Investigative Report Exposes What Went Wrong With Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red Boss Responds

16. jan.. 2021
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- Brandon Hann
- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Simon S
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- JT
- Mark Taylor
- Theron Webb
- Yue

  • Major Anthem vibes in terms of development issues... SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Brandon Hann [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon S - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • You're more evil than anthem.

      DrzooparkDrzoopark9 dager siden
    • @Mitch James I doubt anyone expected CDPR to pull an Ubisoft, but here we are. Lesson Learned. I thought they would have st least Beta Tested this. CDPR fucked up, they had the whole world in their hands.

      bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas26 dager siden
    • @Animationeer No Yong was given full access to the game and beat it the week before it came out. He wasn’t hoodwinked. Watch his full review from the week before if you don’t believe me

      Jodie HolmesJodie Holmes26 dager siden
    • @Mitch James True, that's why I don't trust "critic" reviews and like to wait for the game to get into regular gamer's hands and see how they rate it. They have no vested interest and nothing to lose; no lost swag, early access, paid travel for private viewings, etc. All these "official critics" were all aboard the hype train and frothing at the mouth and had already decided to give the game a 10 before they even played it.

      adamajadamaj26 dager siden
    • @nik montecristo But Yong called it a masterpiece in his review than does a 180 a couple months later and jumps on the Hate CD Project bandwagon after all the shilling he did.

      Mitch JamesMitch James27 dager siden
  • The Polish Government cause a diplomatic incident by giving a PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 to Putin in a gift basket.

    Klaus PopitzKlaus Popitz4 dager siden
  • You said this game is amazing? No?

    DrzooparkDrzoopark9 dager siden
  • Has Yea explained his violent shift in perspective about CB2077 yet? I'm not against people changing their opinions and admitting they goofed if they did, so long there's an explanation and genuine acknowledgement.

    JPEG ArtifactJPEG Artifact10 dager siden
  • This dude called this game a masterpiece 30 days ago😀

    Lights AglowLights Aglow13 dager siden
  • I'm disappointed your video only has 1 dislike for every 9 likes. You deserve more of the former. Lots more of the former.

    Mathematical HypotenuseMathematical Hypotenuse18 dager siden
  • no man's sky made a comeback? ok buddy.

    ulkemulkem18 dager siden
  • How come every time there is something majorly going wrong with CDPR the name Badowski is turning up, I wonder...

    Shirogane TsukiShirogane Tsuki19 dager siden
  • Glad I didn’t buy it. I’ve been burned so much in the last few years fallout 76, anthem, andromeda that I don’t preorder anything anymore and I wait for you tube reviews before I’ll buy. I used to preorder everything I thought was going to be rad. Now I’m waiting months after release before I even bother.

    Mike ClemoMike Clemo22 dager siden

    Gamer WitsGamer Wits22 dager siden
  • Cyberpunk is a turd that CDPR are (supposedly) still trying to polish. Even when it's been patched to hell, it'll still be a pretty average game. It needs years of updates like no man's sky, but this shouldn't become an actual fucking trend!!! I feel like YY isn't that impartial, and this video is a gentle tap on the wrist at best.

    TheHappyKamperTheHappyKamper24 dager siden
  • As a developer, if I hear other developers talking another language on a call that I or others don't understand, it is assumed they are talking shit. That's just a professionalism thing. I usually lose respect immediately when that happens.

    CameronRounderCameronRounder24 dager siden
  • I bought this game based on the video I watched saying that I would love it... I don't even play it...

    nick knick k25 dager siden
  • I’ll wait till it’s fixed

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi126 dager siden
  • Yong you shilled to the high heavens on this buggy and shallow game, and in your review called it a masterpiece once the bugs are fixed and that it lives up to the hype. Even with out the bugs its a shallow game with non of the RPG Elements promised or any RPG Elements at all. Now you do a 180 as if you where always on board with it being broken and not what was promised. The reality is that is its as wide as the ocean and has the depth of a puddle.

    Mitch JamesMitch James27 dager siden
  • I should have used the money I spent on this to preorder Monster Hunter Rise.

    fisty babyfisty baby28 dager siden
  • I wasn’t actually angry until I heard that part about “this isn’t what I would call disastrous”. This game ruined the studios image and will forever be a black mark on it, no matter what they do in the future.

    Joel PetterssonJoel Pettersson29 dager siden
  • Yeah right they didn't know how bad it was on the ps4 and xbox1.

    John MorrisJohn Morris29 dager siden
  • Yong really, what are you Two Face? You can’t just release a review for Cyberpunk claiming that’s it’s this “amazing” game while glossing over all of its glaringly obvious faults like bugs, missing features, a lackluster RPG system, and so much other shit. Many of YOUR fans bought the game because of YOUR review, they trusted you, and you let them down. The least you could do is admit that you sold your integrity for a paycheck, but maybe you didn’t have any integrity in the first place. Now you pretend to be on the player’s side as if you were all along, dude c’mon if you’re going to turn villain go ahead, but you can’t still pretend that you’re a hero. What a shame.

    N .CalliousN .CalliousMåned siden
  • Unbelievable. So, management did the most basic mistakes. First, they did not do any appropriate planning, than they did even worse project management, to kill it by throwing in more coders without fixing management and when that poor thing was on its knees they kicked it down by forcing the uncoordinated crew into massive overtime on free coffee, but on a job that needs focusing and concentration which requires a work - live balance. Wow. I am now sure that the „programming“ is a most chaotic sum of scripts, but its python, that somehow connects to „tools“, they haven’t had time to read the manual of, „engines“ that would require understanding of the I-wonder-which-super-cool-IT-trash-term-is-used for „settings“ and all of that without a plan, caus real creative developers need no plan.... PS: Is that the start of a Cyberpunk Society for Real???

    J4vurmywumccscnm *Werbung*J4vurmywumccscnm *Werbung*Måned siden
  • Crunch is a part of any business. Consumers want goods and services now at the cheapest prices. Artificially imfluencing this natural economic process results in more expensive goods and services delivered later to market and outsold by competition

    Geese HowardGeese HowardMåned siden
  • What a soulless bandwagon riding fraud this guy is lmao.

    boredXsomethingXIDKboredXsomethingXIDKMåned siden
  • i wish i can erase my memories about this game.

    Vhanto AbrianVhanto AbrianMåned siden
  • this game won't sink them but it certainly blew a hole in the bottom of the ship

    !?!?Måned siden
  • "the game delivers" - YongYeah right

    Nitr0G-Games3000Nitr0G-Games3000Måned siden
  • Pride goeth before a fall. total stupidity on management's part. Devs should have quit.

    Algo RhythmAlgo RhythmMåned siden
  • I wonder why when the game came out, you praised it...then when everyone else starting pointing out the problems, only then did you have a change of heart?

    DreeTheGoddDreeTheGoddMåned siden
  • Dude. How could you keep that straight face after helping CDPR overhyped Cyberpunk2077?

    Dank SaltDank SaltMåned siden
  • I pre ordered the game because of you

    DrMistycalDrMistycalMåned siden

    Jonathan LJonathan LMåned siden
  • Reading through the salt in the comments was a blast, stay mad you all lol! Cyberpunk 2077 really somehow became an outlet to all the bitterness people had in 2020 and now is projected into anyone who dared to like the game on PC lol. That's just sad ngl

    Big OcelotBig OcelotMåned siden
  • I don't understand how if they knew what the state of the game was, why would they still release it?

    Senor StudlySenor StudlyMåned siden
  • Hard to believe in this guy who told people this game lived up to the hype..... Yeah..

    JunJunMåned siden
  • This guy was shilling cyberpunk for years lmao

    Robin vd BergRobin vd BergMåned siden
  • Just like the bullshit he said about DMC5, his review for Cyberpunk was just as bogus if not worse.

    DevilHunterJamesDevilHunterJamesMåned siden
  • Wth yong no why didnt you tell us how shit the game was in the review?

    Tyler SaxbyTyler SaxbyMåned siden
  • Did these ppl come from crowbcat

    LynerxAuricaLynerxAuricaMåned siden
  • Haha people why do you watch him ?? So you can cry ?? Hahaha

    vonlobovonloboMåned siden
  • You're an absolutely terrible human being for giving us a misleading review then not taking accountability. I was one of your biggest fans and watched all of your videos but you've lost all of your credibility for hyping up Cyberpunk 2077. Time to man up, own up to your mistakes and be a man about it rather than avoiding it. You've lost all of my respect and lost the respect of many of your fans.

    Karura7Karura7Måned siden
  • Where's your integrity now?

    StrikerStrikerMåned siden
  • Says the guy who was shilling CDPR and Cyberjunk 76 just a few months back.

    Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67Måned siden
  • we cant let them off the hook for this crunch bullshit its fucking unacceptable!

    Zim ZimmermanZim ZimmermanMåned siden
  • not including the bugs its an 8 at best

    Zim ZimmermanZim ZimmermanMåned siden
  • Can't spell yongyea without EA

    Rickyterheege20 Duitseherder!Rickyterheege20 Duitseherder!Måned siden
  • Tbh yongyea just says wat people want to hear so that they coma back and show them wat they want to see THATS HOW HE MAKES MONEY! He doesnt care that u got ripped of because he didnt even apologize for his mis information Even when he did get a little mis informed maning up and taking responsebilitie would help him allot Just remember he is here to make money not like friends Like EA is a gaming company yongyea uses youtube as its own thing to make money Shitty games from EA Or shitty reviews from yongyea Whats the difference?

    Rickyterheege20 Duitseherder!Rickyterheege20 Duitseherder!Måned siden
    • just replying to boost this, lol 👀

      JimboJimboMåned siden
  • Yong Yea you lost my respect completely.

    b_cvntb_cvntMåned siden
  • 'Cyberpunk lives up to the hype'- YongYea 2020

    sephiros9999sephiros9999Måned siden
  • I've seen this happen time and time again. In what is showcased in the game there's so much that looks amazing. This is what the devs think they can get into the game before launch. Then it turns out they don't nearly have enough time and/or resources to put what was in the trailers in the game, and so they have to put a sorta but not really unfinished game out.

    CapitalTeethCapitalTeethMåned siden
  • Crunch.

    John ‘John ‘Måned siden
  • You're a fraud yongyea, months ago you were saying how cyberpunk lived up to the hype

    Clvssic.MvnClvssic.MvnMåned siden
  • How do you lose your family because you have a hard time at work? I have been in a situation where I had to work 80 hours a week for six months no day off. If your family won't support you in your decision to suffer in order to keep shit going then it is not much of a family is it? If you quit and get broke what makes you think they would support you then? Make no mistake if my boss would pressure me like it was discribed here I'd flip him off 100% no matter what! Same goes for my family! Respect is key and I'd rather die standing than living on my knees.

    WVDMWVDMMåned siden
  • 'Cyberpunk lives up to the hype' - YongYea 2020

    Harold TuazonHarold TuazonMåned siden
  • Listen up....great idea....wonderful concept....could have been the best of the best....however in the end people where made to do things they did not want to do for MONEY....all the lines lead to MONEY......For the most part on release the GAME WAS SH*T.....if they continue to work on it down the road it might be what it should be. If you like buying 110% Garbage and throwing away your money look me up I will take all of it. I wont preorder anything and dont understand why people do. I have a bridge I am building anyone want to preorder / buy it

    Jason TroyJason TroyMåned siden
  • At least stay consistent with your stance, Mr Internet-Provocateur

    Colin GrossColin GrossMåned siden
  • 4-5 years is doable if you already have game engine like unreal with probably ton of expert level devs on the market. if you already have a frame work like CoD games do, then you can easily churn out yearly or two year releases.

  • Bruh, you are complicit in everything that is wrong with the gaming industry. You’re a joke.

    Salucia UnicornSalucia UnicornMåned siden
  • You just got punked by Cyberpunk yea, Yong.

    wumingkkkwumingkkkMåned siden
  • Why did you tell everyone to buy it then?

    SometimesSometimesMåned siden
  • you are one of the dumb reviewers whom cyberpunk is the best game u have played blahblahblah

    Edmund YH EeEdmund YH EeMåned siden
  • Bro you are so fake, you just listen to the majority opinion first it’s amazing then it’s bad. Make up your mind like damn

    Benis SlayerBenis SlayerMåned siden
  • Guys, can you give this man a break? I think we all have turned our expectations about this game upside down after the release.

    Trap or whatTrap or whatMåned siden
  • That’s how my work operates. Nothing feels more illegal that showing up to work on time instead of early, taking your break instead of not taking it and leaving on time instead of staying late. They look at you like you’re crazy

    nobodyanywaysnobodyanywaysMåned siden
  • 9:41 yeah, welcome to the real world kid.

    Tyler MTyler MMåned siden
  • Mr.YongYea, i just want to remind you that your face is all over Crowbcat's video that exposes lies about CP2077, including lying youtubers.

    MotardMotoristMotardMotoristMåned siden
  • You are a JOKE, dude.

    Pedro AguiarPedro AguiarMåned siden
  • The comments on this one 💀, I would suggest attempting to address concerns your audience has with the alleged biased reviewing 👀

    JimboJimboMåned siden
  • It's a damn shame to be honest, the game itself on pc is not bad at all, at least for me but the consoles got absolutely dumpstered, worse part is we all knew the in game events were likely cinematics and not actual in game representations. It's always some smooth brained exec looking for a christmas bonus who ends up eating the goose before the golden egg is born. Side note, stop whining about having to work "crunch times", everyone does in every job, I used to do 10-15 hours as a normal day cooking and I've even worked for 36 hours twice in my life, say thank you to the cooks and chefs you sour cows on mothers day!. You get compensated for that, laws exist for a reason, don't like working for a living, leave.

    SherudonsSherudonsMåned siden
  • I was really let down by the life paths.

    Offensive BiasOffensive BiasMåned siden
  • There's a pretty big elephant in the room Yong and it's only getting bigger with each video you post not addressing it.

    Travis BickleTravis BickleMåned siden
  • thank fucking god someone major finally said cyberpunk didnt start proper development until second half of 2016, too many braindead people think it was being worked on fully before witcher 3 even fucking launched

    Talcor ™Talcor ™Måned siden
  • I went off your glowing review and now I can’t get a refund from steam

    PvtSparkPlugPvtSparkPlugMåned siden
  • What matter more to you Yong? Money or your viewers?

    the real playerthe real playerMåned siden
  • "Let me know your opinions in the comment section" Never once replied to a comment, never followed up a video about this whole situation that your fans are asking you to do, never once use the comment section as an reference to some controversial. I doubt you're reading the comments at all

    KeonXDKeonXDMåned siden
  • cdpr: "oh crunch isn't mandatory" also cdpr: "oh you don't want to do crunch? I bet jimmy would love to do your job" gtfo

    Jacker cooperJacker cooperMåned siden
  • I knew from the very begging you were a sell out and an hype wave-rider, thankfully most people are finally picking it up to.

    TheGoncas2TheGoncas2Måned siden
    • Your comment should be closer to the top.

      Mathematical HypotenuseMathematical Hypotenuse18 dager siden
  • So a legit reason to have a polished playable demo early on is to get feedback when it's easier to adjust. As a code monkey, I'll often make a mock-up of part of the app to see how my users respond before I commit to a design. If you're going to fail fail early enough to recover easily. That said this project does sound like a major mess. And it clearly should have been delayed by a long time. It's just easier for me to point out the detail where I disagree then all the points I agree with.

    TheMeLostTheMeLostMåned siden
  • Yong was probably hoping to get a voice gig from CDPR if he kissed their asses but it seems that backfired.

    Petite MasquePetite MasqueMåned siden
  • Well Yong, I think this is the end of the road for me. I've enjoyed your content, even though a lot of your videos have you spending 3-5 minutes going over information that's in past videos without you putting a time code to when the actual video starts. I've really enjoyed your content. However, this whole Cyberpunk thing has rubbed me the wrong way. You gave it a glowing review. You said it lived up to the hype. I not only believed CD Project Red, but I believed you. It was fun. I wish you well.

    RaztaticRaztaticMåned siden
  • Yong, if we look at early footage i know you were obligated for not showing your gameplay. But after the released of the game your next review video, you could've apologize that you couldn't talk about these issues like the dull NPC, Zero physics, Car driving mediocre/Bad, shooting bad & how the game has so many issues than just praising the game visual looks which is more towards illusion on how it looks. CD project Cyberpunk hype was a contribution of many NOtownrs towards hype goal & also despite hating on EA, Ubisoft etc for making half baked games then you yourself making your subs or followers doing the complete opposite towards CD project and milking it more that almost everyone forget that why CD project were so keen on not showing the footage of their game. Because almost every NOtownrs made it possible to cover the suspicious part which is the game accurate footage never been shown until release date. Then we move on to process to diss on EA & Ubisoft game because we don't trust their Gameplay trailer video until it get released till we finally know that did they deliver or not.

    Pao ChongloiPao ChongloiMåned siden
  • Cyberpunk lives up to the hype- Yong 2020

    Jae BaxterJae BaxterMåned siden
  • Lol keanu reeves, took a cut too could have just use that money for more development but pay a celeb to appear in game. That is a red flag for sure. My sources says it should release on year 2077

    diesopaindiesopainMåned siden
  • So unfortunate how the game falls apart right after the prologue.

    Slap DisgaemSlap DisgaemMåned siden
  • I still dont know what was the motiviation behind releasing the game. Did they think we can release the game and people wont notice bugs.

    Shah KaleemShah KaleemMåned siden
  • I just hope this game eventually turns out how we were promised.

    Templaric LegionTemplaric LegionMåned siden
  • Something doesn't add up here. How are they "double dipping" if owners on older systems get the next gen version for free?

    Templaric LegionTemplaric LegionMåned siden
  • Adam bodawski is a corporat.

    Fuck YTFuck YTMåned siden
  • You will not last much longer Young Yea. You arent alone either. People are waling up, gamers, consumers, the cattle are getting fed up man. Its sad, I had hope in you. Hope in some game journalists. However you people just seem to give in to greed as much as youre vocal about it. Hell you even want to do voice acting and will do work for advertisers. You ARE doing work for advertisers, you are marketing. You get paid to do this. Cyberpunk will be the beginning of mamy game "journalists" downfall. Change while you still can and repent for your sins. We all must, or suffer.

    nobod Enobod EMåned siden
  • Wernt you the one boot licking the game even though you played is months before everyone else

    Jordan HillJordan HillMåned siden
  • Yeah cause people like you, Alanah Pierce, that other fucking Sam guy from Australia, and others hyping this shit up.

    sonicteam2k1sonicteam2k1Måned siden
  • Makes me really disappointed in cdpr... That’s some bullshit right there, for eg about the car chases, they SAID in the gameplay demo that this is a random occurrence due to our actions, something along those lines, ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE to what we got in the actual game.... Like bruh what are u talking about, I love cdpr but DAMN they’re a major disappointment right now. EVEN the police can’t drive the damn cars and chase you! This is a joke.

    NebulaNebulaMåned siden
  • Didn't you review the game and recommend it?

    Gregor CoetzeeGregor CoetzeeMåned siden
    • @Carlos Cortez exactly.. knew it wasn't just my imagination

      Gregor CoetzeeGregor CoetzeeMåned siden
  • Fans to CDPR: You were the chosen one. You were supposed to bring balance to gaming not leave it in this state....

    NYGiantsfan1029NYGiantsfan1029Måned siden
  • XD

    wetzin alvaradowetzin alvaradoMåned siden
  • 'Cyberpunk lives up to the hype' - YongYea 2020

    Harold TuazonHarold TuazonMåned siden
  • Best thing that came out from this entire Cyberpunk debacle was that all these youtubers like Yong, Angry Joe, Laymen, etc were exposed as the compromised shills they are. When these guys were invited to play the 5 hour preview a couple months before release not a single person mentioned any of the MAJOR problems with this game. They continued to praise every aspect of this game as an industry changing event and could not stop talking about how blown away they were. Why didnt CDPR release that game out to us smh?

    Dante KDante KMåned siden
    • Ironic huh? Now all these youtuber shills are on damage control making videos like this.

      BoxxyFanBoxxyFanMåned siden
  • Welp, they are AAA, alright. Shame.

    Douglas CamaraDouglas CamaraMåned siden
  • The most overhyped and underwhelming game in history

    Mr.OneHitterQuitterMr.OneHitterQuitterMåned siden
  • This channel lost my subscription, he should be saying sorry just how they did for lying so blatantly to us

    Terance PerazaTerance PerazaMåned siden
  • chino besacheques, panqueque.

    Marco GarciaMarco GarciaMåned siden
  • Half of us were customers hoping...half of us were dumbasses that actually held on hope to a decade year old trailer.

    Jack and Bt SandwichJack and Bt SandwichMåned siden