Sony Hiring To Bring Major PlayStation Franchises To... Mobile? Days Gone Dev on Sequel Rejection

14. april. 2021
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  • Focusing only on blockbusters, lack of focus on game preservation, mobile... I'm excited for PS5's upcoming AAA games and all, but can't say I'm thrilled by the direction leadership is taking PlayStation. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - DatadyneExecutive - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie - WECKmaster329 - Zergling50 [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • It's business Yong

      nkoonkukoonkoonkukoo29 dager siden
    • You’re 100% accurate.. Nevertheless hopefully Sony will have a change of heart and rethink things a bit with this situation..

      Michael GuerraMichael GuerraMåned siden
    • @OwO They’re gonna be the same boring shit we saw last gen

      RiderNexusRiderNexusMåned siden
    • "I'm excited for PS5's upcoming AAA games and all," What the fuck, *WHY???* ...You've learned literally nothing. I see.

      OwOOwOMåned siden
    • ​@Duck Duck Goose fanatic Just saying, variety in the types of games they have to offer will be kinda shitty

      RiderNexusRiderNexusMåned siden
  • Sonys "blockbusters" are nothing special I want more RPGs and quality puzzle games

    human guyhuman guy2 timer siden
  • Sony is the new Hollywood :/

    WhitedragonkingWhitedragonking6 dager siden
  • They run a business but you say they should not focus on what's best for it. They know more than you or me do, so matbe there is a legitimate basket. They are successful for a reason, I bet The new Sony Exclusives are just as great. Why would you doubt them now? We do not know the long term plan as well.

    Daniel CDaniel C6 dager siden
  • 2019: days gone is meh. Just another zombie game 2021: this franchise needs to be saved

    Zero nineteenExExZero nineteenExEx15 dager siden
  • I guess Sony didn't get the memo that EA was number one in WORST companies ever.

    xXJLNINJAXxxXJLNINJAXx20 dager siden
  • So that it can essentially become a butchered, stereotypical F2P game I'm assuming, and not a port.

    CareeseFangirlForeverCareeseFangirlForever20 dager siden
  • Sony has been messing up so bad for almost two years now. I've been a HUGE supporter of Playstation ever since PSX. However I've been absolutely disappointed in their business model and decisions the last couple of years. Quite discouraged, that I am. I strongly feel that Sony is in dire need of better leadership.

    Minister J LupineMinister J Lupine21 dag siden
  • Sony want's to make movies not games

    NelskyNelsky22 dager siden
  • Literally nothing good can come from this Head of Mobile position Sony is hiring for, especially given that job description. I think we all know _exactly_ where this is going.

    7Marx77Marx723 dager siden
  • It depends what Sony meant by mobile, "PlayStation Mobile, Inc." for example brought "Horizon Zero Down" and "Days Gone" to PC. If all these old games, which are no longer supported are going to be playable on PC and other devices, I don't see a problem here.

    CyberCatCyberCat23 dager siden
  • Sony is becoming the Apple iphone of consoles

    Subhodeep MSubhodeep M24 dager siden
  • Jim fucking up

    JAGAB1JAGAB124 dager siden
  • Just release another handheld Sony damn..

    J-U IceJ-U Ice25 dager siden
  • "Do you guys not have phones!?"

    MrDark086MrDark08626 dager siden
  • Did you change your microphone Yong? Or did my speakers equalizer just change..

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson27 dager siden
  • Rip snoy, don't go LG.

    Ix SuomiIx Suomi27 dager siden
  • IMO most PlayStation games suck anyways 🤣 Dog of war, last of sus, uncharted was good tho ngl. Days gone was good too But rest just suck

    John MarshallJohn Marshall27 dager siden
  • No king rules forever, son...

    101Sektor101Sektor27 dager siden
  • Why is Sony doing all these bad decisions all of a sudden? There must be a reason. Sony used to be all about customer service, about making the best products possible. Now there all about pure greed and it's gonna end badly for them and they must know this. Is this one man's decision? Or all executives? I hope they rethink the path there on

    Devildrive GamesDevildrive Games28 dager siden
  • Only mobile development I want is a game pass response , with mobile access tablet or phone streaming, but directly from a cloud to reduce latency instead of from your console

    mau48310mau4831028 dager siden
  • I really don't want to see patapon on mobile.

    Nathen RossNathen Ross28 dager siden
  • If AAA is all you want to do we will have to wait 4 to 6 years for every game? They better have some AA or BBB titles or something to hold people over. Bad choices.

  • Days gone coming to pc heck yeah

    Amir HBAmir HB28 dager siden
  • Sony: we gonna make mobile games Kojima : ah sh*t here we go again

    termineitor99ttermineitor99t28 dager siden
  • They can preserve all their games on Steam. PC gamers will buy it all lol.

    forkpuncherforkpuncher28 dager siden
  • "the future of gaming is mobile" - Some company that died

    Svenger Mc. SpazzySvenger Mc. Spazzy28 dager siden
  • If sony focus on blockbuster games then that will be the death of sony

    Tino CarbajalTino Carbajal28 dager siden
  • Sony focusing on blockbusters huh does sony have any idea how much it will cost to make those type of games

    Tino CarbajalTino Carbajal28 dager siden
  • This is so sad this was already sumthing I already knew was gonna happen once u give a company a crown they start falling apart same happened to microsoft and look at em now rebuilding sumthing they already had but lost thier way on it the same will happen to sony not good the gaming community needs to stop overly supporting game company's and find an even ground help but don't help to much this is why cyberpunk is in a really really bad State not good we need to show em we can do the same they do to us "talk business" we need to help the Makers not the leaders we need to show the leaders the people they recruit is the foundation of everything the story,the art,the music and etc every lil detail they put makes better games I'm sure the people they recruit that signed up for their imagination and creativity not what they can do to make the leaders money and yes I know money help make the game but not the humanity in it we make the story's and the money just helps us climb up to the world to see it all come together sony and microsoft let your people make what they wanna make they are your fuel without them your not moving anywhere but being still in limbo let the people thrive let's all see the better side of gaming and make it beautiful again and help humanity grow stronger together

    WarAngel XIIWarAngel XII29 dager siden
  • All I do is pray that's all we got

    Gabriel Gamer YTGabriel Gamer YT29 dager siden
  • Usually, big-time companies fail to bring in a proper mobile port (hopefully this will improve). It is usually the independent developers I have seen that create great games.

    TrydenTTrydenT29 dager siden
  • Mobile games suck, nothing good. Built to addict and spend money.

    Smallville0608Smallville060829 dager siden
  • RIP PlayStation 4 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Gabriel Gamer YTGabriel Gamer YT29 dager siden
  • It’s amazing that for a second straight console generation, the leader from the previous generation is going out of their way to lose that lead.

    budkinbudkin29 dager siden
  • This Sony reminds me of PS3 Era why does Sony always seem to falter on an odd numbered console, their decisions as of late is really making me strongly consider switching to Xbox

    Slumdog5000Slumdog500029 dager siden
  • Would of preferred Playstation games on PC... No wonder Microsoft is killing it with their game pass service it's beating EVERYTHING currently.

    Jake lolJake lol29 dager siden
  • Sony is thrashing. Their new console is still not getting into the hands of gamers, just scalpers. PS5 is 6 months old and still impossible to get. Bots are still grabbing them out of people’s carts. Of course this will cascade down into reduced game sales. I feel like the removal of the older game stores is a sign that backward compatible firmware is coming for PS4 and 5. Those games will show up in a new ‘vintage’ storefront. It’s the only thing that makes sense. And it gives them something to sell! Certainly they’ve noticed that people who can’t get a PS5 are unlikely to buy games for it.

    mjdibellamjdibella29 dager siden
  • Dammit. I only hope by “classics” they mean PS1. Playing the RE Trilogy on the phone doesn’t sound bad. But getting “modern games” with a graphic downgrade is something that can only make a certain group of people happy

    Jose Tomas Campos RobledanoJose Tomas Campos Robledano29 dager siden
    • Porting games from their handhelds to mobile also doesn't sound like a bad idea. Following the common mobile game road would really be dissapointing.

      AlphaAlpha24 dager siden
  • they might probably out source to netease for daysgone mobile

    Roy Vincent MoralesRoy Vincent Morales29 dager siden
  • Survival co-op openworld zombie game sound exactly like the kind secondary mode that no game needs. You're calling it dope now because it fits your "Poor Bend Studio, Sony Bad" narrative.

    Point ManPoint Man29 dager siden
  • Days Gone is almost out on Steam, fuck sony.

    BananaJoeBananaJoe29 dager siden
  • all these playstation problems are because of Jim Ryan . There should be Japanese people in Sony ,and if they need help at markets outside japan then they can help . Jim Ryan and John Kodera. Who are these people they what history they have? There is not much about them online and wikipedia for what is worth is not telling me who are these people and what did they do in the past.

    EndixanEndixan29 dager siden
  • Basically Sony is like a Dog running in a circle chasing its tail

    Maurice JonesMaurice Jones29 dager siden
  • Wow Sony's really gonna shoot themselves on the foot huh?

    TheGregatron3000TheGregatron300029 dager siden
  • And all this next to the fact that they're moving the HQ to California while dismantling their Japanese studios already shows how much they want to suck the US Market's dick.

    Paul BarrettoPaul Barretto29 dager siden
  • every kid got a phone since they are like 5yo, it makes sense that gaming goes mobile over time

    alekpo2000alekpo200029 dager siden
  • This is why the PC games market is great. Smallish studios make a game, put it on Steam, and if it's great people buy it and it's a big hit. It's so much more diverse than the console games market. If you're just a console gamer you're missing out. Plus you can use a PC for so much more than just games, it's a no brainer.

    Limey JoeLimey JoeMåned siden
  • Braindead

    NotMineMateNotMineMateMåned siden
  • days gone has showed up on steam says the publisher is "Playstation Mobile, Inc"

    MadaRookMadaRookMåned siden
  • Meanwhile in the Flashgitz universe...

    ApocalyptusApocalyptusMåned siden
  • Sony really likes to cut thier own legs off it seems, wouldn’t surprise me if they turn into a purely mobile phone company sadly

    Sarnathid ponySarnathid ponyMåned siden
  • so basically Sony can't compete with Microsoft on the streaming aspect, so they will just put the exclusives on mobile. hahahahah Sony making bad choice after bad choice.

    demonpride1975demonpride1975Måned siden
  • I would be more interested in a remake by a new team instead of the same team from before. Easy pass for me

    Usual MotivesUsual MotivesMåned siden
  • I used to love sony but they keep making dumb decisions I'm being pushed towards PC/Xbox

    EdwinEdwinMåned siden
  • Gamers: is this April fools joke put GOW 2 in mobiles Sony: is all dumb gamers no have phones

    N. AZZH##NN. AZZH##NMåned siden
  • Well, too bad for them, I don’t buy mobile games and I sure as sht don’t pay for micro transactions

    arios1977arios1977Måned siden
  • I have a unrelated question how do you keep your display clean 🤔🤔🤔 any tips

    jordan teohjordan teohMåned siden
  • Really past of us was on ps3, ps4, an now a remake for ps5. Really reminds me of skyrim but at least skyrim has mods.

    telomere centromeretelomere centromereMåned siden
  • Glad I'm a pc gamer

    telomere centromeretelomere centromereMåned siden
  • Jumping on Microsoft feels like those people in Star Wars that helped the Galactic Republic but became part of the Rebel Alliance.

    TheAwesomeDarkNinjaTheAwesomeDarkNinjaMåned siden
  • Jim Ryan needs to GO! Everyday there's some bad news from Sony. EVERY F*CKING DAY! Also people need to stop their blind adulation of Naughty Dog, they are a big part of the problem!

    Behzad Mir MozaffariBehzad Mir MozaffariMåned siden
  • "You either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

    TakeARideWithMeTakeARideWithMeMåned siden
  • What I don't like about the mobile gaming plan is that they just launched a new console, with not enough launch games or exclusives and if they start thinking about another market like mobiles they most likely focus on that and then the PS5 will become an overpriced console for indie games.

    luis queluis queMåned siden
  • greed,greed and more greedy monetization Microsoft laughing to the bank not that they need it but hey why not get that cheese for free 🤘

  • Just fired up my Xbox One after a long while. 🖕Halo Masterchief Collection installing. 🤘 Already pre-ordered RE8 for PS4 but might be one of the last ones ever. Only have 3 games on Xbox One but +100 on X360 and like 25 on original Xbox. Wont run out of games for a while. Thanks Sony. BYE sony. 👋 Edit: uuuh, Gamepass. Bye Sony. They even fixed framerate on my original Xbox Morrowind GOTY Edition! 💞 It run like 15 fps and now its propably 45-60. They fucking care. 💥💫 Backwards compability is a wonderful thing! All the way to their first console. 🐅🐆

    Tomi ValkonenTomi ValkonenMåned siden
  • SONY's management in Japan better rub some brains cells together and fire this moron running Playstation.

    Eric HEric HMåned siden
  • Looks like Microsoft is gonna win this generation.

    I Slay GoblinsI Slay GoblinsMåned siden
  • Ever since last crap of us 2, naughty dog is wussy dog to me. It's a dog with a pink tutu, a pink bow, and pink stockings. They completely humiliated themselves. I will NEVER play their games again. wokeism MUST DIE or it will usher in the second dark age! Nimrod sheeple are already teaching their kids to be unisex. That's unforgivable!

    G-Man AliasG-Man AliasMåned siden
  • can’t remember playing a game on my phone, as much as i like mario kart i’ve played it 4-5 times a long time a go, but playing often on ps vita and switch. Good luck “Sorny”.

    ele 112ele 112Måned siden
  • Mobile games suck big d*cks! Your phone will never have the power of your PC. That's just the way things are! I think The Witcher was not a hit at first. Look at it now! Asinine. Sony is committing financial suicide! Sayonara until you change your plan!

    G-Man AliasG-Man AliasMåned siden
  • I think I'll get a series X

    Dovakin BrownDovakin BrownMåned siden
  • Maybe if Sony didn't spend millions and millions on graphics alone, they wouldn't be in such a risky position, hm? Oh wait, the CEO said "why would anyone play this?".

    Spike RoseSpike RoseMåned siden
  • I honestly feel like this decision to make only big games (or at least focus so heavily on them), is really only going to limit the growth potential of the company. Yes, new IP's will emerge from Sony, but they are severely limiting the potential of new IP's (both new ones emerging from new studios or new IP's emerging from big studios) and the reach that they could potentially have. This mindset they have just seems like its hurting them more than it will help. Its the equivalent of reaching a portion of land that is slowly being developed into things like farms, cities, factories, etc., and then limiting how often you can expand to new land, which severely diminishes your potential for growth long term (whether trying new things or expanding facilities in the analogy). The result is that you end up giving that available land only to things that are proven to work (or are at least a safer option with less opportunity to fail or falter in some way whether big or small); resulting in less advancement in knowledge and new ideas and concepts that could aid in your overall growth. In summary, they are making expansion and long term growth more difficult for themselves in order to make more short term profit. Although, it honestly would be safer to have a bunch of small titles which are new and experiment with ideas. But hey, I'm sure they didn't make this decision on a whim. Though, it doesn't mean that its a great decision. Feels a lot like one of those moves that is a result of being out of touch with reality to some degree. Afraid to make mistakes and therefore never learn.

    NukacolaredNukacolaredMåned siden
  • Once I saw a poll on NOtown that asked if mobile was a legit gaming platform. Overwhelming majority said yes. I'm so disappointed.

    KyburnKyburnMåned siden
  • so are there two sony minds, japan/playstation office and american office and when you say sony is focusing on blockbusters and phones, this is the american/playstation sony?

    m mm mMåned siden
  • I've been a sony consumer since PS1, but my next console will be an Xbox. Microsoft have been pushing the consumer friendly angle and now it makes no sense to go Sony. Sony appear to be focussing on the wrong things. If they keep this up, they will fall everywhere (except Japan)

    Jeremiah LigginsJeremiah LigginsMåned siden
  • Xbox struggles in Japan, they buy more playstation consoles *Sony* "let's wind down production in Japan" 😂

    Chris BurnettChris BurnettMåned siden
  • It's like every entertainment company is outright destroying itself and not even making any money doing it. You'd assume theyd destroy themselves over huge return projects. Instead they just destroy themselves with shitty decisions and never learn from the repercussions. They just do it again and blame the people giving them money.

    Ben MastaBen MastaMåned siden
  • So Fony U.S is following the example of Activision and E.A...welp.

    MrDEMarqMrDEMarqMåned siden
  • Can't wait to switch to PC

    Bruce RivasBruce RivasMåned siden
  • Ah yes. Sony is becoming Konami. This will clearly be a good thing.

    Sky WithGunsSky WithGunsMåned siden
  • Indie is really where it’s at, it has become a lot easier to create games by a small group of people and since they're not a multi billion industry "owned" by investors they can let creativity flow.

    doop00doop00Måned siden
  • Oh my God we are so fucked and we had last gen in the bag

    Justin CastilloJustin CastilloMåned siden
  • Thank you Jim Ryan LMAO smh

    JAR2388JAR2388Måned siden
  • They also removed communities which was a great way to meet new people and get groups together for games or just share info and screen shots with each other.

    Troy SearsTroy SearsMåned siden
  • That series X looking a lot more interesting....

    OPT_ I.R.AOPT_ I.R.AMåned siden
  • Sad stuff

    AkiraTheGodEaterAkiraTheGodEaterMåned siden
  • WE DONT WANT YOUR MOBILE GAMES! Quit putting out trash trying to scheme all our money! Microsoft is gonna destroy Sony.

    Stephen AndersonStephen AndersonMåned siden
  • Look at what happened to the Nier series. Banking on the success of Nier Automata... they made a mobile Gacha game out of it.

    Justin WJustin WMåned siden
  • I don’t get this double standards. Do people not know that Nintendo has a huge mobile division? Why is it ok when they do it?

    Lucca216Lucca216Måned siden
  • Oh goodie, more iphone games. Hard pass on any "free-to-play" games.

    John KoberJohn KoberMåned siden
  • I've found a few decent mobile games, like Marble Machine, Plague Inc, and Skyforce Reloaded, but they're few and far between and they definitely don't hold my attention like major PC/console titles, for example the Diablo and Devil May Cry franchises.

    Dan the-ManDan the-ManMåned siden
  • finally! no pumped-up low tones, my ears rejoice

    DAEMonRacoDAEMonRacoMåned siden
  • Yeah my next console is definitely gonna be an Xbox lol

    DougDimmaDab DDougDimmaDab DMåned siden
  • Who cares what critics think it's all subjective anyway. 🤷‍♂️

    G-Streezy88G-Streezy88Måned siden
  • If sony turns into a mobile company we are in the worst timeline. Can't wait for sony branded software that makes my phone hot and runs my battery to death.

    Ethan OwensEthan OwensMåned siden
  • How do I deal with this clock battery thing without jail breaking both my consoles

    Austin DevineAustin DevineMåned siden
  • Looks like I picked a good time to ditch my ps5 for a pc

    M SM SMåned siden
  • SOME of them could probably work on mobile. Some of them

    ghostboner sixty nine four twentyghostboner sixty nine four twentyMåned siden