Sony Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Reports of PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

16. feb.. 2021
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  • Please let this not become as bad as the Nintendo Switch drift situation. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea16 dager siden
    • No this isn't just limited to ps5 it was a fucking thing sense ps4 I was told to just buy another

      IuminosiityYTIuminosiityYT13 dager siden
    • 10:11 Is that what I think is happening on that ad to the right? Or am I hallucinating?

      Alex MorenoAlex Moreno14 dager siden
    • Need For Speed Tokyo Drift

      Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand14 dager siden
    • This has to be some manufacturing scheme if it’s also happening to DualSense

      YellowCapAlexYellowCapAlex14 dager siden
    • Needs to happen with PS4 controllers too. I bought 2 brand new ones a month ago and within a week had to return them both

      Joshua JonesJoshua Jones15 dager siden
  • Ps4 controllers do the same thing. I’ve bought 6 because of drift. This is a reason why I’m done with Sony. Rapala does the same thing. You gotta pay shipping but even though it’s under warranty. Glad lawyers are starting to fight these people. This is gonna hurt Sony more in the console wars with Microsoft. Glad I’m going pc route.

    Jarrodd F.Jarrodd F.14 timer siden
  • is so funny and depressing, being Sony not a new company in making electronic product and having problems created by the fabrications or use of a part, knowing that still they prefer do as if they know nothing, negating all the proves and waiting the long and costly legal prosses making his customer lose money time and no having a proper compensation until the lawsuit is solved and in the end the customer don't want a 20 usd psn card or that type of compensation they want a product fixed in reasonable time. So sad see it that sony and other company's don't learn of past mistakes, 0 fuck given in supporting his customer (and mostly now is free beta tester in platform with 3 games)

    Feno DroideFeno Droide2 dager siden
  • PS4 controllers are the exact same. I've bought around 50 controllers for the ps4 in the 5 years I owned it. And it was always because of drift or the r3/l3 buttons wouldnt work properly. It got so bad I started to just insure my controllers and return them every time for a new one. I've done the same thing with my duelsense. I'm not buying any more controllers. I'll buy one with insurance and return it every time for a brand new one :)

    SON OF A SAINTSON OF A SAINT2 dager siden
  • Did YongYa just say reparations? LOL?

    DerpsterDerpster2 dager siden
  • Havent bought an console since the PS3, get rekt noobs

    CrysisFearCrysisFear3 dager siden
  • Its amazing sony can develop next gen console but the controller mechanic pretty much same from ps1's controller.

    fatony budifatony budi3 dager siden
  • Joy cons are stupidly fragile, and I barely used them (I've got an 8bitdo SN30 pro +, which is much better than any other official controller), I didn't know Playstation suffered similar problems. This shouldn't be an issue by now, much less with a such expensive piece of hardware.

    Moreno RochaMoreno Rocha3 dager siden
  • They might as well sue sega, xbox, and every other controller manufacturer

    Ian FosterIan Foster5 dager siden
  • I never have the dreft promble

    bisifnwe place and new home moultonbisifnwe place and new home moulton5 dager siden
  • Me who uses potatoes to play on the PS4 and PS5: *pathetic*

    GoldenbucketGoldenbucket6 dager siden
  • Yeaaaaah. In the 6 years I’ve owned a PS4; I’ve gone through 9 controllers thanks to Drift. So not just PS5s

    Frosty-PopcicleFrosty-Popcicle6 dager siden
  • You'll see drift around 450 hours on your controller

    Mr. AwesomeFTWMr. AwesomeFTW7 dager siden
  • I guess nintendo isnt the only drifter on the road

    James BensonJames Benson7 dager siden
  • The problem is not only with the drifting but also the buttons, they're extremely soft now they click by simply touching them

    PsychodiscoPsychodisco7 dager siden
  • 1 month and this piece of shit controller is out if control, I'm getting tired of it...

    PsychodiscoPsychodisco7 dager siden
  • ppl really expect ps5 to not be broken af, let alone sony to actually fix it? let alone at a fast rate? when ps4 pro came out broken af, even years after the original ps4, they still couldnt get it right? and still never fixed it? if not fucked it up more, if not, on purpose? 2 fried hard drives just from browsing the store/friends list. dont want to have to install a 3rd hard drive let alone buy a ps5 that is probably going to break if not shipped out already broken lol so pissed right now

    THA BADGUY619THA BADGUY6198 dager siden
  • shit a couple of my ps4 dual shocks have drifts and they were pretty much brand new! and drift reallys ucks playing games like nioh and souls borne monster hunter if not driving/shooter type games where 1 wrong move and you're walking off a cliff!!!

    THA BADGUY619THA BADGUY6198 dager siden
  • This is ridiculous, it's 2021, we've been doing dual analog sticks for over two decades. These controllers are getting more expensive and less reliable. Aren't Joycons $80? Dualsense controllers are $70. It's unacceptable.

    James NolanJames Nolan8 dager siden
  • Lol sony peasants

    Venom SnakeVenom Snake8 dager siden
  • My PS4 controller drift is really bad, it’s not minor movement it full makes it do a full rotation in a couple seconds

    Mag1KarpManMag1KarpMan8 dager siden
  • This is what happens when you rush your next gen consoles

    Karis AsaNiKaris AsaNi8 dager siden
  • Me laughing in Xbox

    Patrick ThomasPatrick Thomas9 dager siden
  • Why would I pay $1500 for a console with drift issues? From my perspective, with the combination of scalping and this PS5 doesn't make monetary sense.

    wills20111wills201119 dager siden
  • Just wanna say, as someone living in the third world, any kind of replacement or reparation program is 100% useless since they don't cover most of Latin America. My 2 dualshock 4 drift and my joycons drift had to be repaired by myself in less than 6 months of use because none of the big 3 offer any kind of support where I am. The only real fix is this unacceptable crap to stop. Stop saving 10 freaking cents in sticks just to make us buy another one. All 3 companies are being greedy and don't use better sticks because they know that this occurs usually after the warranty ends or that most countries aren't covered by the warranty so they can still can get away with this scam.

    FarEastEdenZeroFarEastEdenZero9 dager siden
  • Quotes Kotaku.... digging pretty deep if your quoting that unreliable rumor mill....

    SilensMortSilensMort9 dager siden
  • The logic of people who dont have drift problems: “I dont have a problem with my controller so you sound stupid”

    JonathanJonathan9 dager siden
  • I'm glad I moved on to pc, don't have to deal with the disasters consoles always brings, if the controller isn't working then it's the console not working/turning on, or console keeps hard crashing cuz games aren't optimized for consoles! Crazy why people still insist on playing on these broken platforms!

    Frosty 1nippsFrosty 1nipps9 dager siden
  • and for people who bought from scalpers warrenty is non-existant to :D

    Asami YukiAsami Yuki9 dager siden
  • The fast and the furious: Japanese controller drift.

    Elementalism :DElementalism :D9 dager siden
  • My character can’t run no more rip my souls, all gone.

    EVPOPEVPOP9 dager siden
  • Took Nintendo years to even say as much as "there might be an issue". Still no hardware fix on their part.

    S KS K9 dager siden
  • PS5 Controller drift issues after a few days / weeks. Meanwhile my 15 year old PS2 Dualshock Gamepad (still works like it's new): "Drifting? Never heared of that Pokemon."

    BeatmasterACBeatmasterAC9 dager siden
  • There's nothing as annoying as playing demon's souls with a drift

    Cypher スネークCypher スネーク9 dager siden
    • @Salted true lol you'd keep switching not even able to hit

      Cypher スネークCypher スネークDag siden
    • @Trantor The Troll good for u, u must've took good care of it

      Cypher スネークCypher スネークDag siden
    • Never had a drift issue

      Trantor The TrollTrantor The TrollDag siden
    • @THA BADGUY619 what if the right stick drifts doesn't that fuck up your stances?

      SaltedSalted7 dager siden
    • @THA BADGUY619 I'd burn the controller at that point

      Cypher スネークCypher スネーク7 dager siden
  • So Sony has dropped this low, huh? Still remember when they actually strived to put out quality products... But everything started to change during the PS3 era... I'm still using the controller that came with my fat PS3, now on PC, to this day with no issues. How? Because they made it perfect! Something I just figured out recently, when I had to open it because, after nearly 15 years, the battery is finally giving out. These every day more prominent drift issues are caused by dirt accumulating inside the potentiometers and breaking/altering the electrical resistance of the circuitry. My 1st PS3 controller? Well, it doesn't use potentiometers! They actually developed a new type of sensor for the analog stick that detects where a magnet is pointing!! Genius!!! And with no parts rubbing against each other and getting weared out, it has stayed 100% precise to this day. The buttons all also use pressure sensors, not your run-of-the-mill open circuit and conductive pads under buttons, so unless you press so hard you actually break the sensor, they'll just keep on working forever. I later bought a 2nd controller for co-op games. Sony had just announced the DualShock 3, but since I couldn't care less about the rumble feature and figured it would only make the battery last less, I just went and got one of the last SixAxis. In this controller, Sony had already started making cuts and switched to traditional potentiometers. Still, they were high quality and I never needed to clean them. The plastic shell is also likely of inferior quality, as you could see through it when pointing at a strong light. Sadly, the mechanism making the left stick return to center broke a few years ago and that was the end of it. Depite all my care, my fat PS3 eventually broke and I had to buy a new one. This was around the time there were those red and blue super slim models. And the controller that came with it? Oh, boy... The potentiometers were such bad quality I had to clean them every 6 months or so! Thankfully, the insides were totally redone so that they weren't soldered and could be taken out and replaced/cleaned easily - wonder if it was on purpose...? Needless to say, watching this trend, I never bought any more Sony products ever again.

    SunnySunny10 dager siden
  • They need to make thumbsticks that are a little looser, and slide around on a flat plane kinda like the 3DS. I’d like the grip part to stay flat instead of the hemisphere method of always rolling outward and downward towards the “equator” from the centre point. This creates many situations where only the very edge of the grip is contacting your thumb and since there’s far less surface area for thumb contact, there’s far less control, and more slippage, and general lack of satisfying precision. Some smart people need to brainstorm some way to get a thumbstick type dealy to behave more like a mouse, without delving into touchpad territory like the steam controller. This is mostly just an issue for shooters, but most third person melee action games have a ranged attack that could benefit form more precise aiming. If they could also solve the drift problem, then that would great too.

    akavarioakavario10 dager siden
  • Microsoft is laughing. They've gotten away with stick drift for two generations of controllers.

    faismasterxfaismasterx10 dager siden
  • Nintendo: “First time?”

    Andrew PAndrew P10 dager siden
  • I’m starting to think this is just a pattern with newer consoles lately is there controllers having drift on them

    Excalibur ZXExcalibur ZX10 dager siden
  • is it only me or did anyone saw that ad around 10:00, do the patriarchy to me.

    __Ace____Ace__10 dager siden
  • luckily it's mostly bought by the scalpers :D

    __Ace____Ace__10 dager siden
  • Did any one notice the orange and red ad that looks like a girl being forced to give a blow job?

    Brendon FaulknerBrendon Faulkner10 dager siden
  • My steel series mouse fortunately does not drift.

    Mike HorbMike Horb10 dager siden
  • Eventually Sony and Nintendo will force stick makers to actually innovate and make good sticks.

    HeartHeart10 dager siden
  • I’m having drift issues because I was playing hunger games on Minecraft. This means I’m constantly holding down L3 while holding the the joy-stick forward. After about 5 minutes. Drift occurred. There are ways to temporarily resolve the issue, though no permanent resolution.

    Jackson WaldonJackson Waldon10 dager siden
  • This has been going on for some time. The only decent controllers I've owned for PS4 were from purchasing the hardware, replacement peripherals lasted 3-6 months.

    ZombieATATZombieATAT10 dager siden
  • 10:11 pause it. bro can you censor add like that. i’m no snowflake i’m just not tryna see that shit when watching tech videos.

    Space WeatherSpace Weather10 dager siden
  • Not even a year later or close to a year sony in known for being a terrible company what did they expect. give them time.

    Space WeatherSpace Weather10 dager siden
  • PlayStation hardware ain't cheap at all for this to be happening, I cant believe Sony didnt do shit over like 8 years off fraudulent and bad quality products. Did the company expected people just to eat this without getting angry? I had to buy like 3 Dualshock Ps4 controllers and everyone of them got the drifting!! And this happening right now is a clear evidence that the company doesn't give a fck!!!

    BatriaYourDadBatriaYourDad10 dager siden
  • Like you said they should add a config tool to set the dead zone.

    Stephen GregsonStephen Gregson11 dager siden
  • All new electronic suck cause they all come from China. Next time buy made in Japan or made in the USA. Products made in China rarely last more than a year and a half under normal use. It's all garbage. The foam on my PSVR started disintegrating 4 months after casual use. The faux leather on my PS headphone is completely gone after just a year. Check the manufacturer location and it's China, no surprise. To all the corporations, please bring your manufacturing back to your respective countries nothing that comes out of China is made to last and that makes you look bad. Bad enough to sue over how terrible your products have become.

    Reynaldo Luna Jr.Reynaldo Luna Jr.11 dager siden
  • I have officially given up on the entire video game industry I will never buy another game, gaming console, PC game or hardware...VR is a fad. online games are full of cheaters. your personal data is at risk, People are squandering thousands on loot boxes and skins, publishers are firing out half finished, broken, glitch filled pieces of shit with brainless AI, invisible walls, walls you can walk through, fucked physics, lop sided combat, ugly faced characters, rubbish plot lines that a 4th grader could improve, 3rd person cameras with a will of it's own, with day 1 patches that take 3 hours to install - If the servers don't crash. single digit framerates, blurry graphics with shit brown and snot green colour pallets. wrapped in cellophane to keep the stink inside. for dodgy systems no one can buy using on line only games on servers that shut down after a month, pre order con jobs, pay to win cheat fests, Fucking Hell...

    BorisBoris11 dager siden
  • Why does nobody cares that it happens to the dualshock 4 constantly?

    WolfsmokeWolfsmoke11 dager siden
  • Had to replace mine within the first 30 days. I know drift is normal but not in 30 days!

    Chris WestbergChris Westberg11 dager siden
  • i have this with my ps4 controllers, but it only started after mishandling them due to cod frustration

    Bas PetersBas Peters11 dager siden
  • Ahh, another case of lawyers duping people with a class action suit. Half the proceeds go to the lawyers, the other half gets split up between thousands of people. The payout from a successful suit will probably be about $5 to $25 per player... Not even enough to buy a new controller.

    Rb889Rb88911 dager siden
  • F

    Kyle RichardsKyle Richards11 dager siden
  • Problems with a sony controller?? Well I am so surprised lmao

    Chris BurnettChris Burnett11 dager siden
  • Consoles suck

    Shea CrowleyShea Crowley11 dager siden
  • When dealing with large corporations customer service is a joke. Big surprise

    Shea CrowleyShea Crowley11 dager siden
  • I can only find PS 5 controller not the console on retail. here

    MaverickMaverick11 dager siden
  • this why i will forever hate this ps5 garbage the console is fail from top to bottom

    Mario MartinsMario Martins11 dager siden
  • I still feel as if people just don't take care of their controllers. Had my switch lite for 2years now, and no drift even once. Another thing could be over use/damage, as i used to experience drift waaay back with Ps2 and Og xbox. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ controllers

    Taurell ReedTaurell Reed11 dager siden
  • What is the drift? Serious question here i own both consoles but clueless what it means

    Leonard YoungLeonard Young11 dager siden
  • I dont have drift issues?

    Jacob FiganiakJacob Figaniak11 dager siden
  • Xbox 360 forward have the issue too.

    Doctor EwntDoctor Ewnt12 dager siden
  • I haven’t had drift issues so far, but there have been repeated occasions where my PS5 for whatever reason will not display the video signal of any Blu-ray movie discs I insert. It will play games just fine but there will be some days where it will claim not to have a video signal when it runs the movie discs. Lots of other people have reported having this error and as far as I know it’s the console itself doing it. The HDMI cable is 2.1, the TV is 2.1 compatible, the receiver is 2.1 compatible, everything external seems to be acceptable. It’s the PS5 itself that just can’t seem to make up its mind if it has eyes whenever a movie is inserted in it or not. There is no discernible pattern either, one day it’s fine, the next it potatoes, then the next day or so it’s as if it never happened. :/

    HeroOfLight13 - Keyblade DragonHeroOfLight13 - Keyblade Dragon12 dager siden
  • Say what you will about Microsoft and Xbox but I've been using the same Xbox One controller for four years.

    Zuka ZealaneeZuka Zealanee12 dager siden
  • Shit like this is basically why i abandoned consoles and specifically sony forever. Literally every sony product I've had has been flawed, and that's a problem because they're supposed to be plug and play machines for people who aren't too tech savvy, not something you end up having to tear down and repair yourself because of a company's incompetence.

    Juako QuecaJuako Queca12 dager siden
  • This is why you should not buy original brand stuff anymore. Those are garbage. Buy from small companies that have to build sturdy or lose business.

    NayNay12 dager siden
  • 2020: Pandemic and Scalpers 2021: Lawsuits and Conglomerate Industries

    Azmin IzzuddinAzmin Izzuddin12 dager siden
  • They done Nintendo'd themselves

    merelyanillusionmerelyanillusion12 dager siden
  • Really!? Controller drift on the newest consoles controllers!?

    cooldude 101011cooldude 10101112 dager siden
  • I bought an xbox last gen and fee days days later button on controller started sticking and making louder noise. Took it back. Ill never buy any of these trash cheap made junk consoles ever again.

    Jakcs DavisJakcs Davis12 dager siden
  • Ayo that ad is a bit suggestive

    Become NumbBecome Numb12 dager siden
  • Honestly sounds like a you problem @ those who were unlucky and got a controller that drifts lmao.

    Robbie PylesRobbie Pyles12 dager siden
  • DualSense: How can you play with that drift? Joycon: That's my secret, DS. I'm always drifting.

    PatsPats12 dager siden
  • I thought it was common knowledge, never buy a console on day 1. Ever. They always ship with bugs.

    Adam ΒLΔΖΞЯAdam ΒLΔΖΞЯ12 dager siden
  • Ps5 isn’t the only one. I got 2 ps4 controllers a month ago and had to return both of them because they had drift.

    Brian WBrian W12 dager siden
  • They just wanted money from Nintendo and Sony

    Kaze ni fukareteKaze ni fukarete12 dager siden
  • Good thing I have self control, but I thank you "testers" for the warning. What I Don't get is that, they have their own people that test the product before it release. So why is there always a problem upon release?

    CradlePenCradlePen12 dager siden
  • Surely it's not only the PS5 controllers doing this? I've had 3 ps4 controllers do it.

    Skyler BSkyler B12 dager siden
  • My MICROSOFT's XBOX 360 just go red light again~!! Oh~ my 13th controller that being made by MICROSOFT just broke itself again under 3 f~king weeks! Oh what's the news...? Sony get sued for a controller ~ Hmmmmmmm~~~~~~

    Asura.HAsura.H12 dager siden
  • me as an intellectual: ah drift the race term

    TheLonelyMoonTheLonelyMoon12 dager siden
  • Well as someone who owns a ps5 I haven't encountered this problem at all. But there's a lot of reports about it so I hope this situation will be resolved

    Deon StrydomDeon Strydom12 dager siden
  • Compressed air seemed to fix my joycon drift issue so maybe the same can be done with the PS5? 🤔

    LithiumLithium12 dager siden
  • What about the ds4 drift?

    speedyspeedy13 dager siden
  • Shit happened all the time to Xbox one. Just started buying 3rd party controllers.

    Storytime626Storytime62613 dager siden
  • Been having this issue with my last couple of controllers when the originals last me forever.

    Lugia21Lugia2113 dager siden
  • I noticed drift ever since analog sticks were first used. I'm so glad consumers are cracking down on drift - its so annoying. These companies should be developing analog sticks with the drift issue as the top priority. Dual Shock 4 is the first controller I used that doesnt seem like it develops "play" on the sticks over time - even with heavy use. Something feels different and better about the analog sticks in the DS4 but I guess some people have even had issues with them too.

    DaakistDaakist13 dager siden
  • Sony's turn getting sued.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader13 dager siden
  • Us xbox boys may have to deal with buying batteries for the fuckin' controllers but damn least they work right out the box.

    Lendoshi LabLendoshi Lab13 dager siden
  • Can Sony stop ripping off Nintendo?

    pommybomberpommybomber13 dager siden
  • They should offer like a 3 year warranty off the bat if drift is a problem and the warranty free no paying for it since they at fault for it

    Legendary KirinLegendary Kirin13 dager siden
  • I like how people get so up in arms with sony but then they let it pass with Nintendo -_-

    MrMilkyCocoMrMilkyCoco13 dager siden
  • How are we geeting new controllers with drift we have been making analog sticks for years now.

    Jake RobinsonJake Robinson13 dager siden
  • If this lawsuits goes through it can really hurt Sony...I would hate to be that guy who gets fired in the boardroom let alone the guy who’s in charge of the PlayStation 5 accessories department.Ouch !!

    Mass Effect N7Mass Effect N713 dager siden
  • Ahhh, the American way. Don't bother just getting a replacement when you can sue. Salute the flag, one nation under god, land of the free...

    Matt ParkerMatt Parker13 dager siden
    • @My Name is Battle Yeah, it's happened to me too. I just took it back and got a replacement. Why the need to sue?

      Matt ParkerMatt Parker11 dager siden
    • What do you mean? The controllers are defective... and PlayStation won’t fix it so a class action lawsuit is necessary. I’m glad these fucks are getting investigated on drifting issues. This shits been an issue for as long as I remember

      My Name is BattleMy Name is Battle13 dager siden
  • I got an Xbox one controller and it took like three months to get my controller replaced due to drift issues because they lost the controller.

    SouthAfricanPlebGamerSouthAfricanPlebGamer13 dager siden
  • if i was sony i would just push a firmware update that adds a tiny amount of deadzone while claiming it was merely a software glitch that the update fixes

    BLUE_S1XBLUE_S1X13 dager siden