Major PlayStation 4 Design Flaw May One Day Make Your PS4 Games Unplayable On The Console

12. april. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • @Tim Duncan Sony wont fix it, for gods sake they make you give up your right to privacy and kiss Chinese communist ass just to be on their PSN.

      H GrimesH Grimes26 dager siden
    • PS4 is the very first console that I bought so it'd be disappointing if Sony won't fix this problem for us.

      Tim DuncanTim Duncan27 dager siden
    • This isnt a flaw this was on purpose to force people to upgrade kinda like apple does with their bullshit.

      H GrimesH Grimes27 dager siden
    • PS5 has this design flaw too, enjoy.

      UOIIUOII28 dager siden
    • Looks like time to get an xboxsx

      the wanderingartiststhe wanderingartistsMåned siden
  • Sony is following the steps of Apple: making their old devices unusable and forcing people to jailbreak

  • I sense lawsuits if this goes through

    ZouxZoux6 dager siden
  • Good thing I’m on the 5

    Kaleb BellKaleb Bell6 dager siden
  • And people wonder why the pirate bay sticker is on the back of my car

    WhitedragonkingWhitedragonking7 dager siden
  • Does it play. has an email template on their twitter account that PS3/ps4 owners can send to Sony support email. With more emails, there'll be better chances of us getting an official response from Sony. Hundred millions ps4 units have been sold so if they make it useless, there's going to be unimaginable amounts of e-waste at our hands.

    Apathetic jerkApathetic jerk7 dager siden
  • This Is why you don't buy consoles, they are garbage, get a

    Jared OldhouserJared Oldhouser8 dager siden
    • I'm already looking into buying parts to build a gaming pc

      CPMdonnorCPMdonnor2 dager siden
  • I knew something like this would come to light. Big fucking surprise. I am mad though. Sony better wake the fuck up or they are gonna just lose more and more users. Things are getting closer and closer to tipping point for Sony.

    Nyx ZoranderNyx Zorander9 dager siden
  • security measure for trophies the most irrelevant think i personaly think

    Jeff SteelfleckJeff Steelfleck11 dager siden
  • cfw then

    Jeff SteelfleckJeff Steelfleck11 dager siden
  • Sony shutting down servers doesn't sound like it's soon but still, this is a terrible design flaw.

    Jason ReitzJason Reitz12 dager siden
  • Flaw or feature so they can resell you the games later for full price.

    FrostReaper5FrostReaper512 dager siden
  • Say it with me... C moss

    MathesDebullMathesDebull13 dager siden
  • Does this include the Pro?

    gregorymjr12gregorymjr1213 dager siden
  • You need to get over the Mario one. They announced the plan for it from the beginning.

    Glen NoweGlen Nowe13 dager siden
  • Sony knows. They don’t care and it does not convenience them. It’s ALWAYS about the money.

    Eidr HeimrEidr Heimr13 dager siden
  • I mean I get that this isn't strictly Trophies fault or anything, but it just feels like half this always on, data sync requirements are just such a hassle for imaginary badges that no one will ever really see. My harddrive keeps filling up with screenshots of the damn things, except a trophie usually loads during a cutscene so it's just full of black screens. Just such poorly thought out design to be such a major issue

    Adam1602Adam160214 dager siden
  • This is what happens when business men are in charge and not gamers like it used to be

    CD Project DankCD Project Dank14 dager siden
  • One of many reasons why i don't patronize Sony anymore

    Goodness GracesGoodness Graces16 dager siden
  • Wow lmao definitely not buying Sony going forward. They have showed they’re at war with the consumers. I was actually going to buy a PS5 by the end of the cycle since switch to Xbox but I do not think I will do so now. To bad…

    G HG H16 dager siden
  • @YongYea I'm reaching out to you because I know where you stand when it comes to this topic and you - unlike myself - have the means to potentially alter the deceptive practices of today's gaming companies. A modern day example of a single player based game and personal favourite of mine is the 60 dollar rental called Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain; On PS4 at least you cannot boot the game in it's offline mode at all unless you're actually connected to the net AND PSN. The game says it's going to start in offline mode, but no matter what - w/o that PSN connection you're greeted with an endless black screen. There are loads of threads and reports about it and bs like this needs to stop. I've been in contact with Konami and Sony, but they won't do anything about it. Why should anyone spend any money on something they don't even get guaranteed access to even in physical form? Let alone the ridiculous 70 dollar price tag being pushed for. The slogan 'play has no limits' should be put under a rock at the bottom of the ocean. We desperately need new laws and regulations for digital content. If it's put in our hands and it's said to have been sold to us it has to be assured that the user can always boot and play said software on the platform of choice. Without having to rely on extra services like online verifications or temporary data reliance from internal clock batteries. If it's a single player game the single player content has to be accessible while completely offline. If it's a one time verification after installing something that's one thing, but otherwise Sony and every other company can go blow themselves if they think they're getting any more of my cash. And yes - I know exactly what's in the TOS, but if anyone think it's fair - when you actually do own every piece of material that pertains the licenses and that we have every right to use said material the way it was intended when we bought it I feel sorry for them.

    knerl ingtonknerl ington16 dager siden
  • I saw a video right before this one where guy did that but he used a Blu-ray game this Colossus or something like that so I don't know cuz I remember when I went to play Blu-ray and mine I had to hook it up to the Internet for it to actually download the the proper driver for the system to be able to play the Blu-ray disc I don't have any Blu-ray games but I had Blu-ray movies so I just recently bought mine it's not even a year old

    Lj DemarisLj Demaris20 dager siden
  • You know I think everybody's missing the fact that the sea moss batteries they're there to keep the physical aspect of the machinery in a little source of power not just the time but the actual little bit of memory that runs the actual physical software the board itself like the motherboard and it's the same thing as a computer the same exact thing you are a computer dies with the CMOS battery all you have to do is reset the CMOS very put in the battery in doesn't always reset the CMOS you got to reset the CMOS itself usually there's a little prongs or something on there and you put a little plastic thing over the prongs and certain order and it resets it yep I haven't taken my PlayStation 4 apart but it's a PlayStation slim and I'm not sure if the Slim's included or not I see the PlayStation 4 the regular and the other councils but not the PlayStation 4 slim is it all of them. I don't see how Sony accidentally made this mistake like I said CMOS battery is the same thing that runs the BIOS and computers is the same CMOS you see much better goes out in your computer you pop a new one in sometimes you have to reset your CMOS some do it by popping the battery in but when that don't work you have to do it physically but as a connection to something else for it to play anything no you don't even need to hook up a computer too the internet for it to work with a dead sea moss battery or having to reset the CMOS manually jumper. So I don't see how it was a design flaw I think if it surely is that way it was done on purpose and we shouldn't buy systems from there anymore I'm a big fan of the Xbox controller but I'm a big fan of the Sony PlayStation especially PlayStation 3 council is quite awesome compared to this just hunk of metal in plastic that you get out of four. Have I have recently got a Xbox 360 it works okay it's a little loud had to fix the disk drive in it the optimal disc so it wasn't opening it magnet issue I think in there it's working fine and then one day just didn't want to open again had to keep a game in it and it keeps it up and it does it sometimes you don't want to hit the council a bunch of times to get it to open all the time

    Lj DemarisLj Demaris20 dager siden
  • I miss blockbusters rent a game and be done with it.

    IshIsh20 dager siden
  • Call it “Sea-mose Battery”YongYea 😁👍

    PapapauPapapau20 dager siden
  • Damn I’m switching to Xbox. I feel like Sony doesn’t care at all anymore at this point, anti consumer.

    Klaus SchwabelaarKlaus Schwabelaar21 dag siden
    • @Zeto Kaiba Yeah I don’t mind. I’m going to switch from ps4 to Xbox series X maybe when Sony gets better I will switch over again.

      Klaus SchwabelaarKlaus Schwabelaar21 dag siden
    • Well Xbox has the least amount of cheaters and their report and customer service is decent so it's kinda consumer friendly.

      Zeto KaibaZeto Kaiba21 dag siden
  • Trophies were stupid from the start, they incentify developers (like ubisoft for example) to waste expensive work hours to place 5 million feathers to collect in games. That is time away from QA and ironing out the issues. Thank you people who love trophies and thank you Sony and MS. 😊

    Kelvottomat PelaajatKelvottomat Pelaajat21 dag siden
  • The funny thing is that because of some security measure for some worthless achievements, it can destroy actual worth in the console itself. Did I ever mention how PC gaming is far superior?

    Buck RodgersBuck Rodgers21 dag siden
  • Is this sunsetting?

    Jafar BassimJafar Bassim22 dager siden
  • Not sure I buy the "preservation is about hardware too" bit. They could display a PS4 in a weird gaming museum someday. Enormous amounts of footage of PS4s operating will exist on the internet forever. As long as all of the software can eventually migrate to PS5, why does it inherently matter that the hardware gets old and eventually dies?

    Dillan FreemanDillan Freeman22 dager siden
  • This is truly tragic

    TKVismeTKVisme22 dager siden
  • 8:39 Really ? Trophies will prevent me from playing my games down the line ?! BS ! Utter, total, steaming BS !!! I DON’T CARE about trophies !! I play to enjoy myself, not get those stupid trophies ! “Congratulations, here’s a trophy for booting up the game ! Congratulations, here’s a trophy for defeating the first boss in the game that wasn’t really all that hard !” BS !

    Ali AlmuhannaAli Almuhanna22 dager siden
  • Makes me wonder what all that time I’ve spent playing these games means, if I can’t revisit them years down the line or introduce my kids to them.

    Ali AlmuhannaAli Almuhanna22 dager siden
  • It's not a design flaw if it's done on purpose. Sony made this decision on purpose to eventually force players to either buy a new ps4 or upgrade to a ps5.

    Zephyr PrimeZephyr Prime22 dager siden
  • Trophies are utterly meaningless, why on earth would "securing" them against cheating be worth bricking a console?

    AetherialAetherial23 dager siden
  • For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.

    Yes YupYes Yup23 dager siden
  • is it possible that this will occur also to ps3???

    paulo umalipaulo umali23 dager siden
  • Obsolescence by design... Apple are masters of this!!!

    J MartinJ Martin24 dager siden
  • They could scrap the whole trophy system altogether. Unlocking those thropies/achievements is just a silly addiction, which would not be missed in the long run.

    A ZA Z24 dager siden
  • Ik I done had one of my PS4 stop playing games and one want take em anymore

    Quincy MasonQuincy Mason24 dager siden
  • This is a huge deal. This has changed my mind about getting a PS5 and going for a Xbox series X instead.

    PsychobabasPsychobabas25 dager siden
  • No, I wont buy a PS5 so soon, NOPES...

    Carlos LoffCarlos Loff25 dager siden
  • Sure you can play games from the previous consoles, just get psnow....on second thought nevermind.

    Dun diddly doo dooDun diddly doo doo25 dager siden
  • These trophies were a Trojan horse.

    JustinJustin25 dager siden
  • I've been a faithful to Sony since the ps1. If what I'm hearing is true I'll be disappointed. I still play my ps3 and 4. Neither has ever been connected to the internet. Obviously all my games are physical copies.

    JustinJustin25 dager siden
    • @Justin i will keep you posted on the cmos bud but if i was u stay offline for good if you collect physical as it may solve it

      Tony OverstillTony Overstill25 dager siden
    • @Tony Overstill yeah. Witcher 3. But I got the complete edition months ago. Other than that no.

      JustinJustin25 dager siden
    • So you play them unpatched? Have you encountered any issues with bugs on ur ps4 games? I will be testing the cmos on an offline out the box ps4 in the future hopefully its the solution to this problem

      Tony OverstillTony Overstill25 dager siden
  • When is this supposed to happen? Day, time. Anyone? Feel free to chime in.

    JustinJustin25 dager siden
  • moved to pc 6 months ago from a lifetime with ps. best decision i ever made. im 27 by the way

    LucasLucas25 dager siden
    • One of the same problems exist on pc as well and in even greater form; Most distro platforms on pc require a connection to a running network based service in order for your games to boot. Offline modes exist, but not without their own issues. As of now gog is the only service that's entirely future proof. Gog versions can be installed whenever as long as you have the files and you don't need any drm verifications. No online requirements for installations or to actually play. Burn or copy your installation files to disc/drives and you're set for life.

      knerl ingtonknerl ington16 dager siden
  • battery will not last 10 years, more like 3 or 5 years ( and if is turn off 2 or 3 years )

    custumecustume25 dager siden
  • They must fix it. Or else stop buying sony product's

    stelios polstelios pol25 dager siden
  • What's that old quote. "If you can click a button and get it for free. Why would anyone pay for it? You need to compete with clicking that button and getting it easily. You need to compete with the price of free."

    RogueBonerRogueBoner26 dager siden
  • well, from the 2010s to now the gaming industry got worse, probably all started when EA got greedy, then everyone else followed

    Lucas FortesLucas Fortes26 dager siden
  • Planned obsolescence? I hope not but other large companies have done it (Apple for example)

    Grot OilerGrot Oiler26 dager siden
  • So Sony’s attempt to secure trophy’s is the cause of this life battery... this is BS. Smh they BETTER fix that or I’m done with Sony

    Roc_OfficialRoc_Official26 dager siden
  • Does this affect ps vita and ps3 digital purchases? I own a lot of digital content and still break out my vita once in a while .

    VonVon26 dager siden
  • Welp time to bully the Sony Devs again.

    RanakadeRanakade26 dager siden
  • Interesting... just like the original ps3.. and the original ps2 blue back readers... it's almost like Sony does this all the time

    Tee HeeTee Hee26 dager siden
  • Well that's what you get for buying a Playstation...

    Coddiwomple :Coddiwomple :26 dager siden
  • Konami is trying to bury their biggest f*ck up and are still salty about a damn demo 😂

    P-SEC the GamerP-SEC the Gamer26 dager siden
  • I wonder if SONY Knows LITERALLY NO ONE has a PS5

    Just. Reese.Just. Reese.27 dager siden
  • yay more planned obsolescence

    Charley EdwardsCharley Edwards27 dager siden
  • The amount of stupid people that are so blind into hating sony on this topic complete ignore the cmos battery issue is present on the series x too 🤦‍♂️ yet no one mentions this cause is cool to hate sony XD

    VashTheHumanStampedeVashTheHumanStampede27 dager siden
  • .... I’m so tired of this bullshit. So fucking tired.

    Arianna ListaArianna Lista27 dager siden
  • PS5 also uses CMOS so the same thing will happen

    RequiemRequiem27 dager siden
  • Konami fucking hates PT :0

    RequiemRequiem27 dager siden
  • This is bullsh*t smh Sony wtf

    Roc_OfficialRoc_Official27 dager siden
  • I’m so fucking scared, I collect games and have dedicated a big chunk of my life to collection and if the PS4 battery dies I’m dead

    RequiemRequiem27 dager siden
  • Your games don’t die…by the time this happens, PS5, or maybe even PS6 will be readily available and play the games on that. Done. Your games are saved. Causing mass gamer panic over a system that will be years old and no reason to play it on there. PS4 will be preserved, but no reason to play on it except for the novelty. I am all for game preservation, PS4 games will be saved, and the PS4 will more than likely get this update a decade or two from now. No need to worry.

    Giant Robot GamingGiant Robot Gaming27 dager siden
  • To all ps4 ,ps3 ,psvita ,psp users fuck you..... With love Sony xD

    Dylaan VoxDylaan Vox27 dager siden
  • The battery life is 20 years and you an just replace the dang battery

    Mathew CulverMathew Culver27 dager siden
  • This is why I'm sticking with pc. To hell with Sony

    YouhavetoguessitYouhavetoguessit27 dager siden
  • the PS3 and PS4 games need something else to play on

    Jameson HillsJameson Hills27 dager siden
  • This is not a design flaw...this is planned obsolescence. Shame on SONY. My dollars will speak on what I think. Will start replaying my older PS3 games and purchasing them as a big fuck you to Sony. Rather give $120 for a gem from the PS3 era then pay $70 for the new shitty games on PS5.

    IISourAyyIIIISourAyyII27 dager siden
  • Looooool so to sabotage a PS4 just pop out their CMOS Battery? That's pretty mad

    Wunn SenWunn Sen27 dager siden
  • Just buy a pc for gods shake

    Mike SenpaiMike Senpai28 dager siden
  • I imagine that one unheard dev being like "I TOLD YOU S, GUYS! DAMN I TOLD YOU SO!"

    Sina HurleySina Hurley28 dager siden
  • Tbh im a little pissed the series x didn't come with an optical port like for Astros

  • They should offer a firmware update or at least give you a repair service where you send in the ps4 to them to get synced.

    Hikaru WDMHikaru WDM28 dager siden
  • The problem with game preservation isnt only on PS, it's all around. So many games cant be bought physically. Add to that, that many games are "always online" even if it's not necessary. And add to that, that many game studios sooner or later disappear, you can see a dark future for many titles. One of the biggest aspects, what many people forget is that games are a piece of art, visually, storytelling, game mechanics. And yes many publishers and Ceos are A holes but in almost all games are talented creative passionate artists behind, and those Art must be preserved. Think about if a museum would just throw out their old classic art pieces and burn them when new art arrives. Unthinkable! There should be much more pressure on game developers and console developers to make sure their Art can be accessed as long as humanly possible. And if CDs cant handle the giant game sizes, develop another medium, or use USB sticks or something, clouds are nice and all, but physical mediums are much more important.

    J. K.J. K.28 dager siden
  • Emulation is such a beautiful invention.

    MekannatarryMekannatarry28 dager siden
  • Quite frankly, anyone who still supports sony these days deserves it.. The pieceof-shit 4 and 5 and 6 or whatever that comes next is nothing but a fucking computer. And it isn't a secret that they eventually will be bringing their games to PC. So grow a set, leave their walled garden and horribly-looking "console", and start custom-building your PC - Only THEN you'll be able to play without limits.

    Rodox2k10Rodox2k1028 dager siden
  • See the consumers need to stop investing in Sony so they learn lesson

    Darkguyver666Darkguyver66628 dager siden
  • Just like I said Sony is garbage

    Darkguyver666Darkguyver66628 dager siden
  • Oh it's intentional I've been trying to speak out about this for months Sony doesn't give a shit about its consumers... They're just eager to feed you the next round of garbage and you'll just so hungry eat it up, at least Microsoft is making the attempt to preserve the last few generations worth of games. Piss off Sony I won't be buying your goddamn system anymore

    Darkguyver666Darkguyver66628 dager siden
  • “Just buy our new console lol, who plays old consoles?”

    GeoGeo28 dager siden
  • This is no mistake from Sony, it's purely intentional, that's why I'm going for Xbox and pc this time.

    2G 282G 2828 dager siden
  • When I heard about the battery issue I ended up gettting rid of the system I won’t be supporting any gaming product that has this battery 🔋 anti cunsumer move I’m hoping the Nintendo switch doesn’t have this if so I’m done with gaming in general

    the magnificent Captian woot wootthe magnificent Captian woot woot28 dager siden
  • As someone who's had a playstation for every generation since ps1, it's time to jump ship. If it were just one thing fine, but they've been doing crap like this for years while xbox is trying to keep older games available, they have consoles that should work in 30 years, and while the xbox library was more limited for a while they're starting to catch up.

    IAteItGuyIAteItGuy28 dager siden
  • Also been confirmed to affect the ps5 too.

    Mark CaldwellMark Caldwell28 dager siden
  • A good friend of mine has always been sony from day one...hes now moving to xbox its all about game preservation man

    Richard smithRichard smith28 dager siden
  • Once they finish the PS4 Emulator... It wont matter.. Examples. PCSX2 and RPCS3... \ DONE /

    Michael SmartMichael Smart28 dager siden
  • Fanboys are punching the air rn 🤣🤣🤣

    KEEZIOMOKEEZIOMO28 dager siden
  • Dude I'm already on my 3rd PlayStation 4 and that one still don't read discs. So I download everything now and just made it digital. What's funny is my 64 still works perfectly.

    Dirty 2HandsDirty 2Hands28 dager siden
  • So that loud howl my PlayStation 4 makes while playing games on disc is it trying to warn me that it's creators are bastards

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar28 dager siden
  • Hopefully Sony is aware and fixes this in the future

    Turtle RhythmTurtle Rhythm28 dager siden
  • My question is does the PS5 have the same problem? does the PS5 even have a battery? and if can someone take it out and try to play games offline?

    HcStyle100HcStyle10028 dager siden
  • So how long will the battery last? I have old games with internal batteries that are 25 years old that still work. Technology has advanced, I'm pretty sure PS4 will be fine. And considering how integrated PS4 is with PS5, I'm sure PS4 isn't going away anytime soon

    Edwin VegaEdwin Vega28 dager siden
  • Another L for PlayStation fan boys. Xbox won

    One Punch BranOne Punch Bran28 dager siden
  • ...So basically, Sony WAS lying when they said that the PS4 didn't require an online connection to play games back when the PS4 was announced?

    Iori SuichirouIori Suichirou28 dager siden
  • I collect Xbox one games, will they be future proof or should I sell them too?

    Alba MeiraAlba Meira28 dager siden
  • When I was a kid, I realized that too many people in anything, ruined it. Gaming wasn't mainstream when I was younger. It was something that either "nerds" or "losers" did. OG MTV was dope but then it got too popular and attracted Big Money and BAM! ruined... podcasting, ruined. OG NOtown, ruined. And now gaming... RUINED.

    AlejandroAlejandro28 dager siden