerks7SkunkWerks719 dager siden
  • This guy would hate me then. I haven't bought a game at full price in over a decade

    Sean WilliamsSean Williams19 dager siden