WB Games Patent Nemesis System In Middle-Earth Games, Pissing Off Devs & Gamers

6. feb.. 2021
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    YongYeaYongYea26 dager siden
    • WB: "This YongYea guy is making us look like some kind of a... nemesis. I feel someone owes us for using our patent."

      artoodiitooartoodiitoo16 dager siden
    • @Scruffy that would rule them all

      Adrian WilesAdrian Wiles21 dag siden
    • middle earth game isnt that good or poular

      camau79camau7922 dager siden
    • I see why there is concern over the ruling, however it seems as though WB is not the one to have set the precedent for this, as their previous filings failed due to it being too similar to other patents held by Square Enix, Webkinz, and QONQR. Perhaps it was the renown of the company (WB) that drew eyes to the situation. Like a group of kids break open a candy machine, but it's the easily recognizable big one wearing a Batman shirt that gets singled out. While ethically many arguments can be (and are being) made, and legally might be difficult to prosecute, at the end of the day all they have really done is prevented other developers from implementing an exactly similar system, and any other implementation that isn't 1:1 shouldn't fall afoul of the patent. That said, it's terrible for PR (at least for a while), and screams of patent trolling. Expect that they will just sit on that patent in hopes of licensing, and only toss it into one or two more games... MAYBE.

      sinnison23sinnison2323 dager siden
    • Ooh the WB will be sued into the stone ages for this by every other developer who made these features before them.

      522625226223 dager siden
  • Ahhh... I just love the 'murican legal system that fucks over everyone around the whole world

    Pan MajinPan Majin12 timer siden
  • I guess Warframe is gonna have to make some changes.

    DraakDraak14 timer siden
  • The fighting mechanics in middle earth: shadow of mordor is taking right out of the arkham games.

    emil engenemil engen16 timer siden
  • imagine fortnite patening battle royale lol

    awkward silence Jr.awkward silence Jr.18 timer siden
  • WB should stick to movies and shows. Keep off our games.

    DL MythDL MythDag siden
  • I'm sorry i hate this as much as y'all do but dont act like WB set a precedent here. Nintendo set the precedent when they patented the Insanity System from Eternal Darkness and still actively holds the patent. Do you know how much better Horror games would be with an Insanity System to make the experience more immersive? Never forget who the real Dark Lord is.

    JarjarfunkJarjarfunkDag siden
  • Haha as soon as he described the conquest system I thought of mgs straight away lol

    Dutch van Der lindeDutch van Der linde2 dager siden
  • As if these game mechanics are good enough to hoard, lol. No one is trying to recreate these goofy systems 😂

    kaiokenkaioken2 dager siden
    • The nemesis system is actually rlly good will be a big shame if they get to do this

      Dutch van Der lindeDutch van Der linde2 dager siden
  • As children we learn the difference between good and bad behavior by punishment and reward. As gamers we can do the same thing with them by not buying their games. Unless gamers start punishing the industry for egregious gaming decisions, things will never change.

    Satguy 141Satguy 1412 dager siden
  • Anybody else remember Namco patenting mini-games during loading screens?

    Long John Von Hungen DongLong John Von Hungen Dong3 dager siden
  • I really feel like this generation of gaming, for all it's technical innovation, is a huge step back.

    borninthedarkborninthedark3 dager siden
  • the job of a company is to earn maximum profit legally of course and protect its own the job of protecting the industry and consumer is at the hands of the authority if you think this sets a bad precedent then you should blame the authorities not the company and its vey hypocritical of you that you think IPs can be copyrighted and game mechanics shouldn't as it hinders creativity inreality if i want to make a spiderman game that maybe good or better but i am not allowed maybe that hinders my creativity

    PigciclesPigcicles4 dager siden
  • So they tie down a mechanic they failed at in their second game so others can't improve on it? appalingly fucked up move

    Raziel SoulblazeRaziel Soulblaze4 dager siden
    • another hole in the Swiss cheese of a ship that is the gaming industry contributing to one of its core collapses its entirety might not fall because of stuff like this but opportunistic assholes like Warner bros won't be far behind with this kind of foothold

      Raziel SoulblazeRaziel Soulblaze4 dager siden
  • WB think they can get away with hypocrisy. They will succeed if not legally challenged. Sue them into oblivion.

    edward martinedward martin5 dager siden
  • I guess they don’t remember the Pubg lawsuit?

    ZER0 13420ZER0 134206 dager siden
  • The Disney of game developers

    NeetgeekNeetgeek6 dager siden
  • Imagine someone would patent batman fighting mechanics they used in their game

    DarkPsy TranceDarkPsy Trance6 dager siden
  • Yet again the AAA games industry is run by scummy shitbags.

    Tom AdamTom Adam6 dager siden
  • So Warframe, Xcom, and other games made by game companies with a lot of money to spend on legal fees, are being forced to remove their own versions of the Nemesis system? Lets hope and pray that WB gets screwed over like Kathleen Kennedy should be.

    Commissar AnonCommissar Anon7 dager siden
  • ...so long story short. Warner Bros. is finding another way to piss everyone off. Got it.

    Bladedcloud 6966Bladedcloud 69667 dager siden
  • Evolution is basic thing in human history not only for games but all of human creativity if there is no evolution then we ever become what we are today Love your videos keep it man have a good day.

    Ujjwal BachhawatUjjwal Bachhawat7 dager siden
  • Lol they just copied the Arkham's battle system and now they're patenting the nemesis one?

    Ernesto GonzalezErnesto Gonzalez7 dager siden
  • as a indie dev we have to tread lightly now a days with everything we do , bloober team just patented the dual world mechanic also while bloober team as been ripping off games every since they started as game devs even stole a indiana jones image for a painting in layers of fear and just photoshopped it a bit to make it less noticeable haha i do all my own audio work music , sound fx and voice narration due to the fear of copy right strikes i seen people get copyright strikes on youtube even for things like thunder sounds hah it is a weird time because alot of us just want to progress and try to innovate but these big companies are starting to gate keep development and throw money around to silence us in any way shape or form

    SynthWave DaveSynthWave Dave7 dager siden
  • Equivalent of an artist patenting an art style or someone patenting a genre of music

    Salad_ina BucketSalad_ina Bucket8 dager siden
  • I’m not even really mad that this happened. It’s shitty, but seriously, the nemesis system was a fucking joke and the most annoying part about the shadow of Mordor game. At best it was a minor annoyance that got in your way trying to complete the game. Not only that, I memorized this dude’s name and it still pisses me off just thinking about it. The nemesis system didn’t even work right. Ukaguka the cannibal. This jerk showed up ALLLLLLLL the time during my play through. No matter how many times I killed him, like actually head removed killed him, he came back talking about how he was mad that I roughed up his face. What a joke. I say let them maintain this patent so long that it’s a patent for a nemesis-like system that is broken as fuck

    BIOplaguePROJBIOplaguePROJ8 dager siden
  • Every game studio should patent all of their systems but openly share it to everyone except WB.

    Stuff&StuffStuff&Stuff8 dager siden
  • honestly, i love games that play off of each other and borrow ideas. imagine if some douchebag company patents a genre like rogue-lites, or ideas that those games rely on to be in that genre.

    fL.A.T.fL.A.T.8 dager siden
  • Lol imagine some patented the first 3D game. We wouldn't have any games xD

    Cavin RauchCavin Rauch8 dager siden
  • All the devs from WB games should resign, unfortunately not realistic as we all need to make a living but I wouldn't work as a game dev for WB considering this move.

    Cavin RauchCavin Rauch8 dager siden
  • 1.Didn't the fine bros try to this and got after Ellen didn't we learn thats a bad idea 2.atleast nintendo doesn't something like this

    davidaamaya1davidaamaya19 dager siden
  • so...like the PUBG fiasco all over again

    ExuExu9 dager siden
  • Wouldn't they not be copying dwarf fortress? Drawf fortress has everything in it.

    Jamie ZeroJamie Zero9 dager siden
  • What how can they patent it?

    Jamie ZeroJamie Zero9 dager siden
    • Honestly, game mechanics shouldn't be patentable. It just kills gaming if it does.

      Jamie ZeroJamie Zero9 dager siden
  • End of Indy developers.

    Lester ChuaLester Chua9 dager siden
  • To quote DSP: It's about money it's all about money.

    SuddenFoolSuddenFool9 dager siden
  • Every single department in WB is ran by morons. Games,movies,tv doesn't matter WB finds the biggest idiot they can find and puts them in charge. The board at WB has the same IQ as a jar of mayonnaise.

    Mark HallMark Hall10 dager siden
  • Holy shit, this is the first time I have seen something like this since Namco was able to patent "loading screen mini-games" 25 years ago. Nice to see that America's boomer judges still don't understand technology.

    CuddleheartCuddleheart10 dager siden
  • and just like that wb games just begame worst company nex 14 years

    Flutterc4tFlutterc4t11 dager siden
  • I still can't believe they got away with this.

    Ultimus MagusUltimus Magus11 dager siden
  • Basically the Patent and Copyright departments need to stop handing out licenses to sue and stifle competition. Can't tell you how many things are not actual patents and are just means to sue.

    no1bandfanno1bandfan11 dager siden
  • Didn't Nintendo made the sanity meter as their patent? And yet, it didn't stopped Frictional from using it in Amnesia. What's the difference?

    גל גגל ג11 dager siden
  • valve : so activision : you capcom : have Sega : chosen nintendo : death!

    Wako DoodleWako Doodle12 dager siden
  • 3 years before this game DC Universe Online came out, they added the nemesis system based on some suggestions in the forums, pretty sure they added it in 2013; just going on memory. Seems the mechanic can not be patented due to a prior use of the mechanic.

    Jay DJay D12 dager siden
  • So, do not buy WB games.

  • Imagine if Nintendo patent the monster capture genre.

    TheBlueFoxTheBlueFox13 dager siden
  • lemme just put the notion out there that they paid someone big time for that "patent" to be approved

    The InfidelThe Infidel13 dager siden
    • Unfortunately, it's much more mundane than that - the people rubber-stamping the patents for approval don't fully understand what the technology or concept is, and a dazzling amount of bad patents get through. You'd be amazed how much stuff gets past the USPTO when the applicant ends a generic statement with "on a computer" or "using a computer". The EFF even has a Stupid Patent of the Month periodical. My all-time favourite is the now-lapsed (fee-related) US6368227B1. "Sorry kids, we can't use the swings today because the Principal didn't pay the licencing fees."

      Run4Run43 dager siden
  • It's simple if they don't drop the patent we won't buy their games.

    Rey RiveraRey Rivera13 dager siden
  • I know there’s a lot of copy paste type games, battle royal: spellbreak, pubg, and war zone Arena: Smite, LOL, and Paladins 3D arena Fighters: Ultimate ninja storm, My heroes one justice, and one punch man. Ect. Even if it’s annoying to see at points sometimes one of the copy paste games comes out better than the original. But restricting other creators by saying they can’t do that is so garbage. I’d rather see thousands of rehashed games, (which I think I have) than to see a, “you can’t use this idea.” Put on any creator.

    Unseenninja 83Unseenninja 8313 dager siden
  • Greed ruins everything.

    lionman_ gaminglionman_ gaming13 dager siden
  • It'll be Madden all over again, except for everything

    The_Alaskan_YetiThe_Alaskan_Yeti14 dager siden
  • Jeez just wanted to say how far up your ass do you have to be to come up with these video titles? Give it two years till you start wearing a wig and lipstick and call yourself a women.

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez14 dager siden
  • Wb stonks should tank for bs like this

    crzcGamercrzcGamer14 dager siden
  • I will copyright sitting before they do!

    Csaba TamasovicsCsaba Tamasovics14 dager siden
  • First one was awesome, second game never finished. Welp looks like i wont be getting the third.

    HwangsterHwangster15 dager siden
  • So basically buy nothing from Warner bros games anymore. Done

    Justin JenkinsJustin Jenkins15 dager siden
  • I have officially given up on the entire video game industry I will never buy another game, gaming console, PC game or hardware...VR is a fad. online games are full of cheaters. your personal data is at risk, People are squandering thousands on loot boxes and skins, publishers are firing out half finished, broken, glitch filled pieces of shit with brainless AI, fucked physics, lop sided combat, ugly faced characters, rubbish plot that a 4th grader could improve, 3rd person cameras with a will of it's own, with day 1 patches that take 3 hours to install. Fucking Hell...

    BorisBoris15 dager siden
  • Curious if this system can we use for military, i mean real military.

    Akasha HanAkasha Han15 dager siden
  • I mean Intelligent-Learning Bio-Entity AI

    Akasha HanAkasha Han15 dager siden
  • Nemesis System it's like an AI

    Akasha HanAkasha Han15 dager siden
  • Shocking news, valve patents first person mechanics; all first person games will be cut in half by 2022

    Elijah DuffyElijah Duffy15 dager siden
  • Laws suck

    Jordan GoldeJordan Golde15 dager siden
  • This seems pretty stupid to argue.

    xESPADAxxESPADAx15 dager siden
  • This could be the beginning of the end of great games if we don't fight this as hard as we can.

    Alex BrubacherAlex Brubacher15 dager siden
  • It's hard to see this not catching on, which could be a nightmare. Instead of patenting mechanics, developers should (in the credits) supply a list of titles that inspired them while making their current project. That way they would credit the ideas that came before while also allowing players who liked their game to find similar titles. Pay credit where it's due instead of claiming ownership for what others created. What if WB had patented plot structures for movies back in the day? Good creative ideas are hard enough to come by as it is.

    bonkoboybonkoboy15 dager siden
  • Patenting game mechanic just shows, that you're afraid, someone will make a better user of it.

    NGMKNGMK15 dager siden
  • You mean like the Tolkien estate suing DnD for using hobbits?

    Cm MosherCm Mosher15 dager siden
  • Hard to think anything more crippling to the game industry than if every indie startup has to do a patent search for every mechanic they want to use and risk lawsuits if they missed something. There will still be games under that system, they just won't be made in the USA. Development in other parts of the world will continue. The interesting games will be developed there, money will flow there. Companies craving patents will still struggle and eventually go bust and their precious patents will be collected by some patent troll for the rest of the patent lifetime.

    acetylsalicylsyraacetylsalicylsyra15 dager siden
  • Maybe somebody should patent "surprise game mechanics" so other pubs can implement it.

    Riot AngelRiot Angel15 dager siden
  • F Them wtf... Thx for covering this Nice video..

    Mikkel AagaardMikkel Aagaard15 dager siden
  • Patent Blockchain gaming.

    Being AlignedBeing Aligned15 dager siden
  • In short: "devs better start innovating instead of copying or you'll get sued"

    QuasBFQuasBF15 dager siden
    • Lick that boot man. This system is fucking copied.

      BumtheMustardManBumtheMustardMan13 dager siden
  • it's WB - they "acquire" things - it's not like they actually create anything anymore. btw, time-warner is one of the shittiest services ever. they wish they were disney

    Kapalaran SagisunKapalaran Sagisun15 dager siden
  • Yong you better cut that zooming in on your face editing bullshit, I have a patent for that!

    MixedBeansMixedBeans16 dager siden
  • I'm gonna patent the universe, all existance will soon be illegal unless I give special permission, best part is, in this insane day and age with the intelligence of the average person dropping as fast as it is now, if it goes to court after at least 3 hours have passed, the judges are sure to rule it legal!

    ZeeHeroZeeHero16 dager siden
  • Imagine if they tried to patent the free flow combat of Arkham imagine what would happen to the games like mad max or shit even shadow of Mordor just baffling (did this In the middle of the video lol he said the exact same thing lol)

    killachriz96killachriz9616 dager siden
  • Isn't this the same a few years back about candy crush?

    Hakuna PatatasHakuna Patatas16 dager siden
  • The entirety of intellectual property law needs to be tossed into the trash and rebuilt from the ground up. It is impossible to patch it up, complete rebuild. We're at the point where it would be better for most creatives if their work had no protection than the current system; that's pretty fucked up.

    Seeker ErebusSeeker Erebus16 dager siden
  • I dont know what we can do about this but we have to do something! This is Horrible for gaming and I dont understand how this is even possible.

    JustIn QuarantineJustIn Quarantine16 dager siden
  • How can WB patent a game-mechanic that does nothing but imitates life and social hierarchies? This is fucking stupid and should have been thrown out.

    RyoMassakiRyoMassaki16 dager siden
  • Remember when Warner Bros. held the copyright for the "Happy Birthday" song? *The* "Happy Birthday" song? Anyone else getting real deja here?

    Eldritch-Tailed FeydeerEldritch-Tailed Feydeer16 dager siden
  • Monolith cant catch a break man... like imagine being a pretty good dev, but your publisher is such a POS that its bad rep will naturally just eventually rub off... And for those who don't know what Dillon Rogers was referring to in his tweet. The game is called "Blood" check it out it's amazing.

    Frank CFrank C16 dager siden
  • Good way to kill innovation unless you want to pay exorbitant amounts of money on licensing fees...

    WesleyWesley17 dager siden
  • These don't sound like news stories anymore. Something is definitively unhealthy with the world. Like news everywhere has caught incurable cancer and it's spreading due to corporate greed. We are all fucked.

    Cyanide SublimeCyanide Sublime17 dager siden
  • It will never hold in court, I know that much

    BagelBagel17 dager siden
  • The one silver lining to this shitshow is this: game companies would be FORCED to innovate . No more "borrowing" from other peoples' ideas and genres to print ez money year after year.

    TrunkJunkyTrunkJunky17 dager siden
  • I smell another gaming crash.

    TheNamesDittoTheNamesDitto17 dager siden
  • Yeah I think everybody agrees that this is a bad move by Warner Bros. Question is what can we do about it? Because I think we should do something!!

    JasonJason210JasonJason21017 dager siden
  • 2 patents that i always think of.. marching squares (+cubes), that basically killed voxels 20 yrs ago, and crazy taxi's arrow pointing in direction to go.

    Niall RussellNiall Russell17 dager siden
  • This is just greed at its finest

    ForgettableForgettable17 dager siden
  • 11:40 technically it's already happened; 2K and EA have a psuedo-monopoly on sports games

    Jinsoku440Jinsoku44017 dager siden
    • @JustIn Quarantine one could make the argument that such a exclusivity deal is a deterrent from other companies making such a game. If someone who watches a particular national sport would like to participate in media about that sport, one could say that the notable players of said sport are also part of the allure. The fact that 80% of the sports game market is controlled by literally 2 companies kinda proves my point for me...

      Jinsoku440Jinsoku44016 dager siden
    • That's completely different anyone can make a football game you just cant use the team names..

      JustIn QuarantineJustIn Quarantine16 dager siden
  • Well it's not like anyone was using it anyway

    Charlie DuncanCharlie Duncan17 dager siden
  • video game journalists hyping the system to high hell with multiple articles about how unique and original it was is also partly to blame. Big wigs and Board Execs at WB probably got an inflated ego reading those articles in that echo chamber of theirs and got to thinking they could patent something like the bs that goes on in the film industry (their main point of revenue)

    Miller KavanaghMiller Kavanagh17 dager siden
  • I'm going to; uninstall the game and all games from WB, I'll make sure to never buy any new middle earth game coming out, I'll male sure to down vote everything WB ever makes and I'll even unsubcribe from HBO Max and I'm going to make sure to be the worst nightmare of WB and not allow any of my money to provide more money leverage to WB and I hope that with WSB was able to show these Hedge funds that if we all join together that we can hurt them where it hurts the most, in their investors and piles of money

    Sergio CansecoSergio Canseco17 dager siden
  • Naw. Final fantasy will get affected by this. In ff7 the biker dude comes back for vengeance several times, which is similar to the system they are using.

    Gru122Gru12217 dager siden
  • Imagine Capcom patented the over the shoulder angle or the overall layout of fighting games. Imagine how many games wouldn't exist.

    JimmeeehhhJimmeeehhh18 dager siden
  • WB games: "my precious"

    rza884rza88418 dager siden
  • Fine... then you they better make more shadow of middle earth and similar, better games like it. You wanna take it away? use it and don't put it to waste. Otherwise, they can suck some

    TouchainzTouchainz18 dager siden
  • EA better hurry up and patent loot boxes.

    WorldNetExplorerWorldNetExplorer18 dager siden
  • Doesnt eh patent only hold in the US? how much moeny are the paying to keep patent and would it be a lot mroe for the whole world. Also im pretty sure some countries would consider that illegeal to patent.

    AdamAdam18 dager siden