Microsoft Tried To Double Price Of Xbox Live Gold & It Went Very Poorly

23. jan.. 2021
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  • $120 a year to play games online, even free to play? No thanks. Glad Microsoft saw sense and quickly reversed the decision, and they're even making it so you don't need Xbox Live Gold to play f2p titles in the future. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • Yeah but it’s still $10 a month for gold WHAT THE FUCK

      Kenneth IllmanKenneth IllmanMåned siden
    • It is bad as is

      GameTheGameGameTheGameMåned siden
    • Microsoft...unbelievable stupid action...

      Jack TylerJack TylerMåned siden
    • @C I explixitly stated that I was referring to monthly plans. Even so, when you consider that you can get 4 months of game pass ultimate for 30 bucks by converting a 12 month ea subscriotion, new customers get 3 months for a dollar, and you can ise microsoft reward points from game purchases to redeem game pass ultimate for 1-3 months, there essentially has been no price increase whatsoever. The ONLY good thing to come from this is thag f2p games wont require any service. End of story. Stop trying to pretend that this was something is wasn't. They removed the yearly half price discount of a low value service in exchange for multitudes of other discounts and pricing offers that give far better value. Saying otherwise is absurd.

      CGoody 564CGoody 564Måned siden
    • @CGoody 564 yeah, you’re still wrong even with that page of xbot denial Base GP/live combo is $10/month= $120/ year.... that is double the price of the existing live service $60/year. Wether you personally like GP has nothing to do with ms forcing it onto people, at an increased cost by combining it with live. If MS hadn’t done the $1 promo to con users into an ongoing renewal after, most people wouldn’t have even bothered with GP to begin with, the distraction didn’t last long enough and they got caught, which is why they’re reversing it. GP only benefits those who don’t care to buy games and those who play many games. Since most people play a handful, most don’t benefit from the added content ie; say you only ever play cod. It’s the only game you play and buy, being forced into the GP/live combo directly fucks you over by doubling the price of the online. This isn’t fair and it’s shady af. Forcing consumers to either stop buying games to justify the GP cost or to adopt the GP subscription model and lose all control of the content they’re “purchasing” It’s the exact way Ms tried to lock everyone out of trade ins with the DRM attempt, except instead of worrying what you’ll do after you buy the games, Microsoft is pushing for a service so you won’t buy the games to begin with. Different strat, same effect.

      CCMåned siden
  • People shouldn't even have to play for xbox live gold in the first place

    Dara G.Dara G.5 dager siden
  • I wish Sony split online access and 'free games' to different subscriptions. PS+ is too much even with the price drop last year to the original prices that came before the hike up a few years ago. Microsoft tried to bang the users with the same BS Sony did but with way more dollar bills involved

    Evolved CopperEvolved Copper6 dager siden
  • They are still on the bullshit, they only gave me the option of a 1 month or 3 months pass

    DeShaun MuhammadDeShaun Muhammad13 dager siden
  • After 2 years you still use a headset microphone, meaning we have to listen to you BREATHING IN. Please, get a proper mic

    Momiji The Lesbian LeftieMomiji The Lesbian Leftie15 dager siden
  • Remember the backlash when xbone was announced? Lol its all coming back man

    MR. SantiagoMR. Santiago16 dager siden
  • Game Pass is a waste, and gold membership is a waste, we don’t need any of em

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi116 dager siden
  • Stop supporting a company that invests heavily into virus productions.

    Gabriel GGGabriel GG20 dager siden
  • they say that but it's not there. I see no 6 month or 12 month options for renewal...

    Silly Things I BuySilly Things I Buy26 dager siden
  • What sucks even more about gamepass is that once the game is not available for download anymore I heard you either lose the ability to play the game or lose it entirely.

    Drago MuseviniDrago Musevini26 dager siden
  • cheack my video i cuptured from my xbox x

    Mr VassMr Vass28 dager siden
  • alright now for the $70 Games

    CpTexasNinjaCpTexasNinja28 dager siden
  • They probably would have been able to boost it. If they only pushed it up by $5. IMO

    Avery TuckerAvery Tucker28 dager siden
  • Just get a PlayStation. Problem solved. Japanese tech is better.

    César JeriCésar Jeri29 dager siden
  • *laughs in Master Race paying $0 a year to play games online*

    Git Sum GamingGit Sum GamingMåned siden
  • Microsoft should have never pulled this stunt in the first place. They didn't even go through with the tried-and-true strategy of "Take 2 steps over the line, Take 1 step back and say you listened to feedback." Microsoft wasted their time, made themselves look like idiots, and needlessly damaged their reputation with their customers. They, along with CDPR, also further prove why you shouldn't trust corporations, even if they seem consumer-friendly.

    7Marx77Marx7Måned siden
  • Seriously, they are trying to murder the console market, at least it seems like it lmfao

    ViambiladusViambiladusMåned siden
  • The people who still buy consoles dont deserve pity. Microsoft and sony have been doing shady shit for years yet people still buy the new console, the new cod etc. The morons deserve this.

    AltearAltearMåned siden
  • When I heard about that as soon as my Xbox Live subscription was up I was throwing my Xbox away I will not pay for Game Pass I would not use any of those features and I will not pay on a $120 for gold there's other options PlayStation and PC

    jesse hockinjesse hockinMåned siden
  • Even if they back peddled I wouldn’t support them again that’s twice now they tried to F the gamers over. However Xbox online store is better than PlayStations

    shaolinskunks88shaolinskunks88Måned siden
  • They knew exactly what they were doing... Just testing waters. I have been a loyal Xbox fan for over 10 years, even stuck with them through the DISASTER of a launch for the Xbox one. They just put the icing on the cake for me. The worst part is that I don't even like the icing. I'm switching to PC and throwing the cake in the trashhhhh

    Jake777Jake777Måned siden
  • "We're sorry for getting caught."

    StronkiVodsStronkiVodsMåned siden
  • Do they even have board members who game at all? I would think if they did they would shut the whole thought of a subscription price hike down immediately.

    Tem LastnameTem LastnameMåned siden
  • Corner the market raise all the prices as much as you can standard buisness Just ask big pharma

    Nathan BladesNathan BladesMåned siden
  • I cancelled my gold subscription the minute I received their price increase email. Not looking back.

    Matt CroteauMatt CroteauMåned siden
  • people shouldn't even have to pay just to play online.

    Sauve ReaperSauve ReaperMåned siden
  • Thankkk youuu I thought I was the only one I thought I was trippen for sec 😭😭

    Jaheem02Jaheem02Måned siden
  • Gotta love a story that ends well.

    elFulbertoelFulbertoMåned siden
  • Probably gonna convert to ps5

    Talosgak 123Talosgak 123Måned siden
  • At this point we shouldn’t even pay for online it’s ridiculous. Considering just getting a pc at least they get to use their internet for free.

    Jesse TooDopeJesse TooDopeMåned siden
  • it's saying alot that (the original creators of the Pay2Online mentality) are starting to soften up this much, Sony winning the last console war has really traumatized them

    AMO productionsAMO productionsMåned siden
  • I've had gamepass ultimate for a long minute now. It's worth it for the extra couple bucks a month on top of the Gold membership.

    Chronic KushChronic KushMåned siden
  • ah....the no win scenario ploy just to test the water....nice try Microsoft.

    Layfon ZaberwolfLayfon ZaberwolfMåned siden
  • It's a pachinko machine, coin machine when you subscription end you can't access anymore to your console updates and games or multiplayer, What would Microshaft need our money for? they bought Bethesda wtf?

    Davit.G Dukart.MDavit.G Dukart.MMåned siden
  • Price gouging during a pandemic!

    Andy GAndy GMåned siden
  • Why is this trash appearing in my news feed?

    MooseBeardGamesMooseBeardGamesMåned siden
  • Double? It was going up a dollar per month.

    MooseBeardGamesMooseBeardGamesMåned siden
  • All of the goodwill Xbox earned over the last few years was thrown away in just one day. Congrats MS, you played yourself.

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel JohnsonMåned siden
  • This is a setup. Microsoft had this planned the whole time. They knew there was going to be outrage. This way makes them look like they were the bad guy then please us with gifts. In 4 months they will raise the price bc they gave us so much. Plus all of us who canceled accounts, investors love new account subscriptions, all of us that resigned up give the stock fake hype. Cloud gaming is the future!! Amazon Prime is 120 a month. Microsoft will be charging that much soon.

    6dayzofchaos6dayzofchaosMåned siden
  • People need to understand gamepass is failing. They need a HUGE amount of subs to make up for the cost of putting games on it. Prices are going to go up across the board regardless of how people feel so you might as well get ready for it. The physical games didn't jump up to $70 for nothing you know.

    Yuno ChanYuno ChanMåned siden
  • I am not renewing xbox live. How many games can you play at once? Maybe I'll come back when they are done trying to screw people over who pay for titles.

    Michael BadalMichael BadalMåned siden
  • I littered recently convinced my parents to get live gold and now this?

    Redninja99 XRedninja99 XMåned siden
  • So can I still upgrade live to ultimate for free for the 36 months?????

    killem1by1killem1by1Måned siden
  • I'm move on from Microsoft xbox live gold, and xbox all together. After being a 14 year member they have just shown me that their not the company for me. News flash Playstation has had the same price just as long, and it's not required to talk with friends and family. So what if I don't get a cheater, pedo clipboard online, or a half-ass report or cheat detection system isn't worth it too me. Move on too Playstation, thanks for the push Dumbasses!

    Hidden FungiHidden FungiMåned siden
  • Xbox is charging a 3:1 conversion rate for Xbox live to game pass ultimate I bought $30 of Xbox live Gold 3 month subscription 3 time from October 28th2020 - now I addressed this to a customer rep online support they openly admitted to xbox ripping us off at a 3 to 1 conversion I have game pass ultimate currently I can't find ultimate cards it's how I can keep getting a subscription I don't like Xbox charging me monthly for that

    jordan hashemjordan hashemMåned siden
  • At least Sony smart enough to keep Plus, and Now, separate it's still a bleeding shame they still feel compelled to rob us just for online play. At this point, I'm close to writing of anything with an online portion..(2-3 game s I occasionally play)

    John CasonJohn CasonMåned siden
  • People actually pay more than 1$ per month? I thought everyone knew about 1$ game pass trial thing, just create a new Microsoft account every month buy the 1$ GAME PASS subscription and log it in on the Xbox and all your accounts will have 1month Xbox Live for 1$. I have been doing this for 2years i have only payed 24$

    literally Godliterally GodMåned siden
  • They'll get away with it regardless as generations lose touch.

    KKMåned siden
  • One word: Boycott

    KKMåned siden
  • I guess that means the end of game pass having anything good in the future then.

    KKMåned siden
  • It’s good they reversed this, because they still haven’t recovered from that 2013 press conference and the first thing you learn in 4th grade history class is that if you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.

    Nick SchoenfeldNick SchoenfeldMåned siden
  • Well it looks like im making a PC instead, thats scummy xbox. =(

    Devon BowserDevon BowserMåned siden
  • Meanwhile, in Netflix and Amazon and etc. land... If only normal consumers were as vocal as a portion of the gaming community. ..if only most companies actually even cared.

    Ace StrifeAce StrifeMåned siden
  • I remember playing online with the 360 and willing to pay for Xbox Live because it had features which made it better than PS3. The PS3 was free to play online, but didn’t have the same features or experience. However, both platforms are now very similar and they seem to charge you simply for the privilege to play online. When did the gaming industry become so exploitative?

    Selim VeliSelim VeliMåned siden
  • Microsoft: We increasing the price for Xbox Live Customers: How many times we have to teach you this lesson old Man ? Microsoft: I love fucking with you all

    John BokoJohn BokoMåned siden
  • That's why PlayStation is superior, It does not scam or dissapooint their customers. Unlike Microsoft here tried to scam the player base by doublying the price to play online! 😒😒😒

    Daniel GolumbevskijDaniel GolumbevskijMåned siden
  • This is so bafflingly stupid I can't even comprehend it. Game Pass is such a fantastic deal already, why would Microsoft have to be such an idiot and create bad blood between itself and the players? They had no reason to do this whatsoever, they were already on top of the hill.

    Guido FedeliGuido FedeliMåned siden
  • I know the world is unable to work but fuck you money

    !?!?Måned siden
  • They're really trying this when the world is at record unemployment during a world pandemic. Microsoft does not deserve an ounce of respect or a cent of your money, this is unbelievably greedy.

    Cameron McKillopCameron McKillopMåned siden
  • HAHAHA fuck no shit like this is one reason i hate online subscriptions and online anything on consoles

    Taunt TitanTaunt TitanMåned siden
  • If they want to phase-out Gold, just drop it entirely, and offer a similar subscription model for Ultimate, with discounts for choosing 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month respectively. And yeah, free-to-play games shouldn't have an associated cost to play them online.

    TsaghiraTsaghiraMåned siden
  • Why do you even have to pay in order to play online games when you already pay for your internet, microsoft doesn’t even host the servers. You are literally paying for nothing. Imagine if steam charged you 10 bucks a month just so you can play games online. It’s ridiculous, how is this still a thing. Dumb people say that there is more to the subscription but that’s how they get you, you’re not JUST paying for the ability to play online games, but for many other features that come with the subscription.

    NebulaNebulaMåned siden
  • This is fucking disgusting, I was considering dipping back into Xbox but after hearing this fuck no. Xbox is gonna lose the console war. PC MASTER RACE

    QolynQolynMåned siden
  • Laughs in PC.

    bunnybreakerbunnybreakerMåned siden
  • You can't possibly be that blind... goodwill?... why do you absolutely want corpos to be nice guys? They aren't your friend... like AAA game companies they just tried to push the goal post like everyone else. It didn't work out but trust me they will make it one day because people will find a reason to believe it's necessary at one point.

    CaptainSportExtremeCaptainSportExtremeMåned siden
  • It just prove they are as greedy as all the other companies out there.

    Dragonfire 2701119Dragonfire 2701119Måned siden
  • Go to pc. You don't have to pay for online access there.

    thedetectorist 108thedetectorist 108Måned siden
  • It's shit like this that leads me to not bother with the Xbox brand. They don't get it. It's already bad enough given that Phil Spencer went to bat for loot boxes and Microsoft decided to pull off Disney-style acquisitions across the video game industry.

    Pro Gamer.Pro Gamer.Måned siden
  • It’s bad enough that you have to pay for Xbox gold to play free games like war zone but then to double the price that’s a deal breaker to me so either way I’m done and getting a pc

    Deaths RemnantDeaths RemnantMåned siden
  • The moment they up the price of Gamepass (Which I predict will happen when they drop Gold for good), that's it for consoles for me. I'll be dropping Gamepass and moving full time to Switch and PC. Switch's online is $20 for a YEAR of service. I don't need Gamepass for PC Ultimately, I'll be saving a TON of money yearly by dropping it. So go ahead Microsoft. Give me the last straw I need to let XBONE X be my last Big 2 Console ever

    Tay KylesTay KylesMåned siden
  • Removing the 12 month sub already doubled the price.

    Dis My DogDis My DogMåned siden
  • PLEASE never pay for ultimate game pass for full price. Do the conversion trick !!! I bought 3 years of gold for 180. Added a month of game pass ultimate after I redeemed the 3 years of gold. Converted it into ultimate game pass. Turn off the auto renewal for ultimate and you'll basically get 3 years of ultimate for $200. (Xbox themselves posted this little trick on their website)

    kee singhkee singhMåned siden
  • Why do console players still agree to pay TO USE THE INTERNET to play games they've already paid for with friends its fucking stupid

    Eric CarpenterEric CarpenterMåned siden
  • I seriously wonder what the thought process are behond these decisions... Microsoft could literally ask ANY gamer and they would tell them that it's a horrible idea that will piss fans off. It's not rocket science!

    Japp UngeJapp UngeMåned siden
  • Personally. I allways thought Ps Plus (or whatever its called) and XBL Gold are just ripoffs. I mean. My console is already connected to the Internet. Why the fuck should I pay money to have access half of the features (multiplayer) or sometimes the entire game, ONTOP of the Purchase Price. IMHO if enough people had kicked up a fuss over it back in the day. Microsoft and Sony wouldve had to just cave in and ditch the idea. But no.. people are just letting them get away with it.. to this day.. kind of pathetic. Note that I am saying all that having in the past used XBLGold. Though I very quickly came to the above conclusion and just stopped using it and eventually stopped using my Console all together.

    Shedovv/NalsShedovv/NalsMåned siden
  • People NEED to remember this, because Microsoft did this on purpose and will do so again when they think no one is paying attention. If this was an accident, they would have not removed the 12 month option.

    Darryl FergusonDarryl FergusonMåned siden
  • There is no free lunch with these guys.

    Luiz Fernando AbdalaLuiz Fernando AbdalaMåned siden
  • The way the model worked, I think it was more to stop people from moving down from gamepass back to xbox live. I reckon they were afraid of people realising they don't use all of ultimate and moving to xbox live to save money. That's why it only affected people coming back or into live for the first time.

    Live UltraLive UltraMåned siden
  • Still, it's already created a bad look for Microsoft who expected it could be a de facto price for 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription and hoped that Sony would follow suit, perhaps. Heaven knows, when it's going to implement the price hike. Microsoft will not just give it up.

    Jiang KevinfingerJiang KevinfingerMåned siden
  • People honestly ask why it is we were nervous when they bought out Bethesda, this is why.

    Jarrett OdomJarrett OdomMåned siden
  • They were just testing the waters, give them a few months and they WILL increase the price, NOT double as they pretended, but they will totally do it. You just wait.

    The Last of MeThe Last of MeMåned siden
  • They tried to take advantage of the "pandemic" everyones home.

    ScoobWRX04ScoobWRX04Måned siden

    Raul AlmanzarRaul AlmanzarMåned siden
  • This is why we should switch to pc before Xbox successfully pulls crap out like this.

    SSSlickSerpent 6SSSlickSerpent 6Måned siden
  • Does Yong got the Covid? He is breathing kind of shallow but heavy in this video.

    donkeydarko77donkeydarko77Måned siden
  • everyone here in the comments section know that there will be a time where they will increase the price and everyone would be fine with it, not right now but add 3 or 4 more years when game pass has so many games that they need the price increase just to accommodate for all the games on game pass and with more new acquisitions every year, microsoft is going to have to pay a lot of people just to keep their games on game pass and that is going to be a lot of money

    Brandon San AgustinBrandon San AgustinMåned siden
  • I would rather switch primarily to PlayStation then pay double because of the game pass. It was supposed to be a bonus to attract customers, not something forced upon us so they can charge more.

    Jay SimpsonJay SimpsonMåned siden
  • Sounds to me like this was all planned, with an apology ready to go when things went south, but they wanted to give it a shot to see if they could get away with it.

    AzureKyleAzureKyleMåned siden
  • Clearly Microsoft have considered options to rake in profits and it seems raising the cost of yearly subs to Xbox Live Gold was a big mistake. Impacting but not too damaging as reverting those changes simply made it seem as nothing has happened.

    augmentedrealityaugmentedrealityMåned siden
  • Microsoft reminds us again how they are such colossal screw ups they went from challenging Sony to being the hardcore console to the system that shareholders want to deliberately tank so they can push the users to Windows and PC games. Both Sony and Microsoft were mum when publishers just decided they would charge ten bucks more on top of monetization. Both of them can walk the plank, i.e. my d.

    coderedmaccoderedmacMåned siden
  • you guys not have money????

    AstonishingREDDAstonishingREDDMåned siden
  • 'Putting the player first.' What a crock of shit. Regardless of what they say, Microsoft- just like any other 'Triple A' developer -doesn't care about 'the players'. It's all a way to increase revenue to get more shareholders. Those are the ones that matter. We, the consumers, are. just. Cattle. Oh, FYI, I include CDPR in that list; the recent release of Cyberpunk 2077 shows that that company is no better then the rest of the grubby, greedy publishers.

    James WitherowJames WitherowMåned siden
  • PC is still free online.😏

    Apex PredatorApex PredatorMåned siden
  • Why can't folks be this vocal when it comes to calling out bullshit during the election?

    Shad RockShad RockMåned siden
  • if you add it all up, game pass with 10,99 a month is like 132 a year, with gold i just payed 50 quid thats it, but they wanted to make us pay 86 a year or get gamepass its nuts

    Gamers Guild UK PeterAmaranthGamers Guild UK PeterAmaranthMåned siden
  • We give them the power, please stop buying stuff so often, you can do it

    RekniladorRekniladorMåned siden
  • So...they said that they are "working" on fixing the Free 2 play issue in the coming months, but given that their established player base already subscribes to live to use internet services for all games as that is the precedent who exactly is this actually going to benefit? Who will be the one to test it out? Honestly it sounds like they floated out an idea that sounds great on Paper for a PR win, but ultimately doesn't amount to any thing, and will likely not actually get fixed because too small of a % of the community outside of maybe brand new user would even have an Xbox without live services to find out.

    GetonthestiiXGetonthestiiXMåned siden
  • Bro how do I play fortnite without gold it’s still asking me for gold. Do I just wait until they update it?

    Chloro -Chloro -Måned siden
  • So I'm curious, when does this come into play? Are we going to get some sort o update from then when it happens?

    RogueSpartan 285RogueSpartan 285Måned siden
  • I only have game pass for destiny but I might as well just buy all the dlc to own them and not basically even paying $120 a year to play just destiny

    throndunthrondunMåned siden