How Reddit Used GameStop Stock To Humiliate Wall Street, GameStop Short Sellers Lose Billions

28. jan.. 2021
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- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Ethan Spidey
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Time Dragonlord
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  • Oh no those poor billionaires. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

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    • @Kimmy b

      Raymond MichaudRaymond Michaud15 dager siden
    • Yong, that whole closing commentary was BE-A-U-TIFUL, my man!

      Sheldon StrahlSheldon Strahl23 dager siden
    • Oh no. Anyway...

      Mikail AhmedMikail Ahmed29 dager siden
    • wow the words "poor" and "billionaires" in one sentence... nice ring to it

      ShadowstormShadowstormMåned siden
    • @Robert Redmon he*

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  • Bruuuuh my friends were part of this and made absolute bank 😂shit was was so much fun and waaaay too funny 😂 giving the rich a taste of their own medicine and paying of debt feels great 👍 🤣

    Sloth InPocketSloth InPocket2 dager siden
  • Ok but like who tf cares if people on Wall Street lost money, ya you lost money it’s fucking gambling, you aren’t in debt though so what’s the issue? Get a real job bro

    Niculae PinteaNiculae Pintea7 dager siden
  • jesus approves.

    Brian HuntBrian Hunt18 dager siden
  • From what I could gather Robinhood's situation was more of a case of them not realizing that honestly delivering bad but understandable news which will make people somewhat angry is the best option since anything else will cause an even worse reaction.

    EnrymionEnrymion22 dager siden
  • The only frustrating thing is why GameStop? GameStop doesn’t deserve this LOL. I wish this would’ve happened to a different dying company that actually deserved it. GameStop was supposed to die. Now it feels like a person on their deathbed injected with nanites.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader23 dager siden
  • My girlfriend read an article yesterday about some guy who used an app or service called Robin Hood and I believe told him to invest in GameStop and something happened where he was under the impression he had lost and was 750k In debt, which wasn’t true. I don’t understand the details but to save his family from being obligated to pay the debt he killed himself. I wonder if that had anything to do with this.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader23 dager siden
  • The stock market has been made needlessly complex so that a certain group of people can game the system. Gamers who've mastered complex rpg mechanics to min max can shift focus to the stock market to play the game better than the rich guys.

    Mark FerrerMark Ferrer23 dager siden
  • Doge coin finna be hit up next on March 1st

    Kingdrizzy89Kingdrizzy8924 dager siden
  • Reddit used the capitalism to fight the capitalism

    Skuld SpooksterSkuld Spookster25 dager siden
  • As long as the product is made by human, then human can manipulate it, the success rate is defined by the amount of the people who are involved in this movement. And as far as i know, governance, society, culture, nation, money and etc, they're part of human's product. You can change them, you just need better manpower.

    DainsleifDainsleif26 dager siden
  • 2 weeks ago gamestop pretty much the most valuble company the world on tsla level 2 weeks later the wallstreet invester are winning cuz game stonks are going down for some reason

    Shafin SajedShafin Sajed26 dager siden
  • wow of these youtubers did research on this huh?

    Sausage404Sausage40427 dager siden
  • So gamers pretty pulled a “pro-gamer move.”

    Yorick MoranYorick Moran27 dager siden
  • Until the CEO of Robinhood restricted buyers to invest GameStop. That's illegal

    WeebcatWeebcat27 dager siden
  • 4:35 Crux of this AMAZING plan. S.I.2.W.S.

    Paul DPaul D28 dager siden
  • Are you doing an impression of angry Joe or he he doing one of you , you both talk the same , but angry Joe never use to talk the way he does now so I'm guess he copied you

    irish chancerirish chancer28 dager siden
  • 2 weeks before this, getting a suggestion on CashApp to invest in GameStop: Haha hey right... Me, now: oh...

    Bryni AdielBryni Adiel28 dager siden
  • Need to change their name from "RobinHood" to "ScroogeMcDuck".

    SCP TimeSCP Time29 dager siden
  • This is a stock exchange. There's no money you can steal. Bane : Really? Then why are you people here?

    Nathan CookNathan Cook29 dager siden
  • how did redditors know that wallstreet was borrowing gamestop stocks?

    Tillke RohkeaTillke Rohkea29 dager siden
  • you know that a few months ago Fox News and other great Republicans would say that this is a problem created by the left in general and would be complaining.

    Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique29 dager siden
  • So since robinhood is no good where can I buy some GameStop stock?

    HillshireHillshire29 dager siden
  • Fuck you Wall Street Power to the people✊

    KSL CastroCatKSL CastroCat29 dager siden

    KiddMAXKiddMAX29 dager siden
  • If it's not too late already, I'd appreciate a comprehensive step by step guide on how to get a peace of this cake

    MadKatDudeMadKatDude29 dager siden
  • Who cares what aoc or Anna kasp says. If they had their way we'd all be in poverty under communism.

    Thy StaffThy StaffMåned siden
  • something satisfying about screwing over wall street ...hahah😍😍

    ShadowstormShadowstormMåned siden
  • reddit gaming

    The Nobody Meme is ShitThe Nobody Meme is ShitMåned siden
  • When the poor do what the rich do, the rich will always try to limit the poor in one way or another. "Do as I say, not what we do."

    C. H.C. H.Måned siden
  • If i went all in when stock was at $3. I would have about $500 now.

    FranklakersFranklakersMåned siden
  • I HONESTLY wish I knew about this before it happened. Not even for the money, but because I despise large corporations and greedy billionaires just playing with every day peoples lives as if we meant nothing. All I’m gonna say is that of course it was reddit. What other community would have the BALLS, the patience, and the know how to do this.

    Steven PrinceSteven PrinceMåned siden
  • Where was I, this sucks!!??

  • Thank you for explaining this, i live under a rock

    Sad_Cat3Sad_Cat3Måned siden
  • Magnificent summary. Private Investigator James Petrie.

    J PJ PMåned siden
  • $70 billion and counting 😂🤣🤣

    Christopher LombeChristopher LombeMåned siden
  • There's one thing I can't understand quite completely. I read there is this main guy behind this community who passed from 50k to 50M. He didn't just buy stock but some type of contract that can give you exponential returns in an operation like this one. Can you please explain exactly how he did this? Thanks a lot.

    laveritesijemenslaveritesijemensMåned siden
  • Sometimes, the denizens of the internet will come together and do something beautiful.

    DawnOfTheOzzDawnOfTheOzzMåned siden
  • Who were the reddit users?

    Nevah TNevah TMåned siden
  • Game stonks

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi HatakeMåned siden
  • If you play GTA V story mode (Lester assassinations) you'll understand 🙂

    Door-to-Door Hentai SalesmanDoor-to-Door Hentai SalesmanMåned siden
  • Began the stock wars have .

    Ankur WakodeAnkur WakodeMåned siden
  • I love the internet sometimes.

    mouseboy507mouseboy507Måned siden
  • I am proud of reddit users

    CrylhoundCrylhoundMåned siden
  • Bully the billionaires. Make them know their place.

    Eli GonzalesEli GonzalesMåned siden
  • Just an aside: Robin Hood robbed from the local GOVERMENT taxation, not the rich.

    CrazyDiamondCrazyDiamondMåned siden
  • Billionares: " Oh no! Now were going to be poor and have to work!" Everyone: "Oh no! Anyways..."

    LogandoLogandoMåned siden
  • Imagine you gamble your entire lively hood on a rigged bet in your favor and still lose

    Oblivious SDOblivious SDMåned siden
  • We need to get together more often so then these billionaire feel our pain everyday sick off being broke power to the people.

    Gamer Live StudioGamer Live StudioMåned siden
  • Burn it down boogie (Robin Hood app )

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • It was rigged from the start.......Bang (fallout New Vegas )

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • Yupppp

    Francisco RojasFrancisco RojasMåned siden
  • world war 3 is not gonna be nations fighting, its gonna be the people against the 1% and goverments

    SUS a.k.a. Pink GuySUS a.k.a. Pink GuyMåned siden
  • Gambling is meant for idiots with no skills.

    The TravelerThe TravelerMåned siden
  • On a totally unrelated note. It sure seems dangerous how those Wallstreet execs have all those windows and balconies they like to stand at and look down on everyone from. I mean it would sure not be that hard for someone with a rifle to to start taking pot shots at those trash bags up there. I can't imagine the world would be anything but a better place if it happened but i'm seriously concerned for their safety! Someone should look into this.

    999steB999steBMåned siden
  • Those fancy hedge fund guys didn't see this coming with their fancy algorithms and stuff?

    jeff ghantjeff ghantMåned siden
  • yall dumb just like me, we been reading it wrong its called Robbin Hood

    WillCal27WillCal27Måned siden
  • Petition to get Robinhood rebranded to KingJohn.stocktrade or something? Only seems appropriate.

    Christian OsadzukChristian OsadzukMåned siden
  • Greed is an ugly thing 🤣

    Andrey K.Andrey K.Måned siden
  • trolled

    K.K.Måned siden
  • Thanks for explaining it in Laymans terms.... you're awesome bro !!

    Eric BEric BMåned siden
  • Do I feel sorry for the so called Wall Street Elite who screw everyone over for their own gain..........Hahahahahahahahahahahaha...Nope.

    Brent OotiniBrent OotiniMåned siden
  • And whats wrong with sticking it Wall Street? lol This is US its called free economy

    Lone WolfLone WolfMåned siden
  • I don’t understand sticks too well but am happy for the people. How long will this go on? Is there a certain time frame they need to hold?

    Treyton Vu MorrisTreyton Vu MorrisMåned siden
  • I love this! Are there anymore tips or a link for info?

    CherylCherylMåned siden
  • I find this all amusing as hell, the one thing these short sellers didn't want to happen, the one thing they were relying on to not happen, happened. That's what you get for not respecting Murphy's law.

    TheDawsonator1TheDawsonator1Måned siden
  • they already limit your speech if it doesnt flow with the narrative and lies they want people to believe as it is. it will not be long before we are silenced once again. I just cant believe I agree with the sheihad sqaud.

    FakePresidentXidenFakePresidentXidenMåned siden
  • Imagine calling your app "Robinhood" and supporting the rich instead of the poor... the irony

    ZethisZethisMåned siden
  • I'm glad that this is exposing the way that rich people are being protected and just how unfair and rigged things are. Also, major props to those redditors, I'm impressed.

    Tally BlueTally BlueMåned siden
  • Guys, I need to feed my family, should I invest the little money I have in GameStop or something? Please help, I really want to help feed my parents who work their asses off everyday - much appreciated bros, let’s excel together!

    ElisPROductsElisPROductsMåned siden
  • They are" robbing the hood ...

    40cal40calMåned siden
  • So, anyone know what is the best app for stocks that aren't favorable for the billionaire pricks?? I'm pretty curious now 😏

    Leon KurosakiLeon KurosakiMåned siden
  • you missed an important part IMO. options AND market manipulation are broken together. options allow you to FORCE 10000000% losses on trading institutions when you can manipulate the stock market. when the hedge funds do this and break the economy the trading goes till it explodes. when THEY manipulate the stock by taking a reckless short position to make their puts print money its all good but when we catch them cheating and tell enough people about the fact they fucked up and understand options because we have lost enough to lose and cost THEM to potentially lose they shut it down to "protect us". they get to win we have to be regulated we are reckless they cant lose, even when they sell more stock than exists and try to bankrupt a company to not have to pay those shares back.

    justsomescrubjustsomescrubMåned siden
  • Hold the line!!!!!

    ZeSmolNekoZeSmolNekoMåned siden
  • 😏 Reddit hit the only true weaknesses of these evil richest Zionists , lovin it.

    Bull ShitBull ShitMåned siden
  • Why does this feel like a really weird anime battle

    EagerRain 66EagerRain 66Måned siden
  • We can stay retarded longer than they can remain solvent.

    Scrubs R/CScrubs R/CMåned siden
  • i like how yong explains it well for stupid people like me

    EL CucuyEL CucuyMåned siden
  • Eat the rich

    VillainousMuseVillainousMuseMåned siden
  • Netflix documentary: “Power To The Players”

    Man Of [Ink] And [Art]Man Of [Ink] And [Art]Måned siden
  • They're "sending a message" to the rich Wallstreet guys...without considering the fact that maybe, just maybe, those rich Wallstreet guys weren't always rich and came up from being poor. Now the newly made millionaires from Reddit are the rich guys, and so they themselves may in fact be the next victims of "poors" coming after their riches one day. Stop acting like there's some sort of moral justice here. It just goes round and round. Rich people aren't evil and poor people aren't saints.

    Quentin DavisQuentin DavisMåned siden
  • I still don't understand it

    bbMåned siden
  • There's GameStop... and then there's GameStonks

    I Do StuffI Do StuffMåned siden
  • Maybe we can get all of our wall street bail out money back...

    ASquadWiper 0_0ASquadWiper 0_0Måned siden
  • I'm so thankful to those redditors

    ArCeusArCeusMåned siden
  • Deleted my Robinhood app. Hopefully everyone will follow and spread the word

    Marc BMarc BMåned siden
  • Hopefully someone lost their summer home in the Hamptons !

    Marc BMarc BMåned siden
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    James MayleJames MayleMåned siden
  • Its was almost GAME OVER for Game Stop, but Reddit said CONTINUE? 😂

    campos3452campos3452Måned siden
  • Wall street should stick with buying and selling concntrated orange juice

    cjtqukcjtqukMåned siden
  • eat the 1%

    Aiyanna WithamAiyanna WithamMåned siden
  • Man, I love Reddit.

    Marissa OliviaMarissa OliviaMåned siden
  • hold !!

    alejandra rosetalejandra rosetMåned siden
  • Great explanation!! Thank youuu

    alejandra rosetalejandra rosetMåned siden
  • Most of the investors on wall street 'are' regular people. The notion that the top 1% are the only ones who invest in the market is completely false, the vast majority of the money in the market is put there by the middle class, be that through retirement planning, investment managers working with their 401k, or simply working with a broker or online investment tools. Similarly, the vast majority of the income in the US is held by the middle class, which is why the notion of 'taxing the rich' will never amount to anything. The top 1% don't hold the money in the country, the middle class do. Any politician who speaks of raising taxes, one way or another, is talking about raising taxes on the middle class.

    TevuraTevuraMåned siden
  • What if the internet made this every year?...

    K66WK66WMåned siden
  • Robbin should be hood ,but there not !!

    Sunrise ChaserSunrise ChaserMåned siden
  • No, Robin Hood did not "rob from the rich to give to the poor"! He was fighting a corrupt government (Prince John) who was over taxing people, and not using the money for the reasons he said he was (the ransom of King Henry)! And until people start thinking clearly about these things, companies will keep naming themselves things to attract the unwary

    Joseph MantlerJoseph MantlerMåned siden
  • The internet is evolving

    HazySkyHazySkyMåned siden
  • I’m only 20 and I knew very little about stocks. I kinda wish I knew more because like we live in what I call a farm town. It’s just me and my mom and it’s so hard to get by. We got lucky with the stimulus check and now it’s running out because I’ve been spending my money on food for the both of us. My mom spends her money on our phone bills and other utilities. So if I could jump on this train I would just so I could support me and my mom. I’d be fine with 3k or 4K

    Pyromaniac 096Pyromaniac 096Måned siden