Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Demo Gameplay - Big Vampire Lady Cruelly Teases Naive Gamer

26. april. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea20 dager siden
    • your a hot mess i love it

      josiah carterjosiah carter19 dager siden
    • Holny yeah

    • You can at least try not to sound like a creep Lord or like you haven't been with a girl for the last 2 years when talking about fictional female characters. Jesus.

      Elims YldogElims Yldog20 dager siden
    • Because they know how thirsty a boy you are.

      Matthew FerryMatthew Ferry20 dager siden
    • Can you do a play through of the game? Lots of us would enjoy it and we already love the demo play throughs

      William NelsonWilliam Nelson20 dager siden
  • "Big Vampire Lady Cruelly Teases Naive Gamer" sounds like a porn name. A great one, too.

    Would You Likeu Something to DrinkeuWould You Likeu Something to Drinkeu4 dager siden
  • *As some1 who doesn’t know much bout this franchise.. tf happened to the zombies 😭😂🤣*

  • I feel like, someone like Conan O'Brien (yeah i know its a bit) would creep these vampires out and scare them instead XD

    Masato IndouMasato Indou10 dager siden
  • I finished the demo at 10 minutes for the castle and for the village I finished it at 15 minutes

    versedthesoulmasterversedthesoulmaster11 dager siden
  • Damn yong is hirny af lol

    TclbmxTclbmx12 dager siden
  • Meh

    Gerry ReidGerry Reid13 dager siden
  • Is the controller really THAT bad? You hit like every 5th shot lol xD

    EasyfluxEasyflux13 dager siden

    BenConsolegamerBenConsolegamer13 dager siden
  • I’m definitely not having the same reaction. I think she’s terrifying lol

    Chris ArtigasChris Artigas13 dager siden
  • Damn I really miss when people would keep their thirsts to themselves. I cannot go to a single RE8 video without some mention of this chick. I don't understand, it's a lady, she's tall and has boobs. Neato, can we move on now?

    Brandon JonesBrandon Jones14 dager siden
  • Ya know this is good when our boi be gettin thirsty

    BirbBoi ProductionsBirbBoi Productions14 dager siden
  • Yea... they can drain me dry alright..

    rabid beaverrabid beaver14 dager siden
  • The sheer joy in his face

    Nugget ArtNugget Art15 dager siden
  • That's a lot of 'uh's, my guy. i love to see him cracking jokes and being akward, that's just hilarious... "Ya know what, i can talk to you like that if you want... wink wink..."

    Ivy is DeadIvy is Dead15 dager siden
  • Cannot wait for the sex scen- i mean boss battle with Lady Dimitrescu

    Shahiq _ZShahiq _Z15 dager siden
  • The u in dimitrescu is silent

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky15 dager siden
  • this is the thirstiest walkthrough i have ever seen

    cedenoa001cedenoa00115 dager siden
  • 14:49 the thirst is real

    cedenoa001cedenoa00115 dager siden
  • Oh this is funny "Is that her!? ~hi~" Zero hesitation, he wants that backstory

    ike13dike13d16 dager siden
  • Very excited for this game! I hope it really delivers!

    RowdyRager -RowdyRager -16 dager siden
  • Enjoy it to the fullest... It's all good till that "final form"

    blueblur02blueblur0216 dager siden
  • Damn she so hot I mean scary 😳

    kjtj397kjtj39717 dager siden
  • OMG Yong your commentary is priceless XD

    DaethalionDaethalion17 dager siden
  • Vussy got me acting funny.

    Husky 617Husky 61717 dager siden
  • My greatest fear of this game is not knowing whether to run or come closer to the scary women 😂

    hamavery64hamavery6417 dager siden
  • That lady is so ugly , some people really are weird , the only thing I be happy about is to putting bullets into their heads , but I wonder if Ethan will get some powers or use some trick to kill all of them , and let's not forget that lady Miranda is the main villain not that lady

    RandomAndrew JourneysRandomAndrew Journeys17 dager siden
  • WELL ROUNDED BACKSTORY You just killed me with this video. Seriously.

    Ana Lígia MelloAna Lígia Mello17 dager siden
  • This guy is so creepy

    Alexander V.Alexander V.17 dager siden
  • I would love for him to do a lets play of this game when it comes out

    Trigger StormTrigger Storm17 dager siden
  • So I'm gonna play this with one hand like RE HD Remastered and RE2 Remake.

    zZiL341yRj736zZiL341yRj73617 dager siden
  • Yong’s Steaming lol

    Casper GarciaCasper Garcia17 dager siden
  • Yes, we like it HARDER.

    Unknown SpaceUnknown Space18 dager siden
  • Definitely want to see more gameplay videos from Yong

    cain035cain03518 dager siden
  • Wait , how does Ethan understand Romanian enough to understand the notes yet can't pronounce Dimitrescu correctly?

    MOTHERRUSSIA 20162MOTHERRUSSIA 2016218 dager siden
  • I don't usually play horror games, but this one I might actually get.

    Uknown6tUknown6t18 dager siden
  • I thought the thumbnail was a news title and I was so confused

    NeoshenlongNeoshenlong18 dager siden
  • 50 shades of biting

    I have boxesI have boxes18 dager siden
  • 19:53 That's what he said lmfao

    SmurfgazmikSmurfgazmik18 dager siden
  • Yong is simping hard in this one :P

    LatsaabenLatsaaben18 dager siden
  • Lady Demitrescu (or however her name is spelled) I can understand...but that bug-ridden, crusty dirty looking chick?? No thank you.

    Jeff A.Jeff A.18 dager siden
  • This is the play through I’ve been waiting for, you need to upload a full playthrough 😂

    Carlos MCarlos M18 dager siden
  • Yong, man 🤘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Andrzej KopalniaAndrzej Kopalnia18 dager siden
  • this is going to be the hardest game of all time, how are you supposed to beat it if you keep getting caught on purpose by the ladies

    Aramyz GuimaraesAramyz Guimaraes18 dager siden
  • “The gap is too small for me to fit.” Hope to say the same to my mega milker mommy and her daughters.

    Scott GScott G18 dager siden
  • Every time Daniella talks I would just say, “oh behave” in my Austin Powers voice.

    Jose TorresJose Torres18 dager siden
  • PC Masterrace can't handle peasant tools

    Akmal IbrahimAkmal Ibrahim18 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who finds the whole Dimitrescu thing cringe? Its a video game character for christ's sake.

    Diego AyllonDiego Ayllon18 dager siden
    • It’s a joke, mostly.

      CarminesRevengeCarminesRevenge14 dager siden
    • Shhhhh.... shhhhh.... People are having fun. Do not impede.

      Tonberry QueenTonberry Queen18 dager siden
  • Just to let you know, if you shoot those enemies in the arm that they're holding their weapon in, they'll actually drop the weapon.

    Mexican JokerMexican Joker18 dager siden
  • “My blood is pumping!” Yong: “ oh as is mine.... in more ways than one ahem” Lmao

    OctoberBlues89OctoberBlues8918 dager siden
  • Yong I know its a zombie game but seriously bro aim center mass smh.

    Jordan HassellJordan Hassell18 dager siden
  • Im confused. This erotic game has quite a lot of horror and shooting in it.

    Simon GreySimon Grey18 dager siden
  • The title sounds like a P-hub vid lmao

    Perfectly Sliced EggPerfectly Sliced Egg18 dager siden
  • My boy YongYea is a freak! lmao go head and court your lady bro! 😂🤙🏾

    Sir Trejon KhalilSir Trejon Khalil18 dager siden
  • I wish they'd have a male being teasing as well. Because atm this is just a male fantasy, whilst someone who isn't a kink-dream for a majority of the players would at least convey the morbid reality of what is happening.

    KrehlmarKrehlmar18 dager siden
  • Beeewbz

    JizzyDJizzyD18 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks his humour sucks? Like, appreciate him doing these videos but the humour is ridiculous. And I know he's acting up and shit. But it's always the same joke. About that "backstory", we get it man, you want to fuck Dimitrescu.

    Vasco AlexandreVasco Alexandre18 dager siden
  • I swear we're seeing a full walkthrough from this guy once the game comes out

    Thunderwing DoomslayerThunderwing Doomslayer18 dager siden
  • Don't know whether to be frightened or masturbate 🤣😂🤣

    CalCal18 dager siden
  • 14:34 that reaction is so priceless lul

    Steven ZHSteven ZH18 dager siden
  • Some body needs to compile the thirstiest reactions to this game lol

    megman24megman2418 dager siden
  • Capcom: expecting the game more scarier than before Gamers: step on meee my mistreeeessss

    Ilham KurniawanIlham Kurniawan18 dager siden
  • Ah. Sado-dere simulator 2021

    Dice PunkDice Punk19 dager siden
  • I admit when I was playing the demo, terror and curiosity conflicted with each other when Bela was chasing Ethan. I knew I should be running but...yeah...

    AkairennAkairenn19 dager siden
  • "my blood is also pumping.. in more ways than one" lmaooo

    William HaldaneWilliam Haldane19 dager siden
  • I think it was high time that "the lady" pout out a restraining order on this man. This has been fun at first but somewhere at about 14:30 things get incredibly uncomfortable. But then again the masochist slave defines him/herself as having no dignity. And as long as the person is actively engaging a 8 foot tall woman with Freddy Krugger type claws...things would likely take care of themselves. So I guess its all good.

    Pathetic but harmlessPathetic but harmless19 dager siden
  • Yo, I really like this. You should really do more gameplay vids!

    StrangeJoyStrangeJoy19 dager siden
  • "What're ya buyin'?" This game. "What're ya sellin'?" Definitely not my soul, but maybe a kidney and a couple pints of blood.

    Randall J. BellRandall J. Bell19 dager siden
  • Alternate Title: Gamer being horny for 26 minutes

    AHappyCubAHappyCub19 dager siden
  • This is some epic level thirst. Watching him aim is like watching XCOM style hit percentages in real life.

    N DN D19 dager siden
  • Yong: I had snu snu...

    Bad End HappyBad End Happy19 dager siden
  • Yong that video was and is Legendary. Just great. I loved everything about this and your commentary to your facial features were just awesome!!!!

    0cbentel250cbentel2519 dager siden
  • I need a full play though of this game from you. That’s what I’m thirsty for, kno what I’m sayin’ 😏✨

    AurumfaeAurumfae19 dager siden
  • I rarely buy games at release, but I loved RE 7 , and RE 2 remake. I'm gonna pick this up day 1, unless all the reviews are bad. Doubt that will happen though, Capcom is on fire. Only thing I didn't like about RE 7 was how the end just turned into an action game. Tons of ammo and just blasting all the enemies to hell.

    Johnny FlanniganJohnny Flannigan19 dager siden
  • I immediately click on the video over that thumbnail and title! Finished watching it. Its not fair! I came here for Alcina Dimitrescu!

    fife007fife00719 dager siden
  • getting the feeling maybe yong will do a full playthrough and upload to youtube when the game comes out - just for a certain tall lady

    Redmarion3tt3Redmarion3tt319 dager siden
  • YongYea when he plays REVIII: Horny Mode On Actually, scratch that. Everyone is horny for this game. And that includes those in the game as well.

    Kusa JuiceKusa Juice19 dager siden
  • This video taught me that, if the bioweapons are hot enough, people will choose to die to them.

    IantosIantos19 dager siden
  • So thirsty, 😂, this is some good content!

    Star GazerStar Gazer19 dager siden
  • Yong is really horny for this big chick. Jeez louise...

    Fernando SanchezFernando Sanchez19 dager siden
  • YONG, Im not shaming but your kink is showing. 😆 Same team. Crush me big lady.

  • Can't wait to see YongYea get mega dominated by the Vampire Ladies in the final game. I strongly would love to see him livestream the entire game.

    General CJGGeneral CJG19 dager siden
  • I dunno about you guys... But I'm really enjoying this backstory.

    VicariousVicarious19 dager siden
  • Focus Yong 😂😂

    Major X93Major X9319 dager siden
  • “Teases naive little innocent pure of heart gamer”

    Arturo GeraldArturo Gerald19 dager siden
  • Oh my... is this even a horror game at this point?

    stefan ljungstefan ljung19 dager siden
  • Mmmm, bite me more mommy

    acheron16acheron1619 dager siden
  • Cool game 👍 and nice play .

    Android GamesAndroid Games19 dager siden
  • REVIII has awakened a sort of male mantis complex on me.

    Roy ParkerRoy Parker19 dager siden
  • The visible excitement when he gets attacked is just too much 😂

    SeverinsenSeverinsen19 dager siden
  • the comments section 😂😂 I can already see a lot of fan made *ahem* "content" for this in the near future 😁

    Masato IndouMasato Indou19 dager siden
  • Damm bro you gotta get a little bit better at resident evil loll just kidding

    Jamal DeeJamal Dee19 dager siden
  • Sadly this is the reason I can't take this game serious as a horror game. I loved the new take they took with RE7 and how they made it creepy and spooky. But from what I can see with this seems like a fan service for horny people. The direction they chose with this one to get more sales is just sad for me. And trust me...I have nothing against sexy characters in games. I just was excited for a creepy horror game especially after playing RE7 and not a game, where I want to get hurt by the enemy.

    CorpseTankCorpseTank19 dager siden
  • Her bite feels like Sexual Healing...

    Andy TanAndy Tan19 dager siden
  • Yong I really cant wait to see your gameplay XD

    Julio AlarcónJulio Alarcón19 dager siden
  • Hahaha thats a normal reaction... i guess because I had it too XD

    Julio AlarcónJulio Alarcón19 dager siden
  • Of course she wants you to take the L.O.O.O.N.G. & H.A.R.D. way!

    Vendasia x666xVendasia x666x19 dager siden
  • Plo twist: Bela aids Ethan against her sisters and tall mommy 🤔😅

    ranzudezuranzudezu19 dager siden
  • Dat back-story tho...

    The IlluminatiThe Illuminati19 dager siden
  • I hate the people who are like "uhmmm, *ackshually*, im romanian and its pronounced 'dimitrescUUU'" Uhm, actually, no. Your place of origin doesn't matter and it's pronounced whatever the devs says it's pronounced, because it is their original character. You have no way of knowing if there's some reason her name is pronounced the way it is. There are many names all over the world that are pronounced different ways, just because.

    Jonni_DarkoJonni_Darko19 dager siden