Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021 Live Reaction With YongYea

17. feb.. 2021
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0:00 - Pre-Stream Discussion
26:39 - Direct Begins
1:16:59 - Post-Stream Discussion
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  • I kept my expectations low for this one, so I wasn't as disappointed as many were. There was some cool stuff here, Splatoon 3 was a surprise, but yeah, no real HOLY SHIT showstopper in Nintendo's first Direct in a while.

    YongYeaYongYea15 dager siden
    • As a Xenoblade fan... I have to agree to disagree, there.

      Andrew FurthAndrew Furth13 dager siden
    • @Jordan Williams Electronic Entertainment Expo. You might know it better as E3.

      Serouj GhazarianSerouj Ghazarian13 dager siden
    • Well theres monster hunter

      Marcus GoMarcus Go14 dager siden
    • Splatoon 3 was that for me tbh

      a ba b14 dager siden
    • There is no much expectation, if you have a leaked list on the side.

      UndeadCollectorUndeadCollector14 dager siden
  • those fucking joycons look awesome as shit too bad everyones gonna have to pay 3 times the price cause of scalpers

    absolute_Xeroabsolute_Xero8 dager siden
  • I wish people would stop listening to leakers and supposed lists. I'm loving Miitopia port, Legend of Mana, and Saga Frontier.

    Grima the Fell DragonGrima the Fell Dragon10 dager siden
  • Sucks

    zZiL341yRj736zZiL341yRj73611 dager siden
  • Terrible reaction. Looking at the leaks ruined it.

    SignurtureSignurture11 dager siden
  • to anyone who wrote "zzzzzzz" in chat during MH rise... go play fortnite you uncultured pig

    alex aalex a12 dager siden
  • After chats in Nintendo channel mocking another game shown in this Direct (by spamming trash, garbage, zzzzz, Weeb, etc) especially to a great classic like Saga series, Legend of Mana, and upcoming Final Fantasy Tactic successor game. I say *GOOD RIDDANCE* that they got no information about BoTW 2.

    Generson BryantheartGenerson Bryantheart12 dager siden
  • Yeah, so far Rise is literally the only new game I’m interested in. Other than that, there’s not really anything new coming this year. Seems like this year is just a quiet reprieve from the hell that was 2020. Guess everyone needs a breather just to recover. Oh well, rather games be made right than rushed.

    Kevin DenisKevin Denis12 dager siden
  • Nintendo be like: "Unfortunately, we don't have any news on the Breath of the wild sequel. We apologize. Metroid Prime 4, however, we're not sorry for."

    samiamtheman 73samiamtheman 7312 dager siden
  • Hype meter hit a 5 out of 10.

    Farael WilldabeastFarael Willdabeast12 dager siden
  • Looking at all the sad, sad people being mad or "zzzz" about not seeing what they so rabidly desire is shameful.

    WhatThePuckWhatThePuck13 dager siden
  • That trailer for DC Superhero Girls did a bad job selling it. The Japanese trailer shows off more features. It basically comes off like a Persona 4/5 kind of game.

    GamerSlyRatchet1GamerSlyRatchet113 dager siden
  • 28:16 yet another sword fighting animu character i'd rather have shantae for smash

    trycon40trycon4013 dager siden
  • 46:24 I see Travis finally gave him a "little kiss" 😂😂😂

    Serouj GhazarianSerouj Ghazarian13 dager siden
  • Trailer: Starts Yong: *That wasn’t on the list*

    Sky HavenSky Haven13 dager siden
  • Everytime someone compare the transformation Pyra Mythra so pokemon trainer rather than OG sheik Zelda, my heart hurt a little

    mikael100100mikael10010013 dager siden
  • Okay but why can't we just get Dante and/or Nero on the smash roster.. if other capcom characters can make the cut I see no reason why they wouldn't add a character as versatile as Dante, and Nero too. Would love to have papa Vergil on the roster but they would most likely make him into an assist trophy like they did with fucking Zero from Megaman X.. sigh

    Original SinOriginal Sin13 dager siden
  • I'm really excited Pyra, and Mythra are coming to Smash I wish they also had her third form Pneuma

    Proto PropskiProto Propski13 dager siden
  • Maybe I'm just getting old, but none of these (other than Skyward Sword) buttered my egg roll 🤷‍♂️

    r/Spookyr/Spooky13 dager siden
    • Miitopia is actually pretty good it looks like a bargain bin game made for a movie but its actually quite fun

      a loaf of breada loaf of breadDag siden
  • the most boring prezetation ever👎😑

    iulix maxiulix max14 dager siden
  • honestly, i'm most excited about stubbs the zombie. that game ROCKED!

    Sivick314Sivick31414 dager siden
  • fucking stubbz???? I remember that frm G4 wtf???????

    XxXVideoVeiwerXxXXxXVideoVeiwerXxX14 dager siden
  • Hey Yong, you should play Xenoblade Chronicles 2... I think you'll enjoy it

    HighLight43HighLight4314 dager siden
  • 38:22 - rise 41:13 - super mario bros 58:56 59:40 - clickbait the video game 1:03:53 - ninja gaiden 1:08:05 - skyward sword 1:13:16 - someone in chat said, splatoon in iraq, i'm dying 1:14:20 - splatoon in iraq 1:14:40 - "war, war never changes!" in mickey mouse squidkid speak

    The OverlordThe Overlord14 dager siden
  • the good: splatoon 3. the bad: skyward sword hd. (look i understand if you like the game, reader, but there are reasons for why it's considered an underwhelming game) the ugly: pyra and mythra bring back an old gimmick but are sword fighters.

    Yukkuri MimaYukkuri Mima14 dager siden
  • Smash is slowly becoming Soul Calibur with all these sword characters..

    PacMonster146PacMonster14614 dager siden
  • Why is chat so retarded

    SatanaelSatanael14 dager siden
  • all these games looked meh. But im not a huge fan of nintendo

    Josh PhillipsJosh Phillips14 dager siden
  • General Kenobi, you are a bold one!

    Six PathsSix Paths14 dager siden
  • Splatoon 3 - Mad Max takes Paris

    DMBLaanDMBLaan14 dager siden
  • 1:15:25 Cephalopunk 2077

    Dave KitsuneDave Kitsune14 dager siden
  • Still a mystery how Nintendo can keep up with games like these.

    What WhatWhat What14 dager siden
  • It's soooo funny that many Nintendo fans wanted Nintendo to bring back many older IP from Kid Icarus, F-Zero and Metroid and even a new Star Fox but no instead Nintendo is ported and remade there OLD OLD OLDER IP from the Famicom Disk Systems Famicom Detective Club.

    John CalcanoJohn Calcano14 dager siden
    • I’m definitely interested in Detective club, I don’t mind Visual Novel type of games, so it has my attention. Plus, Nintendo Consoles will never get Detective Visual Novel Games like the “Danganronpa” series since those seem to be heavily Sony exclusives in terms of console-wise... Anyways, there’s also another VN game that I’m hoping gets localized, “Buddy Mission BOND.” It being a 1st party IP developed by one of Koei Tecmo’s team BOND.

      Maro XMaro X13 dager siden
  • Outer wilds cus they couldn't call it outer worlds

    FlameVille B.I.CFlameVille B.I.C14 dager siden
  • 34:24 for the famicom detective club franchise, originally for famicom in the mid 80s and remastered for the super famicom in 1994 of the “girl who stands behind” this was unfortunate for us westerners to never experience this. Thankfully there is one fan translated wonderfully done by team “tomato” it’s funny because after playing Policenauts, I was recommended to try this and have been a fan since, it may not be much for others but for those who played and enjoyed the original in the 80s up til now will be super stoked when this comes out!! if faithfully well done, this will be a blast! give it a try when this release Yong! 👍

    rocknflip66rocknflip6614 dager siden
  • Same game mechanics.

    george mcdanielgeorge mcdaniel14 dager siden
  • You do realize skyward sword is basically breth of the wild.

    george mcdanielgeorge mcdaniel14 dager siden
    • skyward sword = botw 0.5

      Dave KitsuneDave Kitsune14 dager siden
  • I am disappointed in your XB2 reaction. Us XB2 fans got seriously snubbed and we've waited a LONG time for this. Also why in God's good name haven't you played XB2? The story is utterly fantastic. You've disappointed me mah boi

    deitylink1deitylink114 dager siden
  • Still nothing about this year's main series pokemon title.

    Dustin WeistDustin Weist14 dager siden
  • I'm getting stubbs the zombie. Unpirated this time! Fuck yeah!

    Kinoshita YuukoKinoshita Yuuko14 dager siden
  • I swear to god, some of these smash characters being introduced end up leaving me like Thanos... *I don't even know who you are...*

    TheSpookyBoiTheSpookyBoi14 dager siden
  • Add Link to Mario Golf. I don't care if it doesn't make sense.

    Marlon CMarlon C14 dager siden
  • meeeeeehhh

    Gerry ReidGerry Reid14 dager siden
  • the chat can go sleep on a ditch if they zzzzzzzz lul

    Asebele KetoAsebele Keto14 dager siden
  • I bet every game development studio saw the trainwreck that Cyberpunk 2077 was and probably decided to push their hyped games back lol.

    Raistlin MajereRaistlin Majere14 dager siden
  • Another sword fighter in smash. Just what we needed... lmao

    OoTZOMMMoOOoTZOMMMoO14 dager siden
  • So, what about the battles when you've got to trick the enemy when aiming your sword, they must have mapped a button to enable sword aim with the right joystick so you can move it freely when pressed. maybe the left shoulder button.

    QuantumQuantum14 dager siden
  • @yongyea if u already read the leaks,then how u suppose to be excited what's announced? Its kinda ruins the reaction

    Paul smithPaul smith14 dager siden
  • Man, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the worst I. The Xeno franchise, I hate the modern And aesthetic they switched to and how they rely on sex appeal, pop lingo, and niche anime fetishes. It would be totally fine if it didn't get in the way of Monolith Studios excellent story telling and character writing. It also has a over complicated combat system with a TON of fluff that doesn't enhance the gameplay at all. What a massive disappointment. I just.hope thiseams a Xenoblade Chronicles X2 is on the way, but they don't use that awesome combat system or modern Anime aesthetic from chronicles 2

    Gawain CrossGawain Cross14 dager siden
  • can you now review skyward sword on your project cheerio channel

    Fierce VinegarFierce Vinegar14 dager siden
  • Meh, whole lotta nothing.

    StlBluesE_W_G89StlBluesE_W_G8914 dager siden
  • I am so hype for bravely default 2. I love job system using games. Muh customization

    JamesJames14 dager siden
  • I really hope no more heroes is fixed because it looked so unbelievably blurry that it looked Wii like. It must be 720p with TAA which only works well with high resolutions. Was not that impressed overall, still hoping BOTW2 makes it out for this November.

    Kurt GermerKurt Germer14 dager siden
  • Another blade character for smash...yet another disappointment.

    Stylish P0rscheStylish P0rsche14 dager siden
  • living the 'list' life

    RossRoss14 dager siden
  • 30:50 Shulk was in the Xenoblade 2 Challenge Pack DLC, they had a crossover for that DLC challenge but they aren't canonically connected

    Cyber DragonCyber Dragon14 dager siden
  • Is it SO difficult to make Zelda Skyward Sword be have Lefties friendly controles as well Nintendo? It's the primary... no, it's the only reason I gave up after a few hours on Wii. Targeting stuff with right analogue isn't my cup of tea and everytime it turns out that game have just that, my performance suffers and thus my enjoyment of the game as well. If I knew there will be a Leftie friendly option as well or that Switch itself has built in function of fooling any game into thinking it controls the built in way, but it actually helped you to switch sticks or buttons like PlayStation 4 has, I would choose Switch as my next console. Switch over PlayStation 5. As it stands however, PlayStation 5 still has the advantage.

    GameslordGameslord14 dager siden
  • Good to see they ported bfn after it died.. -_-

    Skinned, fried and cut up potatoesSkinned, fried and cut up potatoes15 dager siden
  • Shame Nintendo !

    furiousfox3000furiousfox300015 dager siden
  • Damn that was mostly garbage

    TODD HOWARDTODD HOWARD15 dager siden
  • Nobody : Yong : The List.

    MonetStargazerMonetStargazer15 dager siden
  • It was decent Nintendo Direct and the Skyward Sword was the cherry on the cake. I didn't expect to see anything from Breath of the Wild 2, because it's just too soon for that. I get it that it's been 4 years since Breath of the Wild came out, but these days almost every Triple A company releases their games prematurely while Nintendo has never let me down with their 1st party titles. I don't mind waiting a little bit longer to give them time to polish the game. With Skyward Sword arriving to Switch, now I'm hoping for Twilight Princess port too as it is my favorite Zelda game story wise.

    JordickJordick15 dager siden
    • Same. I've been hoping for a remaster of skyward sword and twilight princess since the switch was announced. I was extremely happy with this direct with the news of LOZ SS

      Kelly KieltykaKelly Kieltyka13 dager siden
  • Stubbs the Zombie?! I am honestly shocked, jaw dropped. This is an old school classic that I thought I would never be able to play again. Also Fall Guys onnswitch is gonna be a damn blast! And Mario Golf is looking great, especially 'Speed Golf'!

    TheCyanideSmokerTheCyanideSmoker15 dager siden
  • So i guess metroid is lost in the ether somewhere. Been so long since a new console release.

    720jlconner720jlconner15 dager siden
  • Come on... at least port over twilight princess LOL

    soul mansoul man15 dager siden
  • Never player skyward sword due to the mandatory motion controls. Being 40 now that's the only Zelda game I've yet to enjoy. Really looking forward to playing it now.

    720jlconner720jlconner15 dager siden
    • @720jlconner I meat its not beat Saber, your not gonna break a sweat wiggling your remote with your wrists lol. And if you want to get into the "legendary hero spirit" THEN you can use the full body movements. 😉 I'm going to miss those sword and shield attachments for the wii-motes

      Kelly KieltykaKelly Kieltyka13 dager siden
    • @Kelly Kieltyka no way. Cant have long hour sessions having to wave ur arms everytime you wanna use ur sword.

      720jlconner720jlconner13 dager siden
    • The motions controls were the best part. So fun! I really don't get all the hate with motion controls.

      Kelly KieltykaKelly Kieltyka13 dager siden
  • Man, Mario golf actually looks like a lot of fun. That multiplayer looks actually somewhat original.

    720jlconner720jlconner15 dager siden
    • Tiger woods pga pro tour I had on the original xbox had the same game mode cept in first person if you mean the race thru the holes

      Jello BiafraJello Biafra13 dager siden
  • I don't know what that dodgeball game was, but it is sad when it was probably the worst reveal out of everything we saw when we had to sit through a minute of the DC Superhero Girls trailer (which in fairness there, probably could be a game for the younger kiddos to enjoy maybe).

    mas8705mas870515 dager siden
  • Once again, Travis Touchdown gets the shaft from Smash..........

    Despirian TerminalDespirian Terminal15 dager siden
  • Happy that SS came to the Switch but damn no trilogy pack and no Metroid Prime Trilogy remastered???

    MarcoMarco15 dager siden
    • @Marco Zelda stuff for its 35 anniversary. Metroid prime collection near prime 4 release likely on Nintendo pro

      Paul smithPaul smith14 dager siden
  • folks: we want batonetta 3 and Metroid prime 4 footage nintendo:here is some ports like you asked

    Spencer PauleySpencer Pauley15 dager siden
  • 💯 We don't hear @Youngyea talk about Scalpers anymore.

    XxAdaptedxX 35XxAdaptedxX 3515 dager siden
  • Damn no bayonetta 3 feels like we're gonna wait a long long time.

    Absolute SanityAbsolute Sanity15 dager siden
  • I really hoping they're just reserving their heavy hitters for this June.

    moonbeast32moonbeast3215 dager siden
  • Stubbs the zombie is a pretty old game. It's weird and funny.

    MumrikMumrik15 dager siden
  • I really hope we get some Metroid prime 4 news sometime this year...

    The Red EftThe Red Eft15 dager siden
  • People be saying Pyra/Mythra in Smash is a huge spoiler if you haven't played XC 2.

    Gerardo MejíasGerardo Mejías15 dager siden
  • jeez is it just me or Yongs Chat is just a bunch of jaded,cynical little teens? i see more "zzzzzz". "...." than anything

    Kaoru PangilanKaoru Pangilan15 dager siden
  • Splatoon 3, Triangle Strategy, Mario Golf and Ninja Gaiden Collection stole the show. Monster Hunter Rise looking SUPER hot, too. That's the GOAT.

    Jaxon HoldenJaxon Holden15 dager siden
  • Miitopia unlocked memories I forgot I had

    Mernky 356Mernky 35615 dager siden
  • Meh

    Shaw MeckShaw Meck15 dager siden
  • Not much of a "reaction" if you pull up a leaked list with everything that's coming up. What's the point? If you don't like leakers, don't support the practice...

    Reid VxReid Vx15 dager siden
  • well i not a crybaby like someone in the comment, i still kinda like the direct but just give us info about BOTW2 godamnit

    Rafael MarcellinoRafael Marcellino15 dager siden
  • 34:50 I know of Jack about all that. Only outer wilds 37:18 Finally a known name 1:01:13 Project Triangle Tactics was cool but wthkwtsi. 1:02:02 Thought so. Better be closer to the former than the latter 1:02:52 Nice. Will watch if able 1:03:06 Heard that. Sadly had no time 1:15:25 Lovely

    Gabriel M DagáGabriel M Dagá15 dager siden
  • Sword character in smash goes brrrrrrr

    Edgier BoiEdgier Boi15 dager siden
  • I don't want Skyward Sword. I want Twilight Princess.

    GameskyjumperGameskyjumper15 dager siden
    • @Gameskyjumper Zelda 35 anniversary direct

      Paul smithPaul smith14 dager siden
  • I am extremely hyped for Saga Frontiers coming to the Switch in HD. Saga Frontiers has been one of my most favorite RPG games on the PS1. In the story you choose as one of 8 different characters, and their stories are all intertwined to each other. It might be just me but this Saga frontier Switch announcement was one of the highlights of this Direct. I am more Hyped for this game than Skyward Sword, and Splatoon 3. I am also hyped for the Octopath Traveler style Tactics game.

    Rainbowveins79Rainbowveins7915 dager siden
  • I’m so tired of anime sword fighters

    Brotherhood Of SteelBrotherhood Of Steel15 dager siden
    • Ha ya 🛡 ===]------->

      XxX OneXxX One15 dager siden
  • I dont think Nintendo wanna new players to pay thr product

    abo waledabo waled15 dager siden
  • "Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection." Whoa. No way! "Sigma 1 and 2" Oh...

    Immersion_ LadImmersion_ Lad15 dager siden
    • @Immersion_ Lad damn that actually sucks. I'll have to do some more research on them before i buy them then. I've only ever played the vanilla versions of NG 1 and 2. So i don't know if it'll be worth it or not.

      Paul BrandofinoPaul Brandofino14 dager siden
    • @Paul Brandofino Sigma 1 is fine gameplay wise but it's missing a lot of bonus features and unlockables that were in Black. Sigma 2 is almost entirely different gameplay wise than it's original release. Enemies have more health and there are less of them, Gore has been toned down, Tests of Valor have been removed, Mission Mode was renamed Team Mission Mode and includes an AI partner if you're not playing with anyone, keys for doors have been removed, some ranged weapons have been replaced or removed, etc. While Sigma 2 has some new bosses and more playable characters it's considered the inferior version due to its gameplay changes.

      Immersion_ LadImmersion_ Lad14 dager siden
    • Wait, whats the issue? Am i missing something?

      Paul BrandofinoPaul Brandofino14 dager siden
  • Kinda disappointed by the lack of SMT/Persona news.

    Camel SpotterCamel Spotter15 dager siden
    • @Asdfcobi Yep, I preordered Strikers from Best Buy for that sweet steelbook. Looking forward to that next week.

      Camel SpotterCamel Spotter15 dager siden
    • Well what do you expect from Atlus? At least we know SMT V and III remastered coming this year. In the mean time play Persona 5 Strikers

      AsdfcobiAsdfcobi15 dager siden
  • Snooze. SNOOZE!!! SNOOOOOOOZE!!!!!!! Wow. I had no idea a Nintendo event could be that boring. A golf game. Some turn based RPGs. A couple dumb kids games And some characters for Smash Bros. Boring almost doesn't describe what I watched. It might be worse than boring.

    Timothy LaneTimothy Lane15 dager siden

    Greg MortonGreg Morton15 dager siden
  • If you are going to REACT, don't read potential spoilers. If your want to read spoilers don't bother to film a reaction. Because you're not reacting to the direct your just looking at the list an going "yup that one was on it"

    Lord BowlerLord Bowler15 dager siden
    • Agreed. Wtf is the point of reacting when you already read all the major spoilers and keep checking the list every announcement. Disappointing

      AllThatJazzAllThatJazz15 dager siden
  • Was a solid Direct

    Gustavo BarronGustavo Barron15 dager siden
  • boring lists

    Naran LerlopNaran Lerlop15 dager siden
  • This direct was a colossal waste of our time.... but at least there wernt any blizzard games so a wins a win

    Big DaddyBig Daddy15 dager siden
  • Does Pyra and Mythra come complete with boob physics?

    Skull LeaderSkull Leader15 dager siden
  • I been hungry for another FF Tactics for years, and getting Octopath Tactics 100% perfectly fine with me

    Justin TantionglocJustin Tantiongloc15 dager siden
    • You may want to look into Langrisser 1+2 on the switch! The physical copy is basically impossible to get, but digital should be fine for most

      Casty PlaysCasty Plays14 dager siden
    • Indeed... however it ends up (story, characters, setting) will definitely be interesting to explore.

      Borjan KosaracBorjan Kosarac15 dager siden

    Bobby QuesoBobby Queso15 dager siden