GameStop Short Sellers Lose $20 Billion, Stock Brokers Face Lawsuits/Hearings After Rigging Market

29. jan.. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • Remember, sir, all this from politicians is just words. It's their actual actions that will be important, given how much graft involving Wall Street there is, especially when it comes to Princess Liawatha.

      Andrew CurlutuAndrew CurlutuMåned siden
    • If only EA joined in the stock market and loses $20+ billion too tbvh... :(

      Santouryu3Santouryu3Måned siden
    • The rich are enemy peoples

    • @my view the word is HOLD!! AOO AOO AOO AOO

      John DowJohn DowMåned siden
    • No word from Bernie Billionaires Are Bad Sanders

      my viewmy viewMåned siden
  • sadly AOC coudln't agree with ted-cruz agreeing with her.

    DatOneCommie IronGEARDatOneCommie IronGEAR22 dager siden
  • So wait people are mad that robinhood and other apps stopped the gamestop stock pump scam that was being done on reddit on purpose with collaboration to screw other people out of money? It's ok for a bunch of people to work together and manipulate a stock but not ok to try to stop the people from doing that. OK!

    Aisar87Aisar8724 dager siden
  • This is where most people make a mistake by assuming that DFV is holding shares just to destroy the hedge funds. DFV is holding shares because he likes the stock and thinks it is undervalued, simple as that. He even says this on his videos that the stock is undervalued by his research. There is no morality play here, only making money.

    random stuffrandom stuff25 dager siden
  • this is AMAZING XD

    Pixel WhisperPixel Whisper27 dager siden
  • Just a thought: If tomorrow everyone stopped working unless paid in gold, fiat currency would be gone in a week and wallstreet thives would not be able to do this shit.

    dosdurosdosduros27 dager siden
  • I cant believe I agree eith AOC Smollet

    KaelanKaelan27 dager siden
  • People are finally getting tired of being corporate cattle manhandled by government farmhands. Maybe they’ll finally start seeing that both parties screw us up the ass without even bothering to spit first. Literally nothing our government does is for the people anymore, no matter which party is in power. They even intentionally split power between each other in the different branches of government so they have an excuse to not get anything done. Department of education budget: $64 billion NASA budget: $22.6 billion Department of Justice budget: $29 billion (low since prisons have been privatized. What a great idea. Allow corporations to profit off throwing people in cages. Nothing bad will come of that. Oh wait...) Department of Defense budget: $738 billion Taxpayer dollars go towards exacerbating endless conflict across the world so the military industrial complex can profit. While we pay the price with the blood of our fathers, mothers, and children. It earns us the ire of foreign countries who commit terrorist attacks against us in response. Not military targets, civilian ones. Can hardly blame them since we’ve been dropping thousands of bombs a year on their children for the past three decades for corporate interests veiled as toppling dictatorships even though we fund coups and prop up dictatorships elsewhere, earning even more animosity, and giving the government a reason to take more of our rights away. When they caused the damn problem in the first place. Victimless crimes swell our prisons, giving us the most incarcerated population per capita in the world, dwarfing even the worst dictatorships like North Korea. 86% of the U.S. incarcerated population have committed victimless crimes. One in every four people imprisoned on this planet is an American. All so the prison industrial complex can profit, and get cheap labor in the form of “legal” slavery. Politicians block the passing of any potential laws making victimless crimes more lenient specifically so they can have cheap labor for their corporate pals. On top of all that, every time the rich screw up, the poor pay. The government takes our money, and literally just gives it to them. When you or I make bad investments we avoid making similar mistakes in the future because it costs us our labor and money. When Wall Street or big banks make a bad investment the Federal Reserve bails them out over and over because all it costs them is our labor and money. Most recently: $700 billion in 2008 $900 billion in 2020 Why did it go up by $200 billion? So the government could give it back to us in a pathetic attempt to make us think they’re “helping” while they rob us blind in a sick, twisted, reverse Robin Hood. After they forced millions of Americans out of work and thousands of small businesses to close, auditing those that survived the closures. Our roads are shit. Our infrastructure is shit. We have the slowest internet speeds in the developed world, yet we pay more on our internet bills. Our education is shit. Our police’s training is subpar. They can’t even handle a purse dog without emptying a magazine into it. They’ve been becoming more and more militarized instead of focusing on community policing that has seen immense success in countries that practice it, with drastically lower crime rates. Our taxpayer dollars do next to nothing for the American people. Everything is to feed the 1%’s bloated, fat asses. “bUt TaXeS aRe ThE pRiCe We PaY tO lIvE iN a CiViLiZeD sOcIeTy” “For the people” my ass. The only people our self-serving government is for are the ones who’s lobbyists fund their campaigns in government sanctioned bribery. Corporations will literally write laws and give them to politicians to pass, along with a generous “campaign contribution”. Like the 2020 “relief” bill. Which had a section hidden in its 5600 pages that Congress only had 8 hours to read before voting on that will destroy small streaming services. Eliminating corporate competition while they set up a hundred different streaming services and send us back to the days of cable television’s hundreds of channels. When they can write their own laws, they’ll always find a way to bring the herd back into the fold. How “for the people” is a Congress that passes bills they haven’t even read? They’re literally just doing what corporations pay them to at this point. Land of the free? We’re not even in the top ten. The only thing we lead the world in is incarcerated population. Our government is nothing but one big criminal empire. At least it seems like people are finally getting fed up with this bullshit. Hopefully 2021 will be the year America finally wakes up.

    MisericordeMisericorde28 dager siden
  • I love this. I’ve never seen people from every political spectrum so united. Keep it up America.

    MisericordeMisericorde28 dager siden
  • They're gonna add regulations that are even worse for the people that's how it goes

    Tyler ProasheckTyler Proasheck28 dager siden
  • Hope they get fined into oblivion, especially for selling people's stocks without permission

    Tay KylesTay Kyles28 dager siden
  • Yea, the mentality of "stop or you'll go into debt" Actually isn't a great threat to people who were born poor. Screw them. They can have my worthless GME when they pry it from my cold dead diamond hands. 🔹 👐 🔹

    Pale PenguinPale Penguin29 dager siden
  • Before ya know it people will be charging street and not the capital

    minitebuhzedminitebuhzed29 dager siden
  • "when you get frikin Ted Cruz to publicly retweet AOC.." right and then AOC accused Ted of attempting to murder her, thus distracting from wall street...

    Zero PointZero Point29 dager siden
  • you know that a few months ago Fox News and other great Republicans would say that this is a problem created by the left in general and would be complaining.

    Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique29 dager siden
  • Jim Cramer is a hack

    VerdeMorteVerdeMorte29 dager siden
  • This is wonderful. Those rich pigs can burn.

    SkoomaDoo On YoutubeSkoomaDoo On Youtube29 dager siden
  • There's nothing I love more than the rich eating shit while the poor put them in their place. Now it shall be us using these elites as chairs while we sip wine in smug satisfaction. Makes me wonder if perhaps Rockstar predicted something like this with the Cayo Perico heist? 🤔🤔 The peasants single handedly sticking it to the rich where it hurts. Either way I say keep hitting em!

    OzytasticOzytastic29 dager siden
  • It just seems like if Hulu are rich evil and selfish this planet is for you... wow I’m not surprised that they have to defend bad people who can give a rats ass about us in the end.

    Dropship CaptainDropship Captain29 dager siden
  • So I get this is a class war right here but wouldn't it be easier for the few of us poor peeps who are talented with a sniper to just click clack *hold breath* pow?

    Circa SurviveCirca SurviveMåned siden
  • What's the point of making more money if the money is worth less?

    Rexstocephir XIIIRexstocephir XIIIMåned siden
    • @Rexstocephir XIII Oh, yeah, my b. I think most cases don't really change much for money value. Some rarely do

      Tercessuinotlim 13Tercessuinotlim 1329 dager siden
    • @Tercessuinotlim 13 not worthless , worth less. I think short selling increases inflation. The dollar has less value

      Rexstocephir XIIIRexstocephir XIII29 dager siden
    • Dunno. But money so far hasn't been worthless.

      Tercessuinotlim 13Tercessuinotlim 1329 dager siden
  • If Robin Hood were real, he would be rolling in his grave.

    Rexstocephir XIIIRexstocephir XIIIMåned siden
  • There is a scene in the movie Going Postal. You can find it titled as there will be no running. It has a powerful message , relevant to these times

    Rexstocephir XIIIRexstocephir XIIIMåned siden
  • I am kinda wondering what the owners of gamestop think of all this. I might be mistaken but they seem to be a passive element in these events.

    Rexstocephir XIIIRexstocephir XIIIMåned siden
  • I'm all for this. Those rich mofos need to pay for 2008 and shitting on the small people surviving while they sit on their top 10% throne of wealth

    Cloud FlightCloud FlightMåned siden
  • Gamers are so violent that shootings are boring now and have instead started attacking the stock market, the heart of our nation. /s

    C. H.C. H.Måned siden
  • Ok Komrade. Typical millennial “If we can’t have it, we’ll tear it down” antics. This ain’t a Target folks. I’ve got no sympathy for Wall Street, but this WILL go tits up and a lot of innocent people will get hurt. Hope ya like bread lines.

    Roy MorelandRoy MorelandMåned siden
  • TO THE MOON BOY'S!!!!!! 🚀🌕

    aic staleyaic staleyMåned siden
    • Stock went down.

      Tercessuinotlim 13Tercessuinotlim 1329 dager siden
  • I don't think I've ever seen a comments section this good. =)

    Kanner111Kanner111Måned siden
  • If You Make God Bleed, People Will Cease To Believe in Him

    ElderFan 1425ElderFan 1425Måned siden
  • Go down Reddit Way down in Wall Street land Tell all stock brokers to Let my people trade!

    Marco MeijerMarco MeijerMåned siden
  • Robin Hood is just there to provide new fish for the rich to take advantage of. A wolf in discise.

    Walter ZolkinWalter ZolkinMåned siden
  • make the rich broken

    Paul HarrisPaul HarrisMåned siden
  • It dropped 40% today. What did Wall St. do?

    MrLeontheproMrLeontheproMåned siden
  • I deleted my robinhood 😤

  • Do I look like the kind of clown that can start a movement? I killed those hedge funds because they were awful.

    JanusKastinJanusKastinMåned siden
  • Power to the people! Nice to watch the hedgefund owners get a taste of their own medicine! Good work, Yong!

    YouTube SucksDicksYouTube SucksDicksMåned siden
  • Like ive been saying stonks. Not stocks

    Darkshock 42 MLG 0Darkshock 42 MLG 0Måned siden
  • I don’t trust a single fucking thing any politician is saying on this matter. They just see it as a way to earn public favor and in turn gaining votes when it’s election season. They’ll play off how they did what the people wanted.....

    frayzurefrayzureMåned siden
  • *Reads title of the video* Well, as Deadpool would say, "I'm touching myself tonight."

    DawnOfTheOzzDawnOfTheOzzMåned siden
  • Hold the line my brethren, you shall not be forgotten!

    Thanatos ReaperThanatos ReaperMåned siden
  • Financial gambling is not economy. It has nothing to do with it at all. Yet it's there, fucking it up for the rest of us. The year was shit, losses in lives losses in livelihoods, and those assholes can't stop. Good, maybe 20b will curb their greed.

    SlavicSoulSlavicSoulMåned siden
  • Time for some changes boomers

  • Bruh, if yall think that you can beat the stock market..... Hahahah

    charleskema2009charleskema2009Måned siden
  • Ah the elites are very salty

    Michael XiongMichael XiongMåned siden
  • I really like the videos you've done on GameStop and would like more content like this on the channel, maybe start covering unionizing efforts in the gaming world?

    ארז הוכמןארז הוכמןMåned siden
  • Fuck a lawsuit. This is the type of shit we should revolt over. Consider how financially devastating the last 2 years have been, this could have been life changing money for millions of people. Hedge funds bet the wrong horse, but instead of paying up. They shot the winning horse and threatened the bookies to not pay the winners. Anyone else tired of getting fucked!?

    First LastFirst LastMåned siden
  • those dislikes are from the guys that lost their hedge fund. XD

    PZAXRPZAXRMåned siden
  • I'm happy to see Wall Street get assfucked, but also sad that this will prop the corpse of Gamestop up, and allow its existence to continue. Gamestop is an anti-consumer clusterfuck that has been shitting on its customers for decades. It deserves to go under. It's amazing that it's lasted this long...

    gaylord mcgillicuddygaylord mcgillicuddyMåned siden
  • Time to short sell the short sellers like Robinhood/ Citadel.

    josogeejosogeeMåned siden
  • The fact that They said the Democrats in control will fix this Is Just as false as if the Republicans said the similar thing Both parties and the elite play the market it's rigged in their interest to Neither side gives a s*** at the end of the day they'll say anything to do anything to get into power And continue siphoning The American people's money into their bank account.

    BenDynamicBenDynamicMåned siden
  • Billionares: Hey there was this old chain that sells physical copies of games and not very many people are buying. We should short sell it and get more money! Gamers who have too many good memories with game stop and hate Wall street: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

    LogandoLogandoMåned siden
  • Wall street: Hey lets manipulate the market so that stocks fall down and we get more money! Reddit: *Oh I don't think so.*

    LogandoLogandoMåned siden
  • This is fucking beautiful.

    LogandoLogandoMåned siden
  • Wondering if YongYea is using an automatic article labeling extension, or is he doing all the readings by himself...

    InnocentiusInnocentiusMåned siden
  • Just to let y'all know CNN trying to make up lies about silver stocks, they're saying "oh reddit are going for silver now" just for people to go for silver because only people from Wallstreet owns the silver stocks so they trying to make money off from what they have lost by tricking people.

    Chaos MadnessChaos MadnessMåned siden
  • Its not wall street insider trading its a surprise mechanic!

    SilverbirdSilverbirdMåned siden
  • Great videos! This is intense and awesome

    Adan WalshAdan WalshMåned siden
  • 2020 was a year of suffering for those who live paycheck to paycheck, while the rich toted the saying all in the same boat, while they rode out the storm on a cruise ship and we rode it out on a fishing trawler. 2021 is going to be the year that the cruise ship sinks, because their crew have become complacent to the storms, while ours have mastered the waves of this sea. We are the people of this nation, united we stand! Separate we fall! The will of the people should be the voice of this nation, and when millions of voices shout in unison the sound is deafening.

    jestersnowwolfjestersnowwolfMåned siden
  • How the hell does Robinhood still have a 4.0 in the App Store? Are they actually making up reviews or isn’t it me? It should be down to 0-1 stars!!

    Santiago CisnerosSantiago CisnerosMåned siden
    • Its at 1.1

      Mr Anonymous1113Mr Anonymous1113Måned siden
  • WE WANT DEREGULATION!!!!!!!!... But only when it suits us "bankers, hedge fund managers, and every other form of hand greasing, networking, shoulder rubbing with the rich and powerful, people"

    Jack DeveneyJack DeveneyMåned siden
  • Does this mean gamestop isnt going out of business anytime soon ?

    Shinra TenseiShinra TenseiMåned siden
    • @Error .GameManiac i see, i just have no understanding of stocks or any of the sort but thank you for clarifying

      Shinra TenseiShinra TenseiMåned siden
    • this has no effect for gamestop, its their stock trading hands basically business is still declining, for them to keep business they gone need to do something them selfs that get more income flowing in otherwise they are gone continue on a decline

      Error .GameManiacError .GameManiacMåned siden
  • Amen

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • 2020 was just the tip of the iceberg...

    Randall PorterRandall PorterMåned siden
  • Well....time to buy a few gamestop action

    TriglavianTriglavianMåned siden
  • Rip Robbingcrook.

    K. C.K. C.Måned siden
  • I fuckin love that we are now literally eating the rich

    Travis AlbrightTravis AlbrightMåned siden
  • if this lawsuit fails to bring them down, I highly suspect the angered people will strike against wall street directly

    jmbrady1jmbrady1Måned siden
  • I was getting a Robin hood commercial almost every day for like 2 weeks straight.. Not so much now, I wonder why.

  • Wall Street is full of snakes.

    Ron RobertsRon RobertsMåned siden

    Jacob A. GallantJacob A. GallantMåned siden
    • Idiot

      Tercessuinotlim 13Tercessuinotlim 1329 dager siden
  • Lol they deserved it.

    Rahul PandeyRahul PandeyMåned siden
  • Wall street: "You have no honor" Gamers: "And you are a slave to it"

    Cloud StrifeCloud StrifeMåned siden
  • Anyone got an updated number the elites have lost ?

    ChristoChristoMåned siden
  • The Billionaires are still crying, and that means we're winning! Hold the line brœthers!

    Kawaii KhezuKawaii KhezuMåned siden
  • I just hope it doesn't create a bubble.

    Krishanu PaulKrishanu PaulMåned siden
  • You get what you fucking deserve!

    JJ OllieJJ OllieMåned siden
  • I enjoy your content but would enjoy it more if you joined us on the dark (mode) side. I generally can only listen because the text/web pages you put on screen half the time end up blinding me.

    PyrianaPyrianaMåned siden
    • you should not watch videos in dark or look at the screen in the dark its bad for you.

      Error .GameManiacError .GameManiacMåned siden
  • Eat the rich

    Keila FleischbeinKeila FleischbeinMåned siden
  • I bet you robin hood was blackmailed.

    Keila FleischbeinKeila FleischbeinMåned siden
  • This is something the left and the right can unite about. Fork the hedge funders

    Olivia MooreOlivia MooreMåned siden
  • Hold the line!

    Steve HartSteve HartMåned siden
  • The internet always wins.

    Gabriel AceitunoGabriel AceitunoMåned siden
  • Joe public trying to get a slice of the pizza, that wall streets been chomping on for years that they paid for with Joe public's money.

    Shadows WithinShadows WithinMåned siden
  • I bet there are Wallstreet rats who jumped on a bandwagon just to coordinate a massive sell operation to crash the stock. And this is why we must hold. DO NOT PANIC. We're NOT a HERD. We are the PEOPLE.

    Andrej SpechtAndrej SpechtMåned siden
  • real life version of casino royale

    blastyfs2blastyfs2Måned siden
  • The market is rigged to hell and back

    yanmaicol herediayanmaicol herediaMåned siden
  • Let it burn, Let it burn, the stocks don't bother me anyway.

    Broody Magpie StudiosBroody Magpie StudiosMåned siden
  • Yes but AOC is insane

    Yellow HellowYellow HellowMåned siden
    • Also if you refer to her as AOC you’re a racist from her perspective, since she has stated if anyone makes an acronym out of her name when speaking about her in a profession setting they are racist

      Yellow HellowYellow HellowMåned siden
  • We can stay retarded longer than they can stay solvent.

    Perrenial MillennialPerrenial MillennialMåned siden
  • Wall Street goes down no matter what.

    SBabySBabyMåned siden
  • Scrutiny... perhaps. Action from your government? Don't make me laugh! It's bought and paid for by the banks. Hey.. US... perhaps join the rest of the world and realize that bribes to politicians are a bad thing.

    Kim MikkelsenKim MikkelsenMåned siden

    Калиев МадиКалиев МадиMåned siden
  • Of course they are still holding on the hedgefund side....They know that those who have inflated the price will sell eventually because they are worth enough to make them well off.....Money always swings things eventually and once they do decide to sell the stock will go where it belongs pricewise, letting the hedgefund recover. I love that this happened but not sure sure how much this will do long term.

    Spills51Spills51Måned siden

    Ben ShapiroBen ShapiroMåned siden
  • People in the government can say all there honey words but this bear is not falling for it I know the government doesn't care about the lower class only care about the high class it has always been that way and it's not going to change anytime soon the government wants the poor to fall in line and listen and take their government handouts honestly they all talk a big game but unless you are putting money in there pockets then they don't care about you

    Shadow WeaverShadow WeaverMåned siden
  • WallStreet Hedge Funds: Regulations for thee, but free market for me.

    Leo Alpha ProductionsLeo Alpha ProductionsMåned siden
  • 🐇💛🍏

    alex hutchingsalex hutchingsMåned siden
  • GME and hold. not financial advice, i love the stock

    Indy BIndy BMåned siden
  • The fake money-making rich get what they fucking deserve.....instead of joker style, it is playing their own financial game. This clash between the young poor and the old rich is only the beginning.....

    DoctorGames101DoctorGames101Måned siden