PlayStation Devs Unhappy With Sony's Obsession With Blockbusters, Days Gone 2 Rejected, TLOU Remake

10. april. 2021
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  • Ever since people like Andrew House and Shawn Layden left, something feels off about Sony's PlayStation leadership. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - WECKmaster329 - Zergling50 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • @Kira Slith So, that's where the meme came from...

      Fiery Tiger GamingFiery Tiger Gaming18 dager siden
    • @ErroneousClique Well, the solution would be simple: Scrap all censorship policies, then, people will be drawn back to these franchises, and as such, more people will be inclined to buy a PS4/5. Ding Ding, profit

      Fiery Tiger GamingFiery Tiger Gaming18 dager siden
    • Enough 3rd party studios with smaller budgets make Indie-like games for Playstation.., glad Sony is focusing on AAA blockbusters (Sony has the budget power for such)... ... let gud Sony studios build on great existing Franchises from other studios (with their direct, like Fallout New Vegas was made by Obsidian, but was a Bethesda franchise and Bethesda helped "direct" it).. ... while let the great Sony studios build new IPs or Reboots.. ... just want more 1st party "1st person view" and more "west-Rpgs" (openworld) from Sony

      Rai TheNoblesseRai TheNoblesseMåned siden
    • More than a little off. Jim Ryan really needs to leave.

      Judgment StormJudgment StormMåned siden
    • jim ryan is sonys don matrick

      alex duffyalex duffyMåned siden
  • He said Oregone which is a clear sign he never played the game.

    SwordagrimSwordagrim5 dager siden
  • US market...? I am a woman and I want to play as a beautiful woman with tits. Not an abby

    Zero TodonaZero Todona18 dager siden
  • So, it seems Sony is on a downwards spiral... Does ANYONE there think about the fanbase? Or is it just maximising profits? ¬_¬

    Fiery Tiger GamingFiery Tiger Gaming18 dager siden
  • Yet more AMERICAN greed ruining everything, yet you all keep pointing the finger at China just because some of these AMERICAN companies are choosing to pander to them. Blatant hypocrisy.

    Larry IslingtonLarry Islington19 dager siden
  • Fun fact: Vib-Ribbon was never released in the US originally in 2000 and Shawn Layden was unaware of that during that E3 speech. So there was a ton of excitement that it was being ported or remastered to come to North America, but that was not the case lol. Once Layden realized his mistake, he had Sony make a port of the game dedicated for the US that eventually released later in 2014 on PSN, and Layden apologized for his mistake.

    G2ThaUNiTG2ThaUNiT19 dager siden
  • If Nintendo released a much more powerful console I probably wouldnt even consider buying a ps5

    Alex LeungAlex Leung19 dager siden
  • lol.... beginning of the end of the era of PS. Hopefully XBOX gets better and keeps the console battle exciting

    Adit Kumar ParidaAdit Kumar Parida20 dager siden
  • You'd have to be blind to ignore the potential in every indie game. Minecraft could be lurking behind each and every title.

    Arcane CannonArcane Cannon20 dager siden
  • Remember there also censoring Japanese / anime games so badly that devs are just going to Nintendo. Sonly is not a Japanese company no more.

    FiltiarnFiltiarn22 dager siden
  • Remember when Capcom tried the same thing? Yeah we’ll see just how this works out.

    Hazard RiderHazard Rider22 dager siden
  • Days gone was terrible, put it down after an hour and sold the game. Didn’t play right, was well too buggy and the whole thing was just stupid. They could have done anything with that game and it’s just rubbish. No wonder it’s for free around the world now, days gone 2 should never have been a thing to even talk about. I everyone is different on what games they like, but guys come on.. days gone was a flop and shouldn’t be on the shelves at all

    Shoody TurtleShoody Turtle23 dager siden
  • LOL, TLOF already had it's time and shine in the spot light. That time is waaaay over. Talk about PS5 being dead on arrival. Literally have no games so they want to remake TLOU on ps5?? What a fucking joke Sony. How about some new Tenchu games or something similar? Sony needs to remake games that players actually want revived. But Days Gone 2 sounds much better.

    UserFTUserFT23 dager siden
  • Current CEO is just a suit, can't see any passion through his actions.

    KuroSlickKuroSlick23 dager siden
  • Wait...someone unironically pitched a sequel to Days Gone? Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I bet that went down like a lead balloon smdh

    Jimmy LittleJimmy Little24 dager siden
  • guess this means no Bloodborne Sequal. 🖕

    ConCadConCad24 dager siden
  • The problem is video games became too popular and make too much money. Now investors have too much power and say, of course gamers words have weight but only if a company can bank on it.

    Hector MontesHector Montes24 dager siden
  • So sony pretty much took away everything from that group of devs, why don't they just leave sony and go to xbox ? would be a funny middlefinger to sony and their terrible treatment of human beings.

    KimchiYeoKimchiYeo25 dager siden
  • TLOU remake? WHY?! As if it wasn't bad enough they ruined the second one, now they have to go and ruin the first one as well.

    no peno pe26 dager siden
  • Whats the point on a remake? Sure its a great game.. but that doesnt change the fact that certain character will be gone in the next game.. and also the last game sucks (my opinion though) i rather much like it to be improved fps or something on the original tlou rather than a remake.. so yeah.. skip.

    aghe vanzeparaghe vanzepar26 dager siden
  • People who said days gone good are crazy!!!! so CRAZY

    Ong HunhoeOng Hunhoe27 dager siden
  • It's honestly sad to see Sony go in that direction...

    marvens charlesmarvens charles27 dager siden
  • Sony: If your game is not guaranteed to sell 100M+ copies (Make $100B+), then we'll get rid of you.

    John Hanzely JrJohn Hanzely Jr27 dager siden
  • f*ck naughty dogs and sony, TLOU 1 doesn't need a remake is perfect as it is, how awful to ruin this game like the sequel can already see the narritives changes and stuff they will add to cash grab and make some sense out of TLOU 2 story, so sad they waste time and talent on this instead of new stories and IPs

    LiaLia27 dager siden
  • Petition to kick the CEO Jim ryan the executives and return PlayStation headquarters to japan

    Rain YamamotoRain Yamamoto28 dager siden
  • OMG big companies aren't there for the art but to make as much money as they can. After Sega, EA and co I am so surprised, i wasn't expecting that... Gullible off/ We know that when a company gets bought by those greedy leeches the game is over. Either games are buggy rushed things or we get shitty DLCs. That's why i more and more tend to only go for indie games.

    EtienneEtienne28 dager siden
  • I have been playing touhou for the last 2 months I’m on my last touhou week. While Sony is abandoning the Japanese market, I am downloading English mods for one of the biggest indie series ever.

    GloriousTigerEyeGloriousTigerEye28 dager siden
  • Capitalism working as intended, what did you expect? Either you make all of the money, or you get the boot. Free market.

    Alex DarksiderAlex Darksider28 dager siden
  • So let’s say India becomes a better market they would most likely drop the US like they did with Japan. It’s like a girl who is dating your friend, but the moment she realizes you have more money she asks you for marriage.

    GloriousTigerEyeGloriousTigerEye28 dager siden
  • You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    L KL K29 dager siden
  • Oh no, PS2 and PS4 have been the golden years of Sony (at least when it comes to gaming). Bet those pigs on top are seeing the high demand for the PS5 with barely any marketing and calling it a day on the quality of their human resource

    Jose Tomas Campos RobledanoJose Tomas Campos Robledano29 dager siden
  • Unfortunately I can see Sony becoming another Konami and it’s all because of executives who are not passionate about games which led Sony to lose its soul that was responsible for getting Sony this far .

    AnonymousAnonymous29 dager siden
  • At this point..fuck 'em

    Distant DawnDistant Dawn29 dager siden
  • Once you get big, you get arrogant. Sony has become arrogant. Naughty Dog has become a dumpster fire. I am a PS fanboy since PS1. And I am considering moving to Xbox. I had enough of this freak show Sony has become

    Diligence HumilityDiligence Humility29 dager siden
  • (Looks from afar with an Xbox) *sips on tea and stops* That sucks *sips tea*

    Sergio CansecoSergio CansecoMåned siden
  • PC will always welcome these developers

    Weeb Elite AgentWeeb Elite AgentMåned siden
  • What game was Shawn Layden mentioning? I have no idea what he said. Just curious.

    NukacolaredNukacolaredMåned siden
  • im thinking the same Yong. The shit storm what is going on right now stinks like a EA and Activision (mix studios together/fire others etc) business thinking. Mr. Ryan is in the wrong place. And Japanese market/studios CANT be pushed out. And it is suspicious because exactly at the same time microsoft and xbox are tinkering around asian developers...

    Justice In Gaming_JIGJustice In Gaming_JIGMåned siden
  • The reason PS1 is one of my favorite consoles of all time and my favorite playstation console was because of all the wonderful variety of games... smaller ones, bigger ones, western ones, japanese ones,etc... Sucks to see where Sony is headed atm

    KatalistProductions-Kozzy-SashaKatalistProductions-Kozzy-SashaMåned siden
  • Is Keiji Inafuna at sony now? He already almost killed capcom in the late 2000s early 2010s.

    Vlad 117Vlad 117Måned siden
  • Sony digging thier grave as we speak

    DMXDMXMåned siden
  • Smells like when SEGA of America imagined they could do a better job and fumbled two console generations so badly it seen them exit the hardware scene. I don't think the PS5 is the Saturn but they have about the same amount of Launch titles.

    Dermot SweeneyDermot SweeneyMåned siden
  • Man is this the beginning of Sony's downfall......

    S FS FMåned siden
  • I'm sure Microsoft will have open arms.

    shamanahaboolistshamanahaboolistMåned siden
  • Xbox is gonna wipe the floor with sony in like 2 years calling it

    Ark AngelArk AngelMåned siden
  • It's seems that Sony wants a lineup of blockbusters that will sell the console. The problem with this type of thinking is you will fail as many times as you succeed.

    Daniel CarragherDaniel CarragherMåned siden
  • Damn bro I put on some weight since last time I checkt

    JoeJoeMåned siden
  • You know it's fucked up when you literally abandon Sony as a whole in 2015 like I did. I decided to buy a PS4 in 2021 so I can make up for lost time, just to find out all of this horrible news, PSN shutting down for PS3, PSP, and Vita; Finding out about the unfortunate CMOS battery that could, and eventually will brick your console, and now Sony as a whole is heading down the same path Sega went. Xbox on the other end is just a plethora of many gaming experiences and benefits. I should've NEVER bought a PS4 because now I don't even want to turn it on.

    Cassuis PaxtonCassuis PaxtonMåned siden
    • Consoles suck.

      No !No !Måned siden
  • Late stage capitalism strikes again....

    kutkuknightkutkuknightMåned siden
  • Here’s me hoping that ape escape would make an appearance on current gen, can always dream I guess 😩

    Nathan PrinceNathan PrinceMåned siden
  • Now I just need Microsoft Xbox to reveal their plans on exclusive games and games overall. Story games, single player games. Just like Sony, that’s how Sony became so popular cause of their games....your move Xbox and I’ll buy an Xbox series x immediately

    Chris ChrisChris ChrisMåned siden
  • I am very disappointed about these news with Days Gone I believe it was one of the gems from last gen and I was very excited for the sequel especially with how that ending cutscene goes along, it was gonna be fucking awesome!

    Rodragon 2003Rodragon 2003Måned siden
  • Your comments are spot on my friend.

    Richard HunterRichard HunterMåned siden
  • This is why we have no socom

    Sergeant XJ427Sergeant XJ427Måned siden
  • xbox must be throwing a party at this point

    L MulL MulMåned siden
  • As someone who enjoys the whole console war, I never thought the Sony killer would be Sony itself lol.

    IBradFrazerIBradFrazerMåned siden
    • The console war has been dead for like 2 years at this point.

      No !No !Måned siden
  • Konami, Sony and Warner Bros all have one thing in common which is the incompetent leaderships are basically running it to the ground they dont care about the fans.

    Steve de VilliersSteve de VilliersMåned siden
  • when it came to sony things started going downhill around 2018 they made so many stupid decisions and now i dont even feel proud to own sony games or consoles anymore. in the future i might support nintendo and i'll also play games on pc. The final thing that killed my love for playstation was the whole cmos battery issue.

    tiatmat_ Wyrmtiatmat_ WyrmMåned siden
  • ya fuck a console, pc all day. console dont have WoW longeest running game for a reason. i may try ashes but imagine not having WoW id quit games, i do play switch when not by pc like everygood game for it but it meh. games have no longevity anymore

    Kaz Da illestKaz Da illestMåned siden
  • Blockbusters are usually boring compared to small experimental games. I pretty much only play indie games nowadays

    MaikeruMaikeruMåned siden
  • A theory- The chase for all of this modern mega-blockbuster. franchise-building started after the immense success of The Avengers + the rest of the MCU. Disney basically perfected the meta.

    Hart AngHart AngMåned siden
  • We need Jim Ryan out of Playstation, this dude just gave the middle finger to Japan and he is killing the Playstation history

    Rafael FuentesRafael FuentesMåned siden
  • Sony betrayed the market that kept them going in the market for a generation. So many companies now seeking to betray current fans for a reach to gain new ones because they figure so many will forgive them all too easily. Sony needs another straightening out like they got from PS3 generation when some customers finally had enough and made them pay a steep price after other potential customers snubbed them for their behavior.

    BangcatBangcatMåned siden
  • Oh ho! Looks like the thing I was telling people is going to happen early! Like I've said here and there, Sony is being pulled back on by some publishers and devs. There's a few reasons. Doing the same things and no chances on more obscure ideas and titles kills growth. Foolishly following the same titles nothing else, not even other requested old franchises is leaving fresh titles on the bench to grab more buyers of different tastes. But more so, the 'Sony Check' censorship compounds these feelings by taking away freedom and what people like making the denial of giving more of those old and new titles into being all too far removed from consumer faith or desire. Sony has that PS3 going in pompous behavior again at the start of PS5. Thinking they know better than their customers of what they want and can dictate the market to them due to PS4 success like they did after PS2 success. History repeats it's self and if they don't wise up quick, Microsoft will run away with the market as they already offer more with a huge back catalog, resume features, flexibility of playing from flash drives, and a greater respect for past software as of late. And it seems censorship is killing Sony further as even NINTENDO states they don't want to over reach on 3rd parties. I think I got about as much that I want for now for my PS4. I'll be completing my MotorStorm franchise DLC collection before PS3 store goes down but that's about as much left I'm getting on a SONY console for a while. So many good old franchises dead and gone with nothing to replace them. Sickening...

    BangcatBangcatMåned siden
  • Bring back shawn layden

    HellgatyrHellgatyrMåned siden
  • Japanese games made Sony unique from Microsoft...

    EspurrEspurrMåned siden
  • The retarded fearmongering in these comments are CRAAAZY

    TrutHTrutHMåned siden
  • What remake? Do they mean a remaster for PS5 or are they gonna retcon the game?

    Nour ImamNour ImamMåned siden
  • I wish I knew why we did this as people. It truly is rare for people to not be consumed by power and greed. We talk about it all the time, and no one thinks it will be them, but it almost always is. Very few keep their integrity.

    Andrew AspromonteAndrew AspromonteMåned siden
  • VASG: “we want to be our own studio and not just support for naughty dog” Also VASG: “we just want to remake naughty dog games”

    Karl KleveKarl KleveMåned siden

    Delrach DubalDelrach DubalMåned siden
  • Losing any future Gravity Rush game is heart breaking. New arrogant Sony sucks.

    MetsuAndrewMetsuAndrewMåned siden
  • Days Gone not getting a sequel is criminal

    Palomo ValenciaPalomo ValenciaMåned siden
  • Fuck that shit.I WANT DAYS GONE 2 WAY MORE THAN A TLOU REMAKE !!! Don't get me wrong, the TLOU games are one of my most favourite franchises.But I already played both of them and I don't want to play the 1st TLOU again.I've had enough of remakes and remasters, I want NEW storylines.Not storylines I've already played, but just with upgraded graphics.Instead of making a TLOU remake, Sony should concentrate on making TLOU 3, Days Gone 2 and Uncharted 5.Those sequels will cash them way more money than a tlou remake which nobody wants.

    Danny GeertsDanny GeertsMåned siden
  • TLOU Remake cause why the f not

    Kurt2012007Kurt2012007Måned siden
  • Killzone - 1 was a buggy mess when it was released on PS2 yet Sony gave the studio another chance and we all know what an amazing Franchise Killzone turned out to be. To see Hermen hulst who was once in the same position as Bend Studio completely deny them chance to create an amazing franchise like they did just shows that Sony needs a slap in the face as they right now they are riding high on PS4 success. Bottom line they are making the same fucking mistake Microsoft did with Xbox One launch.

    Santosh PeriSantosh PeriMåned siden
    • @Mecks089 But Dark Souls is legit good. That doesn't mean it can't exist alongside Armored Core.

      No !No !29 dager siden
    • @No ! Yeah, yeah, that's what every other fanboy of the franchise is gonna say.

      Mecks089Mecks089Måned siden
    • @Mecks089 DS is awesome though.

      No !No !Måned siden
    • Killzone, Killzone, ...haven't heard that franchise in a long time. Oh that's right, it died for game about a woman hunting Robot Dinosaurs. Just like how From Software's Armored Core franchise died because everyone liked Dark Souls so Goddamn much.

      Mecks089Mecks089Måned siden
  • Shawn Layden really gives those Phil Spencer vibes... just in a suit.

    anonymousanonymousMåned siden
  • We need jim ryan out. I'd gladly get a ps5 if playstation gets someone like reggie or phil in charge.

    Louiepikmin3Louiepikmin3Måned siden
  • I hope these devs self sabotage to fuck sony over.

    Cody BradleyCody BradleyMåned siden
  • Jak 1 or 2 could use a remake. :D

    Jacoby NoctisJacoby NoctisMåned siden
  • Always love how every single company always forgets what made them successful in the first palce as soon as they get successful enough )^:p

    anonymousanonymousMåned siden
  • Ever since sony moved from Japan to california they been shady and cockier as fuck. Sony at this point should just fuck off. Especially with what they did to ps4 by giving it a death clock. Even if you have physical copies of the game when that battery dies both physical and digital games will be obsolete. Technically robbing their people blind and fucked up thing about it they can't be sue for this because we all agreed to their t.o.s

    Sir CountSir CountMåned siden
    • Thank god I never bought a PS4.

      Mecks089Mecks089Måned siden
  • I think this console generation should be a major wake up call to Sony that they NEED to pay attention to their fans and what they actually want. I left the Microsoft camp when the red rings of death appeared on the 360 and haven’t been back since. Now I’m actually debating on getting an Xbox Series X vs PS5 because it is about the game for them. If they wanna piss us off and pretend that they know what we want, they can have a shitty console generation as a result.

    Arp33281Arp33281Måned siden
  • Such a pity. Days Gone is not perfect but much better than Horizon Zer Dawn. Hope Sony thinks about it.

    pala tanospala tanosMåned siden
  • corporation: *does anything business related* youtube sychophants: corporation BAD!!!

    really dont carereally dont careMåned siden
  • Pain

    ItyyaxItyyaxMåned siden
  • I thought they showed off some indie titles already. I don’t understand why this is a problem? Wasn’t Ghost of Tsushima and God War phenomenal? What about Horizon Zero Dawn? I like “some” indie games but I feel Steam and the switch have that area covered. 🤷‍♂️

    Azael ThereonAzael ThereonMåned siden
  • I personally don't get the desire for smaller projects. Let sony make its blockbusters, that's what they do best. Indie devs are much more qualified to make indie games

    I am a professional at having long names for things.I am a professional at having long names for things.Måned siden
  • If Sony keeps doing what they are doing now, their downfall is inevitable. This is the problem you face when you put stupid business minded greedy assholes executives at the helm of your company. As much as I hate to say this, and this is just my opinion, I think Playstation is going down.

    Osman AbdullahOsman AbdullahMåned siden
  • I for one hope all these devs jump ship and start making games for more platforms. I would still love to have Bloodbourne on PC...

    Mac The Lonely WolfMac The Lonely WolfMåned siden
    • Maybe we will finally get a new Armored Core or something similar.

      Mac The Lonely WolfMac The Lonely WolfMåned siden
  • This video is just further evidence to be submitted in the case for why the AAA gaming industry needs to get hit with another '83-style crash. Sometimes, when an industry becomes this stagnant, the only way to move forward is to burn it to the ground and let the ambitious trailblazers forge a new path ahead. Unfortunately, that task falls to us, and sadly, we tend to be just as complacent and resistant to change as the studios in question. Guess there's just no winning, huh?

    MisterVercettiMisterVercettiMåned siden
    • Jesusss, can you like calm down. Whats all this doomer ass fearmongering for?

      TrutHTrutHMåned siden
  • Who the fuck asked for a TLOU remake because I just wanna "chat" with them

    Fallen Prince Amongst WolvesFallen Prince Amongst WolvesMåned siden
  • Its money what drive Sony executives to make those decisions, Not Blockbuster Are you people that simple-minded ?

    Tony MonatanaTony MonatanaMåned siden
  • People talk shit about Skyrim getting rereleasted but at least it came out on other platforms

    HAZ MANHAZ MANMåned siden
  • Wow might not buy a ps5 at this point with only the demon souls remake to remotely be interested in. Bloodborne 2(which seems increasingly unlikely) and japanese games are the entire reason i'd get one and they seem to just be shooting themselves in the foot and getting rid of their only unique quality.

    Rena RyuuguuRena RyuuguuMåned siden
  • There's always Xbox

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneMåned siden
  • TLOU remake is just GTAV all over again; only difference is this is Sony clinging to a 7/8 year old game rather than R*

    Lyric The BunLyric The BunMåned siden
  • nooo, puppeteer was one of my fav games, rip

    SeabassSeabassMåned siden
  • blockbuster are actually my least loved games on ps4, i find them fun to play once but i never feel like going back to them, and most disappoint me, feeling pretty much all the same formula. I prefer games that try something different and with some originality graphically and gameplaywise

    bart pablobart pabloMåned siden
  • This new American Sony sucks

    J KJ KMåned siden