Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Butt Controversy

7. feb.. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea25 dager siden
    • @Ben Lunch Mass Effect Legendary Edition will feature better graphics in relation to the original trilogy. Now, I don't know about you, but that is usually seen as a improvement... And changing those camera angles won't change the storyline of the game or ruining it in any way. You idiots are overracting and seeing censorship where there is none.

      Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purpleRoses are red, but Zerglings still are purple22 dager siden
    • @Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple "Mass Effect will be relaunched to a new generation of players with new and improved graphics." We dont know that. A remaster is not automatically better (or even as good) compared to the original and Mass Effect is not the first game remastered. Some remasters end up better than the original but many remasters dont and instead end up undoing creative choices of the original. For example to look "oldtime" Mafia II had a blue-ish filter while to look futuristic Deus Ex had a golden-ish filter. When remastered (Directors Cut/Definite Edition) they not only increased resolution. They removed the graphical filter which result in a vastly different experience. Now this wouldnt be a problem if you could chose filter on/off in the OPTIONS MENU. Its simply almost never a good idea to go back to a big movie, a game or a book and try to re-make parts of it to fit a different era and specially not for political reasons. For example what if LORD OF THE RINGS was made today? They would need to do the same thing Game of Thrones Season 8 did and have a more "modern thinking character" invent modern democracy while complaining about Kings being chosen by being sons of Kings. And sure you can talk about how thats an "improvement" but how good did the end product up now again?

      Ben LunchBen Lunch22 dager siden
    • @Ben Lunch Well, I *_trust_* that Bioware will not make any drastic changes in the game. The only changes will be in the graphics and in those ridiculous camera angles. But if Bioware f*cked up even such simple things, they will deserve to have their doors closed _permanently_ by EA.

      Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purpleRoses are red, but Zerglings still are purple22 dager siden
    • ​@Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple You are contradicting yourself here. If the detail of the "camera angles" was insignificant it wouldnt be significant to change. Its CHANGING things that require risks and resources. Not the other way around. If how the camera angles look was insignificant to you then your own position would be the wrong one. The proper way handling unimport things is keeping them as they were. There is no need to try improve anything which is not important as improvements ALWAYS have the risk of making things worse.

      Ben LunchBen Lunch22 dager siden
    • @Roses are red, but Zerglings still are purple Bioware themselves blamed the issues with Andromeda on Anthem taking resources away so clearly Bioware themselves were not happy with Andromeda. The narrative after Andromedas disastrous release in 2017 was that Anthem would make up for everything and become the next BIG thing. Then when finally Anthem was released in 2019 it ended up worse. The point however is that Anthem was an EA game through and through. There was nothing even resembling the old Bioware in Anthem and the things you complain about were not accidentally put in. They were chosen to pander to the values of EA which were 1. Monetizable game mechanics and 2. Games as service (always online crap). To counter criticism EA took in the Sarkeesian legion to Bioware to help design "Anthem" which is the reason the "city hub" of Anthem seems utterly separated from the rest of the game (with insane loading times between the hub and the gameplay). Thus they pretended EA was all about "diversity" when EA was all about pushing monetizable game mechanics and "games as a service". Thus when they announce the remaster of an old game I am sorry but I dont TRUST them with any changes. Specially not those made using the same argument and people Anthem did. Now do you understand my position better? I dont want ANY non-removable changes to the remaster. If people wants to play with different angles than the original game let that be an OPTION in the OPTIONS menu.

      Ben LunchBen Lunch22 dager siden
  • No butts no peace!!

    Samuel HowardSamuel HowardDag siden
  • I dunno, that quote reads to me like they were going to say (as they keep saying about making any significant changes in this remake) that changing the character model would have been too much work.

    LockeTheColeLockeTheCole4 dager siden
  • Fanservice during inappropriate scenes is sooooooo anime. XD I'm happy they're doing this, tbh.

    Nire StrunkNire Strunk5 dager siden
  • Not looking at Mirandas ass changes her character? Are these people fucking serious?

    Daniel JaegerDaniel Jaeger5 dager siden
  • Im going to most likely stick to the older version of the trilogy because of the changes done as of recent. I will most likely re-buy the triology on steam or ps3.

    supaipaisupaipai6 dager siden
  • They called it Ass Effect 2 for a reason! While it’s not a deal breaker I definitely believe it to be censorship. Sure anyone can look but you can’t zoom in just like that. The point of her character was to show off everything

    FlashKillsFTWFlashKillsFTW6 dager siden
    • How was her ass the point of her character? If you are talking about the whole engineered looks thing then be aware that her massive fuckin milkers are still going to be present in most of the shots portraying her, dont worry choom. the thing is, her ass appears in scenes that are supposed to be important and serious in regard to her backstory, don't you think that it's fitting to remove these shots as they kinda ruin the atmosphere of the scene?

      StylesStyles5 dager siden
  • i'll stick with the original do you guys remember back in mass effect 3 when shepard looking at ashley's butt, after the event of udina betrayal (if you romanced ashley in mass effect 1 and romance with her again in mass effect 3)

    Sudana 'SSudana 'S7 dager siden
  • Modders will fix the camera issue on the legendary edition to make it look like the original :) or so I hope

    The BooxterThe Booxter7 dager siden
  • Mass effect is dead. Bioware is dead. Deal with it.

    Canton OldCanton Old8 dager siden
    • God is dead and we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?

      StylesStyles5 dager siden
  • Screw Bioware, may they rot in hell.

    DaveDave8 dager siden
  • The amount of people who have a problem with this, need to go outside lmao. Holy shit, never thought I’d see people get so passionate about a LITERAL FAKE ASS. Neck-beards at it again.

    Gamma FrostGamma Frost8 dager siden
  • They've said they would change the Asari, Miranda and EDI if they had the time and money to do it, because they don't want to appeal to males. These people hate you and would gladly ruin the game more if they only had the budget.

    OniGanonOniGanon8 dager siden
  • snowflakes and "feminists"....

    Northstar_004Northstar_0049 dager siden
  • Comment sections have turned into nothing but really bad "comedy."

    CrazyDiamondCrazyDiamond11 dager siden
  • Reminder that they had the time to change these shots but not to add same-sex romances for all the companions, something that modders have been doing for years with the old games. Keep that in mind when you're thinking about buying the remastered trilogy.

    Alon BAlon B12 dager siden
  • I was mildly pissed off at first but the headlines were so amazing now I don’t mind. Not like I’ll play the game either way never could get into it really

    WilliamAhlertWilliamAhlert13 dager siden
  • I’ve played this game 100xs over, I never ever even thought about, her talking about her family, and while showing her butt, so I think it makes sense to change that scene, since it’s suppose to be a more serious scene. I see what they are saying.

    RachelRachel13 dager siden
  • Business Man: Hm. Yes. Butt is too Butt. Change the camer- Male Virgin Gamer: But sir! I haven't had enough time to see her ass as she discusses important family mat- Business Man: No. Butt is too butt. *Remove it.*

    Lendoshi LabLendoshi Lab14 dager siden
  • I don't know why people are upset, we all know there's gonna be day one mods that revert all the changed camera angles back to their original positions.

    DraakDraak14 dager siden
  • Wow 1k dislikes, a lot of people were upset that Yong agreed with the changes

    Ferdinand von AegirFerdinand von Aegir15 dager siden
  • Starting to not sound so legendary after all. I want my butt stuff.

    Christopher TaylorChristopher Taylor15 dager siden
  • You know what mod ill be making for every one

    Angel GonzalezAngel Gonzalez15 dager siden
  • Shepard "I'm sorry to hear about your sister Miranda, butt...........we'll bang, ok"

    JarsiaJarsia15 dager siden
  • No butt no romance dont be hipokrit...suckks...10/10 rating because the hot issue

    Baron SinombaBaron Sinomba15 dager siden
  • The only thing that mattered isn't even being included as a courtesy, the ME3 multiplayer.

    SkenjinSkenjin16 dager siden
  • the only reason i disliked is because you said the same thing throughout the entire vid, rather make the vid 5 min long or even shorter.

    Phillip JoubertPhillip Joubert16 dager siden
  • This must have been the handiwork of some pink-haired, fat tumblr queen whining to Bioware.

    faismasterxfaismasterx16 dager siden
  • ok ok, im willing to change the butt shots for boobs shots, thats a fair trade.

    Laurentiu AntonLaurentiu Anton16 dager siden
  • I never really cared about the camera angles. I was to focus on playing the game and the story.

    KyrienaKyriena16 dager siden
  • The revenge will come im form of mods.....specially naked mods.....

    El AtolesEl Atoles16 dager siden
  • Wait. I thought we were all equal? If that's the case, then what's the big deal? Oh yeah, cause most guys don't wear clothes that show our privates. If we are equal, how about getting rid of yoga pants or similar? Believe it or not, seeing most of your vaginas ISN'T something you should be highlighting as most guys aren't into moose knuckles. Seriously, please stop.

    Joe K.Joe K.17 dager siden
  • I don't think anyone who owned the Mass Effect series with all the DLCs should pay more than $10 for a graphical upgrade with less content. After all, Bethesda gave out Skyrim Special Edition to all owners of OG Skyrim with all its DLCs. Unless EA is going to give us more content (maybe some cut content), there is no point in paying more than $70 for this. Even Halo 2 remastered with all its new animations never cost me that much.

    beohelbeohel17 dager siden
  • I’m pretty indifferent about the change, but I think we can all agree that Miranda’s booty was and is a masterpiece.

    T WalkerT Walker17 dager siden
  • That dlc won't be included with the LEGEBDARY EDITION haha ok watch how much do you wanna bet that down the road they'll sell it as dlc

    Taunt TitanTaunt Titan17 dager siden
  • I'm sorry YongYea, but this still is censorship. There's no reason to change the angles or at very least have an option to have the original angles. They can't keeping getting away with stuff like this, I'm already not looking forward to ME4.

    Jocaju3Jocaju317 dager siden
  • Censorship of any kind in videogames is a bad thing that should be hated by everyone, it doesn't matter what's concerned by the censorship (censorship even make pointless the rating system for videogames). Besides, the legendary edition won't even include DLC from the original games! I'm sure Pinnacle station is not there and who knows what else Bioware did to f* this up...

    wargamesmasterwargamesmaster18 dager siden
  • This is important because of the REASON for it. They don't want to pander to "male gamers". Please think on that: they are adjusting the game because they think their male base is disgusting. They don't deserve our money for this. They have the time and budget and moral high ground to fuck with camera angles but none to remodel characters, add all the DLC, rework the ending, add the multiplayer... this is *LITERALLY* a cash grab where they insult you in the process. Don't fund this shit, people. Everyone wants to cancel shit, so add this to that list. Please don't let this be successful.

    Lawfish66Lawfish6618 dager siden
  • But will the character creator still make FemShep have ugly features and close-cropped or "butch" hairstyles?

    TornadoWhirl33TornadoWhirl3318 dager siden
  • If Legendary Edition doesn't mean it's got even more butt, then the title makes no sense!

    MicShazamMicShazam18 dager siden
  • Jesus--This comment section is genuinely depressing

    Heck JeezHeck Jeez18 dager siden
  • Miranda who ? I was busy trying to get into Tali's mask. Maybe they can work on making her not just some boring looking gall with fancy eyebrows....

    Bak FietsBak Fiets18 dager siden
  • Let's be real here, Miranda's ass is one of the only things interesting about her.

    DurandolDurandol19 dager siden
  • Calling Sir Mixalot. He will know what to do about this shit!

    Space DandySpace Dandy19 dager siden
  • They must have made this version for white guys. Because us black guys? We cannot lie.

    Your Mom's TitsYour Mom's Tits19 dager siden
  • Good. It was stupid shit from the beginning. Fanservice is trash.

    Chris PChris P19 dager siden
  • Report to the ship. We'll bang okay?

    GavrockGavrock19 dager siden
  • I’m a simple man. I see butt, I buy.

    osamh XGamerosamh XGamer19 dager siden
  • if theyre really that bothered about the quality of the game they would just go in and redo the animations... you can tell they only used one macho guy to do the scan... you can tell from how the walking gait and animations are... the way he/she talks/drinks/sits etc..... it really is last last last gen stuff.... animations and this sorta stuff erks me, if theyre going to go back in and retouch it, then put abit of effort into it.... its like MK too for me it looks great till youre actually fighting and maybe its the style of MK... but yeah because this is EA and bioware doing this be wary... EA are known for no effort maximum gain... look at their fifa reskins etc, theyre just reskinning ME

    antwangoantwango19 dager siden
  • Wow....people seriously need to A) Realize how "privileged" they are, to be in a situation where a video game character's ass, is of enough importance in their life to matter...whatsoever. B) Just hope the game plays well, and enjoy it for everything that ACTUALLY matters. C) Get a life....

    Eric HammerEric Hammer19 dager siden
  • Coomers being butthurt

    TheWingedHussarTheWingedHussar19 dager siden
  • The Question should be more why should anyone buy this over the Original? After all, it seems to be more like a cheap cash Garp on EA Bioware side.

    LPFariyLPFariy20 dager siden
    • I'm personally buying despite having the original games for a few reasons. 1: less crashes, the mass effect games on the old consoles crashed all the time to the point it got dumb. I had 2 ps3s and they still crashed on those systems. With the Remastered edition those crashes are more then likely gone. 2: Can stream, I wanted to stream mass effect for years just didnt have the proper equipment..with them coming to ps4 and me having better streaming equipment I'll be able to. 3: updated graphics and textures, gameplay, more customization options...this one is kinda self explanatory. 4: 40 DLC...dont know about you but on my ps3 some DLC wasn't available, so I'm glad I'll be getting all 40 of them, plus all 3 games in one package for 70 bucks (Canadian) I'm not gonna complain about that. 5: Some people dont have the original old consoles so why not buy the remaster if you had the chance? So yeah, I think it's not just a matter of "why buy it if you have the original" I technically had the original FFX and FFX-2 but still bought the remasters, the same could be said about any game that Remastered

      Scott ElginScott Elgin20 dager siden
  • Its a SEMINAL, series, for Mirandas butt

    Momiji The Lesbian LeftieMomiji The Lesbian Leftie20 dager siden
  • Mass Effect 2 Release - OMG Miranda has a big butt?!?! Controversy!!! Mass Effect Legendary Edition - OMG They're changing Miranda's butt?!?! Controversy!!!

    Jeff FrederickJeff Frederick20 dager siden
  • Imo, devs and publishers know how to get easy free marketing by playing both sides.

    NirbNirb20 dager siden
  • Sarkeesian must be consulting for them lol

    MrWhoisDatMrWhoisDat20 dager siden
  • It's been a long ass day

    Clapa MemesClapa Memes20 dager siden
  • Lets be real, the only reason they're changing the camera angles is because they lack the talent to change the model itself.

    DukeDuke20 dager siden
  • Do people owning whole trilogy get any discount?

    RandyBobasekRandyBobasek20 dager siden
  • On one hand I don't think I would have noticed the butt shots removal that much, but on another hand, why remove it in the first place? Did it offend the idiots from RPS or something? The butt shots didn't really add anything to the game, but it's not like it was something that needed to be censored either. What a pointless thing to do imo.

    MateMate20 dager siden
  • My sister died twerking scene ensues That'd be another fix

    PainofRazerationPainofRazeration20 dager siden
  • The problem is that Bioware has lost trust with the fans long before this little controversy.

    The SwartzThe Swartz21 dag siden
  • Great video! Thanks

    PhobosTheWickedPhobosTheWicked21 dag siden
  • Эфиоп твою мать

    Сергей КолобовСергей Колобов21 dag siden
  • easy way for them to get back the dlc source code buy the game buy the dlc BAM they have the dlc and all its stuff also considering this is a remaster they can technically just adjust some animations and other things it wouldn't be to hard instead of ya know taking the easy way out with camera adjustments heck easy fix for the whole butt thing change where shep is looking BAM no butt controversy but honestly the whole open leg issue they actively can just adjust that model which I feel they should anyway for femshep as in the original fem shep wasn't really cared about it was tacked on so adjusting some of its animations makes sense the open legs especially

    blazikenowenblazikenowen21 dag siden
  • I don't care much about this, but in general it seems buying the original trilogy separately is superior to buying the legendary edition. The graphics still look good and there are mods which fix many issues I've had with the series(even the final ending). Either way, people should be cautious when pre-ordering the Legendary edition. This isn't the Bioware that made DA:O, KOTOR+2, Jade and ME1+2+3. This is the Bioware that made ME:A, DA:I and Anthem.

    Reece ShugrueReece Shugrue21 dag siden
  • Wow, we're regressing fast.

    MepphoMeppho21 dag siden
  • This was bioware chance to change the ending in mass effect 3 and they blew it. It would have surely jump the company back in the right direction

    Michael SampsonMichael Sampson21 dag siden
    • You do know how much work is involved in that right? If they decided to do that, forget the edition coming out this would be put off for another year or 2. I honestly dont have a problem with the ending, I know that's "controversial" to say that but I'm fine with it

      Scott ElginScott Elgin20 dager siden
  • Thanks for the reasonable, mature take on the situation, needed that after all the childish outrage! ^^

    AroncoAronco21 dag siden
  • Nobody buys the game.

    thisbarbthisbarb21 dag siden
    • I already pre-ordered yeah

      Scott ElginScott Elgin20 dager siden
  • Like many of the others, I don't believe for a second that this is the only change and that this is just a herald of things to come. Eh, I have my copies of the original trilogy that I still need to finish. I'll just remember to be skeptical of any patches when I reinstall the trilogy.

    PsionPsion21 dag siden
  • I don't get it. Not like a mod won't add it again. Chill out and pcmasterrace

    Aeryn HellfireAeryn Hellfire21 dag siden
  • Censorship is Censorship even if it's just an ass

    TT21 dag siden
  • Its happening again

    Steve MarcelSteve Marcel21 dag siden
  • Ass Effect...sounds like you accidentally made a Brazzers title without knowing.

    YuenYuen21 dag siden
  • For Fuck's sake: leave the original funny content alone...losers

    HarbingerHarbinger21 dag siden
  • Rolled back aka broke

    Sean TSean T21 dag siden
  • @YongYea You saying you were bothered by the camera angle in that scene when you first played the game is complete bullshit and you know it. Nobody was thinking that deep when they played the game there where too busy enjoying the experience to care about that stupidity. Bioware didn't have a problem with it before however now it's a problem and they want to make a camera adjustment. And some people aren't calling this Censorship because of the context of the scene. Let me break this down in the simplest way possible so some of you who are defending this change can understand: Censorship is Censorship regardless of how big or small the change is. This change did not need to be done I don't give a shit what there reasoning is. They couldn't help themselves they needed to make these changes in order to appease those that where bothered by it. The fans weren't bothered by it but somebody was and that's why the change was made. Fuck you Bioware/Electronic Arts for once again catering to those who do not speak for the fans or anyone for that matter. I don't support censorship in anyway shape or form so I won't be getting this so-called "Legendary Edition." I'll be just fine playing the original Mass Effect Trilogy on Playstation 3 the way it should be played.

    TooSweetMeBroTooSweetMeBro21 dag siden
  • Muh fan service!

    Wise SnakeWise Snake21 dag siden
  • I love how even though Yong explains that Miranda's character model isn't being "deflated" in any way, and that Bioware has explained that changes are being made for tonal consistency, a lot of the comment section is still bitchin'.

    ThatDarnSkagThatDarnSkag21 dag siden
    • Exactly, if miranda was gone from the game entirely and replaced then okay...I would see there point, but this? There changing a camera angle...its not the end of the world. There is no "censorship"... I look at it like this: if a woman is having a serious discussion with you...are you going to focus on her breasts or ass? No, of course not. So bioware changing something as small as this makes all the sense in the world to me

      Scott ElginScott Elgin20 dager siden
    • I know right, I personally don't see a problem with it, people need to chill, it is not 'censorship to protect snowflakes' it is to be more immersive with the story.

      Hawk of MusicHawk of Music21 dag siden
  • When this game tanks in sales because of stupid decisions by devs, and is left stranded on shelves gathering dust... Then it will be legendary.

    Pure Mgtow Paladin 2Pure Mgtow Paladin 221 dag siden
  • I almost pre-ordered butt for the camera angle changes. Do not change art over politics.

    DarthDaddy1701DarthDaddy170121 dag siden
  • I see what you did there in the title...

    SuperCyberus 2SuperCyberus 221 dag siden
  • Ngl I liked the video for just the thumbnail alone. Gave me quite the chuckle.

    SuguriSuguri21 dag siden
  • "Ass-effect" hahahaha

    Jeepgirlcj7Jeepgirlcj721 dag siden
  • Still getting it. People are overreacting.

    RowanRowan21 dag siden
    • Same here, I pre-ordered yesterday. If people want to whine about a camera cut...go for it, doesn't change the fact that I'm still gonna buy it

      Scott ElginScott Elgin21 dag siden
  • You know what is funny though and what people are missing? These are the no talent devs that have been making flops for the last decade. We are supposed to trust their opinions on what is good and what makes sense? Yeah i'll trust them once they stop failing, stop with the diversity hires and start hiring talent.

    WarexWarex21 dag siden
  • Bonk. They just sent the original director to horny jail

    iauiau21 dag siden

    derfal shamirderfal shamir21 dag siden
  • Lets be honest, no one knew Miranda had a sister until the butt scene was going to go away...

    Bilir KasuhBilir Kasuh21 dag siden
  • It's censorship. Period... Any rationalization for making this change: it wasn't intended, it's just a camera angle, it's awkward, it's sexualizing, it's a minor thing, it's just an ass, it's unintentionally funny etc. It all boils down to this: "I don't like it or care for it, therefore it must be changed to suit my taste or I'm ok with it being changed to suit what I like. Other people, if I ever think about anybody else than myself, can't be allowed to enjoy something I don't like or care for or at least I'm ok with others being denied access to something I don't care about (me, me, me I wish the world revolved around me)." No matter the reason people like the scene as it was and no matter the reason one might want it changed... it's about this. Can you allow other people to enjoy something you don't like or care for yourself? If the answer is yes you will not like this change. If the answer is no... You essentially are the stereotypical selfish only child / man child whatever and shouldn't be playing an m rated game anyway, because you are clearly not mature yet.

    nt78stonewobblent78stonewobble21 dag siden
    • It all boils down to this: Go get some real a$$ instead of virtual a$$

      NYY MEXNYY MEX20 dager siden
  • I'm not a fan of the framing of lady butts in the game industry but I'd rather they not change it at all if it was in there originally. It stuck with me all these years and it'd be weird to see a remaster without it. It's like when rated R movies air on cable networks and they edit the language to be less colorful. For example: Kill Bill's 'My name's Buck and I'm here to pARtY'.

    sansanimussansanimus21 dag siden
  • No do not dial down the butt shots. Dial them right the fuck up, every character needs a butt shot, *everyone*

    Thomas BThomas B21 dag siden
  • Remember when Nintendo censored Tokyo Mirage FE in Japan and later apologize for it we should follow Japan example here.

    Rok mareRok mare21 dag siden
  • If I can't get Miranda 4K ass I don't need this Legendary Edition

    ViegoViego21 dag siden
  • The ass effect controversy 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ you had to go there lol

    Christopher LombeChristopher Lombe21 dag siden
  • Gamergate 2.0: Gimme back dat ass! The mASS Effect. The Re-assening.

    Trik StariTrik Stari21 dag siden
  • Well another project, waste of money and time, I play MGSV at least it's a real good game with taste, also with good butts

    Silvest3rSilvest3r21 dag siden
  • there's an old saying: "If An't Broke ...Don't Fix It"

    π iKROODUM ππ iKROODUM π22 dager siden
  • Forget Miranda Its Jacobs butt I'm worries about

    dale osbornedale osborne22 dager siden