PS5's Scalped By The 1000's In 2021 As Retailers Fail To Stop Bots & Scalpers Exploit Loop Holes

26. jan.. 2021
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- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Ethan Spidey
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- Derek Revis
- JT Scout
- Simon S
- Theron Webb
- Yue

  • Console makers and retailers need to step their game up with purchase security, this is getting ridiculous. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • @Maicaiah Jonah You forgot your medication bud. Mark my words.

      p gp g11 dager siden
    • THE PUBLISHERS ARE THE SCALPERS. Mark my words, The "Publishers" are in fact behind the Scalpers in large, not saying there arent INDEPENDENT Scalpers. But by in large, The Publishers are DIRECTLY BEHIND THE SCALPING, ABSOLUTLEY., AND NO DOUBT.

      Maicaiah JonahMaicaiah Jonah11 dager siden
    • @p g but scalpers can't really deny anyone a PS5. Just delay them.

      marinus18marinus1811 dager siden
    • For anyone still looking for PS5. Just google "nowinstock" and set up an alarm. It took me about a month (although I missed 2 alarms so it could have been less) to got one from Walmart for the normal price. Just be patient and DO NOT buy from scalpers.

      p gp g11 dager siden
    • @uiop uiop O my bad then, but can you still run ps4 games then?

      SpaceLogic101 What IfSpaceLogic101 What If16 dager siden
  • Major retailers should sell them only in store so scalpers cannot use bots

    MrPurple FukdisLyfeMrPurple FukdisLyfe4 dager siden
  • Maybe Facebook (Oculus) financed these scalpers 🤔 I've left the console community for VR because of this.

    Isaac PaulinIsaac Paulin7 dager siden
  • This does not even take into account those that use store cards to get the system with 24 months no intrest.

    RichamerRichamer8 dager siden
  • You can partly thank Sony for selling online only, and partly thank retailers for just not giving a f'.

    SheepAmongGoatsSheepAmongGoats9 dager siden
  • Greed should be cut out of the heart with a spoon.

    _Decadent _Descent_Decadent _Descent9 dager siden
  • computers and AI are going to kill us all LONG before they become sentient and decide we need exterminated.

    asheraelasherael9 dager siden
  • I don't even WANT one of these consoles and these people disgust me

    asheraelasherael9 dager siden
  • I'd love to see a console manufacturer run out the fist run with defects, then noce the scalpers start trying to make their money, release a flood of good ones, leave the scalpers with defective trash

    asheraelasherael9 dager siden
  • I got mine off aimcrypt on |nst@. Thanks for those who recommended them to me...

    Anuki KopalianiAnuki Kopaliani10 dager siden
  • I got mine off aimcrypt on |nst@. Thanks for those who recommended them to me...

    Anuki KopalianiAnuki Kopaliani10 dager siden
  • Hmm.. If I had some crazy money to spare, I would buy hundreds of consoles with one of these bots. I would resell them at MSRP but only one per day and require people who want to purchase them to hand draw me an original meme related to the product they want. Join a discord call and have a quick chat about said meme.

    MemeQueenMemeQueen10 dager siden
  • If idiots would stop buying from scalpers, then they would have no reason to do it..

    Colin P.Colin P.10 dager siden
  • If people would stop buying from these people and write down their names so when they reduce to normal pricing they make a point not to give in and make them lose money. Having a console is not that important, we will eventually not ever see an msrp if we keep giving in to this nonsense.

    Kevin BratcherKevin Bratcher11 dager siden
  • Why would they care . They are the scalpers. They did the same thing with the 2020 election 🗳. The most popular resident Biden 🇨🇳 don’t need 2 divisions of military to protect you , when your the most popular resident 🤔 ever .

    Grey ManGrey Man11 dager siden
  • i can't get one, i am trying so dame heard to get a all digital. where can i get one???

    TRUEGAMERTRUEGAMER11 dager siden
  • They're going to do what they always do. Not give a shit until they need stable sales numbers for their investors.

    majorjockitchmajorjockitch11 dager siden
  • I give up on getting a PS5 and Xbox series X. Judging from the way the bots are stopping those buys. I sticking with my PS4 and Xbox X for the next three years. If I can't get one... Fuck it !

    comicbookdrawer5914 Thomascomicbookdrawer5914 Thomas11 dager siden
  • People who buy from scalpers for highly inflated prices are idiots

    Hans-Klaus van VarenbergHans-Klaus van Varenberg12 dager siden
  • A lot of these are being sold into China since they’re banned

    jackie boyjackie boy12 dager siden
  • Stop buying from them ffs, are people this stupid?.

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi112 dager siden
  • what a bout use a sms code that has to be confirmed before before completing the transaction

    Roger SandmoRoger Sandmo12 dager siden
  • I'm not opposed to people acting like they want to buy one and then beating the crap out of a scalper when they met to exchange.

    Gerald PerezGerald Perez12 dager siden
  • hmmm..... so the media and wall street are telling us that stores like Game Stop are not going to succeed. Hmmm... Either the numbers don't match up or someone is LYING! Hmmm... which means there's a HUGE opportunity somewhere. I wonder where... Hmmm...

    Habu YaHabu Ya12 dager siden
  • So for a short time I brielfy poked my head into the underground hack market. how it stands, it'd be hard to actually stop these guys. Even with efficient security these guys can make it look like they're buying from different pcs around the world on different accounts to different adresses. How do you stop something like that?.

    8bit phoenix8bit phoenix12 dager siden
  • Scalpers are just like Twitch Thots... They do something that works because people allow it... So technically it's people who take getting a freaking console so serious they are willing to pay... So.... Sucks to suck... don't buy it... wouldn't happen...

    LadehkanLadehkan12 dager siden
  • Heard numerous ppl say (both IRL and online) that they have moved passed any hype there was to buy a ps5 or seriesX console all together. I feel the same way. The ps5 and seriesX is kind of a thing of the past right now.

    Noht A G'nomeNoht A G'nome12 dager siden
  • As long as they can't keep anything in stock. This will continue to be the case. I mean getting anything online will be impossible. Most retailers aren't even trying to. I'm almost at the point of just saying to hell with it. What's an extra couple hundred bucks. I'm not going to freaking wait till June here.

    BlazinNSoulBlazinNSoul13 dager siden
  • People should just scalp the scalpers.

    Christian ByrdChristian Byrd13 dager siden
  • Sony and Microsoft don’t care. The more bots there are, the more consoles they’ll be able to sell in the long run. This is gonna take over a year before we can finally get these

    Nolen GlonekNolen Glonek13 dager siden
  • I remeber when the ps4 launched. I pre-ordered months ahead of time at gamestop. Paid in advanced and was in line at midnight and out the door with a ps4 on day1 within 20 mins. Ps5 launch they didn't even offer this. Why? Why not have a first come first serve queue. You pay up front for 1 console and when stock comes in you get it or pick it up.

    midnightshade32midnightshade3213 dager siden
  • Scalpers don't purchase games Sony!

    Greg MortonGreg Morton13 dager siden
  • So these websites can't detect thousands of PS5's and Xbox's going to ONLY one address?

    Gothic OrphanGothic Orphan13 dager siden
  • Maybe I'll be able to buy one in another year or two. No way I'm buying from a scalper, I hope they don't sell any.

    Lanco BearLanco Bear13 dager siden
  • You know, for 1500 bucks, you can buy a hardcore gaming PC that totaly shits on any next gen consol in every single way, with an almost bottomless library of games available, including emulations, mods and the utility of a full fledge computing machine.

    karbengokarbengo13 dager siden
  • Can we please interject some personal responsibility here? I agree scalpers are scum but if people didn't pay the idiotic price scalpers wouldn't scalp

    wraith3845wraith384513 dager siden
  • I have boycotted xbox and Playstation again

    HEY BATSY!HEY BATSY!13 dager siden
  • This is economic ransoming and borderline terrorism.

  • Let em do it. Be patient and get the PS5 later and stick the scalpers with everything they bought. Short squeeze scalpers.

    Critical ityCritical ity13 dager siden
  • They wouldn’t be scalping if people weren’t buying. Zero sympathy. The entitled sense of instant gratification of my generation sickens me. People are using their stimulus on dumb shit like this, I wonder how many PS5s our grandchildren are going to be flipping the bill for.

    Golf NerdGolf Nerd13 dager siden
  • I was lucky enough to get one at Best Buy. I had to buy it online, yet I had to pick it up in person. I think it’s a complete joke that shady behavior like this from Sony, retailers and individuals can be justified by using public health concerns as an excuse.

    Jamie DoyleJamie Doyle13 dager siden
  • Shit this getting crazy them scalps are hogging all the consoles especially the x box series x ive seen a xbox series x going for 10 thousand dollars on ebay come on really no one going to pay 10 thousand dollars for a console this should be a legal this not right it's crazy great video

    Nathan DalkeNathan Dalke13 dager siden
  • I wonder if Ebay has made more money off of the PS5 and Xbox than Sony and Microsoft, respectively?

    JaybeeJaybee14 dager siden
  • i'm glad i don't care about consoles, and haven't owned one since the PS3

    You think i'm funny?You think i'm funny?14 dager siden
  • well, it is the people that pays scalper prices that are as much of a problem as the scalpers. if no one bought from them that kinda business would slowly die out...

    Tim LjusTim Ljus14 dager siden
  • Ar goes? 🤣 It's argos. I'm British.

    Doctor AnarchyDoctor Anarchy14 dager siden
  • I’m a gamer but I will never pay those outrageous prices ... might as well go pc at that price🤷‍♂️

    Simon PharandSimon Pharand14 dager siden
  • I hope no one buys them and make the scalpers eat there own shit.. rats

    Simon PharandSimon Pharand14 dager siden
  • This is why I game on pc

    Ookami219 Odin's wolfOokami219 Odin's wolf14 dager siden
  • Please Please Please. DONT BUY FROM SCALPERS. If they don't sell they lose money. This only happens when you can't wait.

    LeeFox1337LeeFox133714 dager siden
  • Consumers need to stop paying scapers for bot purchases above retail. As long as consumers continue to put themselves first, this problem will only get worse. If they can't make a profit they move on.

    GodscountryGodscountry14 dager siden
  • I can buy a ps5 for 5000 if I want, but its stupid. If I drop 1000+ in gaming. Its not going to he a console

    Dani LondenDani Londen14 dager siden
  • 08:45 what about payment adresses, email adresses, delivery adresses?

    86Rasen86Rasen15 dager siden
  • The real problem are the losers . ( I don't want to use a real insult) If NO one buy it from them , they will stop.

    fabian Andujarfabian Andujar15 dager siden
  • Can I use carnage to just buy 1? I just want 1 ps5 at retail price for my own personal enjoyment. If there are scalpers here screw you all into the blackest void forevermore.

    floatymoatfloatymoat15 dager siden
  • first bots on tf2 now bots on the internet, all for profit... great next we'll have bots on grub hub selling at an inflated price

    6 dots 4 steam6 dots 4 steam15 dager siden
  • It gotta be funny to have spent 1500$ on a ps5 just to play upscaled last gen games lmao

    thegantz87thegantz8715 dager siden
  • Why are people paying scalper prices though????? Thats what I cant grasp. Like leave those potential scalpers with their extensive then worthless stock right on IG or wherever. I can afford to over pay but the principal alone makes me refuse. Get like me.

    Harsh WordHarsh Word15 dager siden
  • Sell in store only. Problem solved.

    Jared ChaneyJared Chaney15 dager siden
  • Who pays 1200 for a playstation wtf lol they deserve it. idiots

    Helltarget 00Helltarget 0016 dager siden
  • Its not that bad

    Hima AgaciaHima Agacia16 dager siden
  • Just dont sell more than one to people as if it’s that fucking hard

    Abazore 420Abazore 42016 dager siden
  • There are 2 problem groups. (1) It is the BUYERS not the SELLERS that are the first problem. If people don't buy from scalpers guess what scalping would stop. (2) The companies could have enough consoles for everyone who wishes to purchase they can even delay to make sure the reason they don't is because they want this hype. Again you want to stop scalping have corporations wait to release until they have enough units. Those are the 2 groups RESPONSIBLE for scalping.

    Mike J.Mike J.16 dager siden
  • I actually forgot all about the next gen consoles. Outside the scalper videos I don't even hear about the new consoles.

    Lee BensonLee Benson16 dager siden
  • Why would retailers and manufacturers care about this? Their products are being sold. Their money is being made. Their numbers are looking good. That's all they care about. :/

    Dave CrupelDave Crupel16 dager siden
  • If people stop buying from scalpers this wouldn't be a problem but people have no self control

    ArthasArthas16 dager siden
  • If the would make ordering through play station live and Xbox live and sell primarily to account holders they deserve first service. Especially if you're a long time member. I've been trying to get a series x ,,and it's impossible. Take care of your base customers

    Steven SwearenginSteven Swearengin16 dager siden
  • Too bad scalpers couldn't get all of their scalped items swiped by people who cares about gamers and maybe Sony should hunt them down and shut down the scalper's operations! Let them loose all of that money!

    Chaud The GamerChaud The Gamer16 dager siden
  • Look at the addresses if they have more than 2 then something fishy is going on. Id say 1 but ya know siblings and roomates.

    Jason TorresJason Torres16 dager siden
  • All they have to do is not have a limit on online preorders. In fact they should have a limit then make another preorder available in like 2 days to get scalpers money. If it sells out again repeat the process until you dont sell out.

    Jason TorresJason Torres16 dager siden
  • I would’ve paid $1000 for these consoles From Sony and Microsoft If they came with minimum 6 TB hard drive And only after a year has passed when the games are worth getting

    JasonJason16 dager siden
  • These people are fools for buying these consoles so early I haven’t seen any games worth playing maybe by this Christmas when anybody can buy a consoles

    JasonJason16 dager siden
  • Instead of whinging for clicks, maybe people should stop buying the overpriced consoles.

    Kilted CajunKilted Cajun16 dager siden
  • PC is still far better than consoles apparently.

    RealityBreakerRealityBreaker16 dager siden
  • there is an upside to all this scalping. all these people using these bots, are just going to force governments to create laws against it. and they will crack down. it's just a matter of time.

    demonpride1975demonpride197516 dager siden
  • "How do you distinguish if order came from actual customers and not scalpers?" Ever heard of delivery addresses?

    jarnoobjarnoob16 dager siden
    • 15 playstations going to a single address should be fairly suspicious but hey, money is money

      RattlesRattles15 dager siden
  • Some can put "pigeon" in there bio on Twitter...

    Benoît De La FournièreBenoît De La Fournière17 dager siden
  • The idiots buying from scalpers needs to stop. Let them sit on these consoles until they lower it below 500.

    rickrick17 dager siden
  • Jesus, I remember buying the XBOX1 when it came out and I paid an extra 25 bucks on e-bay thinking that was a bit much lol.

    New GuyNew Guy17 dager siden
  • Dont know why people want to buy ps5?

    Joe ChinoJoe Chino17 dager siden
  • I've said this time and time again. This is not conspiracy. THIS IS HOW SONY AND MS MAKE BACK THE MONEY THEY ARE LOSING ON EACH CONSOLE SOLD. You have to be dense not to put two and two together. Do the research, the majority of these scalpers are a handful of several groups. Several groups that have ties to Sony and MS. These consoles are going for hundreds to more than TWICE the retail price. These scalping GUILDS are making a killing, while Sony and MS are getting their manufacturing costs recovered and are making a profit. YOU ARE ALL DAFT IF YOU THINK THIS SHADY SHIT IS NOT COMMON PRACTICE OF ALL BUSINESS!

    Glitch WriteGlitch Write17 dager siden
  • I mean. Why not just all stop buying PS5s and wait for big companies to do better 🙄 PS5s arent a necessity. If this is a big problem then WE need to STOP feeding into this and stop buying PS5s and have both parties get fucked over it.

    Adamska XIIIAdamska XIII17 dager siden
  • I cud but a nice sound system in my car for what there selling um 4

    Zach ThobeZach Thobe17 dager siden
  • An that's y I don't have 1 yet

    Zach ThobeZach Thobe17 dager siden
  • Dm @playstationzone2021 on Instagram

    Brendon BennettBrendon Bennett17 dager siden
  • It's clear beyond a reasonable doubt that there are industry insiders profiteering from the scalping situation. "In-house coders..." my arse. They have people on the inside leaking the info for a payout and until the laws change, there's nothing that can be done except wait out the craze, or demand that retailers move more of their stock into physical brick-and-mortar locations with full ID verification. It's the only way to get past this insanity.

    Travis WhelpleyTravis Whelpley17 dager siden
  • Put them in stores physically. Problem solved

    kimbercustompro1911kimbercustompro191117 dager siden
  • Im still trying to get one at a reasonable price lol

    donke ballsdonke balls17 dager siden
  • What measures do scalpers take on the shipping end? Even if all the orders are coming from different IP addresses it seems like it would be trivial for Game to infer botted orders when you have 10 orders shipping to the same location. Some even look like they are using the same email address. Do they have some complex network of hacked emails and shipping proxies?

    IrisIris17 dager siden
  • Stop selling online, ship consoles to stores, limit 1 per customer. Photo ID must be present and logged into the store's system. 2 week minimum in between purchase time before can buy another. Boom. Scalping problem not solved, but mitigated heavily.

    Captivating CrowCaptivating Crow17 dager siden
  • On top of this the old consoles have increased by 200 dollars each. My xbox s is dying and I can't get a new console bc everything is 500 + unless I get an untrustworthy used one

    The Undead DaedraThe Undead Daedra17 dager siden
  • Can't we just not buy from scalpers and just leave them with their money just collecting dust.

    Jon RJon R17 dager siden
  • Sadly don't think this would work, but throwing it out there anyways - what if, if/when scalping becomes ilegal, that it would do so RETROACTIVELY eg. going back 1 year. I know that's not how laws work, but I can't help but chuckle thinking about just how fast all these *insert lengthily line of swears here* people would suddenly be about deleting and hiding all their bragging x'p

    Vrani2110Vrani211017 dager siden
  • Time for retailers to wake up and put them in stores.

    Jeeem Plays GamesJeeem Plays Games17 dager siden
  • They may just have to cut off Online buying for PS5’s I see no other way

    Jake TylenolJake Tylenol17 dager siden
  • I have no problem with scalpers, I do have a problem with bots being used for it otherwise they would only get a few systems but the fact they can get 1/5 of all the UK stock is ridiculous.

    Kyle JonesKyle Jones17 dager siden
  • Nothing can be done. Sony is selling. The retailers are selling. Nothing wrong with their system as long as they get their profit, so they don't care about scalpers. Remember the toilet paper scalping? The jabba barge scalping? Scalpers exist because there are desperate people who will pay $5000 for a game console just to "be cool" and "trendy"

    tikvisiontikvision17 dager siden
  • Stores should stop selling them directly online!!! They could make customers fill in an online reservation for one unit. Then, as soon one is avaiable have the system contact the customer by email to make the payment and then send it. PROBLEM FUCKING SOLVED! But retailers don't give a shit.

    kcvriesskcvriess17 dager siden
  • They should just blacklist the addresses of these bot users and cancel all of their orders (Mechanical keyboard group buys do this why can't they do it lol)

    CandrenCandren17 dager siden
  • If you don't want to pay scalper prices then wait till supply is met everywhere, plain and simple. But it's not about having a PS5 it's about keeping up with the Joneses, buying for the trendiness. Scalpers only exist because the demand is there if we all collectively waited then this wouldn't happen.

    The Gazing EyeThe Gazing Eye18 dager siden