Report: Konami Games Tanked So Bad They're Open To Other Studios Making Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Etc

21. feb.. 2021
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  • Good. Konami have lost the talent that held those franchises together. Time to license their IPs out. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball - WECKmaster329 [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea11 dager siden
    • @Gentle Rain I don't give a fuck about "crunch". Every employee should be willing to do that but this channel seems to complain about it a lot while painting Kojima as a God and savior.

      Don DraperDon Draper3 dager siden
    • @Don Draper what you going about crunch now? There isn't a single AAA game dev company in existence that doesn't DO crunch time. And yes some reputation, they skyrocketed with Kojima. They spended big, got banked big when the results came in and came in a reputation with it. In the end all of it was worth it.

      Gentle RainGentle Rain3 dager siden
    • @Gentle Rain Some reputation. Tomokazu Fukushima seems to have loved fixing Kojima's miscalculations. I am sure no "crunch" was involved there. He drained the division to nothing due to his ego. Everything had to be Kojima Productions focused. What he was doing wasn't popular enough to reach a new audience unless they had a prerequisite of playing Metal Gear Solid back in 1998. I do suppose this isn't all Kojima's fault. Konami did make the mistake of allowing it to happen. No company should have allowed the ... _talent_ (for lack of a better term) be that involved with the corporation.

      Don DraperDon Draper3 dager siden
    • @Don Draper Bankrupted them? More like went overbudget to give the company a REPUTATION. Sounds like a deal to me. Konami has been swimming in dollars since then thanks SOLELY to Hideo Kojima.

      Gentle RainGentle Rain3 dager siden
    • @Gentle Rain I get that people like Metal Gear but it's fans were waning. I get that people wanted his Silent Hills but for it's past critical acclaim, that property can't withstand a corporation cuz it's niche and considering how Kojima and del Toro love going on spending sprees on a company credit card, Konami was right. This was Kojima's fault.

      Don DraperDon Draper5 dager siden
  • Are these the guys who make those gambling machines? That killed what looked to be the most interesting silent hill game I ever seen(never played the others) I was even going to buy a PlayStation just for that game

    Dr NoDr No10 timer siden
  • Oh god please no more Silent Hills, just let the series rest

    Redhead GirlfriendRedhead Girlfriend16 timer siden
  • I'd love to see some classic konami titles get some new life. Castlevania SOTN needs a sequel. Bloodstained is great and all, but it isn't the same.

    Double BrewskiDouble Brewski16 timer siden
  • The video game industry is in a rut. Each year we get the same thing remade over and over again. New IPs aren't as willing to take a risk.

    tannerlee333tannerlee33316 timer siden
  • Fuck everything else I want a revitalized full remake of the very first original metal gear

    benny finniginbenny finniginDag siden
  • The fact that they didn't see this coming is beyond me. Like what do you expect when you fire the only big developer you have, while on top of that not even trying to reboot some of your older beloved series. It kind of goes to show how stupid the higher up at Konami are, like all they had left was pes soccer aka fifa's little brother that no one cares about.

    Unknown TheoryUnknown TheoryDag siden
  • They better lend it to kojima

    Sheikh USheikh UDag siden
  • I'm pretty disappointed this is going to be a PS5 exclusive. I have an Xbox One X and have been playing the Metal Gear Solid games for about a year. MGS 3 is now one of my favorite single player games ever and I'm still playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Why would Konami shaft people who enjoy their games on other consoles? I understand Metal Gear Solid was an exclusive to PlayStation, but now that it's on other platforms it just feels like PS is throwing their weight around to get more sales.

    RabblerouserRabblerouserDag siden
  • ....

    AlvinAlvin2 dager siden
  • Rock steady metal gear would be cool or silent hill by capcom woooooooo

    marco mendezmarco mendez2 dager siden
  • Can’t wait for the remake MGS and just thinking about the “PT” game or Silent Hills game gives me chills. 🥶😱

    iNINJAgameriNINJAgamer2 dager siden
  • I expected they'd tank due to COVID. No one gambles in Pachinko if no ones get to go outside most of the time.

    Freeze PeachFreeze Peach3 dager siden
  • Dusk Golem can't be trusted, he was making false information up regarding the PS5

    SPSP3 dager siden
  • It'll be interesting to see the new Silent Hill games, but I just wished the original Team Silent could make it. I can imagine it'd be difficult to pull of the writing, style, and atmosphere of the original 4 all while trying something different with the series (the team initially wanted to explore a 'horror in daylight' concept for the next game before Konami pulled a Konami and axed the original team because the 4th game didn't meet sales expectations). But I'm excited to see how the next games fair.

    Swamp MermaidSwamp Mermaid3 dager siden
  • What in house titles

    GatorGator3 dager siden
  • Will Konami licence these IPs out or will they just fuck us over anyways and let it die? I can just imagine the Japanese businessmen miniacly laughing.

    Flop OutFlop Out3 dager siden
  • Normally I might be mad that a company was out sourcing to a third party studio in this case I appreciate it

    conor davisconor davis3 dager siden
  • Maybe they’ll slide Castlevania on over to Iga so he start making more lit Metroidvania games.

    Ya BoiYa Boi3 dager siden
  • Haha they better change director otherwise a name change ain't gonna do shit.

    amini101amini1014 dager siden
  • so, they gonna let kojima get his hands on one of those? that would be pretty ironic

    max mustermannmax mustermann4 dager siden
  • i’d love a remake of the first two metal gears on the msx that’d be amazing having other people be able to play the first two games in the series

    Coochie SlayerCoochie Slayer4 dager siden
  • IMHO They should just sell their IPs and vanish

    SpukowSpukow4 dager siden
  • I will never understand why a "gaming company" would work so hard to ruin their reputation with the customers who buy their games (and even development talent) and then continue to do business in this space. Edit: Just looked at their financial disclosure for the year ending dec 2020. Looks like profits in most areas decreased slightly and the only thing that increased was gaming......I wonder if that combined with reports I keep reading of how well gaming in general is doing during the pandemic is causing them to try to salvage and expand the sectors of gaming they lit on fire a few years ago.

    WardemonxiWardemonxi4 dager siden
  • Lol I wish I would look at a non kojima mgs game...why so it could be made shitty ? A nice graphic boring game like red dead 2 or a generic open world Ubisoft like game

    The Trash Can ManThe Trash Can Man5 dager siden
  • Konami should outsource Metal Gear Solid 6 to Kojima Productions. I know, I know, a lot of people are afraid that outsourcing such a beloved franchise to another company might potentially take it away from the original creators and put it into the hands of unknown and unproven developers (a very legitimate concern considering what happened with Metal Gear Revengeance), and yes, I know that Kojima Productions is still a young studio with only one game under their belt, but I really think they're the right team for the job. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly, but there's something about their studio founder, Hideo Kojima, that tells me he'd be the perfect man to direct the next Metal Gear Solid game.

    ryutokiryutoki5 dager siden
  • TT~TT someone save the IPs

    Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
  • Mgs 3 should be remade

    Henry MHenry M5 dager siden
  • Konami today has fallen so far. Castlevania developer left, kickstarted and founded his own similar franchise, Bloodstained. Suikoden developers left, kickstarted and founded their own similar franchise, Eiyuden Chronicles. Whos next?

    Don HakaDon Haka5 dager siden
  • LOL watching this whole video made me acknowledge that you actually consider Red Gaming Tech and Moore's Law is Dead, the NOtownrs who believed the PS5 had "Infinity Cache" and "rDNA3", whilst the Xbox had "rDNA1 only", as "Valid sources" because they predicted an OBVIOUS trailer that was going to happen. Obviously, OF COURSE Sony will show off the next God of War title. WHY wouldn't they. That's like saying in June 2020 "Microsoft will show off Halo Infinite gameplay in July!" That's an obvious, it's their major platform title. Or, as I should put it more appropriately; "Nintendo will show off Mario footage during their New Console's Nintendo Direct". lol.... I can't help but laugh here. Don't EVER consider them "Valid video game sources". Red Gaming Tech only has valid sources for AMD, because he's friends with a dataminer who specifically works on datamining AMD hardware information. Moore's Law is Dead obtains third-rate information from the 'same' twitter accounts as RGT, additionally he adds his own "spin" to everything; If it's not "Anti-nVidia, anti-Intel, pro-AMD", he's not going to talk about it...or spin it as a negative in one of those couple companies. LIke nVidia knocking off the ability to "Datamine" for their lower end graphics cards, which originally escalated the price of the RTX 20 series cards, now apparently is a horrible thing -- even though it was wanted HEAVILY in 2018. Need I go on? As for the "rumors", I suggest you go and look at the public Easter Eggs Microsoft dropped on Silent Hill's Twitter. Oh, yeah, didn't you realize the Official Twitter opened during the July Summer of Games event, which was primarily Microsoft? Should I also mention that this account is following numerous Microsoft employees, but 'just' the PlayStation Twitter account, nothing more in Sony's end? Should I also mention that Metal Gear is also being rebooted, but not by Sony (once more). No, Bluepoint is not doing anything worth of these titles. That's nonsense. BluePoint is specifically there (in the headlines) because Sony will merge with them, and consolidate the then-current aspirations of SiE Japan Studios and task this to BluePoint. Or, to put this very simply; BluePoint is an outsourced team of Sony employees who will work with other studios, much like SiE Japan did. Outside of the one development team they believe will be great for Japan. In this same regard, "remasters" aren't off the table, but not of these two specific titles. Instead, they'll be focusing on marketing methods for upcoming games -- like the next Souls title (hence Demon Souls) or the next Uncharted or, dare I tell you, Last Guardian, title. Does this make me a more credible source than MLID when this gets announced? This NOtown account is a throw away on purpose. I think I covered it all here, besides my previous comment: Can't wait to see what peoples reactions will be when they realize they're not just multiplatform, but going to be debuted on the Xbox Series X. At least one giant one that people just thought was a PS5 game *cough MGS I really, really can't wait :) People are going to lose their minds, more than when Sony announces God of War to PC. Oops, spoilers. Marketing material for more people to be interested in a game is important for Sony, as they'll push older or remasters to hype the 'next' version, which will be either an exclusive on the platform -- or a release for a previous title on PC to hype for the upcoming exclusive. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been on a reboot kick. Perfect Dark, Halo ('spiritual reboot'), Fable, Silent Hill (and PT; yes, this is Microsoft), and I'd love to say more. I can say more. There's actually quite a bit more titles that were suppose to be announced at E3 2020, but we're going to just let this settle for everyone. What would you do if, say, another famous "PlayStation game" was actually being announced for the Xbox Series consoles? Would you "lose your mind"? Or is the simple notion of the game actually being worked on 'good enough' for you? Are you a fan of the game, or a fan of the console? :) That's what I'm waiting for.

    The Anomaly MThe Anomaly M5 dager siden
  • Time to take another shot at PT?

    C01NTHI3FC01NTHI3F5 dager siden
  • We all knew they were gonna collapse after what they pulled with Kojima. Can't say I feel bad for them. A large majority of publishers are just trash now and need to vanish into the ether.

    Joe BallzJoe Ballz5 dager siden
  • That’s karma

    Quintin HuntQuintin Hunt5 dager siden
  • konami : we got pachinko and healthclub and Mobile game Covid : here I come Konami : Pachinko = dead / healthclub = dead / Mobile game - only survivor left

    Zazel SkycrestZazel Skycrest5 dager siden
  • Konami mind as well, sell metal gear to its rightful owner who will do the game justice.

    Damien BlazeDamien Blaze5 dager siden
  • Just give back Metal Gear to Kojima Thanks.

    Chikan CelerymanChikan Celeryman6 dager siden
  • nope to a MGS remake that dosnt involve kojima.... kojima is a 3rd party developer, so it could still work out, konami just has to stop being the bad guys. ps. also, a vr version could be interesting, if done right.....but it could go badly too.

  • I hope Sony gets a crack at Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

    Jake RossJake Ross6 dager siden
  • Would be superfunny if Kojima bought the license to his old game-series, then re-released them, deleting the Konami-tag from them.

    MONKEY_SEEMONKEY_SEE6 dager siden
  • Konami should sell the rights of metal gear, silent hill, castlevania and many other games they killed to Sony so that those good games gonna have a another chance of brigther future.

    Abyss WalkerAbyss Walker6 dager siden
  • No place for Hideo? No place for me.

    jevachi Millianjevachi Millian6 dager siden
  • I miss Team Silent. I wish they'd pull an IGA, get a kickstarter going for a new Silent Hill-like game.

    DrownedInExileDrownedInExile6 dager siden
  • 'Hell, It's about time.'

    Ciorram1Ciorram16 dager siden
  • Konami stock is on the way up btw, since Nov 2020.

    Krystal MythKrystal Myth6 dager siden
  • Isn't Konami doing another business now? They couldn't give a shit about their triple A games.

    aeg gaeg g6 dager siden
  • great now metal gear can return to kojima productions

    Raccoon PeddlerRaccoon Peddler6 dager siden
  • How about just give Kojima his games back and konami can fuck off. I have no respect for them after the god damn pachinko machines

    halogod786halogod7866 dager siden
  • If we can get a MGS IV Remake I would pre order it

    2ndplayeruser North Prince2ndplayeruser North Prince6 dager siden
  • It's finally time to put these legendary gaming franchises into good hands again. Pls for the love of everything.

    Rayleigh AMV'sRayleigh AMV's6 dager siden
  • thats a good thing for us all.can you see a capcom made silent hill? please!!!

    Dustin LawsonDustin Lawson6 dager siden
  • konami should suffer for making yugioh cards so damn expensive

    shakezilla29shakezilla296 dager siden
  • It speaks volumes about how deeply incompetent Konami is as a business that it took them this long to realize this

    NeverheartNeverheart6 dager siden
  • I don't want a remake. I can play the original any time I want, on several consoles

    Liquid MikeLiquid Mike6 dager siden

    Rage TheFireRage TheFire6 dager siden
  • Make metal gear games in the universe but let snake die plz.

    achronos178achronos1786 dager siden
  • Konami: Why does no one like our games anymore? Everyone: Bruh, you fired Kojima.

    Bez OznaughtBez Oznaught6 dager siden
  • Imagine Konami ends up lending MGS to Kojima Productions, and Castlevania to ArtPlay Inc.

    William GazeleyWilliam Gazeley6 dager siden
  • Look, I’m sure making a game is hard. But if you’ve a ton of skill workers, well known IPs and high tech equipments / softwares. I would like to think you are 90% there already... Konami made so much STUPID move for so long that I dare say they are the absolute worst game developer out there right now. More so than EA, UBISOFT and Blizzard. Yes, they also have horrible line up. But you can still somewhat enjoy their game. Even though you might hate you can see its potential.. Konami’s game (other than PES (rivalling EA fifa how about that)) is downright unplayable. It is insulting to the game industry. Hell it insulting to EA.

    MrAdonis258MrAdonis2586 dager siden
  • ehhh konami, try that new studio name kojima or something i think they can deliver the next game of metal gear or silent hill

    Lebay CrewLebay Crew6 dager siden
  • They licensed the Pyramid Head to BHVR. They value themselves very low

    unlisted videosunlisted videos7 dager siden
  • I can see someone creating Metal gear online 3 hopefully 🤞🤞

  • lol imagine they license to Kojima

    corpsecorpse7 dager siden
  • So you are saying... *METAL GEAR RISING 2 HAS A CHANCE?!*

    Just a ScarecrowJust a Scarecrow7 dager siden
  • Good. - Zelda, The Wand of Gamelon on CDI

    Chizuru MinamotoChizuru Minamoto7 dager siden
  • they should contract capcom to do metal gear

    Brian RatcliffeBrian Ratcliffe7 dager siden
  • I am not sure that anything good is coming from this. Third party studio can fuck up everything just as bad as Konami. It looks like Konami is not willing to provide the budget to developers. MGSV was unfinished because Konami cut the line before they thought that game is good enough to hit the shelves and any more investments won’t be justified. I fell bad for people that developed game engine. It was wonderful.

    Dennis DadukevychDennis Dadukevych7 dager siden
  • Kojima, pleassssseee take back your baby

    ToXiCxStOmPeRToXiCxStOmPeR7 dager siden
  • So this is happened after Konami fired Kojima? I guess it looks like Konami depended on Kojima.

    Typical Asian GuyTypical Asian Guy7 dager siden
  • I hope the old FOX Engine turned GUERILLA Engine Crew hears this🤞🤞

    Will RobinsonWill Robinson7 dager siden
  • I don't give a shit about Metal Gear. I give *many* shits about Castlevania. Can we get a Platinum Games Castlevania?

    Graham BellGraham Bell7 dager siden
  • Now i'll read more deeply into your soul. Ah.. I can see into your mind.. so you like SUIKODEN? - Psycho Mantis 1998

    SasaraiSasarai7 dager siden
  • Oh No! Anyway..

    The Goggle BrothersThe Goggle Brothers7 dager siden
  • While normally I'd applaud a company turning itself around, Konami is the exception. Konami is the white whale that represents everything wrong with the industry and I'd rather see it burn as an example to other "too big to fail" companies.

    TheAsylumCatTheAsylumCat7 dager siden
  • Turns out it's Dino Crisis

    saifMSKsaifMSK7 dager siden
  • Can Konami just let platinum games do a rising sequel really want to see a version of that game with more time dedicated to it

    Dnf1234Dnf12347 dager siden
  • Im not buy a mgs remake is kojima aint on it

    FaceFace7 dager siden
  • It'd be really cool if companies could make new games instead of just remaking old ones.

    asdasd7 dager siden
  • Can we get a Suikoden game?

    Flik13Flik137 dager siden
  • they should just let bluepoint remake metal gear

    Blooper_DooperBlooper_Dooper7 dager siden
  • Wasn't bluepoint also supposed to be working on a Soul Reaver remake? Are they just the PS remake studio now?

    Golden SlamGolden Slam7 dager siden
  • SNAKE!!! SNAKE!!!

    Opinion DiscardedOpinion Discarded7 dager siden
  • This could be announced in state of play just saying

    Shaun DickinsonShaun Dickinson7 dager siden
  • metal gear phantom pain should be finished

    Marcelo SerazziMarcelo Serazzi7 dager siden
  • Konami made A LOT of games that people like. They just need to.go back to their roots. Go back to making games like Contra, Ninja Turtles, Jackel, Castlevania, Gradius, etc. And how about some more: up up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

    HE360HE3607 dager siden
  • Wish konami just stops doing games of metal gear thay proven thay cant do it. Survive is a good example

    Mats KarlssonMats Karlsson7 dager siden
  • I hope sony buys metal gear solid and silent hill ip and give it to kojima productions

    noormubeen parbhoonoormubeen parbhoo7 dager siden
  • its not silent hill its Moryuu Senki Madara 3

    DoomtriggerDoomtrigger7 dager siden
  • The games will probably be pay to win 😂

    ShinobiShinobi7 dager siden
  • Konami's ips should be let out to gamemakers who really respect and love those ips

    Tino CarbajalTino Carbajal7 dager siden
  • Castlevania should be made by mercury steam i like what they did with lords of shadows 1

    Tino CarbajalTino Carbajal7 dager siden
  • Please let them outsource Castlevania to Artplay, lol

    AndrikAndrik7 dager siden
  • Konami? Na. Not my metal gear anymore. Don care make new, remake or remaster. To me is as good as dead.

    Saber kokSaber kok7 dager siden
  • Lol kojima productions is a 3rd party company. Just have them handle the mgs remake

    Who dis?Who dis?7 dager siden
  • Konami just has to license Castlevania to Fromsoftware, Metal Gear to IO Interactive and Silent Hill to Kojima Productions.

    js100serchjs100serch7 dager siden
  • Panda Contra failed,as it was terrible .

    pj o'mayopj o'mayo7 dager siden
  • Konami died the day they let Hideo Kojima go.

    Minimalist SGMinimalist SG7 dager siden
  • Everyone is talking about Kojima, but you forgot Igarashi (Castlevania) and Nd Cube (the part of Hudson Soft that is with Nintendo instead of Konami). Edit: And also Garena, they made Contra Returns.

    AwesomeGamer101AwesomeGamer1017 dager siden

    Denker BosuDenker Bosu7 dager siden
  • I’m quite sure that if MGS is not supervised by Kojima, no one gonna buy that shit.

    thanatip Manothummethathanatip Manothummetha7 dager siden
  • Meanwhile in Valheim: 4m copies sold.

    KelnKeln7 dager siden