Returnal Review (PS5, No Spoilers)

29. april. 2021
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- Charlie Galvin
- DatadyneExecutive
- Devon B
- Jonathan Ball
- Joseph Lavoie
- skyrimfan14
- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
- MD archenangel
- Michael Redmond
- Peter Vrba
- Sarano
- Shepard Gaming
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- The Brothers Tiegs
- Theron Webb
- Yue

  • While the game falls short as a rogue-lite, the third person action gameplay is simply sublime and, combined with an intriguing narrative mystery, kept me hooked from beginning to end. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - skyrimfan14 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea17 dager siden
    • I have a PS5 it took a few weeks of trying but it isn't impossible. I just checked a few times a day random shopping sites on my phone. I found one at bestbuy back in January. My gaming friends have managed to secure one too without paying scalpers. I miss the old days when you just went to electronics boutique and gave them the full price months earlier and then picked up your console on launch day.

      ForsakenProps MaskmakerForsakenProps Maskmaker11 dager siden
    • @Frank Van der Merwe yes it does and crashes too. Anyway, res 8 is almost here. I would rather get that 😅.

      Ron Bert LomardaRon Bert Lomarda12 dager siden
    • @Ron Bert Lomarda lmfao returnal doesnt have frame rate issues

      Frank Van der MerweFrank Van der Merwe12 dager siden
    • Falls short? We playing the same game? Lol. This game is awesome.

      Eddie CardwellEddie Cardwell14 dager siden
    • omfg right lool

      still standingstill standing14 dager siden
  • Yong learned the word compelling, and since that day, his vocabulary has been frozen in time.

    apelike_smellapelike_smell22 timer siden
  • It's gonna hurt this game that it came out around the same time the village did. That's a damn shame too cuz I think returnal is a great looking, interesting idea for a game and a mash up of alot of great genres. Hope it does well for the devs.

    DukeSpook'EmDukeSpook'Em3 dager siden
  • Its a good game but if I had the chance for a refund - Id take it. its too hard and I dont have the time to put into it. Sometimes you just wat to put a tricky game into easy more to enjoy the story.

    twintrontwintron5 dager siden
    • That makes you're a Casual.

      Trophy GamerTrophy Gamer5 dager siden
  • Yong, you absolutely nailed this review. I’ll pick it up after they balance to game to prioritize fun in the rogue elements over frustration

    Kyle-SanKyle-San6 dager siden
  • >no spoilers >shows areas beyond the first biome and also bosses

    JadtyJadty8 dager siden
  • Bro you need to do something to differentiate all you video's thumbnails Reviews are the same as news as discussions. News are daily but reviews are not They are once in a while and it should be obvious when one drops

    Tanish GargTanish Garg8 dager siden
  • Dark souls bullshit

    brian gardenerbrian gardener9 dager siden
  • shooter with gamepad... really..

    Torsten KristoffersenTorsten Kristoffersen10 dager siden
  • I fucking HATE this game. The first boss keeps killing me on his 3rd health bar. Multiple times on a good run I've tried to put the PS5 into sleep mode and it crashed on me. Going all the way back to the beginning every time you die, having to find a better gun each time really makes this game blow. Sure it looks and sounds great but I don't spend my hard-earned money to get pissed off and frustrated by a game. I've screamed, "You suck bitch. Fuck you bitch" at the screen so many times that my neighbors probably think I'm beating my wife. Anybody that wants to respond with some dumb bullshit like "Git gud man", can shove it straight up your ass. Fuck this game.

    Darien GuyDarien Guy10 dager siden
    • Git gud

      Jason FJason F9 dager siden
  • It’s aight.... I mean the gameplay is fun, but the drops are terrible and the progress loss is just ridiculous. I want a refund kinda though, it’s not really worth $70-80, it’s pretty much Risk of Rain with a graphic upgrade, minus the multiplayer and character choices. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Rando PersónRando Persón10 dager siden
  • This game reminds me of a video game, the character keeps dying and you start over it's crazy how designers are going back to that and stealing the groundhogs day plot for added emersion when they gave us auto heal after halo for the same reason.

    Gary GrinkevichGary Grinkevich10 dager siden
  • Story is a mind fuck...beat it twice and still trying to figure it out. My issue is story pacing... People be aware of sound glitches...they can blow out your speakers/headset. Pause the game if it happens

    Tom ATom A11 dager siden
  • Not impressed at all by this game.

    Power flex HistoryPower flex History11 dager siden
    • Did you actually play it

      Jason FJason F9 dager siden
  • GOTY

    robbert van hoven/dingelstadrobbert van hoven/dingelstad11 dager siden
  • *literally jumps where there's no box* (tringger finger I'm guessing?) Yong: "feels inaccurate that leads to accidental falls"

    DullahanDullahan11 dager siden
  • Can’t even beat the first boss. So I think I’m done with this game.

    FanonX RogersFanonX Rogers11 dager siden
  • Metroid meets Control. What’s not to like.

    Alexandre LamarreAlexandre Lamarre11 dager siden
  • I love this game but as a man with 3 kids and a family I can't send 2 hours for another shot at the boss.this game is way harder than dark souls

    Nick KingNick King11 dager siden
  • Honestly this looks really monotone. Hades has at least tons and tons of dialogue to keep you invested

    Tolgay AtamtürkTolgay Atamtürk11 dager siden
    • @Артем you been play games too much.

      Trophy GamerTrophy Gamer5 dager siden
    • That's sadly true. In Hades you at least got to talk with people around the palace after you died and get a decent portion of the story/lore after each run, also you usualy have constant conversations with the bosses or the gods in each run. In Returnal you get fuckall 95% of the time. Selene is almost a silent protagonist. The story is there, the dialoge is there, audio logs are there but they are really scarce. You can play for 5 hours straight and not hear a single word in this game.

      АртемАртем10 dager siden
  • For me personally gaming is meant to be fun and enjoyable not a nightmare frustrating grind!. I’d rather focus on taking helicopter lessons to add to my flying hours/experience and actually learn a new skill and feel rewarded and achievement, not through wasting my time learning a pointless skill for a video game and chasing hollow achievement in beating a difficult boss for example. I predict this game will sell terribly, Sony will not ever make another game like this again. Because it doesn’t make commercial sense, making a game for a few hardcore players that 98% of casual gamers won’t buy… the 98% of casual gamers being like 90% of the PlayStation 5 user base!.

    Mr DejavuKingMr DejavuKing11 dager siden
    • @Trophy Gamer ironic really isn't it that your the whiney one!! Embarrassing or what.

      Mr DejavuKingMr DejavuKing5 dager siden
    • Nobody cares about your whining.

      Trophy GamerTrophy Gamer5 dager siden
  • Anyone platinum this yet? Couldn’t find a vid

    R KR K11 dager siden
  • So returnal is ls zelda/darksiders like rougelike shooter game? Weird

    żorżżorż11 dager siden
  • i loved the atmosphere of this game ever since i first saw it

    FELONFELON12 dager siden
  • I massively disagree with the idea that this games graphics and animations aren't up to the same standard as something like God of War. Returnal has by far the best graphics of any game I've played to date. Other than that I agree with the review lol

    Liam AceLiam Ace12 dager siden
  • It took me around 50 hours to get the true (secret ending). Great game very addicting gameplay. I’m going for the plat now which shouldn’t take 12+ hours. Pro tip: nearly every cycle is a god tier layout. Meaning your character can be very OP if you just stay alive and avoid Malfunctions.

    Brandon MaturaBrandon Matura12 dager siden
  • 30 minutes for a Binding of Isaac run? Sure, if you die trying to do something. Like unlocking something. Which you always do. So dying is also lost time :^)

    Beginners!Beginners!12 dager siden
  • Looks like it could be a good multi player free-for-all game

    Sean Merlin UKSean Merlin UK12 dager siden
  • to be honest - this is what Anthem should have been

    W MW M12 dager siden
  • The risk of losing your progress if the game crashes is very detrimental to the experience. I hope they can add a proper savepoint system.

    ParasoloParasolo12 dager siden
  • Totally agree with his points on the upgrades. They are super underwhelming and ruin the roguelite pace of the game.

    Fart TonyFart Tony12 dager siden
  • Hard pass that to me is wasting my time

    purextremepurextreme12 dager siden
  • Not going to play again until there's checkpoints save points or something

    dion smithdion smith13 dager siden
  • A rouge light so difficult you can't even find the hardware to play without random events in online stores.

    ministryofwrathministryofwrath13 dager siden
  • Solid review

    Moved by TruthMoved by Truth13 dager siden
  • recore

    Luke GeekwalkerLuke Geekwalker13 dager siden
  • Personally, roguelite games have a huge appeal for the potential of insane runs and trying to get something even better in future runs. The fact it doesn't allow players to have those is probably it's biggest downside.

    Jacob SonierJacob Sonier13 dager siden
  • 100% something I never want to play. Thanks for the honesty.

    Warden CobbWarden Cobb13 dager siden
  • I love this game I'm SUPER addicted right now. It didn't hook me until I died a few times then I realized how it worked. I was SUPER pissed the first couple times. By the time I died my tenth time I was like ok one more run!!

    Jesse SeymourJesse Seymour13 dager siden
  • 22 hours and the game cost £70 (97 dollars!!) I think I'll wait for a discount

    ilyas abdiilyas abdi13 dager siden
    • Quality over quantity I guess. I really don't like when games drag on with a bunch of fetch quests just to make it longer. I'd rather have a better game even if it doesn't last as long

      Allan MarquesAllan Marques12 dager siden
  • My main disappointment with this game is that you will take the time to get decent upgrades to fight the bosses and all of a sudden get a room with a gank squad that will destroy you. Making all that work you did useless. Do this a few times in a row with bad runs of useless items and weapons and you find this game more of a chore instead of "challenging."

    R E Ð Ð A W NR E Ð Ð A W N13 dager siden
  • OK game looks cool and all but I never felt anything next gen while playing it 🤷‍♂️ ppl are kidding them self... the games cool fair enough but what the fuck is goin on ??? Demon soles is the most next gen thing we've had ... great game loved it but .... I want more ... returnal felt like a step back from Demon soles

    Luke MorrisLuke Morris13 dager siden
  • I've been playing and the best thing I can say about the game or any game really, is... that it's all I can think about. It's one of the most unique games I've played in quite a while. I agree with your critique 100% but I would still recommend it without qualification. Just a phenomenal game.

    tookingstookings13 dager siden
  • No matter how good the game is no one can make me play as Space Karen :)

    xiRePeNTxxiRePeNTx13 dager siden
    • @Lucca216 i mean i would if i had a ps5 and someone gifted me the game, otherwise i don't really enjoy rogue type games but not gonna lie the game is very pretty the environment and the ambience is eerie but gorgeous

      xiRePeNTxxiRePeNTx6 dager siden
    • That’s criny bro, just play the Dahm game if you think you’ll like it.

      Lucca216Lucca21613 dager siden
  • this is such a good roguelike

    BROOKLYNs11BBROOKLYNs11B13 dager siden
  • This game is great. I'm loving it.

    DRKWTRDRKWTR13 dager siden
  • Oh God, someone stopping to fellate Hades again because another game has rogue-lite elements? Imagine my shock. Yahtzee Crowshaw and the Steam review sections do that well enough with out Outrage Provocateur YongYea also piling on.

    k o a lk o a l13 dager siden
  • I need to become a well known youtuber, so when the ps6 comes out I have a chance to get one.

    Rand OmhumanRand Omhuman13 dager siden
  • I hate rougue-likes.

    Rand OmhumanRand Omhuman13 dager siden
  • Tired of hearing about reviews when no one can even get a damn PS5! Sony you dropped the ball big time🤬

    G-MITCHG-MITCH13 dager siden
  • BUT can you change the main character's appearance? That space suit looks kinda janky. Gib Samus Aran homage suit please.

    Cifer NullCifer Null13 dager siden
  • Shit, these guys literally stole my own game concept idea, except my plan was Robots instead of Space.

    Cifer NullCifer Null13 dager siden
  • when I seen preview of this it looked like a scifi souls type it comes it its rogue I dont like that cause of the save points missing

    cmoneythemancmoneytheman13 dager siden
  • "compelling"

    Tony KauzeniTony Kauzeni14 dager siden
  • For anyone who’s scared about the difficulty and constantly restarting, believe me that was my fear before going in. I hate the Souls’ like games but adore the lore. This rogue-lite game is so addictive after the first few hours and learning the system. So so good. Amazing game.

    Eddie CardwellEddie Cardwell14 dager siden
    • @Calcubs not worth it to be honest. Great game but should be like £40-50

      twintrontwintron5 dager siden
    • @Calcubs It’s a good game, but you must have a lot of patience. When you die, you lose everything except for certain permanent items. It takes time to reach a boss. Once you do, better make sure you win. If you lose, you’ll get sent back the beginning of that stage. Here’s the kicker. The place where it sends you might be different each time. Sometimes it’ll be in the vicinity where you can go back quickly. Other times it’ll be further back. There’s no save points at all! You must put your PS5 in rest mode pausing the game. Most people I know won’t play it again until a patch comes out addressing the save issue. If you don’t have much going on, it’s a good game for you. If you’re involved in a lot of activities, most likely you’ll give it one or two runs before you’re finished for awhile.

      Junior LifterJunior Lifter9 dager siden
    • Do you think it’s worth the price tag?? That’s the only thing kind of holding me back with getting it now, seems like a lot of cash for a roguelite game, compared to others at least

      CalcubsCalcubs11 dager siden
  • Why someone would pay 70 dollars for what is essentially Risk of Rain 2 is beyond me.

    Rabby DRabby D14 dager siden
  • EA and other big publishers: Good games don't exi-

    BABYBBUNNY isaacBABYBBUNNY isaac14 dager siden
    • Exactly true Remember EA say single play is dead but they are wrong

      Jack RipperRooJack RipperRoo11 dager siden
  • So it's just a Death Loop game in space ?

    Veng RAVeng RA14 dager siden
  • YongYea seems to only do reviews on big well known games. So I am wondering if he is going to do a review on Psychonauts 2 when that comes out.

    Adam DonofrioAdam Donofrio14 dager siden
  • Thanks for this review, Yea. Unfortunately, after that battery thingy with the PS3/PS4/PS5, I am going to hold off buying these systems until Sony fix this.

    DoctorGames101DoctorGames10114 dager siden
  • Is the location morse like control or doom? I love control, but Doom makes me motion sick

    Jacob GrovesJacob Groves14 dager siden
  • Really wish this game eventually made it to PC.

    StrangerOmanStrangerOman14 dager siden
  • Returnyea? Returno.

    MiSTR JTMiSTR JT14 dager siden
  • After getting 60Fps 98% constant. Yong still Yongning.

    GAMER EIPAOGAMER EIPAO14 dager siden
  • If your brain is whashed up dont fuck with us normal people

    Goran GunjaGoran Gunja14 dager siden
  • Does your weapon proficiency carry over to the next cycle? I'm afraid to die right now

    Frank CurreriFrank Curreri14 dager siden
    • No

      Antonio SanicharAntonio Sanichar14 dager siden
  • Rogue like, that killed it for me. I'm about 15 hours in, and I'm not gonna finish it. I already have to push myself to play it. Fuck it looked so good.

    H8 YoUAlL!H8 YoUAlL!14 dager siden
  • I don’t have a ps5 and hades is the only rogue like/lite I’ve played. But returnal looks great. Really hoping it comes to pc

    Josh FlareJosh Flare14 dager siden
  • Sounds like a really fun game, now I just need to get a PS5

    Gary SmithGary Smith14 dager siden
  • You can tell the game is good when Yong doesn't add a spoiler.

    OkayOkay14 dager siden
  • Just looked up the ending - what a mind fuck!

    SiNCry0SiNCry014 dager siden
  • Looks a bit like Resogun mixed with Risk of Rain.

    OldMoonEmperorOldMoonEmperor15 dager siden
  • This game seems like a combination of Halo and Doom to me. A lot like Doom actually..

    T270 WHISPERERT270 WHISPERER15 dager siden
  • a detailed game that isn't just a glorified movie? count me in

    K JK J15 dager siden
  • 22h for this price?

    Sebastian BendratSebastian Bendrat15 dager siden
  • I dont think I was ready for this game. I never played these rouge-lite games, I thought it was a story driven action shooter. I'm like 9 deaths in and kind of want my $70 back

    Dylan DrewsDylan Drews15 dager siden
  • I’ve just excepted the fact that I’ll never get my hands on a PS5

    Blake CrippsBlake Cripps15 dager siden
  • Another game that hides its 5 hours long content with difficulty to stretch it to 20 or 30. AND asks 70$ too! Nuh uh! Not again! I'll get it when it hits 20$!

    Behzad Mir MozaffariBehzad Mir Mozaffari15 dager siden
  • Would really love to play this game. As a gaming content creator it would be amazing to get to play this at release. Just unable to get a Ps5 anywhere. Local retailers report that August-September 2021 is the earliest you might find the console in stock again, and all retailers have also been banned by the finnish consumer protection agency from taking any pre-orders, as they can not confirm a date of actually getting the product. I refuse to pay scalpers any more than 20% price increase for the digital version (that would be around 550€ here in Finland), so no Ps5 for me, nor many others at the moment. One retailer, Hobby Hall, claims to have the bluray version available, but the price is 889€. Frak that. Thats about 62% more expensive than msrp here in Finland (550€). What a time to be alive! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    OrcCorpOrcCorp15 dager siden
    • I know you’ll be getting your ps5 soon!

      Don’t duh ugh meDon’t duh ugh me13 dager siden
  • This game looks alright but there’s no way in hell I’m paying $125 for it here in Australia, I’d wait for a sale or something

    Pickle RickPickle Rick15 dager siden
  • So a 3d roguelike.

    Guilherme GarciaGuilherme Garcia15 dager siden
  • The game looks nice but I’m not going to play it when I die soo many times and start from scratch and you don’t save yet

    antony millerantony miller15 dager siden
  • "Boost in exchange for a boon." Boon is a positive, the word you're looking for there is something like "hindrance" or "affliction". :)

    AeracAerac15 dager siden
  • One of those games that should've been on PC. The haptics are a cute edition but arent required.

    Paradise primeParadise prime15 dager siden
  • Shilling

    janito799janito79915 dager siden
  • This game will quench my thirst for Metroid. 😁✌️

    DasmeseeDasmesee15 dager siden
  • Not one bit of interest in this game the protagonist the gameplay story .... next

    Ice -ManIce -Man15 dager siden
  • Looks like a really good game. Weird that this in particular is a PS5 exclusive, but it actually *DOES* make me want to get a PS5 so... job well done? But I'm a skinflint so I doubt I'll do anything but watch gameplay and reviews lol

    Brigand BoyBrigand Boy15 dager siden
  • Game is ass

    Victor BernardVictor Bernard15 dager siden
    • Have you played it? Me and all my friends are crazy addicted, the game is fuckin awesome.

      Eddie CardwellEddie Cardwell14 dager siden
  • Game crashed 2 hours into my first playthrough. God I wish I could get a refund

    Halston ConnallyHalston Connally15 dager siden
  • Seems great... still not $70 great tho

    JustSomeGamerKaiJustSomeGamerKai15 dager siden
  • 13:19 BRUH the handle went through her hand

    Gaming For LifeGaming For Life15 dager siden
  • Hmmm so playing for 2 hrs then dying and losing everything, is meant to, "provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment" when they do beat it?

    Don KDon K15 dager siden
  • This is why I come to Yong - concise, eloquent reviews that provides a good basis when wanting to make a buying decision. Keep up the standard Yong.

    Ian Van WykIan Van Wyk15 dager siden
  • This game is freaking amazing

    ASHEN KANEASHEN KANE15 dager siden
    • Agreed. Worth the $70.

      Eddie CardwellEddie Cardwell14 dager siden
  • It looks interesting, but 80€ is just too much for a Game I'm not sure I will enjoy. Most PS4 Games cost 60€... I will just wait for it to go on sale.

    RetromannRetromann15 dager siden
  • Yong, I would have led with "This is a Housemarque game that attempts to also incorporate light story and rogue-lite elements. Housemarque are experts at creating engaging shooters, such as Super Stardust HD, but can they pull off this new hybrid style?" It is important (imo) that your viewers know that this game is from Housemarque, with all that that implies.

    TheShotofenTheShotofen15 dager siden
  • I think the day one patch fixed the frame rate problem because I haven’t experienced at all

    Oliver MooreOliver Moore15 dager siden
  • Yeah, you had me right when you said rogue like XD DEF GETTING THIS GAME! Woohoo!

    lnflnltyLegendlnflnltyLegend15 dager siden
  • The ammo system is basically Control + Gears.

    Point ManPoint Man15 dager siden