PS5 Scalpers Play The Victim, Say They Don't Deserve Bad Press With Very Dumb Arguments

15. feb.. 2021
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  • These scalpers made themselves look even less respectable than they already were. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

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    • @YoungYea Facts 💯💯

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    • Ok

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    • @OTR Ogre And Corgi you do realise that Sony is going nail ye cunts to the wall they are selling it at a discount so they can make money off ps+ in return but I don't know why people are even buying the ps5 theres nothing but polish so it's all the same to me

      Mick CareMick Care6 dager siden
    • I'm Pro scalper. And Poor People don't deserve new consoles. If $1,500 is a major issue for you. Then you should probably reevaluate your life and realize you need to stop gaming and get your life together. Because this isn't food or medicine or anything important. This is the ultimate first world issue. And if the gaming companies wanted to prevent the scalping from happening. They could have easily made a registry system. At least be angry at the right organizations. instead of being useful idiots. And this is why it's not the rich but the poor that are the greediest people you will ever meet.

      OTR Ogre And CorgiOTR Ogre And Corgi6 dager siden
    • @T.G.I will make a discord later tonight after work. Im not entirely sure how to share the info without letting everyone else in though. I don't think there is a direct messaging on NOtown. Any ideas?

      Krazzy KrackerKrazzy Kracker6 dager siden
  • I have no words but bru.

    VERTEXVERTEX2 timer siden
  • PS5 scalpers f**king deserves the bad press. Earned millions, people had extreme difficulty finding a PS5 especially in the COVID era and they f**king jack up the price to total BS....I'm pretty sure they will do it again if the PS6 will release in the future.

    Akane KitaoujiAkane Kitaouji7 timer siden
  • Both of my favorite communities is ruined by bots😢

    Kelvin GilliardKelvin Gilliard8 timer siden
  • Scalpers are parasites. They create no value in society. I would gladly choke the guy out.

    Hulious777Hulious7779 timer siden
  • _"Perhaps you feel that you're being treated unfairly?"_

    Evan KauffmanEvan Kauffman11 timer siden
  • So when the popular hardware stores jack up the prices are they also considered scalpers? They have been doing it for years with no backlash. They too deserve criticism.

    Papa TundaiPapa Tundai13 timer siden
  • Supply be damned - Never ever ever buy from a scalper.

    wadldewadlde14 timer siden
  • Here’s my take on the ps5. I’m not buying it. I’m sick of the scalpers. And Sony refuses to makes game publishers fix crashes on the report side. I’m going to pc. Better people and a more mature gaming community. Sony has done nothing and I’m done with Sony.

    Jarrodd F.Jarrodd F.15 timer siden
  • I’m all for gettin yours, working hard, and making money your own way. And although if I buy anything at MSRP and sell it at a higher markup that’s entrepreneurial and fine, but if it creates an intended and obvious artificial scarcity as an excuse to raise prices at significantly higher rates expect to get shit on for it. Retailers do this in every industrial facet and consumers complain plenty, looks what’s going on with graphics cards right now, in the firearms world we call retailers or private sellers price gougers for selling ammunition at unreasonable prices when there’s a shortage. These scalpers can rot as far as I’m concerned.

    Magus 101Magus 10119 timer siden
  • Please don't buy from them.

    Far A.R.Far A.R.Dag siden
  • The milk comparison is bullshit, regardless of the hoarding, tesco does provide a service of transportation and quality management. Unlike the scalper who provides nothing but a hassle.

    SirJMOSirJMODag siden
  • Selling drugs on the street is more morally respectable actually

    Fuck YoutubeFuck YoutubeDag siden
    • I hate illegal drugs but even this is better than price gauging

      Shalltear BloodfallenShalltear Bloodfallen3 timer siden
  • You can't blame 'em. Blame Sony for this scarcity and blame people who went to ebay for that price. It won't be a market if there is no demand. Everyone can think of excuses.

    SK BeanSK BeanDag siden
  • Scalpers will always justify scalping, I see a few of them in these comment threads doing just that.

    Laat DovahkiinLaat DovahkiinDag siden
  • It’s a free market though unless you guys want everything being controlled

    Couch gaming newsCouch gaming newsDag siden
  • I wonder what would happen if sony put millions of ps5 on the market then drop the price by 50$ on each model.

    Kandem-YeeKandem-YeeDag siden
  • I went PC.

    Richard thiedeRichard thiedeDag siden
  • Foundation of economic education offers argument that supports them. You should look at it and counter it if you feel so strong about this.

    Jacob FaroJacob FaroDag siden
  • Blah blah blah. It’s supply and demand???? No it’s greed total greed. I really feel sorry for them when they need health insurance or medications for some unforeseen sickness. Sony this is why I refuse to buy and replace my PS3. Greed.

    Thomas MartinezThomas MartinezDag siden
  • ive had more than enough money to buy a couple of ps5s, and i refuse to give a ANY scalper money. much rather get a high end PC anyway.

    Brandon DavisBrandon DavisDag siden
  • Ultimately, I would think the lack of Sony getting enough PS5s to retail shops for people to buy at the RRP, and not enough being done to address the scalping issue will drive more people to consider a PC which is exactly what I done for myself and my children over Christmas. So 3 lost PS5 purchases as a result of inability to purchase.

  • To be honest, I hold the market places they use to blame. eBay has done fuck all to stop this BS.

    MrRezMrRez2 dager siden
  • I would throw a hornets nest at the scalpers that’s selling the ps5 on the high price fortunately I got my Xbox series x from Microsoft while I was on the phone with them right before it’s come out in November and it came in time for Christmas Eve and I love playing my series x. Best regards Nikita ps it’s unacceptable that these scalpers are racking up the price and what those scalpers saying there saying a bunch of bulls*** even though I tried getting a series x preorder from the scalper I waited on November 9 at 11:22pm that’s when Microsoft called me to help me order the series x and then 11:32pm while I was on the phone with them they sent me a conformation email

    Nikita KhazovNikita Khazov2 dager siden
  • Playstation 5 is not something that everyone can get

    Chad ThundercockChad Thundercock2 dager siden
    • This wise words once said by our minister of economy

      Chad ThundercockChad Thundercock2 dager siden
  • What fool is buying these?

    Lori ParaLori Para2 dager siden
  • Loser lollll,

    Gos NguyenGos Nguyen2 dager siden
  • Remember when people started buying up all the hand sanitizer and wipes at the onset of Covid so they could make a quick buck. They were just trying to feed their family.... *eye roll*

    RoninRinRoninRin2 dager siden
  • Sounds like capitalism to me

    Kendo JonesKendo Jones2 dager siden
  • Scalping should be a felony with a minimum of 10 years in prison with a $500,000 fine.

    leepinlepinleepinlepin3 dager siden
  • Scalpers deserve to get their kneecaps busted out

    Frenchcore4EvurFrenchcore4Evur3 dager siden
  • These scalpers need to stop crying about the bad press. It is karma. Seriously, how can they not expect to draw flack for screwing over honest people who just want a PS5 for a fair price? I'm not giving in. I will wait until the PS5 is easily obtainable from proper retailers for MSRP.

    Judgment StormJudgment Storm3 dager siden
  • here's a tip, stop falling for FOMO and refuse to buy the consoles off of the scalpers, by being PAITENT AND WAITING A YEAR OR TWO, if people didn't do that, the scalpers wouldn't exist.

    babadababada3 dager siden
  • those dislikes are scalpers

    Ron SRon S3 dager siden
  • cant sell overpriced toilet paper, can sell overpriced expensive console.... the world is mad

    Spearow0Spearow03 dager siden
  • The scalpers' claims that they are helping kids get gifts for Christmas is a bunch a bullshit. Those who scalp the next gen consoles are simply doing it to profit for themselves. The Christmas story is a cover up so that people can feel sorry. Don't fall for it. I may get heat and haters from this, but people need to be realistic. I'm glad more retailers are fighting scalpers. How about this for buyer awareness? I got scammed at least three times from scalpers on eBay, OfferUp, Stock X, Twitter, and Facebook. I paid them and once they got my money, they dropped communication. Anyone can pose as a seller, post fake pictures of the consoles, and then take other people's money after receiving payment then drop communication. Don't let this happen to you and don't think for a second that maybe scalpers are good.....they are not and they are using you as bait. Don't risk losing $3000 over fake sellers like I did. More consoles are being released week after week, so patiently wait for the next drop. If you fail to secure, learn from it, and become better prepared for the next drop. It worked for me.

    LouieGMDesign13LouieGMDesign133 dager siden
  • I saw a PS5 on Ebay going for $25K.

    Kamen Rider SailorKamen Rider Sailor3 dager siden
  • If only that high demand would just wait a year .....

    Brock Martin -SparKingTournamentsBrock Martin -SparKingTournaments3 dager siden
  • It's insulting that people who have a 30 series card feels the need to make videos about scalped cards. Not that the scalping bothers me, nor do I condone scalping because I already bought my 3090 back in October... but because you are making money off a topic that doesn't necessarily apply to you. It is disingenuous to continue bringing light to a subject that doesn't apply to you, only to make those that are scalping feel justified in their actions or that there are still people that want and can't get the cards.

    voldem0rtvoldem0rt3 dager siden
  • Wah wah wah.. that is all I am hearing

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks3 dager siden
  • Scalpers rule the market in Brazil... ps5 500 dollars, in Brazil 8000 reais... we have scalpers in every business model Soccer games people use to steal them....

    Rodrigo CambaraRodrigo Cambara3 dager siden
  • Won't be suprised if playstation has scalpers themselves just to make more profit from selling their shit.

    QuinnockQuinnock4 dager siden
  • We need to put up some sort of protest to Ban scalping

    Ja'Winswell JoynerJa'Winswell Joyner4 dager siden
  • You know that Sony will become involved. Games sells are so low, because of scalpers, for ps5 that Sony is losing money ... Like every console they lose money on the hardware. And he should not cry about death threats if i would meat a scalper in realive i would forget myself to and thinks would get at least physical. You can only punch some logic and morals in this idiots and vent you frustation. They can pay me to not hit them. "I am only selling insurance against physical harm." by their logic ...

    Raistlin2kRaistlin2k4 dager siden
  • Thank you for being one of the few still going hard at these scalpers. I’ve been looking and feel like I’ll be looking all year and I can barely afford a luxury $500 purchase as it is. Only reason my conscious lets me is because me and my daughter make a lot of memories playing it Together

    Philly Philly__LiiPhilly Philly__Lii4 dager siden
  • I'm not greedy, I just wanna get all the toys first and then decide who gets to play with them.

    johnson6099johnson60994 dager siden
  • These "people" are horrible human beings. They have no morals the fact that they sleep at night by doing this makes me ashamed to call myself a human. They care more about greed then anything on this planet. I hope and wish one day these nasty people get a peice of what the universe has in store for them. Just wait they are in for a very hard rude awakening. You reap what you sow just remember that!

    Rodeo CowboyRodeo Cowboy4 dager siden
  • I think if these scalpers really feel VICTIMIZED then they're without a reasonable doubt, TERMINALLY STUPID 💯

    Mr. SkellingtonMr. Skellington4 dager siden
  • The 351 dislikes are those scummy scalpers

    Atticus bAtticus b4 dager siden
  • Why the fuck are people buying ps5 any ways? The controller is bad with a 400h life time, I've 600h on dos2 alone... And why would you pay extra for a console, if you can wait a couple of months and get it at a discount when the scalpers try to get rid of the stock

    Fábio GomesFábio Gomes4 dager siden
  • This is why i still dont have a ps5. I refuse to buy something for $1000+ when i can get it for $400. Fuck them.

    Pandora ArtsPandora Arts4 dager siden
  • Scalpers are evil and.. illegal. find a scalper... report them.

    Erik RaudrErik Raudr4 dager siden
  • Let's just call them antagonists then.

    Roy MarianoRoy Mariano4 dager siden
  • When you don't have a real job be a scapler 🤣

    Club HeadClub Head4 dager siden
  • They get surprised that people don’t like them when their job is literally to make people spend more money than they should have to

    The Salty OnionThe Salty Onion5 dager siden
  • Its the consumers fault for paying these ridiculous prices if nobody bought from scalpers there wouldn't be any scalpers.

    Gabriel JohnsonGabriel Johnson5 dager siden
  • The people buying ps5s for $1600+ are just as bad. You guys give them a reason not to stop.

    Jordan SummersJordan Summers5 dager siden
  • Scalper are the scum of of the earth.

    Sebastian PilzSebastian Pilz5 dager siden
  • Still haven’t gotten one.

    Super HiroSuper Hiro5 dager siden
  • "I was paid to murder a guy, but I donated part of it to a charity so it's okay."

    TaerTaer5 dager siden
  • I bet you use toilet paper to wipe. :)

    JpexPreditorJpexPreditor5 dager siden
  • Actually he is not wrong and while we dont like it - this happens all the time. During pandemic instead of reducing milk prices , they threw away excess milk to maintain specific quantity in stores. During the freeze in texas utility rates went up 10x , during hurricanes gas rates soar and so does local store prices. And when uber gets busy guess what ? rates go up. Oh and buy the way the original shortage was manufactured and simply could have been fixed but Sony benefits from the false sense of scarcity. And while this is the "grey market" these same markets will give you the same products discounted in a few months more then the standard store or sony ever will. Your blaming the wrong villian here

    JacclJaccl5 dager siden
  • find 'm and lynch 'm

    Tesser ActTesser Act5 dager siden
  • All scalpers are cunts!

    69baker69able69baker69able5 dager siden
  • Scalpers should rot

    ki koyki koy5 dager siden
  • I want to live in the world where "friends" buy each other a ps5 ,

    Ethen HuntEthen Hunt5 dager siden
  • Scalpers are trashes. They makes buying process much harder. Maybe Sony should make only Store bought product with purchase receipt can be refurbish and receive fixing services.

    Liliana L.C.Liliana L.C.6 dager siden
  • I helped some dude mug someone a few days ago, I just love to help people make money.

    The Grey KnightThe Grey Knight6 dager siden
  • People haven't tried to buy a pair of Jordan's and it shows... You snooze, you loose... It's called life. There are no games for the next gen anyway. Who cares

    Will StopkaWill Stopka6 dager siden
  • pay or patience ... I dont see the desire to get it first, when its too new the game selection is still low. let the scalpers keep their stock and eventually it will be a loss.

    TheAwesomeBastardTheAwesomeBastard6 dager siden
  • Buying something that is listed for more than 200% of its retail price... lol aside from the scalpers these buyers are the true idiots. That's some cartoon shit; A rock is sold out at a stand for $1 and the stand right next to it is selling the same rock for double the damn price.. AND YOU BUY IT! And I guarantee many people will look at this example literally instead of figuratively and type something predictable like "Its a rock and its $2 of course I would buy it" that's not the point, please use simple thought process if this is you.

    AntAnt6 dager siden
  • An option to combat this would be for Walmart, Gamestop, Target, etc, increase the price to the scalpers' prices until they give up. Because even if you do not one at that price from a true retailer you're getting a warranty, not so buying from a scalper. And then the scalpers have to pay twice as much and it hurts them financially when they can't sell them after pay $1,000 each through their bots.

    Lord BaconshireLord Baconshire6 dager siden
  • for me it's not about the price I can afford any price, its about worth, PS5 is not worth more than $500...

    jrag1000jrag10006 dager siden
  • I don't wish violence upon them, but I'm not going to feel the least bit bad for them if it happens and they get robbed.

    Lord BaconshireLord Baconshire6 dager siden
  • I do think it's a little unfair to consumers, specially if they allow the use of APIs to systematically buy a lot of merchandise and then hoard it. But ultimately, this is a luxury item, and you are not forced to buy it from the scalpers. If you couldn't get it the first week, just get it the second week, or third, of a few years later if you want to pay less money. There are other problems that deserve the outrage much more. Scalpers only made tons of money because someone was willing to pay it. if people had the restrain to wait a few weeks to buy it, the scalpers would have had no choice but to lower the price, since holding an item in storage is expensive. (That's why oil companies were paying for someone to take their oil barrels of their hands, not enough storage space available)

    MarcelMarcel6 dager siden
  • my goal is to get so rich i can buy out PS5’s like scalpers do and sell them for the same price i sold them for to put all the scalpers out of market

    corncorn6 dager siden
  • Their argument is "you need us because these items are scarce because we made these items scarce." This logic is literally identical to the mob taking you for protection money. "It's protection money. To protect you. From what we'll do to you if you don't pay us."

    Skele-Ton HammerSkele-Ton Hammer6 dager siden
  • I'm Pro scalper. And Poor People don't deserve new consoles. If $1,500 is a major issue for you. Then you should probably reevaluate your life and realize you need to stop gaming and get your life together. Because this isn't food or medicine or anything important. This is the ultimate first world issue. And if the gaming companies wanted to prevent the scalping from happening. They could have easily made a registry system. At least be angry at the right organizations. instead of being useful idiots. And this is why it's not the rich but the poor that are the greediest people you will ever meet.

    OTR Ogre And CorgiOTR Ogre And Corgi6 dager siden
    • What? The console wasn't even priced as $1,500 it was like $500 so no that's you're problem for trying to sell it for that price so you're point makes no sense.

      XfiqfXfiqf6 dager siden
  • Scalping is the same as Commodities trading. Both just insert themselves as artificial middle-men by creating artificial scarcity, driving prices up, and profiting from it. Both practices should be illegal as they contribute nothing and only take something from everyone.

    Konstantin KotonKonstantin Koton6 dager siden
  • Scalpers are the scum of the earth! No amount of denying will change that.

    Konstantin KotonKonstantin Koton6 dager siden
  • In the words of one of their own: fuck your feelings.

    Jorge ZaragozaJorge Zaragoza6 dager siden
  • Already got a PC. Don't have any plans for getting in on the next gen of consoles. The scalpers can rot with their merchandise

    Terry Krug IITerry Krug II6 dager siden
  • No, scalping PS5's is worse than "selling hardcore drugs on the streets". At least with drugs you have options, different dealers, supply and demand, a free market, that doesn't exist with the PS5, or RTX cards.

    Akeyla WhiteAkeyla White6 dager siden
  • These scalpers are everything that's wrong with America. We should examine every possible deterrent to make them think twice before pulling this bush league nonsense.

    Nathan McDowellNathan McDowell6 dager siden
  • I don't see why Microsoft and Sony wouldn't just develop there own anti bot soft where there both tech giants who have the capability and it would also benefit them greatly because like mentioned previously Microsoft and Sony aren't even breaking even with these console so having them sit in some scalpers basement is an active detriment to there prophits like wtf why aren't they doing anything!!!???

    namellesnamelles6 dager siden
  • I can respect a aware scalper, they can admit they are a piece of shit and just want a quick buck These fucks arethe same people that would rob people and justify it by saying "well theyre rich so it doesnt matter"

    Slaymyface135Slaymyface1356 dager siden
  • This is speculated investment. This is not a illegal act. It’s a free market. Who here wouldn’t buy a pallet of merchandise if you knew you could flip it? Be honest… 10-15% isn’t a significant amount of merchandise.. sorry guys

    Jay BrooksJay Brooks6 dager siden

    Rage TheFireRage TheFire6 dager siden
  • Scalpers: "I only doubled the price people (3 times in my country at the moment) how can that be bad, for me?" lol

    Aml 2020Aml 20206 dager siden
  • Retailers deserve a lot of shit. Letting bots clear out all stocks online just because they’re greedy and don’t give a single fuck about the consumer

    Anderson SteelrodAnderson Steelrod6 dager siden
  • PS5 Scalpers: **** your feelings *Consumers bashing/shaming/doxing PS5 Scalpers* *PS5 Scalpers getting bad press and playing the victim card* Consumers to PS5 Scalpers: **** your feelings

    MVCPremiumGamerMVCPremiumGamer6 dager siden
  • I lost intrest to Ps5 because of scalpers and after this i will just wait for few more years for ps5 pro to be released. So scalpers did hurt also Sony with this. All game studios too when there is not same game sale figures what it would have been without scalpers.

    OG GamerOG Gamer6 dager siden
  • Milk is a necessity ps5 is not .... ps5 is the least problem people need to worry about

    lonley azteclonley aztec7 dager siden
  • sorry bud they deserve the death threats they asked for it when they did this

    Josh LeeJosh Lee7 dager siden
  • Get a PC, don't overspend on a console if you can't get it for a base price.

    Wind of changeWind of change7 dager siden
  • Wow. Just....Wow.

    Travis MontgomeryTravis Montgomery7 dager siden
  • $3500 RTX 3080s, all I’m saying..

    itsXRBitsXRB7 dager siden
  • What this is evidence of is that Greed is greed regardless of whether its corporate or Individual. If these Scalpers were a megacorp theyd be even harshly treated by the citizenry. Robin Hood gets greedy too and when Robin Hood becomes greedy, he's no longer the charming and lovable hero. He becomes just another thief and extortionist.

    Epsilon CoreEpsilon Core7 dager siden
  • Not to mention people complain about milk and grocery prices all the time. Not outright outrage or anything but when the price goes up say 30 cents people will say (myself included) "damn the price has gone up wtf" There seriously needs to be some sort of law against scalping. Like make it illegal to buy limited quantity item and sell it at a certain mark up (like only be able to resell at 1.5x value) and\or have a time limit when they can resell them. Also these companies really need to have better counter measures against bots\multiple accounts. But they won't because they don't care who buys them very much as long as they get their money. Or hell make these people have to be set up as an actual business and have to be put under certain tax laws and other business regulations.

    Holo TWWHolo TWW7 dager siden
  • Even more scummy to bring up the fact you donate to charity 😂👌

    David CuellarDavid Cuellar7 dager siden