Stolen Cyberpunk 2077 & Witcher Source Code Auctioned & Sold In Dark Web After CD Projekt Hack

11. feb.. 2021
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  • Welp, this takes the phrase "life imitating art" to a whole new level. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYea21 dag siden
    • and ? who cares about the code is stolen ?! thei did more dmg to us who trusted them and gived cd red monay then their stupid code ?! thei deserve more then just this stupid small hack wtf. stop licking thei shieeet hole YoungYea, and dont come with oh yeah but thei had only 4 years for the game mimimi bull shit, thei had the base game years befor 2016 and blizzard did in 2016 overwatch 1 too in 4 or even 3 years and ow is harder to create and balance and keep the player base then cyberpunk 1977

      Hadouken OCXHadouken OCX14 dager siden
    • @DoomOfConviction Ah, yes, ol' captain hindsiht here, out to tell us how things will be, then disappear because he was wrong. What benefit do you get with that garbage?

      Mark HackettMark Hackett18 dager siden
    • CDPR will get a documentary with the name like “from hero to zero in a few steps”. They are done folks and how to fix a pile of garbage, it will be always garbage!

      DoomOfConvictionDoomOfConviction18 dager siden
    • @Gathrail Reese "imitating Epic and their now closed game Paragon" So no different from Sony, Nintendo, or Steam. Yet you only complain about Epic. Totes not because china... dumbasss.

      Mark HackettMark Hackett19 dager siden
    • I heard a Reith Lecture on BBC Radio 4, back in early 2000’s, in which the lecturer caused a lot of uncomfortable laughter by saying that he believed cyber hackers, trolls, etc, were the modern terrorists of our age, and should all be executed. Wole Soyinka, I think it was? He kept doubling down, despite his whole series of lectures having just been about dissidents and escaping state repression and torture, as he had. I see why he was so serious now, 20 years later. He knew what was coming. He was right

      Ash RoskellAsh Roskell20 dager siden
  • hello mr.yong i am studying Cyber security and doing a research on the subject you made my work way easier thankyou for the sources and everything :) yong out

  • Good. CD deserved it

    Lori ParaLori ParaDag siden
  • i feel bad for the devs who don't deserve this...

    Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
  • All because CDPR got impatient

    The JimbobwayThe Jimbobway5 dager siden
  • Someone is going to jail

    Jinm PugleyJinm Pugley6 dager siden
  • Wanna know what the sad part about all of this Cyberpunk debacle? CD Projekt Red is a good studio with people who want to make amazing games. Yes, they became overambitious and the higher ups didn't help that much with Cyberpunk, but we all mess up big sometimes and they will bounce back. Apparently they are getting screwed at every chance to make up for what happened. When it comes to other studios, they are getting chances to make up. Even Anthem and Fallout 76, those colossal failures of video games have never reached the point of these devs getting screwed for trying to fix the games in the long term. Even though you could argue Fallout 76 was done worse but we have YET to see the long term affects of this whole thing. I hope it doesn't get too bad cause CD Projekt Red should not be lumped in with Bethesda who pretty much came out as Hacks with Fallout 76 and was almost proud of it and kept messing up at every turn. CD Projekt Red on the other hand are ashamed of the situation and want to make things better. I guess the good people always are the ones getting shit on, while the bad people barely get any kind of repercussions in the long term.

    SoulSurvivurSoulSurvivur6 dager siden
  • That Ransom letter note kinda sounds like the hacker is a fan of Persona 5 according to a other content creator I watch.

    Anggakara PreviandanaAnggakara Previandana6 dager siden
  • Hope this counts as a lesson to all the executives out there that make decisions that result in a massive dissapointment when it comes to games.

    Mr PooolMr Poool7 dager siden
  • “Look we just tried to get as many people to buy into our aggressive marketing campaign and strategic journalistic lies for prerelease sales in the millions. At the end of the day, we are the victims here.”

    Push PlayPush Play7 dager siden
    • The individual developers and consumers are the true victims here, not the fucking execs or publishers that forced this game out far too soon

      Fuckyoutubeass FuckyouFuckyoutubeass Fuckyou7 dager siden
  • Just a note. It's unlikely that anyone will be able to do much if anything with that source code once it's sold. Why? Because legally it's still CD Projekt Red's intellectual property. It's like stealing a copy of the rough draft and author notes of a book. Sure you could probably find a few scandalous bits of information, but ultimately. You'll still be violating the author's copyright by using those notes to create copies. The only time source code like this would or could be useful is if CD Projekt Red releases it themselves under a non restrictive licence.

    Hanro50Hanro507 dager siden
    • The source for various versions of Windows has leaked over the years. The only thing you'll get by looking at it is an immediate ban from contributing to any open source project that aims to recreate Window's APIs. As well as an immediate cease and desist letter from Microsoft. If you share a image of it anywhere on the Web.

      Hanro50Hanro507 dager siden
  • If I was the buyer ida taken my millions then sent the code back to Cdpr. They might be making mistakes on how they handle business right now but they have me witcher 3. And witcher 3 gave me happiness longer than my whole failed marriage did.

    korduluskordulus7 dager siden
  • Imagine it was Keanu Reeves

    jamie ellisjamie ellis8 dager siden
  • They deserved it

    birdsintheairbirdsintheair8 dager siden
  • That ramson note was pure fucking cringe. Sounds like some boomer learned some internet slang and tries to be cool.

    Richard KRichard K8 dager siden
  • oh don't they pay you anymore? xD

    DrzooparkDrzoopark8 dager siden
  • ohh man guys what are we going to dooo they got the source code ohhh noooooooo

    CitanonCitanon9 dager siden
  • a GWArahnta?

    katem32katem329 dager siden
  • really stupid question but does stealing the source code mean that the hacker has ALL the files that make up the game? So like texture files, 3d models of characters, weapons etc?

    MarkMark9 dager siden
  • Plot twist, all of this is set up by CDPR - a GREAT HACK! Gwent and Witcher codes are tweaked (trojan), and Cyberpunk is da bomb.

    AndriarSmithAndriarSmith9 dager siden
  • Booho a multi-million dollars company lost money no fucks given here fuck these corporations.

    Richard GrayRichard Gray9 dager siden
  • I don't understand.. .Why does someone stealing source code trough server , if there's an crack version of CyberPunk 2077 ?

    Tony SanchezTony Sanchez10 dager siden
  • It's a federal offence at best. If arrested (which is unlikely being the dark web) it comes with a life sentence .... Or recruited by the CiA cyber division!!

    Captain AmericaCaptain America10 dager siden
  • 7:10 I knew up to this point the source code was sold for 7mil, but I didn't know it was under condition to stop further distribution, perhaps cd project red bought it back? I just don't want them to go under so we stop getting updates However that could give modders more incentive to create bigger and better mods??!

    Purp PurPurp Pur10 dager siden
  • That letter from the hacker gave me a headache

    Joe FleetJoe Fleet10 dager siden
  • I hope CDPR can turn this game around.

    Joe FleetJoe Fleet10 dager siden
  • This dude did a better job at cyberpunk than cdpr

    Lv.99 MastermindLv.99 Mastermind11 dager siden
  • I swear CDPR is gonna end up as a future “wha happun” video.

    ComicWriter 2020ComicWriter 202011 dager siden
  • Plot twist: Cyber Punk was actually a VR game and we’re living it

    HoennDPNHoennDPN11 dager siden
  • "epically pwned" was this a 5 year old?

    Chuck NorrisChuck Norris11 dager siden
  • Lol that tweet.. "it's laughable how many people made a reasonable guess at what happened with no evidence available to them" Whoa settle down Fabian, not everyone is as big of an intellectual as you.

    Zachary BrownZachary Brown12 dager siden
  • They should change their brand name to CD Project Rekt

    Tazer Face PlaysTazer Face Plays12 dager siden
  • What kind of unbelievable idiot would pay for this? If they are developing their own game, the moment the stolen code appears, they will be sued into oblivion. If they are in a country that protects criminals, like Russia, the moment the game code appears in games on legit play stores, it will be taken down. And it can't be for developing hacks because this game has no multiplayer component and no microtransactions. The code is nearly valueless unless you are using it to teach a team how to code a game like Cyberpunk... and it's clearly not the best code for learning how to make a game... What an epic waste of money. Stupid people and their money will soon be parted, I guess.

    Ron RonsonRon Ronson12 dager siden
  • My theory: Developer knowingly lies about poor performance on IP and makes random apologies with a map highlighting how they will correct the situation. Realizing that with all of the content which was cut and how long it would realistically take to patch the game into working order (while making it enjoyable), CDPR performs what amounts to "insurance fraud" and hires/completely fabricates hacker angle who not only steals the source code for a game that was the darling of critics (over 300+ awards-- before it even released!!!) but they pull a "Ruthless People" and decide not to pay the ransom (because even though the stolen material is their heart and soul-- you can't negotiate with these people!) and all of the stolen files are sold at an auction on the internet. This serves two purposes: it puts CDPR in a good light (they were hacked!!!) and it also guarantees that CDPR will probably never have to develop anything ever again, especially Cyberpunk related.

    Machiave11iMachiave11i12 dager siden
  • you take too long to say anything just to please the youtube algorithm fed up with your channel

    naldricnaldric13 dager siden
  • Does this happen when you refuse to do business with the CCP...?

    Horus SCHorus SC13 dager siden
  • That’s interesting

    Seriously cloud watching Is a careerSeriously cloud watching Is a career13 dager siden
  • I'm glad. Steam wouldn't give me a refund on CyberPunk. As far as I am concerned CD Projekt stole from me, so I am happy to see it happen to them.

    Bob SmithBob Smith13 dager siden
  • game: CyberPunk 2077 reality: CovidPunk 2021

    Araneus21Araneus2113 dager siden
  • Now it will "run surprisingly well" on Xiaomis...

    Marcio SouzaMarcio Souza14 dager siden
  • hell yeah, respect to Hello Kitty! you are ROCK!

    Bob ZDSBob ZDS14 dager siden
  • I love CD project red but I'm starting to think they let this happen so they don't have to fix the game they'll just blame it on hackers now

    Gaming After DarkGaming After Dark14 dager siden
  • Imagine working on a game for countless hours, silently hating yourself for going into the development industry and suddenly seeing it and maybe your personal info get sold on the darkweb lmao

    NubsityNubsity14 dager siden
    • All those hours of modeling, scripting, writing, composing etc etc going to waste because some executives couldn't wait a few more months or years for a game to be released correctly

      Fuckyoutubeass FuckyouFuckyoutubeass Fuckyou7 dager siden
  • Lol this like out of a movie, CDR trying to cover its tracks from investigation by deflecting it on inside job hacking. Who wants to steal a bad source code when modders can do a better job fixing the game.

    Harold HernandezHarold Hernandez14 dager siden
    • Modders must be bored out of their goddamn minds if they want to fix this game...

      Machiave11iMachiave11i12 dager siden
  • This sucks big time.

    EPloar DivEPloar Div15 dager siden
  • CDPR are only just beat by Discord by how cringe their messages are.

    Faith MilitantFaith Militant15 dager siden
  • Cd projekt red got cyberpunked

    Ronnie NimerRonnie Nimer15 dager siden
  • Humans are despicable beings. No matter how disappointed someone is by CP 2077, this is just animalistic behaviour. By that I mean people who support this whole thing.

    LawlietLawliet15 dager siden
  • Tbh after the death threats, its no wonder they released the game unfinished. And then people get so upset about a game that wasnt ready, I mean, what did you people expect? This shit is wack.

    Justice BrownJustice Brown15 dager siden
  • Cdpr have had a hard couple months. Kinda sad really as i think they do truly care and have passion behind their projects and are capable (and have proven) to make great content. Hope later on in the year they bounce back with cyberpunk dlc, updates, next gen version as well as the witcher 3 next gen version

    Chris WyattChris Wyatt15 dager siden
  • Great upload YongYea, as always, you deliver an outstanding account of what transpired. Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of CDPR's work and honestly loved CP2077. I think CDPR absolutely did the right thing here by letting the world know what has happened as if CDPR decided to deal with this quietly, and HelloKitty announced that CDPR has tried to deal with this quietly we would all be thinking that they had something to hide (i.e our personal data ect).

    The ExecutorThe Executor15 dager siden
  • Maybe they'll release mods to fix the game lol

    Mathias SawkaMathias Sawka15 dager siden
  • 6:01 - Isn't a "Gwarantor" a monster in Witcher 3? You know, the one that acts as a _guarantee?_

    bonkoboybonkoboy15 dager siden
  • Two wrong don't make a right until the first wrong is never fixed and always repeated, to an expectation of always being done then the second wrong needs to be done.

    Scott HornScott Horn15 dager siden
  • I hate people.

    Ayoutube userAyoutube user15 dager siden
  • Should this have happened? No absolutely not,it's a crime. But saying that I have no sympathy for CDPR.

    Sly MarboSly Marbo15 dager siden
  • the millionaire suits that run cdpr will literally not feel any of this. the ground-level devs will be the one to suffer.

    Josh BalaneJosh Balane16 dager siden
  • All games are released like this now cos gamers are stupid and want to shout from the rooftops I got It I got it and all they get is a broken mess and a big hit in the bank account stop buying broken games being released and they will stop releasing unfinished games

    SunnySunny16 dager siden
  • All games are released like this now cos gamers are stupid and want to shout from the rooftops I got It I got it and all they get is a broken mess and a big hit in the bank account stop buying broken games being released and they will stop releasing unfinished games

    SunnySunny16 dager siden
  • Sounds like LulSec or HK to me

    I'llEatThatI'llEatThat16 dager siden
  • I think source code roaming somewhere in the net would be much better than the company goes bankrupt then forgotten in the eternity. Who knows? someone might take over to make a 'good' version of the game?

    talezshintalezshin16 dager siden
  • My dog did it..she must be stopped

    JayUppercaseJayUppercase16 dager siden
  • I wonder what EA Games is going to do with that source code!

    taigenrainetaigenraine16 dager siden
    • actually, i would like a Cyberpunk Game in style of Battlefield 4

      AppleHazeVA [Voice Acting]AppleHazeVA [Voice Acting]12 dager siden
  • May be CD projekt Red is trying to get some Empathy by spreading fake cyber attack news?

    BODDA912BODDA91216 dager siden
  • Who cares if its stolen, its not art. Remember the last time a painter had a patent on a technique? Me either. Its a job they get paid to do. It got stolen? Why devs care? They got paid already

    Great ClipzGreat Clipz16 dager siden
  • Who cares? Billion dollar companies don't sympathize with you, why do we care about them?

    Great ClipzGreat Clipz16 dager siden
  • Screw em

    Culture CopCulture Cop16 dager siden
  • wow CDPR is burning right now into the ground .. first the game now this ... damn ...

    Iko ArtiagaIko Artiaga16 dager siden
  • I wonder who bought the code? It's serious money you'd think that it must be a rival developer

    SickShepherdSickShepherd16 dager siden
    • So a rival developer paid millions of dollars for the source code to a game that runs like crap and isn't even enjoyable? Makes perfect sense!!!

      Machiave11iMachiave11i12 dager siden
  • TLDR: People think source-code is a _LOT_ more valuable than it actually is. If CDPR wanted to mess with the the attackers, they would just go and release the source on github now, after someone already paid for the stolen version: "Oh, that? everyone else got it for free ;-)" since they didn't do that, I'm going to assume CDPR were the ones who bought the material back outside of the auction. Controversial opinion, but even if the source + maybe even assets (were those stolen?) was legally available online, it'd not have any real impact on sales.. Most people couldn't figure out how to build it anyway (it probably requires their own custom pipeline to do in a non-painful way) and among those who could, most couldn't be bothered to.. For the last few, great, they got to play the game "for free", if ignoring the value of the time they spent getting it to build and run.. As for "custom unofficial builds", there's a market, but it's much much smaller than you'd think, most people wouldn't become aware they exist and of those who do, most wouldn't want to risk a build from some random on the internet (did he do anything to it?), and again, for those few who do.. they're already playing version that was pirated from gog.. As for the "IP" of source-code is surprisingly worthless, both for the above reasons, but also because the amount of work that goes into getting a deep understanding of an existing code-base is comparable to just doing it yourself, and pretty much no source-code has anything really amazing about it, there is no proprietary genial trade-secret algorithms in it, and if there were, it would be just as easily reverse-engineered from the commercial version of the game.

    DusteDs StuffDusteDs Stuff16 dager siden
  • Still who tf even uses pwned and epically this day and age?

    Lorenzo FalorniLorenzo Falorni17 dager siden
  • phew...thank god i pirated this game

    MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90MRHappyHappyjoyjoy9017 dager siden
  • Who would actually buy this code??

    Aquatic BorealisAquatic Borealis17 dager siden
  • So, who's looking forward to Code Syn?

    Robert BittlingmaierRobert Bittlingmaier17 dager siden
  • Just watched your vid of you and Mike Pondsmith from 2018, aged well didn't it!

    Axton J CranstonAxton J Cranston17 dager siden
  • Haha Cd project red you where the chosen one. You have failed me, you have failed me.

    Lone WolfLone Wolf17 dager siden
  • Nobody buy that lol

    Fuck YTFuck YT17 dager siden
  • in some twisted way these guys are helping CDPR. maybe "CDPR" they will remember how passionate the fans are and how passionate CDPR should remain or should remain . lol

    Jesus HernandezJesus Hernandez17 dager siden
  • No sympathy from me, burn corpo trash

    Mateus GreenWoodMateus GreenWood17 dager siden
  • It's interesting how CD Projekt Red place their company logo on that image leaflet when they announced they got hacked. It's interesting because I made a comment about how they were using the Cyberpunk 2077 color scheme when they did their apology video, on one of YongYea video, how it looked like they weren't taking it seriously. Tells me that they read it. Now this serious hack happens and they slap their company logo on that image and seeing everyone's reaction now. I hope that company is happy. That's the last time I'm ever commenting on a CD Projekt Red topic. Ever! So clear someone from CD Projekt Red is reading my comments on YongYea's videos and feeding off from it

    Derek TailorDerek Tailor17 dager siden
  • Better check out Pacifica, i heard them Vodoo boys got some good Netrunners.

    Brave LingBrave Ling17 dager siden
  • This Is just shitty.

    Casper GarciaCasper Garcia17 dager siden
  • The irony. I love it. Shouldn't have been devious and tried to mislead consumers

    The HolocronThe Holocron17 dager siden
  • God damn, some of you people are actually disgusting

    lukepower117lukepower11717 dager siden
  • Possible they ultimately paid the ransom themselves. It would not exactly be easy for someone else to use that code to build a new game. Most code for internal use is not that clean, and Cyberpunk 2077 is already dodgy quality, and likely full of hacks to make it work.

    Leto2ndAtreidesLeto2ndAtreides17 dager siden
  • Well, if it ends up released online eventually - such things are useful for the market.

    Leto2ndAtreidesLeto2ndAtreides17 dager siden
  • I don’t support either side but I kinda saw this coming and I find it extremely fucking funny.

    ChallengerDrakavaChallengerDrakava17 dager siden
  • The thing is: Who could gain anything worth millions from this? I wouldn´t even pay a million to disgrace my mortal enemy.

    darthjumpdarthjump17 dager siden

    DrGoldsylverDrGoldsylver17 dager siden
  • If a crime is initiated in a country and is executed in another country you are left with the hope that extradition will happen for the person to be convicted.

    WabefuhonWabefuhon17 dager siden
  • Was it like a huge pile of punch cards?

    KeihzaruKeihzaru17 dager siden
  • This is what happens when you lie, cheat and anger so many people during a really messy year of 2020 which completely destroyed their trust, it pushes people to the extreme edge and do unforgettable nasty things.

    MattMatt17 dager siden
  • why didnt they hack ea or blizzard? cd fucked up but they dont deserve this shit.

    Terry BishopTerry Bishop17 dager siden
  • They are fkd.

    Kaze HachijuuhachiKaze Hachijuuhachi17 dager siden
  • Great article yong. The quality of your channel is awesome.

    Papa PowPowPapa PowPow17 dager siden
  • This just in, Cyberpunk developer got Cyberpunked and Cyberbullied

    irvan rayirvan ray17 dager siden
  • Yeah I feel bad for the devs also.

    doop00doop0017 dager siden
  • I can't get over the fact the hackers said "you've been EPICALLY pwned."

    IzbonkIzbonk17 dager siden
    • If I did that shit I’d say the same thing too

      _Scarface__Scarface_Dag siden
    • @Neon Rainbow I refuse to believe people actually able to crack a billion-dollar company’s security would say that 😂

      Nate BNate B5 dager siden
    • @Nate B it just said it was a ransomware group called HelloKitty.

      Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
    • @Nate B you underestimate how basic people can be..

      Neon RainbowNeon Rainbow5 dager siden
    • there’s no way anyone would actually say that lmfao this has to have been a fake stunt by CDPR

      Nate BNate B5 dager siden
  • Soooo... HalfLife 3 confirmed?

    Brody HoodBrody Hood18 dager siden
  • Who cares anymore really.... They just need to fix the game and get the DLC out the door. Enough with the drama already!

    scotty28653scotty2865318 dager siden