Google Stadia Devs Were Misled & Lied To By Boss, Weren't Warned Of Studio Shut Downs

18. feb.. 2021
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  • It's seriously disgusting that execs knew they were lying when they told devs a week before shut downs that basically everything was going great. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball - WECKmaster329 [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea14 dager siden
    • terrible management

      Spike BebopSpike Bebop10 dager siden
    • Token Hire, Jade Raymond, will forever be grateful for cashing all those Google paychecks before returning to Canada.

      Eric HEric H11 dager siden
    • People get fired all the time for any job. And yeah they have to find new jobs. What are you going on about? What these jobs are supposed to have lifetime tenure? Tough shit for the Devs but that's the way the world works. Go cry in the corner yong Also, what kind of boss tells you in advance that he's going to lay you off? Wtf are you going on about?

      Dave LloydDave Lloyd12 dager siden
    • @Florin Biziitu That already exist. Steam has that switch installed.

      Robert ÅgrenRobert Ågren12 dager siden
    • I'm sorry for the developers that got screwed, but I'm GLAD that streaming games from the cloud hasn't been successful. At least not yet. I can think of nothing WORSE when it comes to game ownership and building a game collection than having to deal with cloud streaming. "Always online" games already have a built in kill switch that effectively turns them into perpetual rentals until the publishers decide FOR YOU that you've played enough and shut them down. I'm tired of every fucking corporation nowadays trying to rent me stuff without permitting me to have a local copy. I like building PC's and building and maintaining a game collection, game streaming services as well as "always online" DRM infested titles are a plague.

      Florin BiziituFlorin Biziitu12 dager siden
  • Don't you just love how Google treated Stadia like it was a NOtown update? Put out a product nobody wanted, everyone was criticizing and then just leaving the people they pushed to develop it out to dry like it was the "I don't wanna play with you anymore" Toy Story line. You can't fucking treat dev teams like they're THAT disposable, it's disgusting.

    UltimaKeyMasterUltimaKeyMaster2 dager siden
  • I read once an interesting article about the difference in philosophies between Apple and Google: Apple started as a hardware company, forcing them to hyper focus on good design before launching a product, since they can't fix the hardware after shipping it Google started as a software company, where they can just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, which means in their culture it makes sense to abandon ship quickly I'd say that I wish they abandon the actual sinking ship, which is Stadia, and kept the studios, since they have a lot of resources it would make more sense to learn how to make games first, build a catalog, and then maybe try to create a platform, kind of like what Steam, EA, Ubisoft, and Epic Games already proved that worked for them

    MarcelMarcel6 dager siden
  • I understand that ya feel bad for the devs.. but here is the thing i keep seeing.. every time a game or studio fails or drops a shit game. We all say "ohh the poor devs." But most of these devs know who they are working for.. and chose to take positions with companies that traditionally made bad choices.. Or choices that dont promote longevity.. or they go out of their way to attack the fans... at what point is it their fault for choosing such a shit employer? Ya went after that sweet sweet google money knowing full well google will use ya up and throw ya away... do we still have to pretend that they are somehow being victimized.. One of the companies i worked for routinely turned down potential contracts from Nike because we know how Nike would treat us.. its basic business.

    VagrentSaintVagrentSaint6 dager siden
  • Hey they can make cool interactive screensavers for all the execs.

    JackSkxllxngtxnJackSkxllxngtxn8 dager siden
  • The country has become a place where last names and connections are what gets you prominent positions. Until enough of America starts caring this will continue to happen with major companies and in politics. Shmucks who don’t give a crap are in charge and it used to be you had to put work in to earn and grow companies.

    JackSkxllxngtxnJackSkxllxngtxn8 dager siden
  • Stadia would be a success if it were liek GeForce now.

    ButtergolemButtergolem8 dager siden
  • These devs just need to learn to code right.

    adamnukes2adamnukes28 dager siden
  • The job i worked at when the pandemic started did this to all employees. Everyone was laid off even after being told that we would get our jobs back. I feel for all those people that lost their jobs.

    Lady ESPerLady ESPer8 dager siden
  • Considering how many of us knew this would happen, and called it out from day one, I'm not surprised by this. Looking at Googles track record how did people think this would last more then a few months to a year. Google has killed bigger projects for less in the past. Why did they think this was any different.

    WhinterfellWhinterfell8 dager siden
  • Cloud anything is shit. Your forfeiting Your right of ownership for minor convenience.

    ActionbastardActionbastard8 dager siden
  • Thought stadia would die in two years, it was way off. Not entirely Google fault, but too many bad decisions made.

    iamcatsiamcats9 dager siden
  • When you have a service that doesn't give extra benefits for your customers. you are doing bad business

    AllenAllen9 dager siden
  • I hope they got sued for misled management.

    Strabby CrabbyStrabby Crabby9 dager siden
  • Google blamed Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax... Oh dear god is Google planning to buy a company as well?

    Utkarsh KumarUtkarsh Kumar9 dager siden
  • At this point, unless you work on Google search engine team, your future isn't secure with Google...

    DANLiDANLi9 dager siden
  • This is so scummy. Not cool guys, not cool 😖

    Laura HenriksenLaura Henriksen9 dager siden
  • So, gaming execs are douchebags. I'm shocked.

    boomslangCAboomslangCA9 dager siden
  • LMAO expecting corporations to give a fuck about anything other then their shares is non-sense.

    Richard GrayRichard Gray9 dager siden
  • Google dropped their own team, without a beat... They dropped and ignored 3rd party devs like the company re logic. How can programmers, creative design, and developers trust Google after this, if they couldn't even dedicate themselves to what they made? This also made me rethink, if I should publish my game I'm still roughly planning on some platform after finishing my studies at I.T. (about 2 years, then start to make it on my free time), but I might just use other means if this mess is happening to other indie devs.

    Ashura D_FoxAshura D_Fox9 dager siden
  • It could've been worse, they could've had zero compensation as they find another job, like old Telltale did.

    SmoothLegendSmoothLegend10 dager siden
  • Holy shit Google really IS dangerous for game studios. They've somehow managed to be lower than EA.

    Root BoltwoodRoot Boltwood10 dager siden
  • It's simple. Stadia was built by people with weak, bad or no experience in video game. This is the result. And to be fair, anyone who knew well about the video game industry and its history of cloud gaming attempts would have been very careful before joining such a venture. You give it a few years to see how it goes and THEN you join (or not). This will be a learning experience for those who made sacrifice to join Stadia. They will eventually recover if they have motivation.

    YTWatcherYTWatcher10 dager siden
  • This is further proof that some companies are more blatant than others about putting the interests of the investors above the interests of the workers.

    Gwin WillisGwin Willis10 dager siden
  • hello friends

    Gwin WillisGwin Willis10 dager siden
  • I had a good opinion of google because they buyed stupid patents saying "We don't want these being used to halt progress" and i now fear even tho i don't know what they bought. And when i say stupid patents i mean really stupid, like patenting playing with your cat using lazer points and for some reason this thing patented 3 or 4 times by different people

    RubenFantasiaRubenFantasia10 dager siden
  • You help Biden, he wins, and you lose.

    Bruce BannerBruce Banner10 dager siden
  • ahh good old Google being utter pricks, what else is new?

    Cloaked PsychonautCloaked Psychonaut10 dager siden
  • Google was trying to do with the gaming industry what Tesla did with the automotive industry, but unlike Tesla they didn't have the patience or perseverance. The best course of action for them would've been to just buy a bethesda like company publish games and make some money while spooling up their streaming tech.

    BuntyBunty10 dager siden
  • Takeaway: use the tech, but never let them sign your paycheck.

    killing fieldkilling field10 dager siden
  • What connects Microsoft's acquisition and Stadia shutting down is Xbox Live. Google isn't stupid and they can see the writing on the wall. Stadia was just a ruse to show off Google's cloud services to business.

    Yongho MinaleYongho Minale10 dager siden
  • good god, this sounds illegal as fuck, this sounds like something that someone should straight up go to jail over.

    くんマフムードくんマフムード10 dager siden
  • Funny, whereever Phil Harrison goes, there are layoffs. 🙄

    John SullivanJohn Sullivan10 dager siden
  • "Too big to fail," the Internet Edition..

    macrogramsmacrograms10 dager siden
  • These publishing companies don’t seem to care about the long-term damage it’s doing to the industry. If I was a teenager again, interested in a future career as a games programmer, then I would read all this nonsense and choose a different career altogether. It’s now an industry with no job security, no guaranteed pay check due to high risk of immediate redundancy, no stability for a person’s family, home or location. In short, you’d be completely mad to enter the games industry. All thanks to these bosses who cause a train-wreck for their employees lives.

    Gordon WalkerGordon Walker11 dager siden
  • "moving on to new roles*" *unemployed

    code_dreddcode_dredd11 dager siden
  • If anyone can afford to go all in on something, it would be Google. There's no excuse for being timid and then bailing at the first sign of competition. If anything, They've probably wasted more money doing that than they would have if waited at least the first products were released. It makes no sense.

    Da KatDa Kat11 dager siden
  • I am not defending Google here in any sense, but let us be real here: Stadia wasn't doing too well (as with any new born business), but instead of Google sticking it out and improving, they decided to abandon ship. You can pretty much blame this on two factors that Google stands firm on: 1) Majority Rule and their 2) Algorithms. With their money and all-around power to back them up, they could have easily made Stadia out to be a success. They didn't want to wait. They did not think about the people who believed in this brand more than they did. They thought about "majority rule" and letting algorithms to dictate their moves. Fuck you Google.

    StarBoy5StarBoy511 dager siden
  • Paraphrasing, but "How can customers trust [Google]" They can't. Google has the majority of the market with the internet. They don't care about their developers, gaming or otherwise. They don't care about the NOtown platform content creators. They care about the same thing every other company based in the US does. Cash. Revenue. The All-mighty dollar bill. And it makes me sick to see a company with that much income just axe a small development team. If there was a better option for searching and content, I'd jump ship in a heartbeat.

    kenny7220kenny722011 dager siden
  • This outcome was very obvious by the announcement of the Stadia. Why people are surprised when it all shut down is beyond me. Every single NOtownr to every single analyst to every single casual who barely knew much about games and its services could tell how bad of a service it was. Pretty sure Yong also called it out back then too. So why do all the developers suddenly have a surprised pikachu face on?

    AcronyxAcronyx11 dager siden
  • Man you seriously hit the spot everytime this kind of vid is made

    Billy TakahashiBilly Takahashi11 dager siden
  • If Google just went out to make a game streaming service like Netflix instead of selling people games everyone already owns for a marked up price!

    Dukep6Dukep611 dager siden
  • I see a bright future for Stadia. Of course I’m looking through Google Glass.

    txmoneytxmoney11 dager siden
  • I mean... It's gaming executives AND Google. Two of the biggest scumbags of all.

    Sam DenhamSam Denham11 dager siden
  • I think alphabet isn’t as cash rich as they say quite honestly. I can see google struggling a bit right now. It’s no secret that google isn’t running on all cylinders. Trillion dollars? I think the liquid funding is lower than a billion. All the IP has value and probably is where the trillion dollars is coming from. It’s possible that this was a pump and dump to recoup lost funding…

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks11 dager siden
  • So yeh, for anyone interested in working with Google or having a partnership with them because they seem sooooo interested in your product or team, working with them looks to be risky, good idea to think twice before they drown you or your hard work for corporate PR stuff.

    Chaotic BiomassChaotic Biomass11 dager siden
  • I know what’s going on. Piss poor management. Shrimp d-k management style.. That team lead knew all about what was coming. She is absolutely lying. If she thinks we are going to buy that the management did not know what the upper management was telling them in February is ridiculous. This is poor management. This is a manager that does not want to ever talk about stuff that is bad. This manager and this lower manager didn’t have the guts to tell their teams what was coming. This is the same stuff that’s happening over in the Disney parks in the Disney Studios right now. They don’t want to talk about stuff that doesn’t go well the only want to talk about stuff that works.

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks11 dager siden
  • I got a stadia setup for free with a few months included and the shitty thing is it works really really well, but I have nothing to play on it. I'll be cancelling before my trial is up

    Sean TSean T11 dager siden
  • I think the biggest reason it didn’t blow up was cuz of internet speed and the culture of gaming on ur own hardware.

    Faiz FarooqiFaiz Farooqi11 dager siden
  • It shows where priorities are in US: corporate law is above federal law and everything is dictated by capitalistic pigs with so much money they can effectively create the law to serve their own needs. How exactly are the states "United" if they can't even agree over country-wide tax levels? How are these states "United" if they can't come together and regulate workers' rights while taking their god damn tax money to - supposedly - represent them? Don't try and sidetrack this thread - this is not about proving USA wrong. It's about god damn basic human rights! How can you claim your country is based on freedom where the only ones totally free are those so rich they're above the law, whereas remainder of population does not dare cross the line sketched by those with more money than their 10 generations of offspring could ever need?

    AkarZaephyrAkarZaephyr11 dager siden
  • These Stadia game devs being laid off without warning, is that even legal? also I hope that these now ex google devs begin their own gaming studio :D

    The WaslijnThe Waslijn11 dager siden
  • cloud gaming, game streaming and a handheld device with the capabilities of a desktop pc - all bullshit, dont fall for it

    DuncanDuncan11 dager siden
  • Isn't this illegal to do?

    YBPaladinYBPaladin11 dager siden
  • Why am I not surprised?

    DawnOfTheOzzDawnOfTheOzz11 dager siden
  • SG&E Employee: So I won't be making games anymore. Boss: No but at least you still have a job elsewhere in the company. Employee: That's good I guess. Boss: Yeah, now go get me that coffee, pronto.

    Richard RussellRichard Russell11 dager siden
  • Ghoulgle

    Riot AngelRiot Angel11 dager siden
  • As an employer it is not a lack of commitment it is lack of professionalism and as someone that would want to work as a dev it doesnt inspire me that they are serious , professional or that they see employees as the ones that make the difference how most companies tell their employees that they are that important. It is simply disgusting when your employer instead of announcing you and talking to you they take a megaphone and yell at everyone "THIS GUY IS FIRED" instead of being professional and talk to you directly and say "Look , we fucked up. Things didnt go our way. Here is compensation for your efforts." .

    Johnny ChuckJohnny Chuck11 dager siden
  • How long do you think it'll be before they shut down NOtown and their own bloody search engine?

    sozajsozaj12 dager siden
  • Phil Harrison does it again

    Jeffery MensahJeffery Mensah12 dager siden
  • Harrison: "Team, you are doing great, I see a great future ahead of us" Devs: "Thanks, those are great news, we will do our best :)" Harrison: "Hehe, morons"

    sephiros9999sephiros999912 dager siden
  • Im not going to begrudge Google for shutting down something they didnt want to do anymore (but it was a prick move) BUT the way they did it is just fucking horrible

    Congslop's DinerCongslop's Diner12 dager siden
  • Sounds like Google to me, come up something new, say they're gonna support it, when it fails immediately, they dump it into the garbage.

    FieryoneFieryone12 dager siden
  • He sent them the email with the purpose of distracting them, because if they had prior warning about being fired they would have been blasting Google on Twitter.

    Darryl FergusonDarryl Ferguson12 dager siden
  • I feel bad for the devs who now have to work some place else. Also screw Harrison because he basically toyd with the devs hopes and their dreams about how there's going to be a future.

    BitIrish Gamer27BitIrish Gamer2712 dager siden
  • What a sh**ty thing to do. Reminds me of this Seafood company I worked for in Alaska. All of us left for what was supposed to be a 2-week break but troubles with the co-owner put everything at this plant on hold. After a couple months I went to a different plant for this company that only runs for summer months. Came back home in Sept. and waited, calling HR monthly for an update on the main plant re-opening, always get a vague "we hope to shortly" or something. Meanwhile, I am going broke and hesitantly turning down a couple job offers in WA because I like this company and want to stay with them so I roll the dice that they are close to a resolution. Now it's summer again, I return to the summer plant, having spent the previous month _pennyless_ . I stop by the HR in Anchorage on the way, ask about the main plant, get the usual "hopefully soon". One week later at this plant I get a delivery of three semi-trailers I wasn't expecting. Turns out to be supplies and equipment from the main plant. They had sold their stake in it and new owners had moved in! I had spent three seasons at the plant and every break when I would fly home I'd come back to AK with more and more of my stuff, expecting to move up there permanently. By the time they sold I had pretty much gotten everything. So I lost nearly ALL of my belongings, several thousand dollars worth of games/consoles, but most importantly, everything I had pertaining to horror film research, a hobby I started 20 years earlier at age 12. Mementos, flyers, underground catalogs and thousands of sheets of notes...irreplaceable stuff. I was devastated and later I started wondering when this all went down. There was no mention of a potential sale when I asked a week earlier. Did it really happen that fast? No. It took _another_ year to find out the details, but eventually discovered the plant was sold _shortly after we had left for that 2 week break_ ! That entire year that I was home, calling them, going broke and turning down jobs, they didn't say anything because they wanted me at this summer plant. They strung myself and others along so that we wouldn't go elsewhere and end up unavailable for summer! So I lost everything when I could've easily arranged for a friend up there to get my stuff and ship it back to me. Excuse me, the corner awaits my weeping :-(

    zmbdogzmbdog12 dager siden
  • I got suckered into buying stadia, its not worth it, I have great Internet it still barely works

    jamal Hughesjamal Hughes12 dager siden
  • The thing about this is that they have the foundations to make good things but they always miss the mark.

    Fabian RojasFabian Rojas12 dager siden
  • The answer is simple because its the same issue with every other service Google shuts down within months. They jump on a bandwagon without thinking it through.

    BurncideGRPWBurncideGRPW12 dager siden
  • Google is like that guy who lucked into one immediate success on their first major venture, and expects everything they do to recapture that magic moment of catching lightning in the bottle. And then when it doesn't, they have no idea what to do with themselves. They don't know how to do the hard work to support something that isn't an immediate success. So when it's not immediately super successful, instead of regrouping and adjusting their game plan to find a way to make it successful, they just abandon the project and let it rot. This, more than anything, is why I shook my head at anyone supporting Stadia. Because this is a pattern of Google behavior. They expected ISPs to just fix our infrastructure overnight to support them. They underestimated greed and laziness, despite their own greed and laziness.

    TrisarTrisar12 dager siden
  • Not for nothing but it’s google is anyone seriously surprised it’s literally there MO

    Brandon JacksonBrandon Jackson12 dager siden
  • The third party publishers will get screwed over as well, just wait...

    Florian HübnerFlorian Hübner12 dager siden
  • paying full price to stream a title vs a streaming service like gamepass or psnow, who'd have guessed this would bomb with better alternatives, and i don't even use streaming services.

    leenewbeleenewbe12 dager siden
  • The same as coming to work for your shift in a factory and all the gates are locked and security is posted and a notice is put up stating, "that your last pay period will be mailed and not directly deposited.". The company really appreciates you! And you will get a letter stating, "No severance, no refund of unused vacation, all insurance canceled, and no refund of insurance premiums. Not to mention your 401k is frozen until the end of the tax year and if you have stock options they are issued at a value of 1¢ per shear or some BS. Companies do not have pensions any longer but if you did it would be cashed out at a fraction of its true value at the end of the tax year in a lump sum.". And this is not restricted to factories and manufacturing centers. If you are lucky you will get a call or letter a week or month later offering your same job at a fraction of your previous pay with no or little benefits, no pension, no 401k, no vacation. Take it or leave it!!! All tech personnel is just f***ed. All levels of maintenance are filled by contractors, Electricians, Mechanics, and all other maintenance and tech support personnel are just replaced by lower-paid and compensated contractors.

    Martin EnglishMartin English12 dager siden
  • Throwing too much money doesn't always work, you need vision.

    Alshian Game CrazyAlshian Game Crazy12 dager siden
  • This sucks for the developers. But, I am still a Stadia user to the end. I think Google made a mistake in trying to make original games in the first place. It has around 2 million users. That is nothing and a likely indicator that an original games is likely to loose a ton of money no matter how good it is. As a result, it makes more sense to just go after big tittles.

    Randell HendleyRandell Hendley12 dager siden
  • They thought they were taking over gaming lol

    mvchype zeromvchype zero12 dager siden
  • Ok I watched the whole video but I still don’t know what the heck is Stadia?

    Kyzen Del AguiaKyzen Del Aguia12 dager siden
  • Man this guy repeats himself so often. All that info he provided could have easily been delivered in around 5 minutes.

    Burak SBurak S12 dager siden
  • Dude no one ever gets notice when they’re laid off. Has Yong ever had a real job?

    The ShuggieThe Shuggie12 dager siden
  • Honestly, whoever signed up for this without knowing that Google is as fickle as a senile old man didn't do their homework. I feel for them, but they should've had a backup plan going in.

    Ultimus MagusUltimus Magus12 dager siden
  • Why would anyone want to work at this trash company?

    LeviiathænLeviiathæn12 dager siden
  • This "business practice" of not only keeping employees in the dark but celebrating success right before layoffs and closures is meant to counter any rumors that might negatively affect share prices before those in the know have a chance to "adjust their stock portfolios".

    Richard KoelnRichard Koeln12 dager siden
  • What Harrison did is what happens in every shitty company. They say good things about you and a week later they fire you.

    GuruSUPERmasterGuruSUPERmaster12 dager siden
  • Stadia is dead, the terrible image represent is the final nail in the coffin. Theyre a rental compagny, they dont create anything.

    mignonthonmignonthon12 dager siden
  • Somehow Google is worse than a lying ex.

    GreyGhost GamingGreyGhost Gaming12 dager siden
  • LOL, if the people working at stadia didn't know they were going to close, then they weren't paying attention. If they didn't first work out networking issues, why would they expect the games to be made on that faulty network to be successful? If they used it for NON fps games, it might work, especially on a network like starlink. Fps games rely on the lowest latency possible, and that's just not possible connecting to a network from the outside at the moment. Well, it's possible but no competetive players could use it so it would be for causal gaming. If they actually get 5G working so that latency is around 1ms, then it could absolutely work but we aren't there right now.

    Joe K.Joe K.12 dager siden
  • Stadia was a cluster from the very beginning. Without first party studios, there's no real way to get people to join the platform. And buying games for a system that is dependent on a temporary server is not a good business model, where being able to play games bought for other systems on it is. What Stadia needed to be was a service, not its own competing gaming platform with its own versions of games.

    KonivingKoniving12 dager siden
  • Hirring phil harrison should have been a big redflag for everyone. Everything he is head of always ended in ruin, nearly killed playstation brand in europe.

    ThisissomebullshitThisissomebullshit12 dager siden
  • So they made there system completely useless lmao. Google glasses all over again. I’m glad I passed on it.

    the Black JOKERthe Black JOKER12 dager siden
  • This is a very basic view of the situation. Google wasn't right with how they went about things. This kinda of streaming is a awful idea in the first place.

    Ao LegionAo Legion12 dager siden
  • Good thing Terraria devs cancelled it's port.

    DrakonusDrakonus12 dager siden
  • This reminds me of when Wall Street failed, got bailed out by us little folk and the CEOs got bonuses.

    Vorpal BladeVorpal Blade12 dager siden
  • rich people wont care enough tbh

    mzzrla mishimzzrla mishi12 dager siden
  • Remember when google acquired motorola to enter the hardware smartphone business but then they just wait the minimun period of time a fiscal year or so to complete their ruse and sell motorola to lenovo that was their intention all along to serve as bridge bend the commerce rules the same applies here instead of create they want to predatory acquired studios like microsoft is doing shrink the market create Monopoly and impose their conditions.

    Tupapa ...Tupapa ...12 dager siden
  • there are a few other reasons why stadia failed, but this is one of the main reasons, who wants to buy something knowing Googles track record.

    wolf wingwolf wing12 dager siden
  • Microsoft's response to this - 🤣, let's buy some more studios guys 💰💰💰

    Lee CroftLee Croft12 dager siden
  • This is why the Reddit wallstreets need to destroy this rich people that keep ruining the hard working people!

    Dai animDai anim12 dager siden
  • 9:04 - "A year or so; You can't make a game in that amount of time." *Fallout: New Vegas has entered the chat*

    Horus SCHorus SC12 dager siden
  • I was part of a very successful resteraunt in Milwaukee and 9 days before we shut down no one knew anything was off. We're talking 200 reservations for brunch alone. We took a 50 person wedding party 6 months down the road after it was known we were going to close, to keep people comming in for the last week. The owner had taken all our profits to start a new endeavour and failed hard. Alcohol played a huge part. 60 people out of work with no chance to get in front of it.

    The ChaddingoThe Chaddingo12 dager siden
  • Let's make a streaming gaming console!! Let's take on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft!! Yeah, super idea!!!! Oh fuck, no one gives a shit???? Who would have thought....

    NexusNexus12 dager siden