Microsoft Already Made Back Cost Of Buying Bethesda Twice Over, Xbox To Allegedly Buy More Studios

30. jan.. 2021
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  • Imagine being such a big company that spending $7.5 billion is just kinda casual for you. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • if i was that rich id dissapear off of social media and use a fake account for shitposting

      alex duffyalex duffy12 dager siden
    • I'd much rather see Sony focus less on these gaming netflixes which are only as good as your internet and your free time and instead just make more good games. It is nice having such a library of games at your disposal but I'd love to see how many games people play on the service. I'd reckon it isn't very many at all because they only have so much time and they are limited by how fast they can download said games.

      Shadow WolfShadow WolfMåned siden
    • @Azzir no bill gates was the creator. Its still owned by Microsoft. Tho bill gates will have shares in Microsoft out his arse xD and get a fk ton in royalties

      SlodsworthSlodsworthMåned siden
    • I thought bill gates owned it???

      AzzirAzzirMåned siden
    • @thug21 yh because they wont give a definitive answer till the accusation xD early days they said it wouldn't be but the later it gets the more theyre changing their tune. Like phil spencer in a podcast last week

      SlodsworthSlodsworthMåned siden
  • How about get rid of Xbox live gold, it would make things easier to use game pass.

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi14 dager siden
  • When you heard the number; did anyone else picture Todd Howard as the monopoly man running past go😂

    Josh CurleyJosh Curley6 dager siden
  • @YongYea What about Uplay+,is it comming to gamepass or not?

    Bjorn DremmenBjorn Dremmen7 dager siden
  • They should buy EA and Ubisoft, they can afford it

    Shane MastersonShane Masterson7 dager siden
    • Buying more studios doesn't instantly mean better games.

      Fantonium NitrousFantonium Nitrous4 dager siden
  • At the end of the day Microsoft is a software company that branched out into hardware. If there's one thing they probably can get right, it's software... unless it's a operating system, but that's a different can of worms.

    Hanro50Hanro507 dager siden
  • This rumoured second publisher aquistion is most likely WB Games

    WellerJCWellerJC8 dager siden
  • Lmao yeah sure

    SantanaSantana8 dager siden
  • Please Sega next so SMT games are on PC

    Nateman1000Nateman10008 dager siden
  • my dream is that one day Microsoft and Nintendo Work together to make the ultimate console :'3

    Richard TeranRichard Teran8 dager siden
  • No surprise 😁

    JCResonatorJCResonator8 dager siden
  • This video in a nutshell is "microsoft is a big company that makes a lot of money". Duh?

    Lazirus951Lazirus9518 dager siden
  • Let's be real, Microsoft has given us shit from time to time but we all wish we can make money like them.

    A FaceA Face10 dager siden
  • Remember how sony was trying to buy leyou and warframe by extension? I wonder if ms will try it too

    Dragon LordDragon Lord10 dager siden
  • Microsoft game pass is the best thing microsodt done. I have a chance to play some games I'd never consider, but we're awesome!

    Stanislav ZaverukhaStanislav Zaverukha11 dager siden
  • Really late to this video but I really hope they fully purchase remedy and give the the power to do whatever the fuck they want, Alan wake 2 Quantum break 2 max Payne 4 control 2. Whatever the fuck they want every game they make is an absolute gem.

    Josh BrownJosh Brown11 dager siden
  • Xbox need more exclusive games, so they buy more studios

    vaan octvaan oct11 dager siden
    • Which is stupid. Back in the Original Xbox and Xbox 360 days, they only had a few studios and still delivered better exclusive games than they did with the Xbox One.

      Fantonium NitrousFantonium Nitrous4 dager siden
  • Are you seriously advocating for monopolies? WTF dude.

    joyears kittiesjoyears kitties12 dager siden
    • @Veloce ??? No. Do you have one braincell?

      joyears kittiesjoyears kitties11 dager siden
    • yea. thats so fucked up. sony should buy more studios. that would solve the problem!

      VeloceVeloce11 dager siden
  • And to all those saying they “need” to sell Bethesda and the other zennimax games on ps to get their money back ... really? 🙈🤣

    Captain ChatsCaptain Chats14 dager siden
  • Gamers: “Xbox has no games” Xbox: “Okay let’s just buy all the games lmao lol ez”

    iXenoziiXenozi15 dager siden
  • Affordable streaming of epics like the upcoming elderscrolls 6 to mobile phone and smart tv is the holy grail of media distribution for a game as enveloping as the elderscrolls...imagine watching the first trailer for es6 and seeing a free two week game pass trial at the streaming just opens the market to everyone..that's a lot of money if no other companys have a killer app to stream like a bethesda game.

    Matt LastMatt Last15 dager siden
  • Oh look, more corporate consolidation.

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname15 dager siden
  • 0:22 bethesda & reputable should never be used in the same sentence, that should be considered a crime :D

    ReMax GamingReMax Gaming15 dager siden
  • The rich get richer.

    Anthony NormanAnthony Norman16 dager siden
  • I see the start of a monopoly and the death of competition. But the fanboys don’t want to hear that. They’ll defend their corporate overlords to the death

    User NameUser Name17 dager siden
    • @Highlander001 lol you’re a clown. I’ve played on both Xbox and PlayStation. This the type of shit I’m talking about. How bout you learn some basic economics first. Then you’ll see where a monopoly gets you. Competition = innovation = good for consumers. Sony pony really? What are you 10? Still consumed in the console war bullshit? Ah yes my console that’s exactly like yours is better. Lol get over yourself

      User NameUser Name12 dager siden
    • Sounds like a Sony pony.

      Highlander001Highlander00112 dager siden
  • Man, all these good videos and years down the line and he still does that cringevomit outro every time.

    GroaznicGroaznic17 dager siden
    • Always seems like he doesn't want to do it

      sebastian_meguminsebastian_megumin15 dager siden
  • I like to see if they can buy steam and alter their crazy buggy system

    Knight SpaskKnight Spask17 dager siden
  • 7.5 billion dollars Regular people: wow that's a lot of money! Microsoft: pizza money.

    SuperMarioGold 0SuperMarioGold 017 dager siden
  • Too bad the remote sucks I can't handle that awful cramping remote another min.

    old school gamerold school gamer18 dager siden
  • Seeing the state of Sony right now, I'm more inclined to buy Xbox's next gen

    equalDelightequalDelight18 dager siden
    • @tokyodriftstyle Not to mention, The Medium is also on PC so it's not an exclusive.

      Fantonium NitrousFantonium Nitrous4 dager siden
    • PS5 on 2020-2022: Spiderman MM, Sackboy, Demon's Souks, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7,God of war Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI, Project Athia... Xbox on 2020-2022: The Medium(70metactritic), Halo Infinite Pop-in and Hellblade... lmfao

      tokyodriftstyletokyodriftstyle9 dager siden
  • This means even more studios. God I love competition

    APAP18 dager siden
    • Back in the Original Xbox and Xbox 360 days, they only had a few studios and still delivered better exclusive games than they did with the Xbox One.

      Fantonium NitrousFantonium Nitrous4 dager siden
  • Demand for the Series X is only being met with 60% of supply due to scalpers. Digital death to all scalpers, where are the digital pitchforks?

    Dan FDan F18 dager siden
  • Yes, Microsoft makes a ton of money....Xbox is broke. Microsoft is Xbox's sugar daddy...

    brodysdaddybrodysdaddy18 dager siden
  • Honestly the one game i am really looking forward to is halo infinite because it is going to pc and it looks like 343 and Microsoft have learned from there mistakes

    Owenmojo FosterOwenmojo Foster18 dager siden
  • I was a Xbox fan back when the announced scale bound i even bought Xbox 1 just for that game. After they cancelled it i went back to PS4 and switch because come on man Xbox doesn't have a good rpg besides dragons dogma dark arisen. Them getting Bethesda ha the games they put out were all trash. Give me a one player story driven rpg that has multiplayer with real people or npc team and id buy a series x. No pvp though that ruined bdo. Maybe morelike sow and ogre battle joined forces to make a new sweet game. Come on Microsoft get a good rpg

    Death AngelDeath Angel19 dager siden
  • I don't understand why microsoft haven't added xbox game pass to android tv's. It should be a standard streaming game service on a tv. And so should stadia, playstation now and geforce now. Its a amazingly bad degenerative decision!? . There mind set is so sad. Trying to prevent peoples freedom of choice. The important hardware is a tv and phone not a console and gaming pc.

    Lucan SanchezLucan Sanchez19 dager siden
    • It is coming, Samsung signed a deal with Microsoft and will be coming later this year.

      Highlander001Highlander00112 dager siden
  • This is how monopolies begin...

    Boosie WoosieBoosie Woosie19 dager siden
  • Reall disagree spiderman moralis was so short and not a console seller . I feel both consoles don't have any games that a console should have when releasing a new console. Thk God for lockdowns that's helped their sales.

    jason hendryjason hendry19 dager siden
  • Microsoft bought Obsidian and Bethesda. You know what this means. New Vegas 2- /shot

    Empress Of LightEmpress Of Light19 dager siden
  • I thought they made the money back selling Bethesda products. This video is kind of bs?

    ScarfoxScarfox20 dager siden
  • How about those Xbox Xclusives?! No? too soon? Lmfao.

    Cris n Mary FamCris n Mary Fam20 dager siden
    • OH...You thought you made a point? Go on, don't let me stop you! 😂🤣

      Joypad BanditJoypad Bandit17 dager siden
  • Thanks cloud based enterprise services

    Black IceBlack Ice20 dager siden
  • Uh oh uh oh monopoly warning

    ElvinGearMaster IrmaElvinGearMaster Irma20 dager siden
  • Microsoft, maker of gaming OS that also run excel since forever

    jarnModjarnMod20 dager siden
  • It's Microsoft money...not XBox division money. If Vault will be profitable under Microsofts wings is a complete different story. Lionhead, Rare etc....why do people forget so quickly. Just look how poor Microsofts "AAA"-title have been. Forza-Games are their best AAA titles in terms of ratings and quality for years. Everything else fell short. 343 did not deliver to this date.

    c2ashmanc2ashman21 dag siden
  • This fuckn guy said libeary

    EmeebeEmeebe21 dag siden
  • My only fear is the further monopolization/oligopolization of the video game market.

    SanitaryCockroachSanitaryCockroach21 dag siden
  • I really wish people didn't cheer this idea of Gamepass being the gaming version of Netflix. It's not a good thing you're cheering. They are a business. At some point they (as in the stockholders) will want to see that BETHESDA purchase pay for itself otherwise they're essentially seeing it being drained from other areas of the business. It's not made back ANY OF THE COST. The other area of their business has subsidized it. "Imagine being such a big company that spending 7.5 billion is just kinda casual for you"?!?!? Like seriously, wtf? Yeah imagine when it's in a country with no nationalized health care, where millions live under the poverty line, where corporations like MICROSOFT are prioritized over the average citizen, where Flint Michigan water is a thing... yeah imagine that! Spending that money in the middle of a pandemic where small business are closing at a rapid rate and where millions of people are threatened with eviction. Maybe people should be a little more angry and disgusted that this is a thing instead of amazed and it all. Your commentary on this stuff is f'ing awful.

    Hoopla10Hoopla1021 dag siden
  • Microsoft had money to buy studios left and right but doesn't have the time to find a dev to make a new Killer Instinct? That's just lame.

    Voan SiamVoan Siam21 dag siden
  • Yet there still years behind Sony and Nintendo, when it comes to developing 1st party games

    camau79camau7921 dag siden
  • Imagine if Microsoft would have partnered with Gamestop on Gamepass sales. Give them 33% of all year-long subscription cards they sell. Kinda a missed opportunity.

    ShiestyShamusShiestyShamus21 dag siden
  • MS isn't selling as many consoles as Sony is (~2:1), but they're killing it with Game Pass subs versus PSNow subs (6:1), and those have far more profit potential and this is partly why MS banks so much cash every quarter.

    Dustin LambertDustin Lambert21 dag siden
  • They should buy Sony lol

    yanyan22 dager siden
  • 7.5 billions in cash?

    Jose Angel MonterrozaJose Angel Monterroza22 dager siden
  • Microsoft should buy back bungie

    Dave WilsonDave Wilson23 dager siden
    • they tried, bungie didnt want to

      Real GamerReal Gamer19 dager siden
  • Rip sony

    sergiosergio23 dager siden
  • Bethesda’s ex owners: Think we could of more?

    Hidden FlareHidden Flare23 dager siden
  • so, the EA way?

    DanwalDanwal23 dager siden
  • Anyone surprised by this clearly only thinks Microsoft is Xbox lmao Microsoft has enough CASH on hand they could buy all of Sony 3x over. I really do think we are in for a massive announcement like Microsoft is going to buy EA, Activision or 2K.

    ENGRENGR24 dager siden
  • Microsoft made profit, not Xbox. Xbox at the moment acts as a parasite on Microsoft. If it cannot produce profit, it will inevitably get canned. The recent Xbox Live price hike shows Xbox management is desperate for profit.

    Sam DenisseSam Denisse24 dager siden
  • If I was microsoft I would try to buy Disney but from your information Disney might be too big.

    Shadow HoundShadow Hound25 dager siden
  • This isn’t a good thing though right? doesn’t it just mean that Xbox will have more exclusive games?

    Coconut SquirrelCoconut Squirrel25 dager siden
    • and thats a good thing.

      VeloceVeloce11 dager siden
  • Eidos Montreal and the Deus Ex rights would be my ideal purchase for Microsoft. Dontnod would be another one good pickup.

    No One SomeoneNo One Someone26 dager siden
  • I think they trying to buy sega. It was in the talks for years, back when the first xbox came out.

    Hi-TyChHi-TyCh26 dager siden
  • Microsoft needs to stop acquiring studios and put their focus on releasing games. 23 studios and 0 launch games. Games > studios

    I Like Video GamesI Like Video Games26 dager siden
    • @Dragonborn Express sorry I meant to say zero 1st party launch games. I mean the only 1st party game we know a release window about is Halo, and I can't see that launching before mid 2022

      I Like Video GamesI Like Video Games5 dager siden
    • The Medium exists, you know. Granted it's not much, but it exists.

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express25 dager siden
  • Yeah. Remember when everyone was swearing up and down MS would have to put Bethesda games on Playstation to make back the money they spent?..........yeah

    Darien BrittonDarien Britton26 dager siden
  • They can afford actiblizz... So what are you waiting for Microsoft? Save Blizzard from the abusive relationship it's in

    Oldschool GamerOldschool Gamer27 dager siden
    • They'd have to get the entire company, not just Blizzard.

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express25 dager siden
  • Nah, most of these companies are making bank due to scalpers snatching everything up..

    MrDEMarqMrDEMarq27 dager siden
  • PlayStation Fanboys: NO, Microsoft made most of that money! REEEEE! 🤣 Microsoft: You do know that we WILLINGLY paid for ALL of our Xbox Game Studios...Yes, that includes Zenimax/Bethesda. We do it because the Xbox Brand was created by us (Shotout to Ed Fries & Bill Gates) and it will only die by OUR hand...Not by a company that can barely keep their doors open! 😋 *Drops Mic* Me: 🤐 ^^^^ Gamertag: BloodOath77

    Joypad BanditJoypad Bandit27 dager siden
  • Hopefully this will encourage Bethesda to stop releasing glitchy and buggy games

    S KS K27 dager siden
  • This is why the games will be exclusive

    The Bear MinimumThe Bear Minimum27 dager siden
  • Yong Yea has always been more of a Sony fan, he has always given them a pass on everything they have done.

    Highlander001Highlander00128 dager siden
    • Its easy to be a fan of someone that has SO many excellent IPs developed through the years.

      tokyodriftstyletokyodriftstyle9 dager siden
  • So does this mean they are going to stop doing MTX in their games since they can afford to make good games again?

    AyleeumAyleeum28 dager siden
  • Made so much money but yet they wanna raise the price of xblg. Their greed knows no boundary!!!

    sfturbosfturbo28 dager siden
    • So we're totally going to gloss over how Sony raised all their game prices to 70 bucks? Hmmmm....

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express24 dager siden
  • Really want them to buy Square Enix

    Daniel NurseDaniel Nurse28 dager siden
    • Gamefreak just saying?

      Leonardo FariasLeonardo Farias24 dager siden
    • Me too

      Mid Nite kMid Nite k25 dager siden
    • OH HELL NA (my opinion, they don't make good games at all)

      Anurag GuptaAnurag Gupta26 dager siden
  • The only issue with this is Microsoft on a whole is very different from Xbox game studios. Microsoft has talked about closing the entire department a couple times. The profit of Xbox game studios is what matters.

    derick moorederick moore28 dager siden
  • Did Microsoft make that much profit, or Xbox on it‘s own? Xbox is going all out by buying Game Studios and then close them after a while. History repeats itself...

    Sunny FrischSunny Frisch28 dager siden
    • @Highlander001 Since when does Sony own Capcom? Dude, you have a lot to learn regarding Japanese backscratching. Sony didn‘t pay Capcom a single penny either. Also back in the day various Street Fighter games had been released on Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast. No exclusivity to Sony, fellow. Research first, arguments after.

      Sunny FrischSunny Frisch12 dager siden
    • @Sunny Frisch Please, Sony does this as well, they kept Street Fighter of of Xbox for years, and I will not even touch on Final Fantasy, you sound like a salty Sony pony.

      Highlander001Highlander00112 dager siden
    • @Highlander001 Does not make the situation any better. Yes, the idea is to either blackmail Sony, or shut them out of more and more third Party AAA stuff. Way to go. Yet I can‘t see where this is improving the video games market. Creating and publishing A grade games would convince me more than just showing off with studio purchases. Additionally they also challenge Steam, Epic, etc. by that. Plus since they’ll hamper the newest technical, evolutionary step, which is NVMe drives having a big impact on games development, since their consoles will be the smallest common denominator within 2 years. Guess only an MS/Xbox zealot can be hyped about this.

      Sunny FrischSunny Frisch27 dager siden
    • Microsoft buys the studios not Xbox.

      Highlander001Highlander00128 dager siden
  • Real question is why? There are hardly decent exclusives, new Halo looks like a ps3 game and gamepass titles are mostly B games nobody would care about (just like playstation now). I don't get it.

    BrokenYamatoBrokenYamato28 dager siden
    • Just because you do not like the games, some out there may. It does not have to make sense to you or I, just Microsoft.

      Highlander001Highlander00128 dager siden
  • Microsoft needs to buy Ubsoft

    Invicta CrimsonInvicta Crimson28 dager siden
    • @Dragonborn Express on gamepass day 1 and all the old titles I don't care about exclusivity

      NICK RICKNICK RICK24 dager siden
    • Not like that would be a bad thing on its own. Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, pretty much anything Tom Clancy related, Rayman, etc.

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express25 dager siden
  • "Libary"

    Devan JonesDevan Jones28 dager siden
  • The xbox is a money sink compared to other Microsoft divisions.

    Mad JoeMad Joe28 dager siden
    • Xbox did turn a profit, maybe not to your liking, but a profit none the less.

      Highlander001Highlander00128 dager siden
  • Considering the size of Microsoft business it’s actually not that much. I mean they are on the same level with apple and amazon who made much more.

    Thrifty UltraThrifty Ultra28 dager siden
  • No they didn't Microsoft the company made that money the gaming division makes a fraction of those money. And they don't care about the hardware it's all about the subscription 😉

    iulix maxiulix max28 dager siden
    • He said microsoft...

      UndeadUndead26 dager siden
  • I for one, as a PC gamer, welcome my microsoft overlords. Sony can go fuck itself.

    Álvaro NetoÁlvaro Neto28 dager siden
  • If they buy codemasters I will be so happy

    MagnusMagnus29 dager siden
  • PS3 beat 360? I remember 360 being SO dominant.

    Landry SaathoffLandry Saathoff29 dager siden
    • @Dragonborn Express well that was also kinda the reason people got ps4 instead of xbox one because of the anti consumer policy's and it being worse?

      NICK RICKNICK RICK24 dager siden
    • Let's be honest here: that's just because the PS3 was worse than the Xbox 360.

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express25 dager siden
  • Microsoft can piss off with buying anything else.

    Western Canadian CommentaryWestern Canadian Commentary29 dager siden
  • I don't know but I think Apple is going to get on this too the competition is real.

    Gabrial GuGabrial Gu29 dager siden
    • They will wait until playstation fail to buy playstation company

      ..29 dager siden
  • Okay, seriously, WHERE are they making all this money and why have they not spent some of it to make a sequel to ODST?

    CdrChaosCdrChaos29 dager siden
  • The Microsoft / Bethesda deal still isn't done yet, the EU can still prevent it from happening.

    Jaroslaw NowakowskiJaroslaw Nowakowski29 dager siden
    • There are no problems with the deal from the paperwork that is available to the public. The EU commission has till March 5th to investigate, so far looks like no problem. If the EU commission does nothing then it will pass on March 5th.

      Highlander001Highlander00128 dager siden
  • YO that Michael B Jordan Alexa ad was MAD Wildin for that 😂💀

    Tayler NicksTayler Nicks29 dager siden
  • Mad respect on Spike in the background

    werealldead_ _werealldead_ _29 dager siden
  • None of that has to do with Xbox. This title is misleading. Microsoft has made that much every quarter for decades that’s nothing new or special.

    BernmanBernman29 dager siden
  • I mean microsoft could buy sony, like thats how much money they make

    NonsensicalVidsNonsensicalVids29 dager siden
    • They could fucking EA.

      Dragonborn ExpressDragonborn Express25 dager siden
  • Gotta stop big corporations, never a good sign.

    Rayleigh AMV'sRayleigh AMV's29 dager siden
  • Hahahahaha hahahahaha hah 😂 😂 😂 over for that trashstation 5

    The Trash Can ManThe Trash Can Man29 dager siden
  • Terrible for the community.

    crbunyan52crbunyan5229 dager siden
  • Microsoft buys *Rockstar Games* GTA VI announced for Xbox Series X and PC. series s can go get fucked LOL

    ravenburrdravenburrd29 dager siden
    • Bruh

      NICK RICKNICK RICK24 dager siden
  • All those studios and not one exclusive of note on their new system.

    B TB T29 dager siden
  • Capitalism is a mess and is unregulated and god why do we live in a "Free" Market that enslaves us?

    PolarPhantomPolarPhantomMåned siden