Report Reveals Why Amazon Games Have Been Such Disasters

5. feb.. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea27 dager siden

      Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE!2 dager siden
    • Bro you really need to learn about business and what org management is lmao, you just sound like a little kid talking about the adults. Yea they seem to be sucking but a business man needs to run the business.

      Zach GardnerZach Gardner4 dager siden
    • @alex duffy I mean it's almost as if you need to be Flexible and work within Consumer Demand, in order to Win Free Market Capitalism!! Gee who would have thought. Rather hilarious for a company as smart as Amazon to be so INCREDIBLY stupid for their Video Games

      Jessica TJessica T12 dager siden
    • oh geez its almost like putting stubborn busniess men incharge is a bad idea hmmm who wouldve thought

      alex duffyalex duffy12 dager siden
    • @Luis Martinez What's so funny about that? Already the video proved why a Tribal Consultant is necessary.

      Jessica TJessica T20 dager siden
  • i cant believe i ever wanted to work for these guys....getting turned down by Amazon after an interview for a tech position was probably a blessing in disguise.

    imperatorvultimperatorvult21 time siden
  • Neither Amazon, nor Google have any business making creative products; they clearly aren't cut out for it. They should stick to web advertising and server farms, and leave creativity to established professionals. Nobody wants a more fragmented gaming space.

    Liam HarringtonLiam HarringtonDag siden
  • I'm still excited for new world

    Mason CogburnMason CogburnDag siden
  • Billion dollar franchise?! How many of those even are there in the gaming industry? I can't imagine there's many. I'm assuming the few there are are due to longevity/familiarity and merchandise, IE Mario. Money can't buy competence, apparently

    Van Goghs Severed EarVan Goghs Severed EarDag siden
  • I get the feeling game development and corporate culture just don't mix.

    E DRE DR2 dager siden
  • What's with the Amazon Game Circle Feb 2021 announcement that guys that play, invest money and time into a particular Amazon Game will no longer have there content, progress of the game saved by Amazon Game Circle but rather it must will be saved to the game players device. This is what's stated when u Google Amazon Game Circle Feb 2021 announcement. Help! Does this mean when my device dies or if I want to transfer my game to another Android device from my Kindle HD10 that I will no longer be able to? Game Circle is what allows u to log into your Amazon account and then download the game and it then loads onto your new android device and ask if want to load your existing game etc but if Game Circle no longer keeps tract of your progress sounds like once your own device dies or gets old you simple can't reload same game profile on new android device. Game guys and developers is this the case??? Thanks

    Music MenMusic Men2 dager siden
  • Geez... Here I am complaining when Unreal Engine takes 30s to import my assets...

    arenkaiarenkai2 dager siden
  • amazon has a zillion dollars they can fucking buy any successful studio they wanted and have those very successful developers create their games department for them, fucking google too. what's with big tech and big fuck ups

    James BrooksJames Brooks2 dager siden
  • I'm glad my friends and I cancelled our newworld pre orders early in 2020, I alpha tested it in fall of 2019 and once I saw the delay and the drastic change in the games core design philosophy, we all decided then to jump ship I see no future for the game and am now looking forward to ashes of creation

    Solid SnapeSolid Snape2 dager siden
  • Imagine naming your game after the name of Destiny's PVP multiplayer

    Fallen KingFallen King2 dager siden
  • I absolutely 100% do not believe that he just randomly created positions and placed men above her because she was a woman that is absolutely unbelievable. And every single time a woman doesn't just get promoted for being a woman they always say that it's because there was a bro culture in the office no maybe it's you just didn't do your job well enough to deserve a promotion.

    Aames32Aames322 dager siden
  • lol!! When you try to battle stream over a game you don’t yet have

    sudilos117sudilos1172 dager siden
  • Lol, Funny how gaming is an art, which requires a team of legendary artists to make a billion dollar game worthy of turning into a franchise. It’s totally the Investors and the Amazons fault

    sudilos117sudilos1172 dager siden
  • I wish I could royally and totally fuck up my job for 8 years and still be taken care of. I wonder what dirt they have on Bezos

    sudilos117sudilos1172 dager siden
  • New World will be dead on arrival

    Killer Ice LolliesKiller Ice Lollies2 dager siden
  • Amazon hiring a biz dev guy instead of a game developer lead. Yeh...the John Scully effect all over again. Amazon gotta can this guy right away if they want to continue to feed themselves.

    El MissionEl Mission3 dager siden
  • The problems with these big Corp. is they want to control everything. It’s a good thing their gaming side bomb because could you imagine what Amazon will do to censor everything.

    MaskHero ZoMaskHero Zo3 dager siden
  • I saw this coming, and not just wrt Amazon, the "trendchasing" I mean. How many developers charged into development of a "Battle Royale" microtransaction machine after Fortnite had already sucked up most of the millions of users who wanted that kind of game? How big a market do they think remains after one game in a genre becomes hugely successful? Somebody in his position should have understood: Only two reasons for a game to become (not "be", from the start) a billion dollar franchise, A) Superior game in an existing genre. Not easy to do with your first game, or B) something NEW, which is obviously very difficult. Guy didn't understand either approach, apparently. One of those bosses who think things get done because HE demanded they get done. UIgh.

    TrollificusTrollificus4 dager siden
  • "Mike Frazzini" looks like some sleazy businessman from Europe that treats his employees like dirt and sexually harass his secretary.

    Kayne AlexanderKayne Alexander4 dager siden
  • This was auto played after I watched the recent Stadia video.. I thought it was on repeat for a minute. LOL

    John WestwoodJohn Westwood4 dager siden
  • lmao lumberyard was a nightmare.

    ZvrraZvrra4 dager siden
  • The guy was like: Eh, games, am I right guys?

    Octavian RomanOctavian Roman4 dager siden
  • Those reasons, and probably also because they were uninspired copy/pastes of successful projects that have already been around for a while. People would OBVIOUSLY stick to the original than play an inferior alternative. Overpriced MTXs don't help either. Valorant is a brilliant example of the same stuff.

    Fatal ExceptionFatal Exception4 dager siden
  • TLDR; Boomer that never played a game in his life starts a game studio.

    FarerynielFareryniel4 dager siden
  • Yong understands how good videogames are made and it pleases me.

    Edouard ImbertEdouard Imbert4 dager siden
  • A good leader doesn't need to be knowledgeable in every area, but they sure do need to know their own shortcomings and hire good people to manage those areas.

    nt78stonewobblent78stonewobble4 dager siden
  • with all the money, amazon should buy Anthem now and put these devs that only get to make stuff that gets cancels onto making Anthem Next. and get that business-fool to stfu

    RadimentriXRadimentriX5 dager siden
  • The New World alpha over 2 years ago was absolutely amazing. The revamp turned it into a completely different game, the train wreck it is now...

    GazhelGazhel5 dager siden
  • Because they don’t have developers who have any idea on making games.

    Ellsworth DavisEllsworth Davis5 dager siden
  • I imagine the person who made the book analogy was thrown out the window just like the meme. 😂

    Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby6 dager siden
  • Lumberyard is such a well chosen name though. It just lumbers along. Lumberingly. Ponderously. And you could speedrun a game of Dark Souls by the time this dribbling fatty finally crosses the yard.

    TengouTengou6 dager siden
  • So this is basically a nightmarish hybrid of Lucas Arts, EA and Ubisoft.

    cnlbenmccnlbenmc6 dager siden
  • Haha, just thought you said Jeff Pesos 😆

    MrMadJack86MrMadJack867 dager siden
  • Amazon Luna: “oh, hey stadia! How’s things?” ... Stadia: *Bleeding out & dying*

    Kyle WhiteKyle White7 dager siden
  • Great video. I think this was the best video you’ve done. Amazon Gaming is being held back by inexperienced corporate lackeys who lack technical experience and artistic ambition.

    Donald McPheeDonald McPhee7 dager siden
  • Ah yes, Lex Luthor!

    Bro-samaBro-sama7 dager siden
  • diggin spike spiegel in the background :3

    jeffreyfuhzjeffreyfuhz7 dager siden
  • what about a good solid singel player game,you dont need the infrastructure or the oversight of an mmo and star wars star wars fallen order,the witcher wild hunt did shown that good singel player games are still in high demand

    Gromph BaenreGromph Baenre7 dager siden
  • Amazon should be delivering games not making them

    DwernDwern7 dager siden
  • You have to inject feminism into this don't you?

    Seven Days To CrySeven Days To Cry8 dager siden
  • SO MUCH MONEY and resources, no talented leadership who knows how to make a great game. Sad. I worry about the Lord of the Rings MMORPG they're working on.

    deaconxdeaconx8 dager siden
  • ngl I laughed a bit too loud at 12:25

    RabbidRaccoon44RabbidRaccoon448 dager siden
  • Another reason Amazon couldn't succeed at video games: They couldn't rip off a competitor's game, then ban said competitor from selling their game on Amazon. :D

    simbriantsimbriant8 dager siden
  • Oh, so you mean a tone-deaf endeavor that took the EA-lite(or google stadia w/ whoever spearheaded its failure) approach of hiring someone unqualified for the fucking job and expecting profit- Failing? Say it ain't so.

    EmitranEmitran9 dager siden
  • He could learn a thing or ten from Satoru Iwata Every game company could

    NavaTheRamenGuyNavaTheRamenGuy9 dager siden
    • Too soon, man. :(

      Char AznableChar Aznable7 dager siden
  • Why wouldn't they just poach someone that knows what they're doing? They're Amazon.

    SJNaka101SJNaka1019 dager siden
  • companies trying to make high price franchises...only to fail miserably, the main thing about the franchises that last for decades and are worth BILLIONS is simple, they were AND are still made with passion and care in mind, to aim at making games solely to gain money is just the same way as trying to make a quick buck, you putted little to no effort into it and it show

    jackthegamerjackthegamer9 dager siden
  • This guy needs to get fired. He's just the wrong person for the job.

    Jamie ZeroJamie Zero9 dager siden
  • Clear cut: They aren't making games for anyone, they're making games for themselves and for profit. Good riddance.

    Wow DudeWow Dude9 dager siden
  • Good good, let them waste money on sweaty nerds. Soon we cant be stopped

    K LK L9 dager siden
  • The grand tour is too gear pt 2 electric boogaloo

    Nat's Great old game reviewsNat's Great old game reviews10 dager siden
  • I actually know someone who worked at Amazon and with my own work experience we have worked with Amazon. They are a nightmare company, not joking. They chew and spit out employees to the point where the overturn of employees is less then a year. People we consult with from Amazon disappeared overnight. You basically now talk to a computer, never a person. You couldn't pay me enough to take a job there. They are only MONEY FOCUSED. Not one single creative bone in their body they are only about money, money money. In my eyes unless they get their heads out of their butts, they will never make a successful game and even then I doubt I will support them just because of their extremely terrible business practices.

    Idon'tevenknowIdon'tevenknow10 dager siden
  • To be honest, a 10000 player game sounds really cool. I imagine a massive war game, with land, sea, and air troops. Essentially 2 army's fighing

    ScrungleScrungle10 dager siden
  • They didnt want to make fun games people can enjoy. They just wanted to make money. That cant be your only focus.

    Legion IscariotLegion Iscariot10 dager siden
  • At least they actually released games, unlike Google.

    Jaylen YJaylen Y11 dager siden
  • Thank you for addressing the problems with the business oriented mindset and lack of familiarity with artistry or the industry in upper AAA/AA game dev management. I wish more people talked about this.

    Pronoy DuttaPronoy Dutta11 dager siden
  • This whole situation reminds me a lot of the game Lawbreakers and it's marketing.

    Armordude91122CuteArmordude91122Cute11 dager siden
  • Focus Groups? No good can come of listening to focus groups. They are only about the buzz words. If they had been about the games, it might have worked, but this was all about the company so it failed.

    colin ewancolin ewan11 dager siden
  • Now I'm picturing Phil Spencer Laughing on top of a hover prophet chair, seeing their two biggest competitors to their Streaming plans fall

    Luis FLuis F12 dager siden
  • It looks like you've dubbed yourself.

    EdgeEdge12 dager siden
  • I'm amazed they can't make good games using slave labor.

    loveablebastardloveablebastard12 dager siden
  • Megacorperations shouldn't be allowed to continue branching out. We're at a point where I believe giant companies should only be able to fill one niche instead of being able to take over every market

    Aniquin StarkAniquin Stark13 dager siden
  • No one creates jobs in a corporate company just to be vindictive. It costs so much money and has to have all sorts of approvals. That doesn't even make sense lol

    kaiokenkaioken13 dager siden
  • New World is a fantastic game. I've been involved in testing

    kaiokenkaioken13 dager siden
  • What schrier won't admit, is that the Horrible character designs in Amazon games, don't make them very marketable.

    MechaGaijin KaijuMechaGaijin Kaiju13 dager siden
  • well, luck at the family name, an italian wanting to be 'the boss' in 'my way or the highway' manner huh? What a novelty

    Azrael StrutlokovAzrael Strutlokov14 dager siden
  • What does this mean for Star Citizen if Lumberyard is such a pile of shit?

    Chaotic EntropyChaotic Entropy14 dager siden
  • What a loser, I hope they can him.

    Jarcu AdanantusJarcu Adanantus14 dager siden
  • A studio head not sale to tell the difference between pre -renders/cinematics or gameplay? Seems like that's a pretty industry side issue in ~AAA~ development

    Volatile SkyVolatile Sky14 dager siden
  • The "Not invented here" syndrome strikes again.

    Jocky BasantJocky Basant14 dager siden
  • *cough* citizen *cough* ...they should buy CIG , they already have the shit engine , they have a megalomaniacal ceo who requires unlimited funds to develop something that never gets finished...the ideal match.

    The InfidelThe Infidel14 dager siden
  • Sounds like the manager was looking at games like physical products. You hire some engineers, tell them "make a product like X or Y! People like those!" then have a chinese factory pump out your knock off for huge profits. Shouldn't be surprised some boomer suit doesn't understand that wont work for video games, lol.

    Mike ChavezMike Chavez14 dager siden
  • EVERY Jason Schrier article just sound like bottom level bosses bitching about their bosses. Because that's what every Jason Schrier article is...

    The ButcherThe Butcher14 dager siden
  • New World has nothing to do with Cruicible. It was always and still is hot garbage. The original game was a PvP survival MMORPG mashup that had potential but a long journey ahead of it. They didn't like the ganking culture, but instead of fixing the systems and trying to make a game built around PvP (which CAN be sucessful, lala League/Dota, Battleground games, Siege, etc) and trying to do something fresh, they turned hard away from it, basically ripping all the PvP out. So now you have a game meant to be an open world PvP Guild vs Guild game turned into a generic amusement park MMORPG... with no dungeons, a super grindy leveling experience (literally open a menu, pick shit like kill 6 wolves or go get five iron ore), and zero end game, then wondered why their players hated it. They banned anyone that said the old game was good/better or even suggested some parts were wolf salvaging, and insisted the new path was gold. So many iterations and drastic changes that I quietly just left the beta (ALPHA loL) because it was obvious they had no fucking clue what they were doing from all the radical experimentation and changes. They tried introducing PvP back, but fucking christ, the system is so jank. You need to flag for PvP, which happens automatically if you do PvP missions, but since they give better rewards, people would do them they whine about being attacked... and Amazon was like yeah we get it how dare you get forced into PvP on PvP missions. Owning cities was a joke and the siege battles basically let one dude decide who gets to join in these super delayed, timed, weekly battles instead of being random or queue. They're makiing a LOTRO MMORPG now, probably to tie in with the LOTRO series, so I'm pretty sure Amazon already gave up on New World. It's a garbage game that's going to die and honestly unless they scrap it and start over there's no way that will change.

    BernieBernie15 dager siden
  • Honestly I'm happy these higher ups need to realize that us gamers aren't just a bunch of easy consumers

    Soldier VusterSoldier Vuster15 dager siden
  • Nobody care you.

    teentitanbgteentitanbg15 dager siden
  • IDK man...He kinda sounds like every higher up in any game studio...Greed driven, willingly ignorant, unreasonable and pig headed...Yeah...Sounds typical to me. I just want to add post comment that streamers can't be trusted for impartial opinions at all...They're a bunch of whores.

    intense_pickleintense_pickle15 dager siden
  • Amazon ought to stick to selling garbage online and ruining small businesses.

    AwxenAwxen15 dager siden
  • He read articles. Well it bet it were Kotaku Articles.

    D. C.D. C.16 dager siden
  • Oh yeah, Amazon exists. Sorry, busy playing Zelda and State of Decay.

    Richard ReavisRichard Reavis16 dager siden
  • Ah yes, trust a businessman to direct the extremely artistic process for developing games.

    Riot AngelRiot Angel16 dager siden
  • oooooh yeeeeeeeah

    George the gun walkerGeorge the gun walker16 dager siden
  • It feels that any viewer of this channel is more qualified to run Amazon Games than this CEO. We should all send resumes for that position.

    pabrodipabrodi16 dager siden
  • 4:27 from what it sounds like, Yong can probably do a better job at this point.

    JonJon16 dager siden
  • Amazon like google should not step anywhere near gaming. I don’t trust them to begin with. Imagine their games but censorship? Look how twitch is run. No thanks I’ll never give Amazon games studio money.

    HoundPuggyHoundPuggy16 dager siden
  • 6:05 chase trending?

    Mr. FutagoMr. Futago16 dager siden
  • Can someone please make a cringe cut of every time yong yeah has said “Jason Schreier”. Is this journalism? Just quoting what better journalists report on?

    Mike SeeholzerMike Seeholzer16 dager siden
  • Chewing on more than they can swallow... Sorry, I'm 12 years old sometimes lol

    Nate C WNate C W16 dager siden
  • You'd expect an amazon video game to be called "Super Union Busters Deluxe"

    The Internet PoliceThe Internet Police16 dager siden
  • crucible also felt like a carbon copy of a free game called The Cycle on the Epic Game Store. At least a more directionless version of the cycle so I'm not surprised it bombed so hard

    Aimless GeeKsAimless GeeKs17 dager siden
  • It's ALWAYS bad management.

    AmanteAmante17 dager siden
  • There is also the gothic co-op RPG Deadhaus Sonata, by the team assembled by Denis Dyack (Eternal Darkness, Too Human) ,which is also running on the lumberyard engine. The progress for that game is still in the concept stages again for the most part. The initial reveal was not well received tho, since it was way too early to reveal. So I guess its up tpNew World and Deadhaus Sonata to establish the lumberyard engine.

    Oni64Oni6417 dager siden
  • 12:25 I agree, Amazon's CEO is definitely Lex Luthor, from looks ... and attitude.

    Momoka7Momoka717 dager siden
  • I dread the possibility that Amazon might one day buy my favourite game publishers, especially Sega (well, Sega Sammy including Atlus), because I'm only interested in games that are primarily single player experiences that I pay for once, play offline, and own forever. The potential Monkey's Paw with Amazon buying Sega is that there's a new OutRun game, something I've been dreaming of for well over a decade, but it's an always-online MMO "games as a service" experience that I can never own and Amazon shuts down the servers after a few years so I can never play it again even if I wanted to continue paying for it. As far as I'm concerned, the only money I'll ever send to Amazon for video games is when I buy a physical media copy of an offline, single-player game.

    Steve BrandonSteve Brandon17 dager siden
  • I was a lead mechanic for amazon for two years. Yup this is amazon in a nutshell. Its essentially a corporate cancer. Their management is pulled from anywhere they can find them. Just mulling along purposely doing a poor job just to keep your job is something just about anyone who works for amazon can relate to.

    TaskManager NotRespondingTaskManager NotResponding17 dager siden
  • Frauhzeeni

    vblEgh1!vblEgh1!17 dager siden
  • Best Gaming News Reporter! It’s not just rambling he did his homework! And mine ! Probably yours too. Great work 👍

    los R.olos R.o17 dager siden
  • Google: if an asshole like Bobby at Activision can do it we can find our own asshole.

    TheSteamyPickleTheSteamyPickle17 dager siden
  • Fun fact about game engines. It's easier to build a game engine from scratch for a specific game, than it is to retrofit an existing game engine to a style of game it is not meant for..

    moonshineTheleocatmoonshineTheleocat17 dager siden
    • - said no one with any game design experience

      Samurai ShampooSamurai Shampoo17 dager siden