Google Screws Terraria Dev, Dev Cancels Stadia Version & Will Stop Supporting Google Platforms

9. feb.. 2021
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- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Ethan Spidey
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- Derek Revis
- JT Scout
- Simon S
- Theron Webb
- Yue

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    YongYeaYongYea23 dager siden
    • What? No nylon bags? :P

      Xinthus MoonshadowXinthus Moonshadow12 dager siden
    • I may need to get that Surprise mechanics thing

      Surprise MechanicsSurprise Mechanics14 dager siden
    • Do I spy a Tau battle mech?

      Travis RhodesTravis Rhodes15 dager siden
    • I don't think they even care at this point.

      AngelusDlionAngelusDlion16 dager siden
    • remember simps! hell only notice you if you buy his merch

      Heinrich KemmlerHeinrich Kemmler18 dager siden
  • Anime and Stadia was a mistake

    AntiWeebAntiWeeb7 timer siden
  • You know what’s a little sad? Google stadia was a really good concept but they didn’t do it well. And not many other businesses have the amount money to make what Google wanted to make

    TnTFactoryTnTFactory19 timer siden
  • I thought Google Stadia was dead

    Smart OvenSmart Oven20 timer siden
  • *Scroogled*

    Bryan Robinson NullBryan Robinson NullDag siden
  • I've been getting real pissed at Google for the way they handle youtube creators (look up what they did to Special Books for Special Kids), destroy the products I had been enjoying for years - and now hearing that the devs of one of my favorite games (and others) have been devastated like this... Why am I giving google money every month!?

    thegrassisbluer09thegrassisbluer09Dag siden
  • Streamed games are shit either the files are on my machine or i don't really own it

    Gaia MissionGaia MissionDag siden
  • I was thinking about approaching Google with a few small Stadia exclusives to get some people at least a little interested in playing their stadia again (and to make money. Let's be honest my financial state is horrible) And if this is how Google treats developers that can save their billion dollar investment, then I don't want to develop for them. Now where's Nintendo? I feel they'd appreciate a family game for the Switch.

    A FishA FishDag siden
  • It’s almost like Google was trying to throw Relogic out of business the second that they got Relogic’s biggest money maker.

    Project BoxtrotProject BoxtrotDag siden
  • What wow! I like Terraria even more now, I think ill buy me the switch version now. I own it on every console, I start using cloud gaming the same day I start commuting to work on a horse. Google sucks!

    Brandon DeBellaBrandon DeBella2 dager siden
  • just wanna clarify that they never said they were gonna stop updating the android version

    Fluffy NuoFluffy Nuo2 dager siden
  • I'm honestly surprised Stadia hasn't been dropped, yet. Google has cancelled programs for much less.

    Chris AndersChris Anders2 dager siden
  • Anime is godly but stadia.... *throws up*

    Soras KarmaSoras Karma2 dager siden
  • Google looming over Terraria devs. 'You feel an evil presence watching you.'

    TengouTengou2 dager siden
  • Did he just pronounce it as tur-ar-ea? My god.

    KeredKered3 dager siden
  • I legit pumped my fist in the air when he said “consider it burned” I love it when companies get a taste of their own medicine

    Em Tee Inn Sigh DuhEm Tee Inn Sigh Duh3 dager siden
  • No one cares about Terraria that game is so boring

    Peter ABDOPeter ABDO3 dager siden
  • Where is Fortnite and Minecraft on google stadia???????

    Peter ABDOPeter ABDO3 dager siden
  • Anime is still a mistake

    Rj MarshallRj Marshall3 dager siden
  • Why does this have to be a major event nobody even uses stadia

    Corn flaekCorn flaek3 dager siden
  • good thing i ain't using google but using Opera GX Browser

    jacksuntriejacksuntrie4 dager siden
  • shit i just buy the terraria in android.

    张铁牛张铁牛4 dager siden
  • This is the first time I've heard about stadia, and I'm not surprised. Glad I missed that boat.

    florisPHflorisPH4 dager siden
  • Stadia is the new Google+. Google will insist on it until it's too much of a joke to keep existing.

    Sir CacoSir Caco4 dager siden
  • The fact that google uses bot to respond to their business partner says a lot about them as a company

    Naufal HermawanNaufal Hermawan4 dager siden
  • The fact that they're trying to hand out Stadias to YT Premium members (Trust me, they tried it with me) says a lot about how garbage the platform is

    Lazy PaladinLazy Paladin4 dager siden
    • @Kyntosis Skip Ads, Playback through other apps/phone locking, able to download videos to watch offline. I mainly use it cause alot of the music I listen to is hard to find on things like Spotify as they're fanmade songs or of similar ilk. I personally find it alright tbh.

      Lazy PaladinLazy Paladin2 dager siden
    • Why have Premium exactly

      KyntosisKyntosis2 dager siden
  • I won't be surprised if they switch to Bing.

    LynxOfUndyin 477LynxOfUndyin 4774 dager siden
  • Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏 Developers! 👏

    PirateAndyPirateAndy4 dager siden
  • I think it might be time to start dusting off my Yahoo accounts, and redownloading Firefox. Google just keeps looking worse and worse as the weeks pass.

    JZR3X 9711JZR3X 97114 dager siden
  • They are all a bunch of greedy fools . It will never change , I said back in 2007 that online crap would ruin everything , low and behold , where are we now 🤔

    Ethen HuntEthen Hunt4 dager siden
  • At this rate I'd use yahoo instead because it doesn't connect your stuff and create an single entity controlling your stuff.

    Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
  • People actually waiting until *now* to stop supporting Google? I cut off as much as I could starting 3 years ago.

    REDH3XREDH3X6 dager siden
  • I just laugh at all the idiots that used to fight back in comment sections saying Stadia would be the next big thing and that Stadia was fucking great lool. I do believe for the future cloud gaming will indeed be a thing just not from Google and not from Stadia lol. nice laugh :D

    NormaNorma6 dager siden
    • @WB I know all theses hate comments didn't age well you all look like idiots stop listening to yong do your own research

      MatsukazeMatsukaze4 dager siden
    • Terraria is back on Stadia lol

      WBWB6 dager siden
  • Having a stadia and actually enjoying the games and feel of it is seeming more like a curse then a gift these days :/

    Franklin BryantFranklin Bryant6 dager siden
    • Psst, Terraria is back on Stadia

      WBWB6 dager siden
  • This account is also broken beyond repair since youtube and gmail accounts were merged, google refused to help twice, and I won't pay for more phonecalls. This is their customer support in general.

    FrontriderFrontrider7 dager siden
    • @WB no, by this I mean mine.

      FrontriderFrontrider5 dager siden
  • "As far as this indie dev is involved," this is why I won't get stadia. I support Terraria.

    Jonathan ReedJonathan Reed7 dager siden
  • Let this sink in. Google is the parent company to NOtown.

    Bladedcloud 6966Bladedcloud 69667 dager siden
  • Never trust a company that feels the need to remove "don't be evil" from their mission statement.

    Robin ThrushRobin Thrush7 dager siden
  • Anime was also a mistake

    Jiggle MeatsJiggle Meats7 dager siden
  • This is just another reason why the 500+ hours of Terraria on my Steam are ENTIRELY justified

    Former CT Governor Dannel MalloyFormer CT Governor Dannel Malloy7 dager siden
  • "Reject google, return to goggles"

  • Good thing nobody uses stadia!🤣

    Tyler SmithTyler Smith8 dager siden
    • Good the game is back on staida

      MatsukazeMatsukaze4 dager siden
  • You typically see this problem when a company fires a whole department without bothering to deal with the work they left behind. Automated services department liquidated? No more management of the ban bot. Or worse, these account bans are fully intentional suggesting they are getting rid of what they deem a threat. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Old DrifterOld Drifter8 dager siden
  • Time to migrate my email accounts to something reliable. Goo0gle sucks

    HitManHitMan8 dager siden
  • Honestly, before watching this the main problem I had had with Stadia was that I found the ads annoying when they were everywhere, never even looked at the thing after I stopped getting ad spammed

    I am a TrainI am a Train8 dager siden
  • this is why google must be broken up, they are even too big to sustain themselves

    ColdsteakColdsteak8 dager siden
  • EA has the worst company award Where is the worst partner company award for Google?

    Sex InvestorSex Investor8 dager siden
  • "Anime was a mistake, Stadia was." That didn't sound right... I'm sure you meant to be saying "wasn't" but it was really slurred.

    • I heard wasn't, but sounds like the editing was smudged for that split frame lol

      Jacob DouglasJacob Douglas6 dager siden
  • And literally all humans like Terraria and Re-Logic even more.

    Slime in a BoxSlime in a Box8 dager siden
  • Go to google play and type in the game and let me see what you find .

    Robin SmithRobin Smith9 dager siden
  • I'm only seeing this video now, but I love how he manages to plug his merch.

    Master ReduxMaster Redux9 dager siden
  • Stadia still exists?..... wow

    Martin BootsmaMartin Bootsma9 dager siden
  • Could Ubisoft have induced google or its employees to do this??

    Rujholla HRujholla H9 dager siden
  • Well, I guess at least content creators bullied by nebulous NOtown policies can cheer themselves up now. Apparently Google can't even spare 5 minutes of their day troubleshooting the dev of one of the most successful videogames of all time.

    Trouble in large numbersTrouble in large numbers9 dager siden
  • Not saying he shouldn't get his account back (he definitely should), but given that I'm getting my bachelors degree in computer science, I want to add that the Terraria Dev should've been saving all those email addresses and stuff physically as well as on Google Drive and what have you. If they were that important, they should've been saved physically in some form. That's on him. Anyways, how long is the U.S. Government going to take until it decides to break up Google? I know our government is slow, but still.

    4nt4nt9 dager siden
  • You just have to imagine this scenario: Bill Gates: *playing Terraria, dying to a slime after a boss battle* "No! This insult WILL.NOT.STAND! Block Demilogic's accounts and erase all data!"

    Marcus CollinsMarcus Collins9 dager siden
  • This is what you get with massive ticketing systems and automation of account management. Real people arent sanity checking all this stuff, which saves Google tons of money, but leads to lots like this

    ThorsvaldThorsvald9 dager siden
  • Kinda outdated. It's Been resolved for 2 days at least..

    Jakub TonnerJakub Tonner9 dager siden
  • Google is like old almost cripple man... WE need young blood that can do better!

    hyou zan renhyou zan ren10 dager siden
  • Good, fuck google. NOtown and android phones are the only google platforms I use.

    iLLaGe ViDioTiLLaGe ViDioT10 dager siden
  • Anime is a mistake, just turns out that Stadia is a bigger mistake lol.

    JoJoFan87JoJoFan8710 dager siden
  • We should blame this guy as well he seems to be forgetting he hype up that cyberjunk77 weres remember it was amazing n game changing hahaha

    JonTukaGam3JonTukaGam310 dager siden
  • Stadia: Spreads It's wings and jumps. The wings: KFC.

    UsmValorUsmValor10 dager siden
  • That transition to the merch was smooth as fuck.

    Senpai RyujinSenpai Ryujin10 dager siden
  • so google deletes accounts after 15 years? welp time to start switching out then oh god

    Biggest IronBiggest Iron10 dager siden
  • Stadia might have worked if they didn't force people to buy games that they already have on their PC. Yeah i got a few games that i can't play on my PC, lol so now I'll have to do what I've been doing and upgrade because I'll never buy stadia

    therooster333 beatontherooster333 beaton10 dager siden
  • Maybe Google should have laid more of that Google fiber to reduce the lag on Stadia instead of interfering with the presidential election.

    no1bandfanno1bandfan10 dager siden
  • Forgot Stadia was even a thing.

    A walk Through the woodsA walk Through the woods10 dager siden
  • The violation is that they're still hemorrhaging money from the adpocalypse forever ago.

    Tony JohnsonTony Johnson11 dager siden
  • Cross-platform was a mistake. This is what it's come to. People need to nut up like this every time.

    Tony JohnsonTony Johnson11 dager siden
  • This is annoying and frustrating time we live in

    Kylar HKylar H11 dager siden
  • I guess I should start working on a contingency plan in case something similar happens to me. Not that I use google services that much. I don't even use the search engine anymore because it's cap these days. I have to scroll though tons of irrelevant news articles and algorithmic boosted sites every time I do a search and it's now more difficult to use as a tool than a lot of the lesser known search engines. Hell even Bing is getting more useful.

    Dinosaur EmperorDinosaur Emperor11 dager siden
  • This guy has a bad case of self created (GSS) Google Stadia Syndrome. He has lost it to the point he needs Stadia to fail to remain emotionally stable. Every sentence of his hatred of this platform is so cringy. Dude get some mental help before its too late, you look so exhausted with every mention of the word Stadia.

    Dr CentzDr Centz11 dager siden
  • Google is EA

    ́́11 dager siden
  • Stick to PC Games kids. You can play whatever game in every platform given some time. You don't need to beg companies or devs or anything.

    rikUrikU11 dager siden
  • Google is too busy with social engineering to helping the elites suck all the power from the middle class to care about you.

    Reynaldo Luna Jr.Reynaldo Luna Jr.12 dager siden
  • Google has gone downhill. Who's even running the company anymore? Is it completely automated now? What are their overpaid employees even doing?

    Mr. SinMr. Sin12 dager siden
  • Nobody with a sense of any kind of brain, thought stadia was gonna be a thing.

    fuzztsimmers 3fuzztsimmers 312 dager siden
  • its just totally disgusting how google treats its so called valued partners, it should be illegal to ban someone, saying that they violated the terms of service and not provide a legitimate and provable reason for doing so.... losing that amount of money too app purchases e.c.t how can they just be allowed to deny you what you paid for, fair and square, why governments let these company run rampant, cheating customers is a bit of mystery, unless they get back hand pay offs from these companies to ignore they mis conduct

    Captain CouchpotatoCaptain Couchpotato12 dager siden
  • And this story of the devs is exactly why you do not use googlemail, google kalender and other solutions and conect everything with your google account. You are at the mercy of a soulless megacorp to whipe out your complete ability to do anything on a whim. Even if it may not be as convenient, spread your stuff, use multiple independant mail services and other solutions.

    skyerangerskyeranger12 dager siden
  • To be honest I think the big take away here is that its not a good idea to use cloud services to store your data, cloud can be a backup to your data if you like but ultimately "cloud" just means someone elses computer and if they stop you getting access...... well thats that

    Paul O'SullivanPaul O'Sullivan13 dager siden
  • Having so much stuff linked to each other give too much power to google in the first place...

    Bob BobberBob Bobber13 dager siden
  • LOL ReLogic certainly doesn't need google even less so stadia. Edit: Literally did them a favor / dodged a bullet lmfao

    Robotron SageRobotron Sage13 dager siden
  • Well, Terraria is light enough for it to be playable pretty much anywhere, so I think they didn't lose much other than pr.

    Mr. CauliflowerMr. Cauliflower13 dager siden
  • Let's goo fuck terraria

    the unofficial Russian Badger meme clip channelthe unofficial Russian Badger meme clip channel13 dager siden
    • It's back on the platform keep the same energy

      MatsukazeMatsukaze4 dager siden
  • No, anime definitely was a mistake.

    AmerikafreikorpsAmerikafreikorps13 dager siden
  • Politics ruin everything just like any other cancer

    damian esquilachedamian esquilache13 dager siden
  • If Re-Logic isn't considered to be important enough for any action to be taken, all indie devs should avoid Stadia.

    ViskaDrakeViskaDrake13 dager siden
  • A shame that The Consumerist is gone, and the Golden Poo of The Worst Company of the Year will remain in...was it EA or Comcast who won it the most, I forget. Either way, a shame that Google can't get that golden turd to decorate it's trophy case.

    Friday the ThirteenthFriday the Thirteenth13 dager siden
  • The title is misleading, from what Red has said, terraria will remain on mobile devices (On google play) because terraria's mobile community is fairly large. It's pretty certain it won't be on stadia, but who the hell even has stadia?

    This is uselessThis is useless13 dager siden
    • They resolved the issue it's coming to staida

      MatsukazeMatsukaze4 dager siden
  • The subtitles are weird

    Mistic MeowdyMistic Meowdy13 dager siden
  • we are not yet a fully netted comunity ghost in the shell is far away nightmare. also making a game cost money making a good game is luck trippl aaa morons spending momey and not beeing succes full is suprised picacu face. My personal drunken rambeling for you all .

    tobias carlssontobias carlsson13 dager siden
  • On the next episode of Stadia still exists holy crap I had no idea!

    CheezeeButterCheezeeButter13 dager siden
  • I downloaded that game on the Xbox One and it's a little bit funny not really my kind of game but it's really good and I can respect that.

    Gp9 OnParlerGp9 OnParler13 dager siden
    • When did you download it?

      DrakonusDrakonus13 dager siden
  • Breaking news: Google cuts the rope on something before it has a chance to prove itself useful. In other news, turtles can't fly.

    Jeiku FurameJeiku Furame13 dager siden
  • Once again, Re-logic reminds me how much i love them

    PTRD 41PTRD 4113 dager siden
  • I read you loud and clear Google. Don't create a stadia account or I run the risk of loosing all my sh*t at a click of a button from some disgruntled stadia engineer with no hopes of getting my junk back.

    Hanro50Hanro5013 dager siden
  • That is why I use Yahoo as my main email

    SaxSax14 dager siden
  • What's google stadia?

    Damian PerezDamian Perez14 dager siden
  • i play terrarria in my new rarri

    Knightfall: Order of the DarkstarsKnightfall: Order of the Darkstars14 dager siden
    • @Matsukaze no i said im playing in my new rarri haha

      Knightfall: Order of the DarkstarsKnightfall: Order of the Darkstars4 dager siden
    • They resolved the issue it's coming to staida

      MatsukazeMatsukaze4 dager siden