Resident Evil 8 Showcase Live Reaction With YongYea

21. jan.. 2021
116 049 Ganger

0:00 - Pre-Stream Hangout
18:10 - RE Showcase Start
- Brandon Hann
- callmevocal
- Charlie Galvin
- Jonathan Ball
- Devon B
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- Matthew Szalkiewicz
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Simon S
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- JT
- Mark Taylor
- Theron Webb
- Yue

  • Yong is for sure a daily visitor to the Rule 34 website

    Michael BuonaguroMichael Buonaguro17 dager siden
  • Max difficulty is just available immediately and not after beating the game on normal mode

    Random PersonRandom Person19 dager siden
  • im getting cyberpunk vibes from all this hype and bullshit trinkets to buy...DONT PREORDER GAMES ...

    Bob DoleBob Dole23 dager siden
  • moley moleymoleymoley....

    Bob DoleBob Dole23 dager siden
  • Also why not invest the resources in RE resistance instead of trying to make a new multiplayer game

    Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Just hope that there's is no freaking QTE every 30 seconds like RE5 and RE6.

    Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • "Welcome to Romania, son!"

    V. Emil the II-nd.V. Emil the II-nd.Måned siden
  • Wow I've been out of loop, free demo? Out now nice.

    Ras_KrysTafariRas_KrysTafariMåned siden
  • 21:20 Van helsing I think that's who that is but why he seems to be an enemy I don't know, maybe he is brainwashed or we get infected with the v virus

    crashomatic99crashomatic99Måned siden
  • Darkborne Bloodsouls

    Victor VargasVictor VargasMåned siden
  • "plz guys preorder now" yeah no... the only thing possitive we got out of the cyberpunk desaster is that preorders need to die

    alex aalex aMåned siden
    • I stopped preordering a long tim ago, and when cyberpunk came out, i could not believe how many people that hwere close to me who kept preordoring stuff and complaining that they got cheated again.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Ai rồi cũng phải tóm tắt phim như trên fb thôi :))

    dao ngadao ngaMåned siden
  • Ai rồi cũng phải tóm tắt phim như trên fb thôi :))

    t tut tuMåned siden
  • How does Capcom make such a good RE game and then think hmm lets make a shitty Multiplayer deathmatch mode that looks like crap and also plays like crap, but its free so everyone will love us. That REverse looks like a marketing ploy that will work on morons and superfans only.

    Domomonster oDomomonster oMåned siden
    • Yea i second that. At least RE resistance had something, and with time and more work it could have been good. But again, they need to sel microtansactions, so why not sell them in a free to play game, would look better for theyre images.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Is it me or does the guy at the end look like and have the same mannerisms as the ancient aliens guy?

    Joey GioJoey GioMåned siden
  • I don't know whether to be scared or turned on

    Avery HaughwoutAvery HaughwoutMåned siden
  • Max difficulty is in the game after you beat it once. They are just giving you a option to pay for it and play it right away. Calm down.

    Braska BaniBraska BaniMåned siden
  • They aren't going to show off RE4 remake yet. It's too soon. It would overshadow all the RE8 hype. It'll happen, but not for another year or so. Not to mention the RE Rev3 game that has a timed exclusive to the Switch is going to be announced soon.

    JoshiesgotagunJoshiesgotagunMåned siden
    • For a second i thought that you meant that RE3R was coming on the switch, and was angry that they gave us this shit instead of the remake of RE2. But Resident Revelation 3 ? O yea im in. Not enought to preorder it, but im going to watch it closely.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Dont let this distract you from the fact that this guy knowingly shilled for CYBERPUNK and is still shilling for their shotty and incompetent dev team!

    Takln TrashTakln TrashMåned siden
    • ???

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • After CrAPCOM massacred the RE3 in the remake, i dont want RE4R anymore. My expectations was on floor lvl but CrAPCOM manage to achive basement lvl with REverse.

    grzegorz ronkiewiczgrzegorz ronkiewiczMåned siden
    • Yea RE2 remake was awesome. It missed some stuff, but it was still so good. RE3 remake looked more like a dlc for RE2R. One of the few RE game that i dont own and wont even buy on sale.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Never preorder any game. The whole practice is fucking terrible. It's like trying to vote for a president based on some short bullshit video without any actual facts.

    M RM RMåned siden
    • Last game that i preordered was EU4, and it was quite nice. But even then i took a gamble that i was not sure if it would work. Preordering is like lootbox. You get some good shit, but most of the time it's average or shitty.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • I need this game in VR

    Adel DeutschAdel DeutschMåned siden
  • they want you to pay for hard difficulty? they didn't learn what happen to metro last light when they pulled that same stunt.

    k00LGuY671k00LGuY671Måned siden
    • Gaming companies rarely learn lessons from others failures.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • “Should I recognize that guy?...” dude emanating an ever so slightly spore like decay...looking like Jack Baker got a makeover. And some nice duds lol

    Ash FoxAsh FoxMåned siden
  • I'm so happy this is first person, horror games should never put you in third person, it takes you out the horror, first person forces you to be in the horror!

    MrMeatWhipMrMeatWhipMåned siden
  • The RE infinite for Netflix is crap. It’s Influence by China.

    Auther FleckAuther FleckMåned siden
  • They missed their opportunity to have Liam Neeson as Ethan Winter & say the classic line "I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you." They could still make a DLC & just flip the entire horror genre of the game into reverse horror. You will become the hunter.

    Chrono SoulChrono SoulMåned siden
  • WHAT IF..... the deluxe edition harder difficulty is an unlockable from the base game? Harder difficulties are often unlockables in Resi games and the deluxe edition provides it unlocked for players who want a challenge out of the box.

    Amir Abu BakarAmir Abu BakarMåned siden
  • I bet that the reason why werewolves are a thing in the Resident Evil world is because the virus infected wolves, but differently from humans. It only mutated the wolves' DNA & they were able to crossbreed with humans.

    Chrono SoulChrono SoulMåned siden
    • Or it reversed humans and de-evolved them into caveman / beastman ?

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Ethan’s leg cannot catch a break

    Matthew SaglioccoMatthew SaglioccoMåned siden
  • Zombies are gone now its bug women, mold men, and werewolves. This isnt umbrella this no longer makes sense as resident evil sad day.

    Sōshi MiketsukamiSōshi MiketsukamiMåned siden
  • By the way this resident evil showcase was boring but thank you for streaming it anyways. I mean I thought it's not your fault that it was bombing so take care of young my NOtown friend.

    El CondeEl CondeMåned siden
  • Young I'm sorry but they have not been hinting that they are making a resident evil 4 just because they May bring some of the characters back that doesn't mean anything about anything. you may be hearing these rumors of the remake of resident evil 4 but that is a lie. If you follow Capcom as close as I do then you should recall around the beginning when they first announced the remake of resident evil 3 they stated that restaurant evil 3 will be the last resident evil that they remake. Because they like all the other resident evils just the way they are. Although it would be nice to have a remake of resident evil 4 because resident evil 4 remastered on Xbox one sucks. So I tend to play resident evil 4 on PS2.

    El CondeEl CondeMåned siden
  • And young if you've heard rumors that they were going to remake resident evil 4 then you've been lied to sorry about that...

    El CondeEl CondeMåned siden
  • Young young young my dear friend Young this will not be resident evil 8 resident evil has nothing to do with werewolves vampires or creatures from the Black lagoon. Furthermore there can not be a resident evil 8 when there is not even been a resident evil 7. The game claiming to be resident evil 7 is not truly a resident evil game by Capcom, because Capcom has already stated that they do not support first person shooter games. Every game that is first person shooter with the resident evil name is just a first-person shooter game of zombies with the name resident evil tacked on to it so it could help sell the game. Capcom had said many of times when question about resident evil 7 & I quote. Here at Capcom we do not support first person shooter games end of quote. So my friend young for you and everybody out there that within eyesight shot since Capcom openly stated that they do not support first-person shooter games then it's not a real resident evil game because resident evil is trademarked by Capcom. But when some idiot comes up with a zombie shooting game they try to convince Capcom to put their name on it and Capcom says yeah sure we'll help sell your game if you give us 50 or 100% of the profits yeah sure no problem so there you go. PS my dear friend Young I doubt that they will remake resident evil 4 because they already stated that resident evil 3 it will be the last game that they remake.

    El CondeEl CondeMåned siden
  • Why do the resident evil games always look so underwhelming graphic wise? Looks lika a playstation 3 game...😳

    Bjorn DremmenBjorn DremmenMåned siden
  • RE4 Dont need a Remake!

    dd dddd ddMåned siden
  • "I have so many questions like, WhEn CaN I PrEoRdeR?" Looks good but... Never PrEoRdeR.

    SnufkinSnufkinMåned siden
  • Why do they keep fucking with Chris Redfield's look and why would I ever want a statuette of him? I'd drop cash on the collector's edition for big tiddy vampire lady.

    KitKitMåned siden
    • O it's coming. Trust me Capcom is not dumb enought to not release it.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Nobody worried about how it'll run on current gen with the cyberpunk fiasco?

    FleshToDustFleshToDustMåned siden
  • 25:58 "ara ara..Ethan Winters san"

    fahri zulfikarfahri zulfikarMåned siden
  • If it looks that good on the PS5, look forward to seeing Xbox series X game play

    Shawn JacksonShawn JacksonMåned siden
  • What even is Resident Evil anymore?

    No NameNo NameMåned siden
  • That scene where she walks it a reference to Titanic? Like the hat, and the way her face is later revealed is identical to the reveal of Rose from the movie...

    Nina .ValeNina .ValeMåned siden
  • Why is cdpr deleting all the threads on their cyberpunk website?

    Eric YeagerEric YeagerMåned siden
  • “Cyberpunk lived up to the hype” - YongYea review

    Polecat54941Polecat54941Måned siden
  • "You escape my little brother's idiot games, did you ?" Why did I think of Lucas by hearing that ?

    CybranLordCybranLordMåned siden
  • Im sorry what you have to pay a deluxe edition to get a hard mode and safe room room music........ and saves!? Isn't that supposed to be core experiences of any game? wtf I mean the hard mode could mean only a pre access to it without beating game on normal first. But it's the safe room music and save files that really stick out to me I cannot possibly understand what that means in any other context.

    guitarman0365guitarman0365Måned siden
  • I just don't see the need for a RE4 Remake personally. It's not *that* old, still holds up well and all that. After the half assed RE3 Remake it feels like we should get a Veronica Remake first anyway

    David AdamsonDavid AdamsonMåned siden
  • so Ethan is basically neo- Leon.

    eddy pitonoeddy pitonoMåned siden
  • Hot Bug Lady: “I haven’t cut open a man in a while~ 😈” Me: “Yes please.”

    Nabil JeffersonNabil JeffersonMåned siden
    • @Mathieu Duval it’s your fantasy, my dude. No judgement here 🤣.

      Nabil JeffersonNabil Jefferson24 dager siden
    • I heard "I havent been in a man in a while", so damn im dirty AF.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Looks like no VR this time gutted

    Old School GamerOld School GamerMåned siden
  • Herbs in a bottle lol

    Sina TabatabaiSina TabatabaiMåned siden
  • 11:33 I purchased RE4 a while back on PC. Even used a controller... Its a game I really want to like but the controls are horrid! Dunno if I'm just too young (turning 19 this year), or if there's any mods or anything... My main issue is with aiming. Edit: if there are any mods, PLEASE let me know... I'm comfortable with most games from that era but RE4's controls are just odd..

    Sami AlamSami AlamMåned siden
  • Can't wait for death by snu-snu.

    Paul BarrettoPaul BarrettoMåned siden
  • 21:30 can someone explain who that is?

    Watcher40000Watcher40000Måned siden
  • Re-verse will be garbage, the engine sucks for multiplayer as you can see it the short footage they are all missing their shots and shit lmao

    FIREston & FriendsFIREston & FriendsMåned siden
  • *too many gamers* “ahhh, yes, that’s my fetish”

    Sterling ArcherSterling ArcherMåned siden
  • Does yongyea gets copyright strike?

    Jay PeronoJay PeronoMåned siden
  • The difficulty is avalible to everyone don't worry

    ZeusWeusZeusWeusMåned siden
  • even the puzzles contains titties

    Simon PhoenixSimon PhoenixMåned siden

    GENOCIDE2099GENOCIDE2099Måned siden
  • Game looks good, I’m in 👍

    Richard HeyligerRichard HeyligerMåned siden
  • Dang. First his wife, now his daughter 🤦🏾‍♂️ That poor guy can't catch a break. Wasn't he traumatized enough with RE7? 😭 Just let em be happy, Man.

    The 7th SevenThe 7th SevenMåned siden
  • Apparently now I know Yong is really into femdom

    ThecrispekremeisThecrispekremeisMåned siden
    • Who's not into Femdom.

      Mathieu DuvalMathieu Duval25 dager siden
  • Wow!.... Damn. That Woman is a lot o Lady 🙁..... How do you run from that?

    The 7th SevenThe 7th SevenMåned siden
  • First person? Forget it

    AM93000AM93000Måned siden
  • "Ok students! Today lesson (Rule34😎)"

    Raiden5 0 2Raiden5 0 2Måned siden
  • If they actually locked the max behind an edition diffulcty that would be something

    kobra6660kobra6660Måned siden
  • They made the demo PS5 exclusive because it was unplayable on every other platform, sound familiar anyone

    Adam DucharmeAdam DucharmeMåned siden
  • Looks like yongyea learned his lesson from getting burned by cyberpunk.

    Poking Clams 24/7Poking Clams 24/7Måned siden
  • These graphics are something else.

    Phoenix WrightPhoenix WrightMåned siden
  • Looks like RE8 is going to play very similarly to RE7. So if you was a fan of RE7 gameplay mechanics then I feel that your going to feel right at home playing RE8. If u wasn't a fan of RE7 gameplay mechanics then I feel that this game is not going to win you over. Like in RE7 I feel that RE8 is going to have a lot of scripted events and that gunplay mechanics is going have very limited effectiveness and clunky overall. Graphics wise, it looks very similar to RE7. This showcase didn't impress me.

    3b0ny13b0ny1Måned siden
  • I was like "Resident Souls" as soon as I saw the normal zombies.

    RobahoRobahoMåned siden
  • Yes preordering sucks but if you want a game on day one nowadays you have to

    Brian DuffeyBrian DuffeyMåned siden
    • Lmfao no you don't. They never run out of digital copies

      SgCySgCyMåned siden
  • Don't worry about the deluxe difficulty re 7 did the same thing, and you can unlock it if you beat the game on normal difficulty, pretty sure it'll be the same in re8.

    Adam ViolinAdam ViolinMåned siden
  • "I know what you're thinking. When can I preorder this thing?" *HINT HINT*

    Wow DudeWow DudeMåned siden
  • I love how the chat at the end just went full fucking autism at the end because they didn't announce an RE4 remake. Typical whiny fucking babies.

    Wow DudeWow DudeMåned siden
  • again, sony definitely paid for that exclusive demo, and wow, we are getting exclusive demos now. Not to mention the helper items players will be getting for pre-ordering on ps5. Idk when people will speak about it, when games will have entire DLCs made exclusive for ps maybe

    Mayank SoniMayank SoniMåned siden
  • Bro they're locking save files, and harder difficulty behind a purchase. What a sham.

    tobytobyMåned siden
  • The current Gen consoles are the ps5 and the Xbox series x! They came out already, the new Gen already started.

    Guccius MaximusGuccius MaximusMåned siden
  • More MP trash riddled with microtransactions. Singleplayer games will always be low investment garbage till people stand up to stealth price gouging monetization.

    ion77799ion77799Måned siden
  • Eh, I'll pass

    Axel The Bounty HunterAxel The Bounty HunterMåned siden
  • Skipping all the gameplay so it isnt spoiled for me

    JayyKellyXIIIJayyKellyXIIIMåned siden
  • This is like a dark souls environment with a bloodborne theme only in first person with guns.

    JayyKellyXIIIJayyKellyXIIIMåned siden
  • Preorder. LMAO. 😂😭

    JwhateverJJwhateverJMåned siden
  • I have it on good authority that REVIII will work surprisingly well on last gen consoles. RE4 inventory management was the best among RE games. Keeping and improving it is the way to go. And keep that shitty Dark Souls away from RE, this franchise has suffered enough. I would presume that turning people into...those things...requires certain type of person, certain genetics and "Maiden" is one of the candidates. And those that do not qualify...well, weve seen those "zombies" in the basement. Imagine at the very end, in last few seconds, you could hear "What are you buying....Stranger."

    Simon GreySimon GreyMåned siden
    • Well no duh, its using the same technology as RE7 which was a solid 60fps most of the time on PS4.

      SgCySgCyMåned siden
  • Is the multiplayer mode reall what RE fans wanted?

    Kameron LavenderKameron LavenderMåned siden
  • The vampire lady references her “little brother” and his “idiotic games” or something.. I bet her last name is Salazar. Plus she looks like royalty.

    Jay SonJay SonMåned siden
    • @DJKennedy90 yup, Lady Dimitrescu

      VenomFuryXVenomFuryXMåned siden
    • She said on the phone.

      VenomFuryXVenomFuryXMåned siden
    • I mean, I don't think thats the situation. The little brother is probably the werewolf leader in the Village, or the Bloodborne guy. Ethan had nothing to do with Salazar, and she has a Eastern European surname.

      DJKennedy90DJKennedy90Måned siden
  • Ethan Winters teams up with Van Hellsing to slay foxy vampire ladies. Well, it's not zombies or sludgemonsters anymore, so that's something.

    ArzaArzaMåned siden
  • Free for anyone who purchases Resident Evil Village.....Multiplayer is free with a majority of games, basically a just a multiplayer mode that they're hyping up as free

    Haggis McStuffinsHaggis McStuffinsMåned siden
  • I cant believe people actually expected resi 4 to be here

    MayflexMayflexMåned siden
  • Console exclusive content is a ridiculous practice sickens me that people defend it. I can understand exclusive games, but not content in universal games

    ESullivan714ESullivan714Måned siden
  • I would die if the hammer wielding dude is leon (could also be a member the hellsing family)

    Longdog SilvaLongdog SilvaMåned siden
  • another fake demo? -2021 1.25

    Tony LiTony LiMåned siden
    • Nope. This is the same technology that they used for RE7. They literally scan real life objects and actors into the game to achieve this visual fidelity.

      SgCySgCyMåned siden
  • @26:48 literally can't even aim at a massive static barrel....good god

    HJDSimonHJDSimonMåned siden
  • Is this Bloodborne 2?

    Trace AntonacciTrace AntonacciMåned siden
  • Totally stealing this from another user on another video...Mama Milk Jugs

    quicklern818quicklern818Måned siden
  • Supernatural vampires? First person? Yea... this is not resident evil. Its a new IP with the resident evil logo on it.

    Ch4rCh4rMåned siden
  • Glasses Guy = Wesker's Grandpa?

    howtoshotjuggaloshowtoshotjuggalosMåned siden