What Is Going On With Marvel's Avengers Anymore? The Silence Is Deafening

19. jan.. 2021
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SOURCE 1: steamcharts.com/app/997070
SOURCE 2: www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/01/17/marvels-avengers-falls-silent-with-update-plans-again-hawkeyes-fate-unknown/?sh=4db00fc84226
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    YongYeaYongYeaMåned siden
    • @yutro213 First 34 seconds he's talking about how you can pay him.... And what is the title of the video? They said they were going to give us free DLC and they did that.

      conor etukconor etukMåned siden
    • @yutro213 Why are we focusing on a game that isn't being talked about? This guy comes across, as someone who failed at video game development. Those that can't do critique in this case. This game did not promise any special features and did not deliver. Look at that Cyberpunk font on his T-shirt! This leech is trying to get DLC money.🤑🤑🤑🤗🤗🤗

      conor etukconor etukMåned siden
    • @Heinrich Kemmler This (person) is NPC media/not real! If you want him to reply, you have to pay for his downloadable content. Bitching about a game, that isn't even in the headlines anymore.

      conor etukconor etukMåned siden
    • And to think Square Enix _literally_ let go of IO Interactive to focus investment on this flopped game!

      yutro213yutro213Måned siden
    • remember simps, only if you pay up will he notice you

      Heinrich KemmlerHeinrich KemmlerMåned siden
  • Live service practices need to die

    PrimePrime2 dager siden
  • This game is terrible nobody wants to wait 6 months for u to RELEASE 1 LAME BORING CHARACTER nobody wants Jesus

    Keivon MayesKeivon Mayes3 dager siden
  • Not Anthem level bad but still an awful game and a missed opportunity.

    Donald McPheeDonald McPhee5 dager siden
  • The story was really good, but the gameplay was 'meh.' What finally killed it for me was how they tie it all to a Square Enix account. They eventually force you to link it all (through an external process, no less) before you can even play the game...they changed it with the Kate Bishop update, it seems. Marvel's Avengers seemed like it was too big to fail and might just take the Destiny route, i.e. merely being a late bloomer, but given what we now know, it really doesn't look good for earth's mightiest heros and the true believers who love them. :'(

    adgtheoneadgtheone7 dager siden
  • NEVER played this crap annnd NEVER will.

    Ken McKKen McK9 dager siden
  • Just TYPICAL practices from companies. Throw SOMETHING together, it's got to ne a money grabber, THAT'S for sure, throw the LABEL on it, doesn't matter about ...QUALITY and the "game " will sell itself. They KNOW there's PLENTY of idiots out there that will buy annnd they REALLY don't have to put much effort into it AFTER that. Yeah , yeah, promises, promises, road map, road map, it's all the SAME now from ALL of them. It really is getting OLD.

    Ken McKKen McK9 dager siden
  • Who cares what they add it's a live service game. It never had a chance because it's a live service game. What in the hell were they thinking. I dont do live service games and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Live service = Trash

    Mark HallMark Hall9 dager siden
  • Single player games aren't dead, corporations like EA are just hoping that if they act like they are, people will start believing it, and they can keep putting out what are essential $60 mobile games and not have to worry about things like player experience or story

    Lord Drakkon 7367Lord Drakkon 736713 dager siden
  • They need pvp to save the game

    JacquesVideos7JacquesVideos714 dager siden
  • What's going on with the avengers u ask not a got dam thing that's what lol 😂

    Nicolas McGeeNicolas McGee15 dager siden
  • Not only is Sekiro a single player game, but it is an extremely niche game. It's difficulty is a hurdle for many players, so the fact that it has higher player count is just embarrassing.

    Chuck ChuckersonChuck Chuckerson15 dager siden
  • I can't even bring myself to finish the video sorry Yong🥲

    KYB77KYB7715 dager siden
    • Why would they think kate bishop would change anything I read the main stream comics but I never not even ounce found her intresting

      KYB77KYB7715 dager siden
  • Nobody care's about that game anymore cyberpunk is here

    Motor Head KingMotor Head King15 dager siden
  • I just DL this game again since September, because i just couldn’t stand it. Its still a piece of crap after so many months

    nmartell1007nmartell100716 dager siden
  • And this is why I don’t buy live service games.

    Jay BoiJay Boi17 dager siden
  • Lets hope this is the death of "live service games"

    SMSFF7SMSFF718 dager siden
  • Who gives a shit? I am so ducking sick of these sophomoric idiot storylines and movies. Makes my fucking head hurt. The last marvel movie I saw was civil war and the story was so stupid and unintelligent. CGI action is boring and stale as well. End brain dead comic book movies PLEASE.

    tminus543tminus54318 dager siden
  • Dead on release like its should be

    ReiizReiiz18 dager siden
  • Who cares, really? Isn't that stuff for children anyways? I mean aren't we older than 12 now?

    Rix GamingRix Gaming19 dager siden
  • No one cares about Kate Bishop aka Fake Hawkeye.

    Michael ShaneMichael Shane19 dager siden
  • Anyone else notice that his face gets slightly corrupted between 0:05 and 0:06 ?

    Jakub SJakub S19 dager siden
  • That game looked absolutely horrible even from the get go. Nothing about it seemed new or exciting or even worth checking out. Live services are over and not one has ever worked as advertised.

    dan andrewsdan andrews20 dager siden
  • We got this instead of a third Deus Ex prequel. This live service trend can go die in a fire.

    SECRET SWRLSECRET SWRL20 dager siden
  • "Maybe theres a skeleton crew trying to fix this game" Theyre working on more popular games like sea of thieves

    muskatDRmuskatDR20 dager siden
  • I'll be honest, if they did a full-on license, with mo-cap of the actual actors, I would have purchased that game without question.

    James J.James J.21 dag siden
  • Every bit of Avengers news makes me thank mighty Thor that I didn't buy this wreck. The Spider-man news saved me.

    TheRedRaccoonDogTheRedRaccoonDog21 dag siden
  • Honestly, there is little to no hope for a game that is centered around micro-transactions and only that. The game is a black mark on the Marvel name that will probably never be forgotten for how much of a cash grab it was and dragged Marvels name down with it

    PsychoDoggiePsychoDoggie21 dag siden
  • I haven't played much as of late. But I did level Kate up. But I have hopes for this, Crystal Dynamics own words, they will support the title for years to come. So you know, if they don't hold their words, hell will be loose. As in, it'll level the earth where Crystal Dynamics have their offices, they will cease to exist. Might even damage Square Enix as well. At least *I* will be highly suss on every title going forwards, no matter what IP or type of game as long as Square is behind the title in some form. So I expect this to turn into a case of Anthem if they don't release more info, roadmap and content as well as a bunch of heroes soon and also turn the bad decision-making done by suits around soon. Game IS dead right now, I'm hoping for a smooth resurrect, but I fear suits have to go first, and we all know that's not really happening by itself, so they go down with the ship :D

    stefanw1337stefanw133721 dag siden
  • I like the different characters fighting controls....each feels unique but I hate the look they went with and the character designs. It didn't help that they released the Marvel season pass in Fortnite at the same time as this game.

    akaBoGakaBoG21 dag siden
  • Well to be fair, the last major Avengers movie was literally named endgame, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the last avengers film

    Zane HeastonZane Heaston21 dag siden
    • it is. i thought we all already knew this 😆

      pettystuntpettystunt18 dager siden
  • I will never understand these live service games. How many times are gamers going to be lied to until these companies start making complete games instead of waiting for it to break then fix. We deserve more and I’ll be running for President for all the gaming companies. Vote Sánchez in 2021. Make Games Great Again

    jose sanchezjose sanchez21 dag siden
  • Triple aaayyyye gaaaames!

    lirpa5lirpa522 dager siden
  • Crazy that these dudes don't buy this game with a group of three friends. Every friend group is finding which person they should not listen to in terms of game recommendations.

    RyanLeoLiveRyanLeoLive22 dager siden
  • This game had so much potential and corporate greed once again fucks it up! Smh I don’t even like gaming no more because this game and Cyberpunk really put a bad taste in my mouth.

    csealeycsealey22 dager siden
  • I played 2 hrs and forgot about it

    Tony GunkTony Gunk22 dager siden
  • Live service game sounds more like game on life support to me

    Louis SteynLouis Steyn22 dager siden
  • I fucking knew the game was gonna suck from the day it was announced.

    SkySky22 dager siden
  • Americans will get their $2000 checks before avengers is fixed, heck so will anthem 🤣

    Another HumanAnother Human23 dager siden
  • I don't understand why they can't just make a fun game with some multiplayer elements that has some extra levels, costumes, and DLC to make a decent profit! It's like Square has no idea how to make a good video game!

    TerranIVTerranIV23 dager siden
  • Bruh when a studio goes silent you can almost bet they dropped that shit like 80% of the time.

    MrMintyfreshsmellMrMintyfreshsmell23 dager siden
  • Way to go, Sony. Hope Disney gets smart and gives Microsoft a chance to handle the Avengers, to see if any of their studios can make a better game than this debacle. Shouldn’t be hard really. And yes, I know this is not PS exclusive, but this has the stink of Sony mediocrity all over it.

    Lenin CeballosLenin Ceballos23 dager siden
  • This dumpster fire killed the third part of the Deus Ex Prequel Trilogy.....It deserves it´s place on the side of Anthem in the hole of unfinished, mediocre at best and Microtransactions filled life service games.

    BockworschtSoldierBockworschtSoldier23 dager siden
  • Its over thats whats going on

    heckler mongrulheckler mongrul23 dager siden
  • @yongyea i gotta say, i bought the game last week and im pretty happy with it.

    O Super CasalO Super Casal23 dager siden
  • I unsubscribed and I still end up here smh 🤦

    evann payneevann payne24 dager siden
  • It’s not about making a finished game with great content. It’s about making a beloved named title flop for a cash grab. Priorities people Several different titles died to shitty thinking like this. Let that sink in.

    Black IceBlack Ice24 dager siden
  • I used the stones to destroy the stones

    hopscotch 5hopscotch 524 dager siden
  • This could have been the new 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance'... Honestly, I was initially just turned off by the camera movement, made me almost ill just watching gameplay trailers... So I waited and wondered if maybe this would be something that would be smoothed over upon release... It was not changed and then I saw the extreme lengths they pushed it to monetize it. This game has become, what every cellphone game to run the Marvel tag... A soulless cash grab... I'll hard pass this unless the game itself goes F2P... Even then chances are I will still not put time into it if the camera does in fact continue to make me ill. It makes me sad because I have been a Marvel (& comics) fan since my childhood.

    BeastyBeardBeastyBeard25 dager siden
  • I would pay $80 for a DLC pack that is just a video of the developers and publishers talking about what they think is wrong with the game and how they have a chance of fixing it. I might even pay $100 for that DLC. I would enjoy that infinitely more than the game itself.

    Bad at GamingBad at Gaming25 dager siden
  • It is essentially a solo game that has coop with friends only. There is not, and never was, any feasible form of matchmaking with players not on your friends list.

    Bad at GamingBad at Gaming25 dager siden
  • The only thing that would have saved this game was content being thrown at us daily. Daily new characters and missions, maps, bad guys etc. By now there should be almost 20-30 playable characters for this to stand a chance, no to mention new maps, bad guys, campaigns etc. They decide to do the opposite, and delayed all new content and starved the game to death.

    Bad at GamingBad at Gaming25 dager siden
  • I love how developers do not know the state of their own games until it is released and players tell it to them. Whatever happened to play testing? "this part sucks, it needs to be changed" then developers change it...before release. Not hard to understand the benefit of play testing during development.

    Bad at GamingBad at Gaming25 dager siden
  • I pre-ordered this online so I could play it day one. All I wanted was a game where I could beat up enemies as the Avengers. They could have given me two types of enemies or 3 and I would have been fine. But you fight AIM soldiers and robots endlessly, no matter where you are. Ill keep an eye on it but there's no reason to play anymore, especially as a loyal day one player

    DannyMorrsDannyMorrs26 dager siden
  • I hope it’s gonna be revived just like battlefront 2

    Son GokuSon Goku26 dager siden
  • And so ends the era of my preordering of games.

    NotathugNotathug27 dager siden
  • I knew bloody Kate Bishop was a bad idea; implementing Hawkeye first would've been much better.

    Richard SamuelsonRichard Samuelson27 dager siden
  • Yeah I don’t care for the game anymore I’ll go back to it if and win the game gets better but before then the loot has to get better

    Karl MuellerKarl Mueller28 dager siden
  • stop reporting on dead games

    tom trantom tran29 dager siden
  • No play no way no how moo moo brown cow its sad to see them poop on a game that could have been grate another anthem

    Amanda LarawayAmanda Laraway29 dager siden
  • Bro i just don't care

    Kevin DinkinsKevin Dinkins29 dager siden
  • I finished the first 2 it starts getting borring After that

    Nathan BladesNathan Blades29 dager siden
  • The news is...there is no news!

    parodysamparodysamMåned siden
  • Hope suicide squad: kill the justice league is different, since it’s likely a live service game, the thing is they release live service games un complete, if they just had it not close to buggy and feeling complete and everything after felt like a nice upgrade. Take mk11 for example

    シShadyシShadyMåned siden
  • don't buy any games for any platform at launch....

    John WilkinsonJohn WilkinsonMåned siden
  • So cheap to make a 60$ game, then charge money for abilities and costumes. Talk about greedy

    Troma 333Troma 333Måned siden
  • SquareEnix did not plan things right and marvel avengers game is not getting enough players. They shoulder released the game in 2021 in stead of 2020.

    Nic 205Nic 205Måned siden
  • Maybe nobody cares about the game because The Avengers overstayed their welcome. Nobody cares about Marvel movies anymore. I think the public in general is sick and tired of super hero movies, games and shows. And the game being trash is just the icing on the cake.

    Malcom HeavyMalcom HeavyMåned siden
    • No, the game just sucks

      Troma 333Troma 333Måned siden
  • I feel like insomniac would make a great job on avengers game, after spiderman 2 they could do it Cuz i knew square enix s gonna fuck up

    Emil LazarEmil LazarMåned siden
  • On Ps4 my experiences consist of making to the boss and blue screening. I find one dude on high level content and low level content is just a mess random people across the map breaking boxes. So you tend to solo with bots just to get things done. So the player base is minimal at best, on PS4, in my experiences.

    Jameson GoodwinJameson GoodwinMåned siden
  • Isnt the avengers just a couple hours long and all you kill is robots? why is it a loot base game and why would you replay it?

    Eric RasmussenEric RasmussenMåned siden
  • Glad they didn't do this to Spider-Man PS4 for one.

    Chase WilliamsChase WilliamsMåned siden
  • Welcome to another case of "mediocre game that needs to much basic work to get new content fast enough to maintain a proper playerbase. Dawn of War 3 flashbacks - please, come on in.

    IszyMussMilitaryFreakIIszyMussMilitaryFreakIMåned siden
  • Fun Fact: Payday 2 came out in 2013 and the last hour there were about 28,000 people playing...Even after the outdated engine, piecemeal DLC, crazy developer shennanigans, and nearly 8 years...Goes to show how gameplay is king and people will look past a ton of flaws for a fun experience. At least the devs are consistent and the game is still getting new DLC...

    S CrosmunS CrosmunMåned siden
  • It’s a shame but I think the game will just be shutdown

    Ben CoventryBen CoventryMåned siden
  • I am so shocked at how this game played out. Whatever they do I hope it's better than what they've done. Finger's crossed they fix this.

    MarvelousGapMarvelousGapMåned siden
  • It was a cash grab with an entirely unknown and unloved main character, I don't know why anyone expected anything different.

    to doto doMåned siden
  • For a guy that is so bother by monetization, It seems like you're doing the same thing with your patreon....

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMåned siden
  • So much things was wrong about this game from the get-go. Picking Crystal Dynamics as the main dev was a mistake. They have little no experience creating online games, as they've worked mostly on Tomb Raider recently. No one liked the game reveal, and while its God of War 2018-esque combat is fine for the most part, it just doesn't translate well in an arena-type beat em up. There's barely a single player campaign interwoven with a multiplayer mode that barely functions. Grinding for loot that doesn't show on your character isn't appealing. Anthem did that and look where it got. I actually can't believe they couldn't see this coming. It's not like internet doesn't exist. Repeating the same content over and over, the long loading times, the crashes, bugs, glitches, broken matchmaking, so long and so forth. Nothing about this game is redeemable. On PS4 Pro, it runs really bad too, hindering the actual gameplay experience. They shouldn't have made this game, not with the live-service mindset, not with Crystal Dynamics and not as a AAA last-gen game. It's sad that mobile marvel games are way better than this and probably way more profitable too.

    P-OP-OMåned siden
  • Halo wars 2 has more players on Xbox I was checking marvels group posts yesterday there where three one just said the games dead and devs suck

    Chris AliceChris AliceMåned siden
  • I couldn’t even force myself to complete story mode...

    Armani EspressoArmani EspressoMåned siden
  • Apparently February 16 is the next drop for dlc content were going to the future with clint barton hawkeye

    davante barbaindavante barbainMåned siden
  • Almost like they looked at Anthem and said "Hey we can do that"

    ColdChillnColdChillnMåned siden
  • Shame to see what Square/Crystal Dynamics did to their Avengers game... hope this teach them a lesson. Nobody wants a live service Marvel game! It had its potential shown in the linear missions/cinematic set pieces. But that was botched by the bland outdoor environment doing the same thing over and over again. Hope that Eidos Montreal’s Marvel game (rumored to be Guardians of The Galaxy) is an open linear title (think GoW 2018, Jedi Fallen Order, and Tomb Raider).

    Woe, Is Me [&]Woe, Is Me [&]Måned siden
  • I just want Deus Ex back man...

    Gone in a WispGone in a WispMåned siden
  • Hang in there Avengers

    Nicholas AcetoNicholas AcetoMåned siden
  • I’ll probably come back to checkout Spider-man, but I imagine it’ll be a very brief return. The game is just so dull. Putting the bugs/glitches aside, it just needed way more characters from the get go. Not to mention more Villains and enemy types.

    Gamer Chief101Gamer Chief101Måned siden
  • The player count is actually higher than I thought. Guess that says enough.

    Proggy FroggyProggy FroggyMåned siden
  • I would mock people that bought this obviously trash game but i bought anthem,cyberpunk,destiny2 and days gone🤢

    B AgamerB AgamerMåned siden
  • First Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and now Marvel Avengers? Marvel license titles continues to get the shaft. These games got half ass development work put into them and then got abandoned

    Y2J Sho_Nuff_216Y2J Sho_Nuff_216Måned siden
  • Jesus Christ loves you

    TheBros2theendTheBros2theendMåned siden
  • *"Soon..."*

    Donnie BrownDonnie BrownMåned siden
  • At this rate they might make a Tomb Raider live service game. God forbid.

    JohnJohnMåned siden
  • cut down the price to 30 or even 20 bucks, that migh be a good way to find new players

    JP NiñoJP NiñoMåned siden
  • It's pretty sad how good the marvel ultimate alliance games. I almost bought this game until I realised none of the marvel characters I liked were in it. (Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, or Captain Marvel) Also while I had hope for this game I find it so troubling a game releases for 60+ dollars then tells u to pay more money for something. Very EA and made me hesitate to even try it.... Final Fantasy 15 has an online feature + a full Open world RPG game connected to it. (Arguably one of the best open world games of all time). And yong is kinda right... Before releasing any game they should be fun. Ain't nothing fun about :skyrim' (press one button only) combat in 2021..... Sorry about it. It's pretty pathetic that Koei (flop kings of all time) can still make combos in their games (Hyrule Warriors) yet newer action games is like hey let's do the Warframe thing.... Yikes.

    Marin MorgMarin MorgMåned siden
  • Battlefront 2 had the greatest come back ever.

    HankHankMåned siden
  • How was the story? Heard it was cool.

    vampirelordx1vampirelordx1Måned siden
  • First sec of the video, I thought I was listening to asmr

    &alargesoda&alargesodaMåned siden
  • This sucks as an Iron man fan

    Antwon MortonAntwon MortonMåned siden
  • To be honest... I never cared about this one. I somehow got a bad feeling about it and in the end I was right. Never touched it.

    Pokerface1337Pokerface1337Måned siden
    • Yeah I got lucky they didn't add any character I liked... No offense to thor and iron man~

      Marin MorgMarin MorgMåned siden