Ghost Of Tsushima Fans Help Raise Over $250,000 To Repair Ravaged Real Life Tsushima Shrine

18. jan.. 2021
202 436 Ganger

- Brandon Hann
- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Simon S
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- JT
- Mark Taylor
- Theron Webb
- Yue

  • When art has such a positive impact in real life. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Brandon Hann [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon S - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • You just massacred those names so badly. surely there is a pronunciation out there spoken by someone. wish I'd known about this; I would have donated.

      Collin TCollin TMåned siden
    • Shill

      Total_llorTTotal_llorTMåned siden
    • I`m not surprised everbody loves Japan, amazing arcitect and history. Who don`t like Samurai and Ninja

      kenneth malvikkenneth malvikMåned siden
    • Yeah, like when you trick everyone into buying a low quality product, and both you and CDPR get paid at everyone's expense.

      SometimesSometimesMåned siden
    • I wanted to ask are you able to show the recorded footage of cyberpunk on pc before release?

      man manman manMåned siden
  • From game of the year to gamers of the year

    Alexander FloresAlexander Flores7 dager siden
  • It's not original at all it's got mostly assassin's creed mechanics but the graphics look sh*t compared to assassin creed

    Neo Moon SevinNeo Moon Sevin10 dager siden
  • the money which was scalped from ps5 and series x could have gone to other donations like this

    Lemono SharkyLemono Sharky10 dager siden
  • This is so cool. Ghosts of Tsushima is my all time favourite game and definitely has jump started my interests in Tsushima and Japan. 😍😍

    Kobzie_Kobzie_11 dager siden
  • Since I’m going to Tsushima island. I’m saving money up and I think that £1 is ¥100 i might be wrong. So the amount of money they raised would probably be £27 I might be wrong

    ··12 dager siden
  • Supa cool

    IPlayYouWatchIPlayYouWatch14 dager siden

    bunny withmonoclebunny withmonocle14 dager siden
  • Preserving history, one game at a time.

    SanitaryCockroachSanitaryCockroach19 dager siden
  • Now THIS is a fanbase

    VIPERVIPER20 dager siden
  • If the game was on pc I’d support them.

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi124 dager siden
  • Tlou 2 fans been real quiet since then

    Rei ShawRei Shaw26 dager siden
  • Let's go gamers save the world

    Larz YousefLarz Yousef27 dager siden
  • 00:00

    Arriel RadjaArriel Radja28 dager siden
  • I second this. Games helped me through many tough times in my life. One game in particular, GTA V, helped me put certain things in perspective in my life and I'll always be grateful to the game and developers. As silly as it sounds, GTA V is only one game of very many that have helped me get through life.

    UserFTUserFTMåned siden
  • Man i want to play that game but because all those assholes buying ps5 out i cant. My PS4 died shortly before this game came out but i am not gonna buy a ps4 for 400 when i can play it on the ps5

    P.R.P.R.Måned siden
  • I feel like this was by far the best game of 2020. Everything about it was beautiful. It's great to hear that people have stepped up like that. Heartwarming

    Joshua FennerJoshua FennerMåned siden
  • Should have bought this game instead of ac:Valhalla

    Hadrian AugustusHadrian AugustusMåned siden
  • So much perfect stuff about this. Sucker Punch was one of the heroes of this world during 2020. This honestly brought a tear to my eye.

    Drew RussellDrew RussellMåned siden
  • This is cool af. Good on all of these people. Both in donating and those fixing the shrine.

    MadDog GamingMadDog GamingMåned siden
  • This is wonderful! Gaming has helped inspire people to learn and help preserve so much culture and history. If you'd like a similar story, check out Touken Ranbu. It is a Japanese Mobile Gacha game featuring antropomophic historical Japanese Swords. Now, a lot of the swords featured in the game still exist today, and are housed in Shinto Shrines across Japan. Most of these Shrines had been neglected and been in a state of decline for a very long time, right up until the game reignited a renewed interest in the history of these swords. Today, many of these Shrines have been rejuvenated, with funding coming in thanks to a new generation of visitors and patrons that were inspired by the game.

    1Invinc1InvincMåned siden
  • Is funny that in the start people keep talk about cuture aproprietion and now look ....🙂🏸💥😵

    matusalemmatusalemMåned siden
  • Why would we listen to anything you say? You should apologize for Cyberpunk

    Gregor CoetzeeGregor CoetzeeMåned siden
  • I was seriously thinking of buying this game... after knowing this... Im full into buying

    santiagocabrerasantiagocabreraMåned siden
  • We really need more wholesomeness like this

    Priximus225Priximus225Måned siden
  • Damn if i had known

    z0ro_z0ro_Måned siden
  • I remember playing the game non-stop when it came out and leaving it after the platinum... only to come back instantly during the October update with legends and NG+ and playing it to this day! Shout out to the amazing community in PSN that played non-stop the first 2 months of the DLC, sure it’s a lot slower now with the smaller player count but it’s still awesome to play online from time to time!

    Jose Tomas Campos RobledanoJose Tomas Campos RobledanoMåned siden
  • Where fiction and legend marries nicely to real life.

    NYs9thwonderNYs9thwonderMåned siden
  • 1:45 no thanks. I'll pass

    DeceptiveDeceptiveMåned siden
  • Ghost of Tsushima is an inspiring masterpiece.

    A Striver of Strength & KnowledgeA Striver of Strength & KnowledgeMåned siden
  • That's pretty neat. I should pick up a copy when I get a chance.

    Aether VeilborneAether VeilborneMåned siden
  • I'm so proud of the GoT community and am sad I didn't have the money to donate but this males me so happy

    PetiteCaptainPetiteCaptainMåned siden
  • My question is, will I be able to teleport once walking through the Shine?, I can hear Lady Iyo talking trash about me.

    猟師猟師Måned siden
  • 1:40 *you ancestors shall remember this* Lol great video Yong, wholesome as hell. Exactly the sort of content we need these days

    Judge TaterJudge TaterMåned siden
  • Is this that male fantasy I keep hearing about?

    al Mamlūkal MamlūkMåned siden
  • Imagine how frustrated Neil Stickman is feeling after hearing this. Not only did this game outsell his, but it's fans are showing their love by funding the repair of the shrine.

    nujevad40nujevad40Måned siden
  • I wonder how all those Twitter idiots who accused this game of cultural appropriation feel now

    1flamealchemist1flamealchemistMåned siden
  • Can one of the names or the biggest name in the stone be JIN SAKAI?

    TheganTheganMåned siden
  • This is good.

    Comments Are Turned OffComments Are Turned OffMåned siden
  • I went from thinking "no way ghost will be better than sekiro." to "ghost is too good of a game to lose and sekiro is a fromsoft game and shouldn't be compared."

    Ry GuyRy GuyMåned siden
  • But why would it cost 47000 dollars?

    JustPersonJustPersonMåned siden
  • Thanks for a good story!

    Dunky Vs LifeDunky Vs LifeMåned siden
  • Proof that gamers can have heart.

    Dan WilliamsDan WilliamsMåned siden
  • This is amazing. Good job, gamers.

    James MoriartyJames MoriartyMåned siden
  • Sadly i couldn't play the game with it being platform locked i only have a pc

    Gamebattles1946Gamebattles1946Måned siden
  • Dont let this distract you from the fact that this guy knowingly shilled for CYBERPUNK and is still shilling for their shotty and incompetent dev team!

    Takln TrashTakln TrashMåned siden
  • this brought a tear to my eye.

    Zen FirebirdZen FirebirdMåned siden
  • That's just beyond stupid when there are actually homeless people with no food or place to sleep. Damn people are just getting dumber and dumber.

    AhabRawGamingAhabRawGamingMåned siden
  • damn should have told me sooner i would have gave my outback check. any other thing hit by the monsoon?

    Cordial CometCordial CometMåned siden
  • Just goes to show if you make a good game it can make a difference.

    Alucard_Loveless GamingAlucard_Loveless GamingMåned siden
  • this is what gaming communites should be like

    EmperorBlastOffEmperorBlastOffMåned siden
  • This is really wholesome. Good job all that donated.

    RathennRathennMåned siden
  • Gamers: *Make a positive impact on the world* Game Journalists: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    Jason ThompsonJason ThompsonMåned siden
  • All dislikes are from Naughty Dog.

    Andrew WalkerAndrew WalkerMåned siden
  • Bravo!

    Iulian GenuIulian GenuMåned siden
  • For a second i thought the title was gonna say "Ghost of Tshusima Fans raise $250,000 to help devs feel better for all the Awards they didnt get at the game awards"

    Jeremy BoatengJeremy BoatengMåned siden
  • One day we'll probably visit Tsushima when it's been restored

    the old britthe old britMåned siden
  • This needs to be in the news

    Moby HugeMoby HugeMåned siden
  • And journalists complained about this game’s cultural appropriation

    G_BoyG_BoyMåned siden
  • In my headcanon ghost of tsushima is GOTY 2020

    Hypernel 1Hypernel 1Måned siden
  • "gamers get a bad rep" ...only with gaming journalists

    OuhPiiOuhPiiMåned siden
  • That Show how people are idiots .... just because they liked a game .. .. people habe to donate themsefs when soccerpunch Sold millions and could pay the 47.000 USD with ease..... But wait !!!! They postet a twitt about it !!!! BECAUSE A TWITT COSTS ANYTHING .... Japan itself also didnt PAYED a Cent.... but the gamers and people will do it !!! People are still idiots in 2021....

    myswiftracecarmyswiftracecarMåned siden
  • Let’s face it though, it wouldn’t be higher than TW3 if it’d been multiplat.

  • now just wait for a chance to donate to Kabukicho and Dotonbori , the model for Kamurocho and Sotenbori.

    Saotome AltoSaotome AltoMåned siden
  • Oh wow, your that guy who gave the "honest" Cyberpunk review

    Paper ThinPaper ThinMåned siden
  • I feel like the devs should've paid for it, not the fans. Greedy devs as usual.

    AndrekAndrekMåned siden
    • @Yuuki He probably thinks the video is about fixing the game. Guessing he just read half the title then downvoted.

      BeGone TTV'sBeGone TTV'sMåned siden
    • How are the devs greedy? Sucker Punch is one of the best game devs

      YuukiYuukiMåned siden
    • Eh?

      BeGone TTV'sBeGone TTV'sMåned siden
  • Other games should do this to its nice way to connect real life and gaming

    Lost SoulLost SoulMåned siden
  • What a fucking waste

    thejokerthejokerMåned siden
    • Well obviously you would put the money towards an elaborate trap for batman

      Lonewolf360Lonewolf360Måned siden
  • GoT has the best community no cap

    giftkogiftkoMåned siden
  • Maybe this time they bolt the legs down this time 🤧🤭🤧😭😭

    tsohgalliktsohgallikMåned siden

    JITSJITSMåned siden
  • *that time you only have a base Xbox one but buy a ps4 pro just for Ghost of Tsushima*

    Heldscissors41Heldscissors41Måned siden
  • Damn that’s like 12 times my life saving...

    G BearG BearMåned siden
  • So... What are the rest over 15 million yen going for? Like fantastic news obviously, but maybe a bit too much of an overkill?

    Samuel PulkkinenSamuel PulkkinenMåned siden
  • Finally some good fucking news.

    SpinnySpinnyMåned siden
  • The comments section of this video is littered with endless amounts of trolling and shit talking.

    Samus AranSamus AranMåned siden
  • Stunning, simply stunning. The people of Tsushima will surely remember this act of generosity for years to come. Way to go yall you are awesome!

    Devious DoggoDevious DoggoMåned siden
  • Gamers couldn't have done this......they are all evil don't you know?.

    KROVOSKROVOSMåned siden
  • I guess the next sequel should be about the Mamluks when they stopped the mongol’s invasion then raise money to re-build the house of wisdom in Baghdad.

    mohammadkwtmohammadkwtMåned siden
  • Now THAT is what gamers can do if they really want. We're not dumb suckers of lootboxes or lone boys in a basement. We're communities of passionate games, learning history, solving puzzles and competing trough the game media. We can do real good in the world. And we really should respect one another ALOT more then we currently do

    Cherry DragonCherry DragonMåned siden
  • This game is the only reason I wish I had a PlayStation. And dreams too but that’s besides the point

  • "videogames cause violence", time and time again this is proven to be the furthest from reality

    NaluNaluMåned siden
  • Damn, actually some good and positive news. Bravo to all contributors.

    Robert PlestenjakRobert PlestenjakMåned siden
  • This is pretty sick cheers to those gamers and ppl

    Alfred SalasAlfred SalasMåned siden
  • When you find so-called articles from Urinalist about the recent event at the capitol blaming for no reason whatsoever video games and you got the other side of the spectrum right here, the REAL deal (not made up at all) that is actually influencing real life, now that is what I'd like to see more in the mainstream media.

    HeroinedownHeroinedownMåned siden
  • This is really cool, gives me a little hope for art to make a big comeback.

    Tanner CarterTanner CarterMåned siden
  • It just shows that there are good people out there. I would of donated myself but that's to a certain virus that's shall not be named I'm unemployed. It gives me hope for humanity that we haven't all lost our way. the kind people who donated during a difficult time will now be immortalised with thier names carved into the shrine.

    TheWhiteWolfTheWhiteWolfMåned siden
  • The true GOTY

    QusakeQusakeMåned siden
  • Ha ha It's 2021 and if you can't pronounce a nane you're racist. You hate asians....

    Mashed potato brainMashed potato brainMåned siden
  • GoT Gamers: okay buy game then buy the gate

    R3l0ADR3l0ADMåned siden
  • "gAmES maKe peOpLe vIoLeNt!" Games can be educational, language learning and as seen here even fund raising

    Rodrigo TassaraRodrigo TassaraMåned siden
  • Repair Ravaged ?? Or Ravage Repair??

    Dale MacarenaDale MacarenaMåned siden
  • I didn’t even know about this until it was covered when the fundraiser ended and the gate fixed. I love GoT and wish I could’ve known beforehand to lend a helping hand too.

    Virus ChrisVirus ChrisMåned siden
  • If typhoon was real person, he'd be arrested for vandalism.

    xXSilentAgent47XxxXSilentAgent47XxMåned siden
  • Gamers to the rescue again. Remember Assassin Creed help rebuild Notre Dame.

    Stephen RyanStephen RyanMåned siden
  • It's really nice hearing some ACTUAL good news regarding gaming/games and good news snippets around the world. I feel more positive about this year thanks to this news, so thank you @YongYea for the great news :)

    DanDanMåned siden
  • This is a prime example on how video games cause violence.. wait

    BraixenDonBraixenDonMåned siden
  • The GoT Communty is so nice and helpful. Not like the Worst of Us too Incels with all of their hate about everything. Good work Tsushima Fans 👍🏻

    Lenny LennardsonLenny LennardsonMåned siden
  • Everyone who donated got “The Ghost of Tsushima” rank IRL.

    HupCapNinjaHupCapNinjaMåned siden
  • Imagine a follow up game to Tsushima that takes place in Kyoto, the birth place of Samurai and Ninja movies. Then fan can help revive the Samurai studios and tourist attraction.

    JasonJasonMåned siden