Warcraft 3 Reforged Team Pulled From Diablo 2 Remake, Vicarious Visions Merged With Blizzard To Help

25. jan.. 2021
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SOURCE 1: www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-01-22-vicarious-visions-merged-into-blizzard
SOURCE 2: www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-22/blizzard-absorbs-activision-studio-after-dismantling-classic-games-team
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  • Sucks that Vicarious Visions will no longer be leading their own projects, they made some good stuff lately, but them helping out with Diablo 2 Remake could be a good thing given how good their recent remakes have been. As long as leadership doesn't fuck things up somehow. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Ethan Spidey - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - Derek Revis - JT Scout - Simon S - Theron Webb - Yue

    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • Seriously? What were Blizzard Entertainment thinking?

      Devin GilesDevin GilesMåned siden
    • Hey Yong, Konami just shut down there gaming division. Hope you get to talk about it

      DarkerkyoDarkerkyoMåned siden
    • If Kotick is still in charge of Activision, then I have no hope for VV in the future.

      Jesse KingJesse KingMåned siden
    • @Martin Mossmane maybe someone else will take VV place

      Portal Master dragonPortal Master dragonMåned siden
    • They will only cannibalize the company and dump the rest.

      Martin MossmaneMartin MossmaneMåned siden
  • They did really really good work on destiny 2!

    MrSJ1133MrSJ113313 dager siden
  • Diablo 2 Reforged hahahahaha another trash remaster like WC3

    Jackie FrankieJackie Frankie13 dager siden
  • Incoming micro-transactions, unstable google data-harvesting servers, and half the content gone due to "time constraints". And the original far superior Diablo 2 will be un-accessible and replaced in your PC for the new one. 69.99$ for our new game please.

    The MirrorThe Mirror13 dager siden
    • Monetization needs to be inspired by titanfall 2

      KevinGame3KevinGame313 dager siden
  • I’m not surprised but disappointed

    Jordzyi1Jordzyi113 dager siden
  • RIP Vicarious

    muskatDRmuskatDR16 dager siden
  • The next victims lined up for the Bracken.

    ArmsRaceMasterArmsRaceMaster18 dager siden
  • I have no faith what so ever in blizzard and they will botch this even worse. No talent, base code is said to be long gone so no skeleton to work from. Going to be a sad day when D2 gets merged with this like W3 refunded. Glad i order 2 copies of disks when this was mentioned.

    Stanis KucharskiStanis Kucharski18 dager siden
  • Better keep the expectatives low about the quality of the game.

    JmTradJmTrad19 dager siden
  • du du du....another one bites the dust. du du du....another bites th.......

    Matthew SeelowMatthew Seelow23 dager siden
  • boycott blizzard!

    Orin AnthonyOrin Anthony28 dager siden
    • No burn it down to the ground bomb threats and yeah that going way too far

      KevinGame3KevinGame313 dager siden
  • Diablo II is one of my favorite games of all time. They better not fuck that up, and if it turns out like Reforged, it better not fuck with the original.

    MisericordeMisericorde28 dager siden
  • Spyro and crash seem like they’re in good hands with toys for Bob but Tony Hawk on the other hand I’m concerned about. Hopefully they can find another studio that knows what they’re doing or can at least build off of what vicarious visions did.

    John DoeJohn DoeMåned siden
  • We need screenshots form the reamked diablo II patch

    Ognyan WLROgnyan WLRMåned siden
  • Stop fucking remaking games

    DiswazziDiswazziMåned siden
    • Bruh ff7 remake did work

      KevinGame3KevinGame313 dager siden
  • So let ne get this straight. Leadership fucked up, and so they cut the team that made Warcraft 3 Reforged, which is now presumably just being outright abandoned. Then absorb Vicarious Visions into Blizz, And Leadership will prob just keep fucking things up and then gutting the teams.

    AzrethosAzrethosMåned siden
  • The blizzard hivemind grows larger each day

    Pvpve :3Pvpve :3Måned siden
  • :(

    SlushSlushMåned siden
  • Spiderman on the PS1 was not a low profile game. It's Spiderman, it was pretty big!

    윤정호윤정호Måned siden
  • Vicarious: doing good remakes Blizzard: ''We don't do that here.''

    Zael HeimrichtZael HeimrichtMåned siden
  • diablo 2 remake could be huge. When do we think this game will be released?

    Jakub ToporJakub ToporMåned siden
  • oh shit, they're doing a D2 remake ??

    lawlestestlawlestestMåned siden
  • I know for most the time has long past. But its a sad state when we can't trust Blizzard with Blizzard properties.

    Edward MorrisonEdward MorrisonMåned siden
  • This new blizzard sucks. All the best people left that company years ago. Everyone should go try David Brevik’s (dude who invented Diablo) new game “it lurks below” :)

    StewStewMåned siden
  • no hope anymore for blizzard stuff.

    Kris MckayKris MckayMåned siden
  • I’ve learned over the years that I don’t really care a certain developer company is no longer making their own games because, over time, if it’s not going well, the good developers (individuals) will leave and work somewhere else. And unless we are talking about certain IPs getting brought back from the dead, newer better games will always get made by someone, even if it’s not from the developer companies that we have grown familiar with.

    EX0stasisEX0stasisMåned siden
  • lol that ending transition though :)

    The Games GuildThe Games GuildMåned siden
  • Grim dawn "Reign of Terror" mod is all I need for Diablo 2 remake.

    Waffle SSWaffle SSMåned siden
  • If you somehow think that this will be better than the original D2 and/or Activision won't fuck this up- "You are not prepared"

    Kael InvictusKael InvictusMåned siden
  • I remember Vicarious Visions back when they made the GBA port of THPS2. It was my first GBA game. It was amazing, so it made me happy and nostalgic when I found out that they would be working on the THPS 1+2 remake. They were as close as you could get to the old Neversoft. What a shame.

    ManbearpigManbearpigMåned siden
  • Ya know.. I was surprised Yong made this video till the very end where he brings the negative out that Vicarious Visions won't be making their own games and instead taking that talent to work on making games at Blizzard. Does it suck that they aren't going to be making their own games anymore? Kind of, but maybe they are ok with that and you have to think about what they want. They wouldn't have agreed to the merge if weren't ready for that and wanted to work on their own games. Just another video Yong made to try and make Blizzard look bad when they are trying their best to make a good game.

    CrimpsonCrimpsonMåned siden
  • Blizzard as we knew it is dead. It is no longer about the game and "when it is done", it is about the money. Which is why D2 rebastardisation will suck at least as hard as Warcraft Refunded. WoW will ever be a hamster grind of shallow mediocrity, while still raking in enough money for the forseeable future and anything that comes out from now on will focus on mobile, which is a huge market in China. It is at least as big in monetary terms as the US market only to be followed by the EU market (which is a problem in itself, too many languages...) and as such, mobile games are easy to produce, most are shoddily crafted crapsticks with lootbooxes to milk the customers more, this is what we'll get from Blizzard from now on. I was a fan, once, no more. Recommend to anyone who hasn't done so already to download the installers of the old classics and make a backup, they're usually small enough by modern standards.

    AmokhunterAmokhunterMåned siden
  • This is a very sad day.

    Katakuri FanKatakuri FanMåned siden
  • Hey guys, if you actually want to play a good D2 remaster, check out Path of Diablo or Project Diablo 2 mods. I think Project Diablo 2 is better because it has HD shaders but both are great. They have an online community and have major QOL improvements and great endgame content and itemization. They are true remasters and look great on modern day widescreen HD monitors.

    ekomsekomsMåned siden
  • They fire alot of there own poeple now need external help.....

    Grim BountyGrim BountyMåned siden
  • Fuck Diablo 2 we want a new one

    narutoguy304narutoguy304Måned siden
  • For fucks sake I don't want a D2 remake, make new games. What the fuck is wrong with these people.

    Germanische TreueGermanische TreueMåned siden
  • If they screw this up, I'm done with video games entirely. Too much is going wrong these days, and I'm already about to throw in the towel.

    Furioso TheSnakeFurioso TheSnakeMåned siden
  • we cant make good diablo anymore, lets just remake 2

    ronussronussMåned siden
  • Why is there a Diablo 2 remake in the works when they are already working on Diablo 4? This will be a fucking disaster, I can feel it.

    Paul RaynePaul RayneMåned siden
  • Just keep Vicarious away from hitboxes. I still remember Crash remake.

    • Thps 1+2 hitboxes are also bad lol

      ipsipsMåned siden
  • So much for THPS 3+4

    ianAEFianAEFMåned siden
  • The only positive thing coming up in this gaming generation is that shitty (to put it lightly) CEOs are costing money. Not enough, but it is a start.

    nnMåned siden
  • Maybe heads were removed from asses and they finally noticed that the community literally reverse engineered d2 from scratch since no code is available as it was poofed long ago ... Literally Project diablo2 ,which is crowd funded , remade LOD with all the quality of life fixes people asked for over the years and added content .. Blizz is still deciding how to somehow monetize d2 somehow .

    Anthony HAnthony HMåned siden
  • How blizzard has fallen... never touching them ever again. I wonder when the warcraft 3 remake remake is coming out.

    Global istGlobal istMåned siden
  • I guarantee you they will fuck the D2 remake up. Brevik has already stated how hard it would be. Blizzard is not to be trusted. Ever.

    fl00dfl00dMåned siden
  • We all know blizzard will butcher the diablo 2 remake some how.

    Steven oSteven oMåned siden
  • Fix reforged damnit

    Colton CrossColton CrossMåned siden
  • The name is stupid tho ressurection sounds like that dumb independence day insurrection or whatever just call it Diablo 2 Remake like RE2 Remake

    ProtossXProtossXMåned siden
  • They should have put the WoW Classic team on Diablo 2 remaster I had alot of fun with WoW classic I dunno if this vision group can handle diablo 2 honestly.

    ProtossXProtossXMåned siden
  • That's cute that Activision still thinks people care about Blizzard...or Activision for that matter.

    Bone LonesomeBone LonesomeMåned siden
  • More than likely Vicarious Visions staff will be blamed and used as a scapegoat for when Diablo II development falls apart.

    LockeRobsterLockeRobsterMåned siden
  • Assimilated. Resistance really is futile.

    LockeRobsterLockeRobsterMåned siden
  • best thing blizz can do is remake d2 with no bots no dupes no exploits.. imagine all the noobs without their bots nigmas faiths and infinities.

    stumpedIIstumpedIIMåned siden
  • From financial stand I'm happy, for vg I'm not happy. That's why being even a super little bit on the other side, you can see why.

    Repka TreRepka TreMåned siden
  • This hurts my soul. Diablo II is such an epic damn game and deserves a proper remake

    hiotsobohiotsoboMåned siden
  • Mergers almost always lead to poorer products and shittier service.

    TheMock5000TheMock5000Måned siden
  • So basically they're bringing in another team to work on an extremely high risk game like D2, so when management fucks up again they will just say "it wasn't us, it was Vicarious!" destroying the rep of a dev that has made a lot of good game. Crooked motherfuckers. D2 is going to be so difficult to remake properly and blizzard knows this.

    BeelzebubBeelzebubMåned siden
  • Ya I'm not holding my breath as long as that fucking cancer Activision is involved......

    Loki MotiveLoki MotiveMåned siden
  • God damn let people finish their games. Dont pull the a team off halfway through that's how we get anthem and mass effect andromeda ( not great games but I didnt have bugs so both where ok personally

    avg joe gamingavg joe gamingMåned siden
  • Just play Grim Dawn and forget this disgraceful company

    GigaGigaMåned siden
  • Im scared man, not for diablo 2 im sure vicarious visions will do a great job, but for diablo 4

    BaneBaneMåned siden
  • Might be a good shot in the arm for Blizzard but not for Vicarious, at least not for the long run... so goodbye Vicarious Visions and thanks for the crash remake

    matty lmatty lMåned siden
  • What if bluepoint does it😁

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerMåned siden
  • Can't wait for Diablo II: Reforged 2 electric boogaloo. Promised features that are a lie and updating diablo II to the new one so you can no longer legally play the original :D

    DeadZedWalkingDeadZedWalkingMåned siden
  • They are difinately going to fuck D2 up. That game was a behemoth. and they will screw it up due to greed.

    dumaskhandumaskhanMåned siden
  • The "drama" about this announcement is silly. This team has been controlled by Activision Blizzard for a long time. They weren't free to work on whatever they wanted in the past. They've literally been promoted to work on Blizzard games. Say what you want about Blizz, but they have major releases coming out: Diablo 2 remake, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, WoW Classic BC, etc. There's no better place for talented devs to be, & everyone in the industry is congratulating them

    ScarletScarletMåned siden
    • But it sucks for tony hawk fans

      ipsipsMåned siden
  • ouff...well rip , whatever blizz and their activision daddy touch it turns to dust..

    TheLordGodricTheLordGodricMåned siden
  • More like they are getting "extra help" so that their game reaches MVP, Minimal Viable Product, on release, because selling you a game, Subjectively broken and unplayable, is priority 1. They Don't care about quality, They Don't care about you, and they Will Take your money, No Refunds, and Force you to sign a Contract to even Play a game. Legislation Should step in to stop these maniacs, but HaHa they are gamers what just want Anything, at Any price, and Are willing to pay. Enjoy it "gamers".

    Eva SanEva SanMåned siden
  • 0:13 Weeekeeepedia

    TheBagelBoy JrTheBagelBoy JrMåned siden
  • Don’t need d2 remake. Already have. Diablo 2 hell unleashed mod. Best ever still after 20 years. Beats diablo 3 wolcen and Poe by far

    Mark BlazeMark BlazeMåned siden
    • And best part it’s run on your computer so they can’t ever just turn it off on you like all these new fake games

      Mark BlazeMark BlazeMåned siden
  • a lot of people in the comments are angry because of activision puting VV on the job when realistically this is probably the best choice activision has made taking team 1 off and re arranging the team of devs from d4 and VV... honestly clap of hands for activision if this is all true...

    • @ips yeah thats pretty sad... tony hawk and diablo both are games that i loved the most my whole childhood.. now that we got a tony hawk remake though i'm happy to know the same people who did a great job remaking thps will be behind another beloved franchise of mine

    • but muh tony hawk :(

      ipsipsMåned siden
  • I got to visit Vicarious Visions at their offices a few times in the 2000's, really good people with a cozy office. Got to see some Crash Bandicoot-related stuff on some shelves in the main rooms and halls, their Q&A floor testing a Marvel game, and some of their offices where they were using a Guitar Hero peripheral for the DS. How they made their models in..Maya I think and let me shadow a few staff, even let me in during a board meeting and chat with the designers during a break. 2000's me asked when they might remake the Crash games, and by god they finally did it. I just hope they make it out of the remake pit with their souls intact.

    Spike RoseSpike RoseMåned siden
  • Considering how bad blizzard has fucked up every one of their franchises in the last 10 years, this is good news. Tony hawk remake was extremely accurate to the original, with amazing graphics and updated QOL , I think they're perfect for it.

    MaevtrMaevtrMåned siden
  • Blizzard is now and undead rogue

    x OMEN v2x OMEN v2Måned siden
  • Screw them, we need Vicarious Visions back on Destiny 2. They build some of the best seasons. You COMPLETELY skipped over them working on D2 and they spent a good 2 years helping save the game from the year 1 disaster. They are highly regarded inside the Destiny community and we all know how great they are. Fuck Activision, we want them bought by Bungie lol. Without them Bungie is now in a lot of trouble again, not being able to make even half the content they did when Vicarious Visions(and High Noon) was helping them. They built Warmind, and their coup de grâce, Season of Opulence. Season of Opulence is still seen as the single greatest dlc outside of major expansions, namely Forsaken and Opulence was better then Shadowkeep and probably Beyond Light also. They also built the PC port of Destiny 2, and even the Last Wish raid. Their best work by FAR is on Destiny 2(THPS was good also). So they're some of the best devs in the business and it fucking sucks they're working on some Blizzard shit us hardcore Destiny players who know how good they are don't give a fuck about. Give them back to us Activision. It is all Bungie's fault though, they thought they could go off on their own and still keep up with the playerbase's demands. When they left Activision a lot of ppl were applauding the move, but there was also a lot of us who knew that meant we were losing Vicarious Visions and High Noon's help and we also knew Bungie has complained they can't keep up as it is "it's too hard" they said, so we were worried. And looking at the state of the current game, and how little content we're getting(for a higher price than Forsaken also), we were right.

    zack phyzack phyMåned siden
  • Why is there even being a Diablo 2 remake?? I understand remaking a game like WC3 that had a really solid story or FF7 but noones plays Diablo for the story. Diablo bad go grind mobs. Are people really gona wana go grind seasons of D2 at this point? Especially when there is POE which has more content and updates..

    Roo MorgooRoo MorgooMåned siden
  • So Blizzard, a company who is a shell of their former selves with no creativity are stealing it from others, damn I feel bad for Vicarious Visions. They've been completely disbanded and spread out. Isn't the reason that Blizzard declined over the years the main devs leaving and push for commercialization

    Hudson WeathersonHudson WeathersonMåned siden
  • sounds like they did that so Activizzard cna make it like Blizzard did it and basically take the credit which VV needs. Acti and Blizz have been doing this so long that its sad to see so many good games die for activision and blizzards wealth. But instead keep churning out the flagship game titles that keep lacking innovation and passion.

    crucialcatalystcrucialcatalystMåned siden
    • I know Diablo 2 isnt dead, but there has been a TON of games that've been axed

      crucialcatalystcrucialcatalystMåned siden
  • Your voice, would fit behind a podium for games and gaming companies eulogies

    Paulo GutierrezPaulo GutierrezMåned siden
  • I'm expecting shady practice. RIP another one was eaten by the beast name Activition. Don't forget never pre order and make sure your Diablo II game doesn't allow updates.

    Onup147Onup147Måned siden
  • rip good remakes and hello bad blizzard games

    KappiKappiMåned siden
  • I still dont have fucking ladder in reforged over a fucking year later. Fuck that team, fuck blizzard, fuck Activision.

    James MadisonJames MadisonMåned siden
  • You keep saying that Blizzard can't produce quality anymore and maybe this merge could change some of that but at this point, you might as well stop calling them Blizzard. This is Activision. They run the show, set the quality level and set the deadlines. It's not possible for anyone to make real games there anymore because Activision only cares about profits, not about consumers or gamers. They may still be it's own entity but just say Activision, just like you say EA and not whatever in-house drones were pressured into produce their latest scoop of dog shit. If Blizzard were sold today to Morhaime and he had full control of Blizzard again, you would see the old quality return in an instant.

    NovacificationNovacificationMåned siden
  • I read somewhere that while the game mechanics have been saved and will be ported over for the update, Bliz somehow lost the art files, and everything will have to be redone from scratch.... IE: no bare boobies this time.

    Spongemonkey26Spongemonkey26Måned siden
  • That was a long breath before mentioning Jason S. XD

    SkavossisSkavossisMåned siden
  • Does that mean we're not getting THPS3 DLC?

    CryptedSkyCryptedSkyMåned siden
  • Vicarious Visions made Destiny 2 playable, well at least until Bungo started being cry babies, left Activision/Blizzard and injected their game with FOMO and couple of other manipulative techniques. Hopes are now high for Diablo 2 remake!

    Dwight K. SchruteDwight K. SchruteMåned siden
  • Blizzard is doomed, the creative people that made it what it was are gone, the managers will shift around their resources to milk the last drop from the former big name but in a few years Blizzard will be over. Guaranteed.

    polyhistorpolyhistorMåned siden
  • Sucks, they did a better job of Destiny than Bungie could or currently does...

    A.S.A.A.S.A.Måned siden
  • I may just be pessimistic, but I'm just waiting for Diablo II: Resurrected to become an even bigger fiasco like Refunded was.

    Rasmus Hansen Bülow-OlsenRasmus Hansen Bülow-OlsenMåned siden
  • Did they ever fix Warcraft Reforged?

    BahamutKaiserBahamutKaiserMåned siden
  • blizzard isn't half the company it used to be

    Pro TenguPro TenguMåned siden
  • warcraft 3 reforged is very good. Yes it has some bugs and crashes that are annoying but man revisiting the legendary story mode was very good.

    RedvikRedvikMåned siden
  • i hope Vicarious Visions fix warcraft 3 Reforged but little bit too late

    SuperRedarmy123SuperRedarmy123Måned siden
  • Worst gaming news I heard in a long while.

    S P L A S HS P L A S HMåned siden
  • Don't care, still a cash grab

    OakOracleOakOracleMåned siden
  • I think it just sucks that blizzard is no more just like Bioware. They are just a shell using a once great name to get more sales. Just like when you get a new Terminator movie, you know itll be bad

    Dominic LacroixDominic LacroixMåned siden
  • ffs so we wont have tony hawk 3 and 4 remake

    Ëtre GalactikeËtre GalactikeMåned siden
  • I still can't play Warcraft 3 Reforged it constantly freezes and un freezes. Completely unplayable

    Vertigo101Vertigo101Måned siden